2021 Ryder Cup Team Picks & Predictions: Who Would Geoff Fienberg & Rick Gehman Pick?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRlVLvQJoaM"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][Music] welcome in i'm rick gaiman that's jeff feinberg for odds checker and jeff today we're talking ryder cup just a handful of weeks out so there is no better time than now to figure out these teams and start to get our finger on the pulse of what's gonna happen here yeah absolutely it is that tentpole event that we have all been waiting for uh arguably it's the greatest golf event every two years i i could make that case easily i'm super fired up for it rick i've still got like a carpet burn mark on my leg from doing a head first dive when justin rose sank that uh putt at medina versus phil so yeah i i love this stuff i love it i eat it up i'd like to find a way to get to wisconsin to be perfectly honest oh there you go that's uh that's starting to sound pretty good listen we we don't even know who the teams are officially going to be we're going to work through that here today but odds checker is already all over the grid here and if you want to get early action uh the lines are out there i mean bet 365 is hanging a plus 200 on europe which is significantly better than anybody else out there uh resortscasino.com the the best number on the u.s side that's about minus 150 but the average jeff coming in usually you know somewhere between us being minus 160 165 to the europe's plus 170 or so and it's important to note rick these are three-way odds and the ryder cup cannot end in a tie as unlikely as you might think so oh that plus 200 i gotta tell you it's quite tempting i hate any concept of of the draw being possible to roach my bed i'd rather lose some points and gain peace of mind but those odds like many other rider cup odds will be showing up on odds checker in the coming days and weeks no doubt yeah absolutely and let's start with the underdogs because the way that the european side does this there's not as much um leeway for patty harrington to to make his captains pick so the way that they do this is they take the the top four players in what they call european points and then the top five players who aren't already qualified in the top in the world points and then harrington gets to make three captains pick so jeff here here's the team uh that are basically locked into this it's jon rum tommy fleetwood terrell hatton rory mcilroy we're off to a good start there then you get some youngblood victor hovland to go with matt fitzpatrick paul casey lee westwood and shane lowry just just on the surface that is a team that has uh john rom who's probably the best player in the world mcelroy who has all the great experience you have hatton you have fleetwood who who's been awesome and then you get to inject victor hovland into the mix this this is a pretty a really good start for the european side it is a good start and it you know you could say it resembles the makeup of many european uh teams of the past and and the captain's picks could add that fiery blood in there but at the same time i mean was lowry the last guy you mentioned he's 39th ranked in the world i understand it's a flawed system i'm a big shane lowry fan like many of us are um but this already i think starts to show the you know how thin they kind of do get in the in the back end and how it's a completely different world of a conversation that we're going to have when breaking down this back end versus the american one depth yes depth on the american side is what they have going for him so i just kind of narrowed down a couple of of notable guys that could be captain's picks here whether it's my own personal opinion or guys that are kind of next up in the rankings and the short list for me jeff and again we've got to figure out three of these golfers to make the european side victor perez is is basically next in line in terms of points but then you get into uh robert mcintyre ian poulter guido migliotzi burns wiesberger and then if you want to just sprinkle on some veterans you have an option to go for sergio garcia and justin rose now i i this is where you mentioned the depth it falls off you can get some experience you can get some guys that have had great success here but might not be playing well at the moment yeah and you know it's a completely different conversation that patty must have in rounding out his team um you know team building and the concept of that has worked so well for europe yes um well you know just having this this gluttonous plethora of choices for the usa for whatever reason has not um that's why we do see europe has consistently been able to say take a young guy who they might think will be there for many years to come you know they did that with peters or fitzpatrick and hazeltine uh you could say sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but they have flexibility in building this back end of the team that that the usa doesn't and right now gun to my head rick you know i don't think ian poulter's done anything to not be on this team sergio garcia striking the ball beautifully and it wouldn't shock me one bit if they do look to the future and say robert mcintyre welcome aboard get your first crack at it let's go the whistling straits can suit a guy like that uh you know there's some people even claiming this course is a perfect fit for a thomas peters uh 7 800 yards um you know so will it play to that full distance or it will it play you know all the talk we had at kiwa island about the distance and in the end look who wins it's phil mickelson and louis eusthazen battling at the finish line um so but i guess that would be my lee i think poulter and sergio are coming and i think they get potty gets to make a third pick in any direction he wants and i think it would be a young guy yeah mcintyre is on my team if i was doing this mcintyre is on my team not only has he shown kind of the upside not only is he great but yeah you can start to pass the torch a little bit they are so good at the culture game the locker room game the more you can integrate some of the younger players into this earlier with some of the experience i think is incredibly beneficial there's there's no way poulter's left off this team so i'm just gonna give him a spot and yeah i'm kind of up in the air i think you're right i think it's going to end up going to sergio i don't know if that's the right answer i you know rosie has started to play a little bit better i think the advanced metrics mask that a little bit but you're you're going to get either sergio or rose i would i would probably lean sergio but i'm not super stoked about it yeah and i gotta say you know in any sort of christmas time conversation or or you know in march april may like rehashing this european ryder cup team victor perez was on it for such a long time and we saw a road we saw a road for a lot of guys to like make a move and get on it as we saw rose sort of fade a bit as we saw sergio struggled to put up results every time we spoke about it i'm like i don't was gonna take it but there's a road here um for guys and for i guess the way i bet a lot of matt wallace losing bets over the summer i thought it would be him and to be honest no one whether it was perez losing his spot no one even came and took it came and took anything so that leaves padre i don't think he's got a choice but to go to these veterans rick and yeah if it's sergio if it's rose it's kind of the same guy right in that respect no disrespect to either like i would feel the exact same in many ways about both ah geez they got such great resumes both of them that would be a really tough call uh once you if you have decided poulter's just freaking on it and bobby mack is a coarse fit and he sets up a lot of things we tried to do here as a as a team um would you be shocked if they left bobby mac and went full veteran boy um no because i think that that's kind of um i think the european team does a really good job of protecting the locker room and getting guys who are buying in and all pulling in the right direction and it doesn't mean that robert mcintyre would not do that but they know they could just run out i mean you could run out poulter garcia and rose one more time probably for the last time uh so no it wouldn't surprise me yeah i i think it would be a mistake but but no it would not surprise me to see that yeah i mean i think we both agree if we were making these picks robert mcintyre is on the team for all the reasons that we did um bring up and he's had a nice little knack for big performances and in in big events and you wouldn't be without some level some level of of of merit there but wouldn't shock me if patty just brought the old guard right one more dance one more time one last dance for the old guard they've certainly earned it that's the thing they've earned that like let's keep this band together again and i i'll tell you a lot depends on the conversation that say rory mcilroy is having oh big time like who do you guys want we know this happens on the us uh you know campaigning or or almost like they like they want to go to those top end lock guys for who they want and and i think so it's like who would rory pick who would run uh it's funny to think fleetwood's important but he's safely on the team as is casey um but i think rory mcilroy has maybe the most weight of every guy i mentioned in making that pick with podrick easily yeah he is i mean even on the pga tour he is the de facto spokesperson for the players uh on on the european scene even more so so that's what makes the helps them make that pick too yeah westwood geez man i mean he's yeah he's definitely got the the street cred um if we're if we're worried about protecting the locker room we got we got problems on the american side jeff uh here's the squad so the way that the us does this is the six automatic uh picks and then and then steve stricker is going to get six more captains picks where things start to get a little bit hairy so here are the guys that are in right now colin morikawa dustin johnson bryson d shambo brooks kepca justin thomas xander schofley let's start there obviously very deep obviously top end talent we have maybe a bryson brooks issue is this gonna be an issue i mean there's a chance they just don't talk to each other the entire time and we don't hear anything about it but i'm not sure that's necessarily the greatest thing for for team chemistry jeff there's like a fair argument to say it's golf they won't be paired together they're each responsible for their point in the sessions that they're playing and nothing has one to do with another i think the european mindset of ryder cup would argue no it doesn't work like that like it's actually everyone pulling in the same direction um i'm still like gotta say it in the end i i don't think it's going to matter i don't think it would be why america loses if if they do lose with such a dominant set up on a course that seems to fit perfect for these guys and who the potential captains picks could be i'm sure that would be inflamed at the like press conference to end it and maybe there's a chance rick at that opening press conference to squash it i know on europe it wouldn't get to september no like the leaders of that team i don't know what they would do but it would just be freaking squashed poulter westwood rory they'd be pulling him in a room and they'd say fake it squash it i don't give a and the americans i feel like you know guys like phil who you know will debate him but like he would just make a joke at an awkward moment as would a tiger would like they're more there to like make the room like giggle so i'm not really sure rick i'm not really sure but looking at this usa lineup i don't want to step in front of it i'll tell you that much no and it's it's we've got some more firepower coming you know it's the the idea that the europeans are single uh you know single-minded and and focused and all pulling in the right direction i mean that's it's worked they've won seven of nine of these and they've probably been a dog what in every single one of them i mean maybe one they've been the favorites in but they this is this is a formula that's working so i don't think that it's um it's it's super easy to poo poo away oh it's just golf and and they're going to be fine they're not going to talk to each other i i want to think that but i think history's kind of proven us otherwise and i i made a joke on my show last week but i'm a part of me isn't joking like i swear to you if if the team is around 18 green and bryson's in a big match at some point maybe not like a sunday single or how do i put like are they all gonna be inside having uh martinis no i just mean like like i don't i think part of brooks would be like i wouldn't mind if he gas cans this right now like i wouldn't mind if like he like shanks this and like has a meltdown because he's such a dweeb and i don't want anything positive to happen for him well if like i feel like if something great happened and they were both watching bryson would just want to be high-fiving the whole team and brooks would look at him like i'm not touching you like i don't know maybe i'm making too much of it i'm really excited i don't think it could be a reason this team this good could possibly lose with all the pairing options they would have okay so before we get to the next six um if we got rid of the automatic bids would you is there a world in which the us team is so deep that you could leave off brooks or bryson or both of them and just be like listen we're not dealing with this you're both out i've got plenty of guys in 12 through 16. i don't need you i i mean i know no captain is going to pull that because you're going to look like a if you lose this but like is there a world that that could happen i don't believe so but i think steve stricker is um yeah i don't believe that's possible i don't think these are like all pro teams like those guys you earn your way on to the team it's more of like a win or lose the ryder cup i know that is like an incredibly important thing and i'm not dismissing it but these are also like incredibly important like cv uh like lifetime career like resume things like stacking up these appearances i couldn't imagine taking one away from a player who earned it who learned it you know i i i'm not there yet but i don't know maybe things can get crazy if we see them paired together late in the fedex cup playoffs or something i don't know the next uh seven through 12. so here are we gotta find six guys uh to round out this team jordan spieth harris english patrick reed daniel berger patrick can't lay tony fenow they are seven through 12. it gets deeper than that webb simpson scotty scheffler jason kochrack billy horschel sam burns and then i i don't know how far i want to go we can have the conversation about phil i probably round this out at 20 homer and zala taurus that is i think we got to get six from those golfers um obviously spieth is it right spieth and reader in yeah in my opinion spieth and reed are in okay i guess you know the biggest discussion when we do end up breaking it down could end up being um phil i am i am vehemently in the camp of of daniel berger must be on this team and deserves to be on this team and even if it's at the cost of webb simpson tony fenow i do not care uh burger's resume he's got two wins in the last 14 months he's played great like 90 of the big events t10s players t10 us open t10 open championship another t10 in a wgc last week i i can't like i'm adamant about his place more than any that might be up for debate um and cantly i would put on two so now we're at i've got four of my six i'm pretty confident need to be on the team yeah i'm i'm actually i think i'm taking all five of these guys i'm i'm not passing up on reed i'm not pissing up on speed i agree with you on burger and and english has been phenomenal for 18 months and what i like about those two english and burger particularly they are um they are universally parable they they have a skill set that you can pair with anybody they are going to just be uh they are going to be good soldiers you're not going to have any issues with them they are going to play well they can do a lot of different things i i like those two solid guys and and i'm not going to pass up on patrick cantley who at times flashes like he's the greatest player in the world so i i've got my five right here i've got one more pick to make so as i scroll down i'm gonna have to decide between all these names and try to figure out if i want to inject a little bit of youth if i want to snub webb simpson if i want to go down and get phil mickelson so i've got a decision to be made but as you start to round out your squad where are you looking to do that okay yes in the end i don't think i could be dissuaded off harris english so i'm going to um join you in that to think i have my my five um i know this also might sound super corny but in a sport like golf i've said this a few times that doesn't have you know this is it's all-star game this is like making an all-pro and sometimes these are like lifetime achievement accomplishments and i don't really see harris english being being taken off the team um right now and that even could be at the expense of tony feno who i love and played great in paris rick yeah but i don't think there's much on finale's resume in the last bit that shows he deserves to be on this team and maybe just one win would have been enough for him to have done enough uh because no he won and he's so talented and he's likeable and he's played great last time we brought him to paris and no one else played great but i don't think he's on the team i don't think you could i don't think you could it's almost like a coach like how can you not take harris english and bring along say tony fee now i don't think you can do that i agree i agree i mean he's he's been he's been too good for too long female yes was was great in paris that feels like a long time ago he hasn't done much to bolster my confidence in him as of late i'm i'm happy to pass um i i don't i don't need i don't need female on this team so i mean so we have that final spot and i guess we can probably like just cut down some for me in deciding this last spot it's between phil it's between webb it's between finau and it's between scheffler yes not yeah so we we we get rid of coke rack i agree we get rid of horseshall i agree sam burns i love can't be on this team homa no i would love to see zalatorius but not yet so we've got we've narrowed it down to mickelson scheffler simpson and final i i have my answer um i i'm i'm going with skype is your answer what you would do or what you think stricker could do and are those the same or different no they're not the same it's what i would do so i'm going with scottie scheffler i think there is still a chance that stricker takes phil which i think is a big mistake we agree on that on my team i would not take phil i think it's very possible they do take phil the usa though has never i want to say this that i feel like in a way europe's been able to and i was kind of making this point earlier be sort of fungible on the back the u.s has sort of used these final spots as career lifetime achievement awards instead of let's look to the future and give someone their run one who we expect to be on the next four or five of these if we're going to go that route i do agree scheffler edges at will zalatorius they both haven't won and scheffler's just been better in a lot more spots yeah i mean and it just feels like he'd set up better for whistling straights and i just i just think scheffler's probably that guy but you're right i'm that's what i would do i think i think phil might be on this team which to me you know when you when you have a a 45-time winner who has played on every t you know every american team ever and just won the pga championship like i understand it but that pga championship is starting to look more and more like the outlier like that's the outlier in the results for the last 12 months i do agree i do i do agree it's the outlier and for me jeez see this is where it's tough for me i'm such a female fan i might backdoor him on to this team overfill over sheffler web because of whistling straights like yeah i guess in the whistling straits course fits of those four are final and scheffler yeah um for sure i the thing is they could sit sessions you know you just phil is such an alternate shop better but you just i mean sorry in a best ball he could you know make a seven he can make the three he's like a perfect partner in in some ways and as much as i said rory westwood rom will have an impact on that final call there's no doubt that stricker jt probably more i don't see dj really caring maybe like i don't see him like getting in the same much in the group text of those guys at the top morocco is such a newbie and like i'm whatever you guys want yeah you know i'm like i mean just you know like it's crazy but he's the best and that's where he is the guys love having phil there whether it's just like something amazing he'll pay for to have brought in i know in like in oh and one of the europe trips in scotland that like the young guys love him he like buys them suits like he just goes above and beyond for guys what's funny is like all those guys are making more than him per year now um well no on the golf on the course there well granted he won the freaking major so he wouldn't you know what i'm saying those upper echelon players he doesn't need to buy justin thomas a suit uh but but i think it's going to be phil i would take fenal because i'm a fanboy and and i want but i don't think he's going to get it so all right fee now i want phil i think gets that final spot all right so if phil if phil doesn't uh la last thing here and then we'll rap but if phil doesn't make the team i i find it really interesting about who kind of is the leader of this american team because colin moricao is maybe the best player here he's number one in the rankings but he he's a first timer he's not going to be that guy who's rallying the troops i think it's i think it's probably jt's team maybe jt and speed team you're right am i on the right track here i 100 agree with you i don't think brooks wants to rally the team bryson's so awkward yeah he's just you're never gonna disappoint but that's just not his personality i think jt in getting all those days with tiger who was the captain in in australia at the last president's cup and spieth and if you've heard stricker talk and like say how much like those two have kind of been texting him um with ideas and thoughts and and and we haven't even mentioned xander who i curious like from a team top points playing every session it's like xander or or or jt for me from that bet but i assume they could even be the two favorites in that regard but yeah i think jt and spieth are the are going to put that are going to at least have this be the guys that are going to attempt to be that carrying the team vocally and i don't think we'll get it but i'd love to see tiger in a golf cart but i don't know i don't know if he wants to maybe be a distraction or maybe that's the best thing for the team uh potentially but it would motivate them like come on man get out there and i love hearing ricky saying he wants to just stroll around in a cart and support uh he loves golf you know he takes it on the chin like a man unlike some guys who fail a lot yeah it's it's gonna be awesome we are just a handful of weeks away and we'll continue our ryder cup coverage but jeff i'm absolutely i'm absolutely stoked i cannot cannot wait for this it's gonna be good we i always seem to build it up but it always lives up to everything i want it to be it's one of the few things in life that truly does like live up to it time and time again nine players of the top ten if the us can't bring this home on this course fit though they might need to rethink the format uh that is certainly true they are the favorites uh of course check the odds checker grid to see where the best lines are available for each either side if you want to get a little action in on the europeans as well follow jeff on twitter it's g feinberg 17. you can follow me at rickrun good this has been your odds checker preview your your pick selection for the ryder cup and we'll catch you next time<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="https://en.videoencontexto.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/2021_Ryder_Cup_Team_Picks__Predictions_Who_Would_Geoff_Fienberg__Rick_Gehman_Pic_bRlVLvQJoaM.jpg" alt="2021 Ryder Cup Team Picks &amp; Predictions: Who Would 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2021 Ryder Cup Team Picks &amp; Predictions: Who Would Geoff Fienberg &amp; Rick Gehman Pick?


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