Actress & Junk-Food Promoter Catches The Rona, Blames School [her diet tells all]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]there's a lot of people amongst us that don't believe that nutrition exercise lifestyle actually matter when it comes to the current public health problem they think that hey junk food and kovid like there's no connection but i would like to share with you just a small case study this is an actress known as melissa joan hart who recently contracted the virus and shared a lot about this on her social media and the media has been talking a lot about this because she was fully immunized and she blamed actually her children's school for not mandating masks which i have issue with because like how is this your kid's kids problem or the school's problem when just a few days ago you're actually at disney world without a mask and i just want to set the groundwork for this this podcast this session this video she does a lot of also paid endorsements with various ultra-processed refined food companies like uh intamins and these these waffle companies lego eggos whatever lunchables in these things so i think it's an important reminder to all of us that nutrition really matters nutrition influences our body's illness trajectory so again junk food doesn't cause this particular virus to get inside you but if it gets inside you it dramatically influences your outcome if you are not eating these hyperpalatable ultra processed foods now as we go on in this video i i just want to remind you that we're going to share some science from some different researchers that i think you might find interesting so let's review the video that melissa hart posted where she talked about how she's having a rough time with the covid and we'll talk a little bit more about that so here we go and i got covered i am vaccinated and i got covered and it's bad um it's weighing in my chest it's hard to breathe um i'm mad really mad because we tried and we took precautions and we cut our exposure by a lot but we got a little lazy and i think as a country we got lazy and i'm really mad that my kids didn't have to wear masks at school that's frustrating on a lot of levels because blaming your kids is you could have told your kids to wear a mask if you're that concerned right no one's saying you can't mask yourself or your family no you can do whatever you want you can eat ice cream all day you can mask your family you can mask in your car no one's saying you can't do that but blaming other people for the illness that you contracted that we've never done that as a society when have we ever blamed other people for getting strep throat or chickenpox or the common cold we've never blamed other people we never blamed the person at the grocery store that coughed 100 feet away from we've never blamed anyone why are we all of a sudden blaming all these other people for our own actions for example melissa just a few days before she got contracted or got ill with coca-19 she was here mask-less in disney world all things considered she probably contracted a virus while traveling to disney world i don't know her specific example let's please stop blaming our children we know that only 14 of all the cases have been in children okay now let's talk more specifically about the science of hyper insulin and hyperglycemia as as it relates to immune system health and as we do that we're going to share some food pictures that have been recently shared by melissa now again i'm not trying to pick on her but i think i know there are a lot of people out there who really don't think that there's any connection whatsoever between the foods that they eat and their body's immune system health and overall longevity heart health and everything like that i know so many parents who are just fastidious you know masters with their children yet the same time they take them to the worst of the worst fast food restaurants and think there's no correlation there so here we are melissa shared this on instagram just a few weeks ago here she's having ice cream with an ice cream cone double scoop okay look we all love ice cream okay i like ice cream periodically you get it in a cup you get one scoop and this is a treat once a month okay a few weeks after that picture is a root beer float i'm having a root beer float here with orange soda and chocolate ice cream you might say well mike you know come on you're being a little critical here these are probably one-offs like she probably doesn't eat this way all the time plus diet has nothing to do with immunity right you might be saying okay well let's continue on and watch this video so this is an ad here a paid promotion mornings are crazy in my house but that doesn't mean you can't have fun too thanks to eggo waffles and so we know that this is hyperpalatable ultra processed crappy food so here's the video of her doing a promotion uh telling parents that they should you know feed this to their children ego is launching a new waffle called the agoji waffle it's just like it sounds it's an eggo waffle with fun faces on it look smiley face heart eyes face starstruck smiley one right i know my boys are gonna love these i can't wait to show them now you might say again mike this is a one-off you know those root beer floats and all that well here's another picture from may 19th uh the the caption here is ice cream for breakfast sure trying to uh be the auntie of the year uh here's just a few weeks later breakfast is served and it's a bunch of donuts okay with her children now here's a pay promotion with entamons which is these entamon's minis these are perfectly sized individually wrapped cakes pies brownies and more so there's several different paid promotions here with uh entamons which is a pastry company now here's yet another video of her promoting lunchables now as a kid i remember being excited about lunchables because this was like the the ultra process package hyperpalatable uh food right so essentially she's promoting the fact that these are quick they're easy parents are busy you're stuck with online school whatever so just give your kids lunchables now we have ultra processed crackers breads uh and probably you know pasteurized cheeses in there we also have ultra processed meats and things none of which are healthy none of which are good for kids none of which support kids immune system health uh and and all of that so not really uh again a good track record for you know all these foods and again we're gonna get to the science in a moment i'm not trying to be super critical here but i want to give melissa some credit around christmas time this was december 2020 she's here deadlifting this is a video for deadlifting which got actually 115 000 views so melissa good for you for sharing with your audience that you should exercise now unfortunately i didn't see a lot of other exercise videos besides that now again for those of you that are like mike you're being a total jerk here is a christmas picture it says the four elf foods we have candy candy canes candy corn syrup and the hashtag is sugar okay so look we have someone who has bless her heart probably means well you know is trying to she likes food we all i used to love sugar processed foods and all that it was until i learned through books and things when i was a young boy body learning how to you know build muscle bodybuilding and all that but i learned that sugar is not so healthy okay so i'm trying to share with you an example of someone who did everything right the masking the distancing the stay home the mass of kids at school uh two immunizations and the whole thing and still got sick now hopefully her her illness is short-lived and she's protected you know from the immunizations and so forth and and doesn't have to go to the hospital and certainly doesn't have any long-haul symptoms and all of that i hope that is the case i sincerely do but i think we can all learn from this and maybe you can share this with a friend or family member who kind of doesn't understand that there is a connection and and that's where today we're going to talk about the science uh one paper in particular the title of this and by the way friends uh what i will do in the description here uh in the show notes is linked to a bunch of other videos we've been talking about glycemic variability as it relates to immune disregulation for a very long time on this channel but particularly around this current public health problem since march of 2020 so this is again not new information the science has only been getting stronger and there's been more and more data here the title of this paper and we're going to dive into the details is hyperglycemia without diabetes and new onset diabetes are both associated with poor outcomes in cova 19. so again this one is for the people that say mike jungfu doesn't cause copenhagen you're right junk food doesn't directly cause globa 19 but you know what it does it makes outcomes worse and so we and by the way the immunizations no matter how you feel about vaccine passports and this whole thing what the immunizations have been shown to do is reduce disease severity and death now what we know here is people that have better blood sugar control have a reduced disease severity and reduce death okay if we could get only people as much excited about low carb foods getting rid of sugar and ultra processed hyper palatable foods as we could getting them excited about other things that would be amazing okay so we know that nutrition does play a role and so here is some of the facts here type 2 diabetes acts in synergy with stars kobe 2 infection to increase progression severity and mortality from coba 19. so again you don't get this infection from eating junk food but if you're eating junk food it makes the infection worse look i've said this a million times i don't even it gets frustrating that here we are 20 months later and i still have to say this okay we have shown that type 2 diabetes and by the way type 2 diabetes the diagnosis of this is a fasting glucose over 125 and a post meal glucose i think it's over 200 so it's not like if you have a fasting glucose of 123 suddenly you're not diabetic this is a spectrum so we can replace insulin resistance with type 2 diabetes so in this paper i just want to clarify that because a lot of people think well i don't have diabetes my doctor said i'm pre-diabetic well yeah you're on the path of pre-diabetes a lot of people are pre-diabetic and they don't even know it okay we have shown that insulin resistance and pre-diabetes acts in synergy with stars kobe 2 infection to accelerate disease progression increase severity and heighten the mortality risk of cover 19. we have discussed the mechanisms whereby hyperglycemia contributes to the cytokine storm characteristic of severe cobit 19 infection by stimulating monocytes and macrophages to produce interleukin-1 beta interleukin 6 and tnf alpha in the airway epithelium so again we're not saying that eating donuts causes you to get the virus we're saying that if you consume those foods your illness is going to be much worse than if you didn't okay so these things are connected my friends now here's yet another recent paper the effects of glucose at admission on cova 19 mortality there's many other studies that have found this so if you go to the hospital and you're sick for example hopefully this doesn't happen to melissa but it's probably happened to tons of other americans where they're at home their breathing is labored i feel like oh my gosh i need to go get on some supplemental oxygen so i'm going to the emergency room and then maybe you get admitted to the icu and so forth if your glucose is super physiologic at that point point in time various studies have confirmed after adjusting for all these other variables age and all of this that your disease course is going to be much more severe okay so that's what we're saying friends again i know this is hard for some people to grasp mentally because cnn and npr and msnbc and abc and all the networks they're not talking about this they're treating it as though every single person has the same susceptibility to death and severe disease which is scientifically inaccurate people that have underlying health conditions caused by eating ultra-processed junk foods such as future in these screenshots that i shared with you are at an increased likelihood of having a poor outcome not only per outcome from this infection but a poor immunization response which again is a travesty that the media is not talking about this that our body's ability to respond to an immunization is actually influenced by uh you know the the efficacy of that is influenced by our exercise choices our sleep habits and our nutrition so that should be frontline news now as i finish off here i do want to let you all know that that my name is mike multiple i'm grateful that you're tuning in uh thanks if you enjoy this content you can hit that like button you can share this also i want to leave you with this image friends i've been sharing this message this is nothing new so you can hate the messenger you can hit that dislike button say you're such an a-hole mike you can do all that note the date on this january 31st 2020 okay i've been sharing with you this message from the rooftops before pretty much anyone in the health space saying guys nutrition is going to influence how we solve this public health problem why do i am i god do i am i all-knowing no i've been in this nutrition and medical space since 2006. i've had doctors who have been treating chronic infections from lyme borrelia bubezia uh epstein-barr virus cytomegalovirus for years okay i've been friends with them worked with them i've uh you know been in business with these individuals and guess what they always always always tell me friends no matter what chronic disease they are treating what whatever it is especially an infection you have to cover the foundations sleep exercise movement whole food gut health uh micronutrients this is the foundation this is the foundation for for managing infections any disease if that is not covered good luck trying to manage that okay so the problem here is is this subset of so-called integrative or functional medicine they're educated in wellness and nutrition and unfortunately the individuals in infectious disease don't have any education around that so that's why you're not hearing those messages but i just want to leave you with this tip that any functional medicine doctor worth their salt that is treating complex chronic illnesses and it seems that long-haul coven is is a syndrome of sorts we need to address the foundations micronutrient deficiencies insufficiencies movement stress reduction meaning and purpose and relationships social connections gut health getting rid of some of the persistent organic pollutants and endocrine disrupting chemicals in your environment filtering your water getting good fresh air the whole there's a lot that goes into this and we're being told as very small amount and that's probably just through the fact that these people don't know this stuff they just don't know they haven't been trained they haven't dealt with something like this and so we're trying to spread this message and thank you for being here and being part of spreading this message i'm grateful that you're listening here on itunes thanks for subscribing thanks for leaving us any feedback any reviews that is very helpful thanks for leaving a comment on youtube and if you want a shirt like this you can't beat this if you're eating this and this image right here is donut uh it's a bacon burger and a soda pop so these are available at our sister company myoscience nutrition i'll put links below friends we gotta spread the word that nutrition is medicine exercise is medicine thank you for being part of this amazing growing momentum we're really impacting a lot of people i'm seeing it now you know the engagement the responses people are waking up to the fact that we need to make health the main thing going forward so super i get chills when i just think about it so i'm just so honored that you're still here that you're sharing this on content bless your heart melissa we hope you nothing but the best in your recovery talk to you all soon bye now [Music]<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Actress &amp; Junk-Food Promoter Catches The Rona, Blames School [her diet tells all]" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Actress &amp; Junk-Food Promoter Catches The Rona, Blames School [her diet tells all]


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