ATLien LIVE!!! Porsha's Body Work | Crate Challenges | Scholarship Pranks & More

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]get ready because you're about to be at atleast [Music] h [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's up squad what's up what's up what's up welcome back welcome back hey y'all i missed y'all it's only been a few days but i missed y'all nonetheless hey ernest l s john edwards l s everybody is in here cornelia i see look facebook i ain't gonna forget about facebook shout out to my facebook all the youtubers in here the members are in here the patreons are in everybody is in here representing come on in come on in tell a friend go share it go like it while you're at it and if you um are new here please do me a favor and subscribe please and thank you because a lot of people ain't subscribed a lot of y'all are not subscribed i see you john edwards kimberly riley it's a birthday people in here too happy birthday happy birthday i see you equation i see you uh i had a birthday too look i would be remiss if i didn't say thank you to all of you who sent me all these birthday blessings and i'm like i was just chilling and then my phone would light up blue blue blue happy birthday blue blue five dollars ten dollars fifteen dollars twenty dollars blue blue i'm like oh my god this is amazing thank y'all so very much but i am so humble like i know a lot you don't have to do it you don't have to give me anything you do not have to tip you not have to super chat you do not have to cash out but when you do i appreciate it i certainly appreciate it right yolanda blue blue i'm like what is happening what is happening i appreciate all of you now y'all see who's up here we're gonna keep it light up here honey we're gonna keep it light up here y'all see who's up here we got porsche we have a grand mama and we have the crates the crates uh look they are superstars on their own look they're going viral everywhere you look there's a crate there's a crate but we're gonna talk about that in a second uh we also you know we're just gonna catch up we're gonna catch up cause y'all know when i get offline i'll be offline that's why i don't be want to come back online so quick cause i'm like i gotta catch up on the news y'all i didn't even know what's been going on i just tip on into instagram and see porsha uh you know changing uh uh getting mad at everybody because everybody is talking about her but honey hold on let me turn this thing off y'all know i do uh they talking about her but yay hey y'all come on in come on yeah i know some of y'all coming in are late don't be coming in here late talking about what we talking about now hey lisa i see y'all hey angel i see y'all hey lucinda hey sexy may come on in now um let me go ahead and start with porsche let's get porsha out the way because it's really not that big of a deal i'm not going to either bother y'all we'll talk about simon and fallon and her big old belly i told y'all she was big and pregnant we're going to lead a big and pregnant people she's got a whole youtube channel for y'all to see all that stuff going on her baby dad is fighting in the comments all of that we ain't going to go there we can talk about him to death honey leave felon where she at thank you so much for the super chat uh jj i appreciate you now we're going to talk about some real stars today i don't know if you'd be like shitty unfortunate i am not team nobody i'll just be on here run in my mouth i am team atlanta but uh i just like to you know i just like to push the envelope sometimes make y'all teams mad let's talk about porsche for a second porsha was over here modeling her dress that she bought off amazon you know amazon has some cute clothes sometimes you get you some little cute little sun dresses and stuff like five dollars even though sometimes they come from china but anyway porsche posted this dress and said psa if you have ass and have not had lipo or a tummy tuck this what your stomach and body gonna look like get whatever surgery you want but at least remember if you have a fupa or a gut it's okay i was just trying on my amazon address and i figured i would shed it will delete positive message in real life so you know the people in the uh in the comments you know everybody you know first you know the the the uh the what are you calling people oh the verified yeah the blue chicks was at the top and everybody was like yeah girl you look good you look good but yeah all the other people child they was dragging me like a little porsche are you really are you really trying to convince us that you haven't got any work done unfortunately we know that you are not cornbread fair i mean you been on the show you be twerking you be showing everybody your butt you be turning around you be twirling it's like you want to show off your doctor's work and you know what it's okay you pay for it you can twerk it you can do whatever you want to do we are not judging look who is me to judge if your ass look good twerk honey twerk to work portia twerk but don't have us believing that that's the way you was born we know you got a little extra we know you got a little sucked out your side and put in your butt we know you went to doctor curves and then you said your mom there cause your mom's like oh your curves look good i need to go there too we know that but i digress porsha on the other hand because people was in the comments section dragging hud telling her look we know portia that your butt isn't real porsha says she's gonna pull a receipt tony porsha went back in the archives like i'd be doing you know how i'd be pulling stuff in archives and she pulled all these pictures from the archives some of these pictures was not straight from the a2 is so funny she said look here don't play with me i've been stacked tried to help some of y'all crazy this she hashtag cornbread fit hashtag cocoa and chanel hashtag first season this is fun baby peach grows when we grow fun throwback body by portion so here she is y'all she said she [ __ ] that she said she didn't buy no butt that's what portia said porsha said she did not buy a bunch she'd been stacked it looked to me like she arching her back and stuff you know it's all good it's all good i wouldn't say she'd been stacked i'm saying that you know portia's always been a lovely girl that's what i say she's always been a lovely girl but we know her butt is fake that's how i we know i don't care what y'all say i don't know i know team porsche in here it's real it's real she drank flat tummy teeth that's why her stomach be flat sometimes it's real cause she'll be in the gym doing sit ups hold on this is what poor should be doing to get her butt hold on push me in the in the uh in the gym what is it now that lost it stop looking on me big i didn't lost just oh she'd be in the gym doing her sit ups and stuff uh you know so she can you know get her butt right you say it's real okay she definitely had at least one bbl okay you did listen i don't care if it's real or fake porsha started the conversation and clearly that's what she wanted to do she wanted to get all eyes off of a failing stomach and now y'all can look at her ass that's what she's doing she was like y'all paying too much attention to family's big belly now look at my big ass wasn't she in a rap video yes jay remember that song what is what it is what's uh what it mean what some cut she was in some cut and um i could put that up on straight from the amc porsche video vixen straight from the a you know keywords that's how you find it key words look i i googled it you see what i googled and it came up what did it say hold on it said who knew stewart at the time it was portia stewart was a quote unquote video ho here she is batman you know porsche been stacked ben stack honey and y'all remember uh live as was in that video too that trio video video that's what it was trio feel hold on the video ain't even there no more because it was warner brothers but they go to pictures of porsche let me pull some of these pictures up and see he got a pictures a porsche [Music] uh yeah they gonna die man it was a little blurry it's a screenshot though y'all see it uh let me see let me see this one oh no let me see yeah that gonna work she was flat as a pancake she didn't have no boob [ __ ] so she bought she admit she bought some boobs she said she bought coco and chanel but her butch has been there that's what she's saying i know i don't know but there's that you barely see push well she was there she got her little day right back and you know she was just start and remember portia you know she also shared a picture when she was on um on the magazines because you know before porsche got with cordell porsche was out there here it is again look porsha was a video model that's also going straight from the a hold on you know i gotta pull the receipts thank you so much thank you so much equation hold on hold on look look look hold on she was a calendar model here she is way back in the day honey way back in the day look there go porsha way back in the day my ass just running honey see i still get paid i have missed bloggins still get paid he got atlanta dimes said it's 11 11 y'all 11 11. atlanta dimes said atl we actually shot porsche back in the day for one of our calendar projects and so here it is and they have sent me the video is gone honey this was back this was a long time ago 2005 and look at this look at portia then as a real honey porsche was thin as a real here she is right here it's the same picture that she had posted on her instagram showing y'all that she was cornbread fear but it looked like to me that they might have you know stretched it out a little bit you know how they do but yeah portia we we know what's in the videos let's look at some of these old pictures of course you don't even look like she's like she looked great she looked like laura right there she looked just like lauren right there okay should we see you hold on let's see some more um oh he got one she was in the bed what's she doing right here okay it's a little blurry it's a little blurry okay portia we know you was working we know you was working so um i mean you know you said some shape you were slammed by their hair we all were slim back there ain't nothing wrong with that ain't nothing wrong with that i'm just saying because of the way you know her fat settled she had a little bit of help that's all i'm saying you know i'm not judging her for it but i'm just saying let's call the thing a thing let's call the thing a thing when you gain weight it don't go in all the right places i'm just saying she hasn't fully developed yet yeah team porsche is in here they are gonna ride for porsche porsche did not have a butt lift honey porsche did not go to uh dr curve y'all remember when uh porsche came back i think it was season three or four when she first came back and uh she was walking in front of mimi and then he said all that back there y'all don't remember that so yeah it just popped up it just popped up and i don't care what you say portia look different thank you so much christine i appreciate you uh how you been here how are you being okay diva i'm good i'm good uh you think porsche got a natural big booty okay well it's up for the bait you know since portia want to debate it [Music] it is up for debate her mama got a natural big booty too but i don't mean she didn't get shaped by the curves i don't mean she didn't get shaped uh james said michelle she had a fat transfer a fat transfer is still plastic surgery and it's still plastic surgery she start eating your grits with you look stop it i sold it out but it didn't come out like that anyway it looks good i agree with each and every one of y'all it looks good so it's just up for debate now let's continue let's continue now what about all these challenges going uh what is y'all doing with all these milk crates egg crates whatever crates um taking them to the park stacking them up and running over them like like you uh sonic the sets the the hedgehog or something what is going on with that people getting hurt people legs getting broke people getting concussions all kind of things going on over some milk crates over this challenge now look i've been on the internet long enough to see several challenges over the years remember little people burning themselves up in the dang shower trying to try to do a lighter challenge i don't remember it was something but it's been so many challenges and it seems like all of the challenges somebody ends up hurt it's really a dumb challenge it really is look it's fun to watch though it's just fun to watch thank you so much lisa what lisa saying hold on lisa said over the challenges okay you over them well we're going to talk about them a little bit we're going to talk about them a little bit people believe anything she says all of the video girls have butt shots in the 2000s era just because it doesn't look overdone don't make it real okay all right i'm with you tony i'm what you saying look kenya been saying her butt real too y'all don't argue that point when we say kenya's butt ain't real so uh kenyan porsche both of them was in the era of butt modeling you know both of them got a little a little uh stop hey buffalo got a little uh what do you call it a little injection here and there it's just it's just what it is i don't care y'all mad at me i do not care i'm gonna say what i feel and y'all can feel differently people are crazy and they clearly forgive me emergency rooms are full okay let's talk let's let's move on from portia lc can you guys see me can you guys see me but porsha ain't got nothing oh so you're gonna get a portion of pass but just cuz you don't like kenya you go like oh she got all kinds of things in her butt see how wrong y'all are y'all are just wrong y'all i'm just wrong see y'all like kenya's butt as fake as her man y'all are wrong but but porsha's butt is real i don't get that they both both of their butts fake but king yeah king's it's been lopsided now we ain't gonna even put him side by side we not already ran kenya's butt through the uh we talked about kenya's butt so much it's just a moot point right now anyway fred was giving out a lot of butt shots oh he was okay listen y'all still talking about butts i'm trying to move on from the butts honey i'm trying to move on from the butts we are on uh the crates now doctors have said that these crates are dangerous and y'all need to stop doing it they have issued a plea for y'all to stop doing this while y'all at the park uh posting up crates the viral milk challenges uh they saying hold on no no no no why i can't see it now i can't see it they saying the viral milk crate challenge has left people injured doctors are begging them to stop begging begging becking um i don't know we're gonna look at some of them we're gonna look at one or two maybe one maybe one that's it hey thank you carol that's so nice uh viral milk crate challenge bam bam that it yep that's it doctors are begging them to stop here going one right here i don't know what these people be doing i just be looking every day is a different one what is it what did this guy [Music] [Music] well that ended i mean i'm just saying yeah i stopped listening people breaking arms legs nicks i don't understand it but it ain't for me to understand the milk crate challenge has gone viral in recent days and often with catastrophic results shared by millions across social media it's like y'all willing to break a arm or break a leg just for some likes somebody said it's the funniest challenge since the ice bucket challenge i don't even remember the ice bucket challenge what the ice bucket challenge was doing i don't remember anyway let me see what else these people saying is there's so many of these injuries we're seeing are preventable just by being intelligent if you catch a corner of one of those crates it's going to be problematic it looks like something funny but real people are getting injuries injuries more and more injuries let's see what this one do what is this hold on [Music] okay well there's that okay uh amazing it's just amazing i'm still looking y'all it's our august first a chicago resident posted videos to facebook of two men walking on crates allegedly the first videos of what would later be known as the milk crate challenge about two weeks later the videos were shared by two people in columbus ohio and it went viral after a video of people failing the challenge was posted to tick tock where it received more than 5 million views in one day so that's where it started since then the milk crate challenge has unfolded in communities nationwide it was even in piedmont park in atlanta earlier today videos share the social media view by music have helped the challenge trend over the past week lord let me see this hold on i want to see what the girl that with the heels not good not good hold on yeah i forgot to do this horrible hot rub bull wait a minute y'all let me pause this for a second [Music] [Music] [Music] i know it is stupid i'm i'm looking at y'all's comments while i'm doing this hold on okay i'm back um yeah you said at least the ice bucket challenge for charity right okay uh michelle nashamari said that portia has always had a big butt since high school so everybody on the porsche big butt train i don't believe it i'm still not gonna believe it do they play your child support challenge the girl with heels is the only one i saw doing i saw a few of them let me see if i could find a girl with heels hold on let me see instagram girl with heels crazy and she did about 10 times here she is right here [Music] put this in here thank you pastor gloria thank you so much [Music] y'all gotta be quiet oh my god [Music] you did it faster in the hills so um yeah they go that black girl magic she did it she did he said who won the girl right impressive so you already know she could wear every length of heels there is because she did she walked over she balanced herself she did what had to be done but i'm gonna need y'all not to do it okay don't try that at home hold on i want to see the guy i don't know let me see here he go right here the man rolling the blunts since y'all want to see him let me see if the video in here i was getting hey yo mike say he bout to go hey yo hey yo everybody mike said he's going up there rolling up the point he said he too comfortable he's too comfortable oh [Music] [Music] you know we can't find that weed in the grass oh my god i wish you fall damn yes he ain't stuck he just rolling the finish in the blunt so when he come down he's gonna light it that's all yeah yeah [Applause] [Music] it is stupid it's stupid to see so many people fall but i guess that's the uh enjoyment of it all it ain't you falling is you watching people fall i don't know i don't get it all i know it's the hood olympics they calling it the hood olympics the crate challenge uh people got too much time on their hands they got too many milk crates sitting around they putting them all in the grass and they running up they doing challenges i mean i would say it's harmful but when people are ending up in the hospital with broken legs and broken arms and concussions it's not harmful it is not harmful hold on who is calling me in the middle of my life hold on hold on i couldn't let y'all hear that my bad i know i was on mute i had a phone call i had to take okay somebody said me me calling no when you lied you just don't have uh you know you know oh god i'm getting all kind of stuff yeah i'm saying to me what is that okay anyway we back is that ninny what's gotta be naming it but why y'all like me the only person they call me at 11 30 at night and lots of people call me duh anywho we back uh yeah y'all should be doing this crate challenge y'all need to stop that y'all need to chill out y'all need to find something better to do that does not consist of breaking bones okay no broken bones i guess you know at some point it was it was innocent and harmful but until people started you know falling out but let's talk about this other innocent harmless challenge or well it's called a prank i guess it's a prank this is all about hot topics tonight y'all um what about this scholarship challenge where the kids the kids are you know pranking their grandmas and their moms into uh you know almost beating them down by accusing them of prostitution and doing things that shouldn't be done hold on we're going to talk about this for a second because one of your favorite housewives also got involved well the daughter to you well hold on i'm gonna pull one or two up y'all i'ma pull one or two up oh no i think i got it over here um browser bmw okay let me go up hello so my name is y'all see that yeah i can't see it oh you can't see me oh okay i turned it off all right there i am i love it okay you gonna watch this and my name is baldwin and this is my grandma so i am okay so i'm applying for this scholarship because y'all hear that i'm applying for the scholarship because it would greatly benefit me for college and not having me to take out any loans and the prompt question was what's my greatest inspiration for this scholarship oh it's low okay hold on [Music] let me transfer it over here i don't know let me transfer it over here yeah okay here i got you i got you i got you i got you i got you we can we getting there we getting there oh no i'm about to pull it up it is on what page is this scholarship prank there it is yeah y'all come here this time [Music] so where was she oh here she is my name is anisha west and my name is gloria bob and this is my grandma so i am nurse so i'm applying for this scholarship because it is movements i'm applying for this scholarship because it would greatly benefit me for college and not having me to take out any loans and the prompt question was what's my greatest inspiration for this scholarship and it's my grandma and it's my grandmother because i had witnessed my um late paw paw put my grandma inside the hair with a frying pan and let me give you a back back story about it so my grandpa my and my grandma which i call paw paw um they met he met my grandma he met her um on the street she was a prostitute um she had she was the fastest woman on the heel so because i know like that's something i don't want for my life that gave me gave me great inspiration to not like want no man to like hit me on side of the head with a frying pan and not be on the street you know right so yeah i want that for my life and i feel like this um 500 000 scholarship would be beneficial so i won't i won't be the fastest woman on the hill and my late paw paw i won't have nobody like what where he he got he um he had got better after that but yeah she told me i had witnessed him hitting her on side of the head with a um frying pan and i want no one to hit me with a frying pan i don't want to be on the street uh no i don't guess i got nothing to say after this frying pan hey this was a scholarship and then on the street you said you were alone i was on the street yeah that's the backstory she was a prostitute that's what i mean wait a minute i was on the proc i was a prostitute that's the way i met you well yeah so that's how they met and they felt they got married but once i saw the frying pan incident i knew for a fact i wanted better for my life so so um yes you need to have better for her life and i i hate to say this for your scholarship but ain't no [ __ ] it means that air with no goddamn surprise pain and i was not a [ __ ] prostitute so i don't know what the hell this him video is talking about now i'm the prostitute that's what i mean i was a prostitute that's the way i met you yeah so um that's how they met and they felt they got married but once i saw the frying pan incident so um yes you need to have better for her life and i i hate to say this for your scholarship three go hi my name is earl desha crosstail and this is my grandmother grandma introducing ruth naomi jones um this is my grandma ruth jones i was applying for this scholarship because it will really make a difference to all of our lives i grew up in this really small town a lot of people don't make it out of this town and i just want a better life for myself and for my daughter um coming up i saw my granddaddy leon knock her head in between the washing and dryer and that's just not the life that i want for myself so i can i can better myself i can get this scholarship and i can move me i can move me and my daughter away from here and i can further my education so i don't have to be stuck in a life like that um from what i was told she was his bottom girl um she is the prostitute for granddaddy leon you gotta set your goddamn mouth up i never don't got that prostitute y'all been gonna put that [ __ ] on me you gotta roll you got i never prosecuted for that [ __ ] girl just tell the story just let's go all right you got the wrong person go somewhere baby i ain't the one i ain't the one oh my god i ain't the one i had to work right now probably for a month because i don't want i don't want i'm sorry edition you gotta let this goddamn thing go oh i ain't nothing but no little [ __ ] okay but [ __ ] grandma took the wig off she said uh y'all ain't playing with me y'all ain't playing with me not tonight not tonight i ain't never did that hold on hold on watch wait wait wait i'm fine what's another one where is the other one hold on hold on uh [Music] oh some of these i don't remember seeing i can't find the ones i really want to see hold on let me see this what this will do okay so hi my name is angelique white and this is my mom hi i'm dead boy and i wanted to say that she is my biggest inspiration and i know the question prompt was why is this person your biggest inspiration and it's my mom because you know we've been through a lot in life and i've watched her overcome a lot of hardships and when she was younger she actually was a prostitute [Laughter] i didn't expect that one and i could really use this thirty thousand dollars [Music] um oh geez in my stomach because i never want to have to go through this i can't do it oh [Laughter] okay hold on somebody y'all want me to find candy hold on y'all want me to find mama joyce i was gonna play mama just but i was trying to find the the uh the regular people first hold on let me put mama joyce up here shout out to my new members i see y'all i see y'all and the prompt was who inspires me the most the people that inspired me the most are my grandma who i call nemo and of course my mom my grandma really worked hard so that she could make sure that her daughter and her son went through school and learned to read and write from an early age because she said that was her biggest fear so she had to really work and have multiple jobs which helped get my mom to where she is today of course which in turn made me out to be who i am today and in order to provide for her children she had to get multiple jobs so she started working at she started working at stop okay all right i forgot okay okay okay so my grandma was dyslexic which is why um she really wanted to make sure that her kids learned to read and write from an early age um because she thought that if you could read and write early then the world is an open book so she made sure that she took as many jobs as she could she started off working at a gambling house no don't say no we're gonna work at no gambling house no but she did she started working at a game no i didn't know something like her food okay okay okay then okay [Music] [Music] you had to do prostitution them they said that's how you got a lot of your jewelry from the moon guys i don't know they told [Music] ago [Music] jewelry [Music] dated guys that were that had money oh so they would just pay you just no they didn't pay me no i feel like look why if i'm dating somebody and this is what you need to know yo you are worth something you are worthy so i should be a prostitute [Laughter] mama you just got pranked y'all are mean why y'all so mean oh anywho uh yankee telling me to find pasta pan i don't know who pastor pam is i found i google pasta pam and this came up is this pasta pam hold on is this pasta pan right here my name is kalyn price and i'm here with my auntie down the camera it's just the cece show which one y'all just that's not it right y'all need to tell me which one pastor pam is and where i gotta find it at uh you enjoyed them i'll be laughing at all them too on [Music] he said you said it to me in facebook oh no hello [Music] hello y'all i just pulled it up hold on here we come i guess i don't know which one she is hold on pastor pam okay i'm on her page i don't see it wait i see a whole bunch of memes on pastor pants is this herrera that's her singing pasta pam see i'm right here look y'all sending it to the wrong place i can't get it when it's not on the computer hold on okay i'm going over there hold on let me go over there yeah i'm so funny uh i don't know what it look like though is this it right here is this it hold on let me turn this down though and thank you for your mission hi my name is taylor ginger and this is my grandmother pastor pal and thank you for your mentions to interview for this ten thousand dollar scholarship she gonna give me jesus name the prone question was who invites me and who i look up to and there's my grandmother and that's because she's hey she's a pastor but before she got saved by jesus and gave her life for christ she used to be a prostitute well my popcorn your damn life is [Music] he said he had to save her from standing on side the street selling her sweets and that's a damn lie um i want i really wanted money because she isn't dealt with her pimp and she has to pay [ __ ] now look now look this ain't no school [ __ ] just stop cursing wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what's up you calling me a box too it's the truth i've never been a prostitute um from off the street but she really stopped being positive and got touched her because she said she got tired of sleeping with so many people that's a damn line never stop no [ __ ] mama stop crazy don't do that to me i've never been a [ __ ] person to continue in my life [Music] [Music] you're the best [ __ ] liar you're the best fighter [ __ ] cause your big old booty yeah yeah big booty i didn't have no booty yeah oh he don't [ __ ] that damn don't journey listen oh no no come here all this [ __ ] i don't like this kind of [ __ ] i'm a christian my mom i'm a christian and say you said that you have to get me off the street because i was prostituted what new prostitute it means positive when you say when you got a pill you know what it was you was doing it um no you pimping that's right you prostituting and i really want to help her get out of debt with her pimp because you know ma'am that's a damn lie whatever she telling y'all don't give it a [ __ ] scholarship cause she lying i'm not come check me out come check my reputation out i used to fight asses i fight yeah you're right you used to be on there fighting the pumps that's no i never seen a pimp a day in my life but girl this ain't no school [ __ ] [ __ ] i believe it's a [ __ ] prank hi my name is caitlin g and this is my grandmother pastor pal and thank you for giving me a chance to interview for this ten thousand dollar scholarship she gonna give me jesus name it's a lot it is a whole lot hold on let me uh somebody sent me this one i ain't gonna watch all of them now we be watching this all night long hold on what's this one i'm gonna try this again um so the audition i did the other day that was with my grandma on my dad's side but this is my grandma on my mama's side it's the cool game store right here okay anyways i feel like y'all should know the backstory of my life so that y'all could go ahead and let me get that 25k grant because i'm trying to go to school and i got three kids and you know that'll help a lot to assist me with them and for me to go to school so i could say i'm gonna grab my pocket because this is the pocket i've been in all the time but anyway let me tell you our backstory my grandma you know she uh she grew up with harriet tubman in them so um she know you know she know about that railroad stuff so she's been on a railroad and stuff and you know every time i ride past the railroad i've been thinking of my grandma and how dirty she used to get crawling and stuff because you should get dirty dude hey oh no so but she she used to get dirty but um so um and also like she had a story too with my grandpa my grandfather had um he had shot her in her pinky toe because he had caught her um in in the alley um doing some stuff she shouldn't have been doing so he had to shoot her piggy toe off because he don't play that and i don't want to get my pinky toe shut up shut up like i almost you know encounter some men that they got guns and i'd be thinking about i'll grab my pinky toe she ain't got one i want to see your feet hell no ain't nobody ever shot my goddamn pinky toe if i wish a [ __ ] would i come from the witcher [ __ ] would try you understand what i'm saying i wish a [ __ ] would shut shoot my goddamn pikachu off i killed that [ __ ] harriet tubman crawling on the ground are you crazy are you at your [ __ ] right but but it's the most stuff though cause my grandma she um she used to work at um that one feel too much like a skit y'all that one send me some good ones i did something good that that anyway i'm i'ma stop i'm gonna stop i've been on for too long you said this would feel fake okay pastor pam is why folk can't take church seriously is that why hold on let me see smoke let me see one more hold on i still got stuff in my dms hold on hold on let's see what this one do [Music] wait a minute [Music] hello my name is felicia bradford and this is my mom that's how it is [Music] okay so her name is natasha marshall um i brought my mom in this video because she is inspiration to me as to why i said i deserve the 50 000 um the backstory to why i filmed while my mom and inspiration [Music] okay okay okay so i still have a 35 000 scholarship to help me pay for mortuary science school as well as other trades that i'm taking up right now and to help my mom um i want to help my i mean i feel her backstory as to why i feel well my mom's inspiration is because she used to be a prostitute for history days where i'm prosperous but my mom didn't come home you feel me you feel me my mistake fifty dollars [Music] oh my goodness mama okay how many [ __ ] men have you ever known me to bring her [Music] [ __ ] dick like somebody else [Music] oh it's too violent y'all it's too valid we can't have all this violence over here they fighting and stuff they fighting [Music] okay how many scholarship pranks is it lord it's too many hold on i want to play one more with the girl and her daddy honey just the last one and then i might take some calls see what y'all talking about if y'all uh feel like it cuz i know it's late hold on let me see this i should go to my biggest inspiration my dad is my biggest inspiration um from the age of two years old just after my dad escaped from prison for robbery and theft my dad took me under his way he actually adopted me from another family and i feel like despite the fact that i'm adopted me my father always had a very close relationship i think he always taught me from a young age that if i didn't have something that there was always a way to go and get it he pushed me he motivated me he made sure i was always driven and as you can see by my many sport tennis achievements behind me i was always successful because of my dad i remember going to school without sometimes the correct uniform pen pencils and books and my dad always taught me that if i didn't have it that could always steal it from other children we remember going to the supermarkets when there was no food at home instead of scamming items of food my dad would always put in my school bag or put it in my prime as a young child and from a young age i always just knew from my dad that if it seemed as if there wasn't a way that there was always a way and my dad always made it possible that i would have the best life possible and i think that with the money that i would receive from the scholarship i would obviously put towards my education and put it towards moving to a new apartment hopefully closer to my university but at the same time help my dad in the past few years my dad has been in another prison and he's currently on probation and has a tag on his foot um and unfortunately that doesn't allow him to travel closer to me for my university so with that money i would also help him bet his life and also put it towards rehab as he's been in and out recently for the past couple months i really hope that you consider my application thank you no it's not that serious i'm gonna get scholarship do you know your profile is how much light is okay it's not that serious you won't get in trouble for that it falls a million pounds money's money you'll kill me then are you scared no it's it's just so the scholarship is done don't send it to the best thing it sends or automatically after you finish it sends then you're not going no i am i'm going to get the scholarship you know yeah keep that in yourself you're not going [Music] dad said don't sit in there i'ma pay for it like why so much lie why so much lie hold on i'm trying to figure out how to get this to my um hair oh y'all keep sending me stuff i owe the place and then i get on the computer i can't find it the cara petty let me see um oh they don't look like it it didn't come up raymantico we got people's name in it they're not in my friend's circle i can't find it let me see uh yeah i can't find it okay yeah i said y'all feel bad for the parents she said you don't have it he said i'll take out a law i know that was so sweet the boy mom with this floss water i can't find the child uh yes i took out contacts i wasn't reading all that well there's that um i just want to come live because i hadn't talked to y'all in a minute y'all still sending me stuff hold on what's this one oh anyway um yeah y'all still sending me stuff y'all wanna um i don't need to take no calls tonight i'll um hang out over on patreon and see what they talk about he said pastor pan one well you sent a good one to my dm well that was funny and it was sad well hold on i can't get it in my dm though hold on i keep trying to get it i had to be on the phone let me see if i could do it this way oh no i'm scrolling because all of these start to look like you know my granny know she can lie i don't know what's this because after a while it started to be a little bit too put together like you know it's skits and stuff i don't want to see no skits i need to see some real ones let me see what this one do i'm just on facebook now y'all video with someone who means the most to me in my life who has an impact on my life for the twenty thousand dollar scholarship and i chose my joanne aka grant graham the reason i chose her is because she had me ever since i was nine months old and she mean the most to me the things that she taught me in life are she taught me how to be a lesbian and she told me to loving women was the best thing i could ever do she also used to be a prostitute job who gregory i'm doing anything for 25 scholarships she used to be a prostitute and she used to little little baby daddy's pimple she got eight kids you gotta tell them she got eight kids y'all her baby daddy um he used to paint her eye and used to make her prostitute and sell correct for her right body got to put this i got to send it to these people man you going to tell them she also taught me how to sizzle women [Music] well back in the day that would happen grandmama said it happened hello hi sweetie how are you you looking beautiful like hi i'm so sorry i missed your birthday last week sweet pea um i was um i was busy being a prostitute sleepy but i'm back i'm off tonight and i just want to tell you it's so sad that i missed your birthday but i have something special for you yes i do sleepy one second i have to fill it in the spirits yes yes i was a backup singer from tina turner back in the day hey happy birthday [Music] happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday mickey see you thank you so much for my esther birthday [Music] you [Music] thank you [Music] that's so beautiful [Laughter] [Music] happy birthday [Music] i just i just want to tell you happy birthday sweetie that's all i wanted to tell you thank you joy great great is my grandson and he didn't tell me that she was only only last week and i just feel so bad because every time i listen to you i just get the spirit of my soul and he won't tell me how to go to patreon or anything and he's not telling me that you're wrong and that really hurts that really hurts me sweet pete because i don't have instagram and he won't give me instagram at all sweet pea but you know i just want to tell you happy birthday from the bottom of my heart happy happy 21st birthday michelle happy 21st birthday god loves you and we do too thank you dre please stop calling me jay my name is grandma esther respect me what my name is grandma esther thank you dre grandma esther hey jessica rabbit hey dab how y'all doing hey michelle happy birthday hey good afternoon evening everyone thank you miss dave how you doing oh i'm blessed michelle i tell y'all patreon i've been going girl yo we only oh i'm not worth the people being pranked i'm sorry miss deb i hope you feel better oh it wasn't uh yeah i'm feeling better now okay how was your birthday i hated that i missed everything but like i wasn't trying though but i'll talk to you over at patreon i don't want to get okay more workers because i tell you no worries oh i'd have mercy what happened to jessica jessica where you go see that's what i'm talking about they don't want to hear my shenanigans uh michelle i you just don't know what i went through i've been in the head girl i didn't got thrown out oh guys okay well our i appreciate you mr i hope you feel better we'll chat over on the patreon okay okay thank you miss dave all right i'm gonna go back chat okay all right hey uh jessica rabbit hey i think my stuff is freezing so i'm gonna try to be quick um miss portia i had something else i thought she was coming out here to say about her so i was on the phone with my friend girl and she happened to be scrolling down instagram she was like is porsha and that guy still together and i said well why would you say that and she was like before who fortune uh simon yeah she was like well she used to have a lot of pictures of this man and now they're all gone um so they're right there well right now two days oh no that in here that's not that's what she said she was like oh no that's him and she was like well no i think the only picture she got is him from is from july he was in this video seven days ago see there go one there go another one is that him okay right now are those all promo videos though i mean that's her on chat room talking about talking about him okay is that her sitting on his lap no that was there you go right now there you go yeah that's the one from july right four weeks ago okay i was wondering because she asked me and i said i don't know i'm gonna have to ask i say oh as soon as she said that you you put that she was going live and i said oh shoot did she probably going live about that i was telling a friend about you i was like she might be going live about that but um um she was like i didn't see i don't see him um following her or something like that i don't know but i wanted to check on it that's why i thought she was really going live but i saw a little post about porsha and her little body honey and um i remember remember when she very first came on when she was with cordell uh-huh she didn't have all that behind then she did she was little she said she was still shapely though but i mean wow no i remember like after that that's when she came um start you know filling out mm-hmm so um but i think all these little challenges are crazy it seems like it's some kind of distraction or something and i just don't know why we are so easily distracted i don't know because out of all the great challenges i mean i'm not saying that it wasn't you know white people doing them but it seemed like for some reason it was the majority of us doing them and working in healthcare you want to kind of like minimize how many times you are taking trips to unnecessary trips to like the hospital and stuff so you don't get um sick or catch something that you didn't come in there with originally though it looked like when i first started singing it that it literally was a hood challenge like like the dope boys was paying the bums to do it like just for entertainment you know what i'm saying and then it's like as it started to go viral everybody you know started doing it at the park and stuff that's what i thought it was because that's where i thought that whole hood olympics came from you know what i'm saying right yeah yeah yeah somebody said from what distracted from getting your vaccinations and wearing your mask and covet and everything else is going on in the world distracted from you know seeing where is joe biden where is kamala harris what is going on that's what's right right like it's so much i don't know i just feel like it's so much other things right now that we could be focused on then getting hurt walking on crates and the hospital numbers are already rising so then you're gonna have somebody who didn't have to be in the hospital behind or urgent care behind breaking a limb and now they're getting exposed because they're coming in there where sick people are hold on somebody uh sent me something about somebody who got injured hold on oh i saw a man's ankle and that's the end result right here so last night i finally was able to do the creep challenge and that's the end result right here okay well that's what you get you fell on your head i mean i seen another guy his ankle was like twisted like this did you see that one it's like everybody yes it may not win or nothing right nothing nothing so you gonna take a 30 minute break and then let's go down yeah i'll be over on patreon about 30 minutes about 12 30. okay i'll take y'all in there all right well i appreciate you miss jessica thank you bye bye bye bye somebody want me to play this last hold on what was this this last um thing it's from the shade room hold on i'm trying to put it in here uh instagram there it is okay this is the last one it's the last one because you know this y'all show not mine hold on y'all be sending me stuff in the middle of the show instagram okay let's see what they talking about and wanted me and mom to tell us a little bit about ourselves so i'm gonna start by saying hey we'll miss you be 28 years old hey i'm brother i'm his mother i'm in the 50 club that's all you need to know growing up day and night mom worked very hard being a prostitute and that the heck of what what wait what what did you say you was working being a prostitute where the coronation did you get that from i mean that's what you did you was always gone at night time so i'm a prostitute i was working being a prostitute no i was never a prostitute i don't know where the heck you got it so this company reached out to us about a partnership and hand i was never a prostitute when i wasn't working i had you in church i mean i remember going to church i remember being in church you better remember some more things than a prostitute but you was always i thought what was that for i use this on you and i'm gonna use it now you bought it hey you about to get some wings are you gonna fly up out of here you bout to fly i can't help that you was in the street i'm not in the street do you understand that who told you that i mean you was always going at nighttime we finna turn this place up cut that off it's over so what about the partnership thank you my partners hand your hot doctor you don't call me no prostitute what you washing your hands for all right it was all right it was all right i guess the thrill is gone y'all the thrill is gone you said there's a second part to this one it's too much it's too much i don't know i want to thank y'all for being so generous during this live stream you know we just be talking we just be shooting the [ __ ] over here um hold on especially this late i'm gonna head on over to patreon for a little while and uh bring them up to speed but first i would like to thank miss natasha bryant hey girl said uh hold on she said um i meant youtube kenya usa pageant speech you could tell what work she has done teeth boobs and a bad butt child we are we we didn't bring kenya's bad uh plastic surgery in the ground but thank you for the super chat miss natasha stephanie for you said the granny's ain't having it i love it okay stephanie thank you stephanie for being so generous she also said this is all new to granny okay miss deb thank you so much miss deb i appreciate you carol tumor thank you tony santana said people believe anything she says all the video girls had butt shots in the 2000s era just because it doesn't look overdone don't make it real talking about porsche okay tony i'm with you lisa hubs thank you says you are over the challenges okay thank you lisa quasia it's my b day said thank you and happy birthday as well i was at your youtube party hey guys y'all had me a good old time i hope you have a good time for your birthday too jj said happy belated thank you zaleen hazeline and hold on let me kiss you look oh no no no this is so crazy um nadine sent me a happy belated birthday uh thank you and and said aim for drake drain get none of my money pastor gloria send me uh some money for a happy birthday thank you pastor gloria teresa thank you jackie p thank you sequest mormon thank you uh veronica barnes thank you ginger franklin thank you oh all these people child i was going into saturday but i appreciate each and every one of y'all for uh blessing me he said i love the squad this was a mischa this was a whole mess i told you i hadn't talked about what i had to talk about i'll just be pulling stuff from the in there let's talk about these challenges let's talk about these pranks let's talk about a porsche's fake butt that she said is real let's talk about it can we talk about eva's new nene leakes wig look at her ig y'all always want me to pull somebody hold on let me let me talk about eva real quick since she brought her up [Music] why it's gotta be a nene leakes wig even looks beautiful she always wore blonde hair but you know it is what it is honey do we know that that is in the picture thank y'all so much you said uh why do y'all make everything a black woman issue because we black women and we can't uh you miss me you miss me i'm right here any day of the week you just go to my youtube channel you can all share you want child um eva first the teeth and now the wig she looks beautiful eva is a beautiful woman we already know that she's a supermodel she is a super model and she went from she went from dreads to wigs honey dreads to wigs she had those dreads for so long charles she just had to cut them all off i guess there's that but even she has a beautiful family she has a beautiful girl uh let's see what hap story's doing nothing nothing okay okay okay all right okay it is what it is so yeah eva is pretty but anyway um i am going to head over to my patreon if you're not a patreon member you should be it's i am atl we gonna do the after show over there and i'm gonna take all the calls over there the link is also in the description box uh for those of you who are not subscribed you can go ahead and subscribe right now it's gonna be like 15 20 minutes before i get over there but i'm a stroll on over there thank you so much jasmine i didn't even know you was here shout out to my mods shout out to my mods he said she's a model she's ever changing i see no problem okay her hair is short today long tomorrow that's what we do that's what we do anywho yes we're going over to the pantheon so uh y'all beat me over there don't don't meet me there beat me there i'll be over there in just a while you said bring some damage you want me to bring cocktail okay i'll bring some dailies okay i'll bring some dailies anyway if you're just getting here please go ahead and like this video please and thank you and also if you are not subscribed go ahead and subscribe so you can catch the next live when we really be talking about some stuff because i just came on tonight because i've been out for a few days now they have any particular topics in mind just talk about a few hot topics and chit chat um and that's what we did so i appreciate y'all for tuning in i will see you guys in the next video good night [Music]<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="ATLien LIVE!!! 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ATLien LIVE!!! Porsha's Body Work | Crate Challenges | Scholarship Pranks &amp; More


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