Afghanistan BURNS & Biden REFUSES to Answer Questions | Guest: Jason Buttrill | Ep 500

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]well it's party time mom uh welcome to another episode monday episode the chad prayther show studio 22 we are in the mothership um yep everything's going down in flames and the puppet master mark is driving us into the nether regions of gehenna into hades into hell into shield the place the place of the dead chris cruz um it's insane the world has gone crazy we know this the world's been going crazy but it's completely off off the rails at this point um but it's monday and i feel every bit of monday today uh jason buttro back baby you're back chief researcher for the blaze for glenn beck um you just got back from the middle east we're going to talk to you about all of that with the trip uh the texas legend steve helms is at the pub sitting next to jennings what's up little buddy it's just yeah it's just going to be a boys day here just going to be hanging out here um what's going on well first of all uh our hearts go out to the those families that have lost their loved ones in the tragic bombing the terrorist bombing there in uh in afghanistan um so many stories coming in of course the names have been released the details have been released and this is a tragedy that should not have happened of course it's consumed our thoughts and our minds over the weekend i would say that the biden administration could not ask for a better time for a cat 4 hurricane to hit the coast of louisiana because of course it takes people's eyes off of this tragedy um and you know it's just one thing after another the dominoes are falling and again our hearts go out to those who are dealing with the weather crisis in louisiana now spinning off into uh mississippi and even north alabama and on and on it goes um there's no good news jason no there is there's some good news out there i mean you guys did an incredible job we'll get to the details of that with the nazarene fund and and everything as far as evacuating folks um gosh dude it's just like it was just like one big kick in the nuts after another one this weekend that uh that photo that you just showed of the uh of the service members that lost their lives really infuriates me yeah did you read that washington post article was a day or two ago came out over the weekend uh talking about the days surrounding when kabul fell and uh it's absolutely devastating because those service members that died it was they didn't have to right this was all and i i can't think of anything else but just politics played the role here he talked about how the taliban gave the biden administration their choice said do you want to secure the entire city of kabul or just the airport well they knew the buy administration knew that if they were going to secure kabul they'd have to bring in more troops which they ended up having to do anyway because you know everything went to hell sure but they gave us the choice so all of the people that we were struggling to try to evacuate uh that wouldn't have been a struggle we would have secured all of kabul and then we would have gotten every single person that helped us all our allies siv holders americans the christians that we got out uh that wouldn't have been a struggle and those marines and the and the navy corpsmen and the uh and the um 82nd airborne army uh troop they wouldn't have died this was all politics he just did not want the optics of that to hit back here at home right i posted a video the other day you know first of all um we detailed on this show about four weeks ago what was about to happen in afghanistan and it's one of those things you hate to be accurate about but i was accurate about it i called it and um we were specifically talking about those with security clearance who were afghan citizens who helped our service members while they were there you know in the operations and then they were being left behind because not enough visas were being issued and they couldn't get out of there and so we we called this in in a number of ways the next thing that i said over this past weekend is i said joe biden wants to leave people there he wants to leave american citizens there then it turns into a hostage situation and it gives him one more opportunity to carry out barack obama's foreign policy that he had with these nations the release of those you know gitmo terrorists for beau bergdahl pallets of cash back to iran uh now he's gonna pay ransom money watch just watch i hope i'm wrong but this is another way to continue funding this this nonsense i completely agree with you i mean that that's what they pulled off with iran they basically handed syria to the iranians this is the same people blinking uh all the people that are there now are the same ones back during the obama station they're just there this is obama 2.0 it really is they screwed up syria screwed israel um now they're probably going to hand iraq to iran as well you watch that'll be the next one a huge blunder and this and this whole afghanistan thing i mean it's i i can't understand how people bought the we're gonna bring american credibility back to the global stage as if it was gone to begin with right but um people bought this crap they bought the fact that that uh that um biden was gonna kill covet well nothing's really changed on that matter he hasn't done anything on that the borders what's funny is kamala harris is it was responsible for a lot of these things but i mean you can just list the failures i mean she was supposed to bring federal voting fail um the border utter fail right now she was supposed to put in charge of afghanistan withdrawal oh my gosh colossal fail yeah what have they succeeded on it's been a one colossal fail after the other so much for buildback better oh my god right let's uh i'll tell you let's go to a break uh first before we do that are you tired of giving 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through the entire process and make sure that you are saving the money and getting the coverage you need go to chad chat or call 972 patriot we'll be right back [Music] all right so i'm like i'm like a caged tiger right now i'm just so i'm gonna just want them all right you guys took off let's talk about y'all's trip first of all you guys took off can't disclose where you went can't disclose where you were you can't just go close how you got there it's a boring story so far but i know you guys because i was watching uh of course the programs those of you keeping up with what glenn was doing jason was with glenn uh i watched the videos i watched the shows i could see you kind of bouncing around in the background and uh bringing some handsome to the picture right someone had to i don't want to be shut up on a plane with glenn i could tell you that man but tell us tell us what's going on tell them what you did so so we went over there to help to be closer to the action so that we could help you know coordinate and uh to be closer to the people that were actually there on the ground absolutely a whirlwind uh of i guess it was just a few days but it felt like a whole lot longer but um in between broadcasts um all of our people at the nazarene fund were doing an insane amount of work and it's miraculous i mean all the details are going to come out eventually when we can say like okay this is the people we're working with this is what they were doing that's what they were put in charge of but you're telling me you're not like the biden administration that turns over the names of of you know the people that that you're collaborating with amazing right i mean they're doing things like this and we are screaming over there saying you are jeopardizing everything that we're trying to do not just us like uh we had multiple partners on the ground you heard about the those former sf guys that were there just as private citizens they're doing these jobs right so so we have people on the ground and they're trying to smuggle um christians siv helders americans anybody that really want that that could you know have the ability to come over um or needed to come over had the authorization to get in we were helping them and um as we're doing this we're getting reports from our guys saying look the brits they are leaving the airport and going out and getting their people the freaking french were doing that our guys are being told no you can't you have to stay there can you imagine the agony of our marines and uh soldiers it's benghazi all over again in that regard exactly benghazi and on a larger scale than that but yeah exactly that screaming saying unleash us please i'm sure that's what they were saying sure um but it's just it was just it was maddening but um you know while we're there uh at that point while we were there when they finally closed down just before the bombing happened we had gotten over 5 000 people out on our planes and into uh other intermediate countries um amazing from what from what the from what glenn told me today i don't i don't want to say the number but the number has gone up significantly beyond that uh 5 000 plus but the work has just begun so we began the work while we were over there uh once we got them out into intermediary countries um to where do we put these people like how do we get them into and we're primarily we're talking about christians at this point how do we get them into forever home countries and um let's just say the u.s government is not being a friend to us on that front we are doing this completely without any government help except directly with these other governments uh it it's it's absolutely amazing you know what is taking place right now there's gonna be a lot more information coming out you know in the weeks to follow about you know where they're going and you know and how that you know ended up happening yeah but i i'm just i'm just absolutely shocked at you know the people in the country today that claim to be all woke uh look at silicon valley uh look at them they're they're the woke the wokest of the wokies pretty much out there doing every remember they had like meetings after trump was you know you know elected that you know they were like consoling each other and be like and it supposedly was all because of what trump was going to do to immigrants or whatever that's why they were so pissed off where the hell were they over the past few days yeah where was mark zuckerberg was he flying people was he paying for he could have gotten a lot more jets than we did yeah i mean he could just wave his magic wand you know money wand and he would have had you know 30 jets over there waiting to help these out where were they so you guys so of course the folks want to give you still given is still a need the is the website and i know that what like 25 or 30 million was raised which is a significant number but when you start talking about when you start looking at the spreadsheets and i've looked at them of what it costs to get a plane in there get that thing fueled up filled up and out of there full of people um significant amount of money yeah you're looking at a million to two million right something long every time you bring that plane in there exactly every time so you're right i mean you got these guys that are worth billions of dollars tens of billions of dollars where are they yeah where are they this is and this is this is supposedly their fight this is what they're all about you know they're all about you know compassion and you know humanity and it's all about you know refugees immigrants all that stuff here you go right this was your time to shine and put your money where your mouth is and show us that it's not about i don't know maybe politics maybe it's not just about politics well i tweeted and posted over the weekend i said it's amazing how quiet 81 million voters can be uh and and of course eric trump took a screenshot and shared it and then don trump jr played your eyes me a couple times i took it plagiarize it a couple of times but it was it was a pretty well you know shared tweet that was out there but that's my thing is where where are they where are the biden supporters and where is big tech and where is silicon valley and where is uh hollywood and where is you know what i mean a big business and all these guys where are they you know because this is all part of the plan dude this is all part of the plan afghanistan to china look we already know hollywood big tech all those guys we already know they're sold out to china we know joe biden sold out to china the poppy fields that are in afghanistan as well as the lithium that's in the ground uh you got trillions of dollars of lithium that's that's why the green new deal is getting what you know that's how they're going to give it legs right because it's china that makes the electric cars it's china that makes the cell phones so big tech they're going to be quite they want afghanistan to fall because they know that it goes to china now china can can make our crap that keeps us all plugged in tuned in and driving our you know get rid of the fossil fuels it's all part of the freaking agenda and so they're not going to continue to participate they want to see a tragic fall you know at this point i keep thinking when will the impeachment you know uh crawl start coming out like i mean you just go through the list of the arsenal that the taliban now has the things that we left there because of the bite administration's incompetence that right there is impeachable to me uh the fact that you bungled this so badly that 13 americans died uh that right there is deserve of impeachment but then when you think about it are they counting on kamala who has record low uh favorability polls right now i mean she has failed on everything i've never seen this they're they're trying to hide both the entire executive office they're trying to hide both of them yeah they're hiding biden and they're hiding kamala yeah like what do they have like i mean kamala was the first one out of the democratic primary race she's the first one out she couldn't even get support in her own state uh nobody wanted her in there she i mean she was there see here's the thing i was talking to somebody last night at an event this is not about elections anymore this is not about votes this is about appointments joe biden and kamala harris are in office because they were appointed to be there they were appointed to be there you can debate all you want about election fraud you could talk about stealing elections you look that's been going on since the 60s i mean and it happens on both sides right it just the election process is a joke at this point in america these people it was their time at the good old boys club for joe biden and kamala she's simply on no no accomplishment or on any credential that she's created it was because of her gender and because of the color of her skin period end of story she is incompetent 100 but you're right they're hiding both of them and they should be hiding them but you know as i've said i mean joe biden should be in prison or at least licking the windows in the old folks home uh this guy's incompetent um you saw the the press conference you know they weren't even going to do a press conference on the on the day of the bombing because well the pentagon came out made a statement and i'm so sick of these woke ass so-called whatever they are military people that are nothing more than politicians in uniform that's all they are and you know these guys you know biden finally comes out there and he makes that just asinine statement of well let me you know i've been instructed to call on so-and-so from nbc he keeps saying it he keeps saying it he's getting hit over it and he keeps saying it is he trying to get impeachment i've said it over and over again i said it over and over again i'm like if you just listen to what they're saying they're telling you they're telegraphing it um the uh of course the people who are telling him what to say are probably also the people who are filtering what gets back to him i would think there's no question about it i mean that's the anyway uh play you know we got a minute here let's play uh talk about the woke of the woke these pla play the bill maher clip i want to go there let's do that real quick watching the go down in afghanistan i was reminded lately of every conversation i've ever had with an immigrant almost all of which if we got to really talking included the notion oh you people have no idea all you do is about and bad-mouth your own country but if you knew about the country i came from you'd stop on your own we're not the bad guys oppression is what we were trying to stop in afghanistan we failed but any immigrant will tell you we've largely succeeded here and yet the overriding thrust of current woke ideology is that america is rotten to the core irredeemably racist from the moment it was founded and so oppressive sexist and homophobic we can't find a host for the oscars or jeopardy [Applause] dude he that rant if y'all haven't seen the full thing he goes off he's a big fan of that guy but i was proud of him on that yeah it was an incredible deal i think bill's been uh red pilled a little bit i mean you just can't can if you've got any common sense any common sense you can't just continue this ration of horseshit that gets shoveled our way constantly and say that we're we in america are just out here oppressing everybody you know i had a guy that came at me i said you know here we are we bungled afghanistan i said we you know we got a president that's inept um you know we're getting a new gender uh revealed every week and you know i'm making this hyperbolic point right just about how stupid we focus on you know pronouns and all this crap and somebody came at me and said you're being dishonest there's not a new gender every week and i'm like okay fine you're right there were 64 last year now there's 72 my numbers are off i mean it's just like we're so stupid we're so dumbed down you know the the the i think most of this started under the obama administration and you we thought after they lost the election that maybe they'd go in a different direction they've doubled down on it yeah right they they've doubled down on it and i don't know what they've got to be terrified over the midterms and the next presidential election because what do they have i mean you've got bill maher calling this stuff out yeah i mean you're going to have more and more i mean now there's no late night television you've got fox news leading in late night tv now yeah and and pull in so you know they go to they go to dover and and they're supposed to be that solemn transfer of the the bodies of these servicemen and the woman uh play that clip there of joe biden there in dover uh nicole g who was the one of the two female marines who were killed among the three and joe checks his she was the one who posted that instagram post holding the baby saying i love my job just a few days ago unreal the man checked his watch unreal to be fair he might have been checking to see if it was time to take medication geez dude i'm telling you bro do you mean do you remember when george h.w bush did that during a debate and they say that cost him the election when he did that during a debate uh there's a screenshot of it right there i mean you know little quick little deal check this freaking watch and the thing is there's so many people carrying water now for for biden they i mean if that sunken election for hw they're not going to say anything bad about him doing that now no they just continue to carry water for him by the way as crazy or addled as he may be if he watched that whole clip he knew what he was doing was wrong because he tried to hide it like he immediately put his hands behind his back and and looked also solemn he knew what he was doing at least in that moment yeah for five seconds i um i don't sleep at home very much these days i stay on the road non-stop and i got a message from uh someone the other day i have a lady that she just you know you always have that person that watches the street you know make sure you thank god they're there because they know if somebody's climbing in your window got a message from the other day she said there's boxes outside of your house do you i need to go get them i said no i'll be there tomorrow morning i'll be there i know i always check to see if they're ticking right and uh i went by there i was like what was there what was there what was there and so when i got there guess what it was my patriot supply my patriot supply uh now i don't keep it there at the house if any of you uh food junkies want to come get it from me uh you're gonna be met with armed force uh but uh prepare with more and more people are reaching out to me and asking uh you know are we serious is it we need to get yes you need to get your food supply you need to get it there wait don't wait till the shelves are bare um you need to go to prepare with these folks uh i get the three-month supply when i go in there and get it and uh you can get the uh four-week supply you can get one for every member of your family the four-week supply is going to give you 2000 calories a day this stuff you can store for 25 years and it will still be good you got to you know store it properly and they'll instruct you on how to do that but uh do what i'm telling you folks um we're in a nightmare of a crisis a nightmare of a situation and the last thing you want to do is is have your family going hungry so take care of yourself go to prepare with they'll give you a deal just go directly to the site and they'll take care of you at my patriots supply we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] [Music] um now don't get me wrong you're not supposed to uh disrespect or criticize joe biden um now now let me remind you who we're talking about joe biden uh play the clip of him meeting with the uh the israeli leader there play it real quick you've been so generous with your time in these difficult days you and i are going to write yet another get his head down close his eyes of the friendship between our nations the united states of america and the jewish and democratic state of israel now looking down and closing your eyes for a moment i need to be strong they're still close or he's out like he ain't coming back house in a very very stormy world thank you mr president i look forward to i mean he's still not looking up you're being addressed there he goes somebody stirred him much of which should go to barack obama for making sure that we committed to the qualitative edge you would have yeah she needs to go to barack obama because you know israel was really putting up a ton of banners praising barack obama uh now they did that with trump but you know barack obama not the credit goes to barack obama i mean you just that right there right there on television you just watched joe biden go into default mode i guess nappy tom joe i saw i saw someone trying to fact check whether he was asleep or not and i'm like even if he wasn't asleep which it looked like he was but even if he wasn't how can you defend him in that state yeah like you're talking to another head of state and he's got his eyes closed his head down yeah even the appearance of it like how the amount of water carrying for this administration from the mainstream media is ridiculous and and when peter ducey finally asked the question he didn't he didn't mean for peter ducey to ask him a question in that press briefing the other day he to bed dude i mean he was off uh it was bad but naval intelligence members uh sternly told uh can't criticize him uh told um the office of naval intelligence informed active duty and retired service members that they cannot condemn president joe biden amid the chaotic and now deadly pull out of american troops from afghanistan um there you go the email that they sent out said given the heightened political and social atmosphere surrounding afghanistan it's important to remind our uniformed personnel uh and military retirees of their responsibilities and obligation under article 88 of the uniformed code of the military justice and department of defense directive uh 1344.10 while it is vital to protect the constitutional rights of freedom and expression for those groups consistent with mission accomplishment national security and good order and discipline it is important to remember certain limitations namely uniformed personnel and military retire retirees are prohibited from disrespecting senior government leadership eg the president vice president congress secretary of defense secretaries etc um amazing can i just point out that with adding in retirees there they're threatening them with their retirement their retirement that's exactly with their benefits they're holding that over their head which is that is crazy right there but can you imagine just the low morale and the entire armed forces right now well it goes even further it says even for civilians if you're reminded of the danger that your public comments will could be attributed to on i or the department of defense while you're entitled to your opinion blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the president or members of the military civilian leadership may reflect poorly on o and if you're criticizing them vocal criticism oh my gosh don't speak up don't speak out wow man i'm telling you if this if this were if if the people that have a voice in this country right now were alive in 1773 we'd still be subjects of the crown i mean we would still be under tyranny this this is insanity um i mean don't criticize anybody i mean bow to king george render to caesar that which is caesar's i mean that's this is stupid man um the joe biden play that clip about answering the questions thank you very much no no questions for y'all i sure everybody out gotta take any questions in the middle of a crisis yeah no not gonna talk about and by the way he's sitting there with the israeli leader and you're gonna not take questions about afghanistan which is going to directly affect israel yeah i mean this this directly affects them amazing and puts them in in a danger mode so anyway uh now i'm going to talk about it what's interesting is that earlier you opened the show saying that this administration you know that hurricane may have brought some light away from afghanistan but we have another clip of him at the fema you know telling people and he still doesn't get answers question it's such a weird yeah play that statement i'm not i'm not supposed to take any questions but go ahead mr president on afghanistan i'm not going to answer again can you see if they're still in it okay gosh what a puss what is wrong with his imbecile he's adult he's a he's out of brain raise your hand if you think we should have gotten out of there raise your hand oh my god dude how many times is he going to regurgita or say the say i'm not supposed to do this or they told me to say this or how many times i'm instructed to do this i mean come on dude i mean imagine imagine let's take okay let's take glenn beck imagine glenn beck said you know my producers won't let me uh talk about this um my producers have instructed me to uh do this ad read this certain way man can you imagine we know glenn can you imagine glenn being like i better bow to the the producers they're the ones running the show here i mean this is stupid i mean at the end of the day look chris cruz comes he asks me a thing of papers he's worked hard to compile all this stuff you know and i will we'll text all through the week about stuff we want to talk about and then all of a sudden i'm like sometimes i feel bad because i didn't get to some of the crap chris gave me it's good crap chris but it's my show true and you know it is your show and go we have a montage of biden same things that he should not be saying out loud well i've been instructed by chris cruz to play this clip he gave me a list here the first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc i'm not supposed to take any questions but go ahead you guys are bad i'm not supposed to be answering all these questions i'm supposed to leave but i can't resist your questions i'll take your questions and as usual folks they gave me a list of the people i'm going to call on so uh jonathan associated press i i'm i'm just baffled bro i'm like this is supposed to be the leader of the free world it's a joke this is a all right where's where's allen front like this is candid camera bro this is where's allen front that guy like we're being we're being i mean for real where's ashton kutcher yeah when does he come out be like i'm just kidding well you know what this is this is the this is the pendulum swinging all the way over to the other side from when trump was in office and he was telling like a cnn reporter i don't like your question because it's not asked fairly you're not asking any more questions for the rest of this time they swung it all the way over to the other side but how many times jennings and you're right i think there's a point there how many times did you know you see the you saw the video of trump he's walking to marine one he's about to get on the helicopter and he sees the press corps he walks over to them yeah i mean how many times trump trump was like okay let's do it yeah you know let's talk about it that's my favorite moments of trump is when he's like just putting a beat down on the press yeah the the only the other this is stupid the only reason that they would give him a list of reporters that he can call on is because they already submitted the questions beforehand 100 and then and then he's going to go look at no disrespect to to to uh beau biden right okay his son died of cancer but it tried to equate in that press conference the death of his son to 13 service members dying in a senseless terrorist bombing that where they should not have even been there shouldn't have been happening to try to equate that and then try to say oh well come on i mean this is this kind of is what just move makes me want to just slap that schmuck in the side of the face the american people should find a way to rise up and tell him unless it's an apology we don't want to hear from you about it i don't want to hear from you um and and i'll tell you i got some practical ways we can do exactly that jennings um one of the things we could do is you turn off your damn television and you write to these networks and say we're not buying a single product from a single damn advertiser you use no more we're shutting this down we're shutting it down but we're too we're too coddled we're too we're too mentally obese uh we're lazy we're apathetic we might as well be putting the mask on and going to sleep in the white house i mean because we're asleep at the wheel people be patriots would be spilling blood at this point in time we are inciting violence she must be one of those january sixers kiss my we'll be right back [Music] [Music] this campaign thing's making me edgy [Laughter] dude by the way speaking of louisiana and the storms i'm going to be in tyler on friday night that is september 3rd i think uh i'm going to be in tyler we're going to be at the crazy cajun which i think was going to seat like 250 people but it's way over packed so we're going they're going to go next door to the venue next door seat's like 1500 into a campaign rally you love me you really really love me um it just proves there's a lot of crazy cases a lot of crazy cases but here's the deal if if you'll bring a case of water we're gonna match it okay uh and we've already got pallets of water but we're gonna be sending it to relief efforts in louisiana and where it's needed um the the first dog major which that's the dead one right the one that died major did biting everybody because it was major in champ and there's champ beautiful dogs these are the biden white house dogs major they had they had to send them back to delaware because major kept biting everybody like we heard about one thing but apparently it's now leaked out you know pasaki tried to play it down like well you know bit an intern a bit a secret service agent had a minor injury apparently that dog bit somebody every day for like eight days you say biting or biting yeah yeah the biting dog bites uh that's jinsockie's up there like holding a neck wound you can see spurts of blood coming through um yeah the dogs are fine they're you gorgeous animals gorgeous animals um apply pressure please uh yeah and the reason that's important is because if you want transparency and you want honest news from the white house i mean that's a minor story but don't say that that happened one time and that was it then it gets leaked out that you had you had cujo was alive in the white house uh running i mean running the west wing they couldn't get in the oval office for a week because major had it at bay like he was holding off the guards i mean it was fine they weren't really using it anyway but still no they really weren't they really weren't uh now we know why joe stays in the basement he gets a freaking dog but apparently major is dead now i think if i remember right i'd probably put that dog down uh okay let's get to our tick tock somebody told me this weekend i saw him this weekend and they said they're loving the tick tock bits uh where they make me feel guilty let's make chad feel guilty play it okay so during third period we have announcements and they do the pledge of allegiance i always tell my class stand if you feel like it don't stand if you feel like it say the words if you want don't have to say the words so my class decided to stand but not say the words totally fine except for the fact that my room does not have a flag it used to be there but i took it down during covid because it made me uncomfortable and um i packed it away and i don't know where and i haven't found it yet but my kid today goes hey um it's kind of weird that we just stand and then you know we say it to nothing and i'm like oh well you know i gotta find it like i'm working on it i got you in the meantime i tell this kid we do have a flag in the class that you can pledge your allegiance to and he like looks around he goes oh that one i'm tired of yeah had a gay pride flag that i mean she's just tickled to death over it i mean she she is just giddy does anybody know the words to the pledge i mean how do let's come up with a gay pledge i mean but what are we pledging to change i pledge allegiance to brad pitt i pledge allegiance to ky jelly the uh i mean at one point times this just gets stupid i mean it's way past the point she said the american flag made her uncomfortable yeah made me a little uncomfortable during cove during coven and she packed it away and doesn't know what she did with it we're screwed i mean this is the future of america it's teaching our kids so so it goes back to the bill maher statement yeah you know what i mean just yep you think it's bad here you dip yeah you know just oh my god that was where that flag made you uncomfortable you waved that gay pride flag in afghanistan and they're tossing your ass off you'll be really uncomfortable i mean they this is the whole thing that i'm talking about we we talk about uh oh people are being oppressed here in america you're not being oppressed here in america my god our homeless people are obese good god almighty this is ridiculous people make six figures standing on the side of the road panhandling in this country i live here i mean i mean it's insanity this stuff uh you know we we talk about storing food that'll last 25 years i mean with my patriots supply that we're blessed dude you had twinkies for years those things never go they don't go bad listen i've been in russia you want to talk about a third world country go to russia sometime let me tell you all the money they got in that country goes towards military that's it you you ever took a standing up uh that's that's what you have to do with some of their their latrines whatever you want to call it i mean because you go into this little closet and there's a hole in the floor and this is a developed country that's the most russian thing i've ever heard in my life [Laughter] i've done it but it wasn't by choice i mean you you want to be uncomfortable do a little time under the hammer and the sickle i mean this is stupidity man golly made me uncomfortable she was cute shut up golly now chad i'm scared of human beings at this point she is a teacher for 11th grade 11th grade this is not some like elementary school this is 11th grade yeah and good for the kids saying hey where's the flag like what are you doing yeah what are we pledging allegiance yeah so when you take away the these symbols that unify us an anthem a flag a pledge with these are things that are supposed to unify us right they identify us they unify us but when you're spitting on it and disrespecting it and hiding it and say that that thing you know i go back to the old story i had a show promoter one time in iowa that said you should change the name of your show it was the star spangled banter comedy tour and she was like it makes us uncomfortable you know star-spangled banter yeah it's just kind of patriotic it makes us feel i'm like what is wrong with you you know i got i got a line of hats that say 1776 right they've been selling like crazy people love them and people like you must be one of those insurrectionists this is insurrection talk no this is freedom talk this is patriot talk i'm proud of what we did in 1776 i'm proud listen i'm proud of what we did in 1773 when i dressed up like indians and marched out in boston harbor started spilling tea everywhere i love this kind of stuff man like this is the kind of thing that you know patrick henry stands in that church and said give me liberty or give me death you won't talk about uncomfortable you know what makes me uncomfortable flags draped over coffins on a jet coming back come on yeah you know what makes me uncomfortable you got a president checking his watch while they pass in front of him this is this is i mean you couldn't be troubled for a little extra time what was you late for nap time joe you know you were uncomfortable going to the middle east this past week i mean you i can remember because you walked out in the studio the other day and you were like we're headed out like moment's notice yeah you guys were you guys were going uh you know i promise you glenn didn't want to jump on a plane and go over there he's got a lot going on um you know there's i want you to be uncomfortable how about that let's be uncomfortable let's be uncomfortable enough to do something about it um i mean we're doing stupid things in this country and calling it woke and then giggling about it you know that junk from that teacher critical race theory and all crap like that that's the stuff that the bite administration had directed our military and our intelligence apparatus and the department of homeland security that's what he had them focused on and then everyone all of a sudden is shocked that they made this debacle in afghanistan with the withdrawal i mean yeah maybe you should have been paying attention to your job instead of trying to figure out how to divide you know and uh separate all you know americans into these different subgroups maybe if you didn't focus on your job maybe this wouldn't have happened yeah absolutely ridiculous it's gonna say it's insane dude and by the way uh of the thousands of afghans that they have evacuated out through some of the vetting process they actually have found 10 terrorists so far they found 10 10 terrorists in the group no telling how many have made it through but whatever uh they'll just come to mexico and come right up through the southern border get ready folks it's about to be an adventure get your food supplies get your ammo rock and roll lock and load uh because gonna come to a point where guess what the bite administration and the and all those wokies they ain't gonna defeat they're not gonna defend you folks they're not they're not coming to your house hang tight we'll be right back [Music] chris you told me that teacher got fired over that deal she got fired so the tick tock teacher she got fired yeah good um i'm all for cancelled culture and i agree with it the uh let's do a review uh i wanted you to give a five-star rating and review where podcasts are offered specifically on apple podcast let's drive it on up the ranks uh get up there uh coming for you back um you can do it here's a here's a review chad keeps it real has the same point of view as most texans great christian conservative news all right we love jesus but we cuss a little and you got sunburned flying kites uh amy wh thank you for that review you're so close to answering the trivia i said where did i get sunburned uh so i'm going to give a free t-shirt to someone who got that trivia right but thank you for the review five stars is what we deserve too to clarify is it where on your body did you wait [Music] so just imagine the shadow of a kite over chad's body and then take all the extra stuff and that's where you got that had a long tail go to watch it's where all the fun stuff is uh you can get your chat bracelet show merchandise and of course sign up for a annual subscription chat we're gonna be back with you tomorrow tuesday that's monday's hangover we've got more stuff for you love you god bless you we'll talk to you then thanks jason bye you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Afghanistan BURNS &amp; Biden REFUSES to 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Afghanistan BURNS &amp; Biden REFUSES to Answer Questions | Guest: Jason Buttrill | Ep 500


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