AUTUMN HUGE PRIMARK HAUL 2021 AUGUST ... run to primark right now... | Becca Scully

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][Music] hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so as you guys can tell by the thumbnail today is another primark little haul i actually haven't been to primark in like two months now just because last time i actually went there they didn't actually have anything so there was no video to go and give you guys like i went there looks and it wasn't really great but this time i went there they made me broke that's what they did so i actually need to go grab something give me a minute but yeah basically i went there i spent over 100 pounds i didn't have that money but we move but there are some statement pieces that i actually got from there are some pieces that i actually got repeated off because i love them that much and yeah basically let's get into a little primark and show you what i got because genuinely there are some statement boosters but yeah before we carry on please do make sure that you like comment and subscribe because why not join the family and yeah if you guys want to become a patreon patreon is a monthly subscription it is one pound month three per month five pound a month and ten panel amounts is basically a monthly subscription to me um this money goes to me being able to create more videos you'll be added into the patreon only group chat which is on the app is called telegram i think it is so you can have so many people on there so basically as we grow you guys will make new friends in the makeup industry we all talk about makeup new releases you guys get to pick what videos i do most of the time i'll message them going guys do you want this type of video and they'll go yes or no and here we are and then i ask them what videos they want to see and then i try and create as many of those as possible but yeah thank you guys so much who are already patreons and yeah let's get into today's video let's start off with this jumper that i saw on the way out i already couldn't afford but this i literally made my bank account stretch for this and this was 12 pounds i bought this the other day as a dress with some cute like booty shoes and honestly this color and everything i wasn't jd in the girl girls i love your jumper i said it's primark and it was 12 pounds i did get a double xl so i could wear it as a jumper dress but this is this jumper dress and it is stunning it says san francisco california across the front i don't care what i said it was the color it was the design it's got like these little cuffed sleeves that are a lot more tight around your wrist it kind of acts like a little baggy barrier so this is baggy here and this is tight around your wrist and then this cute little v neck honestly this on is one of the cutest things alive i do want to show you but i also don't know how to show you how this looks on because it's just oh it's stunning i might do a try on video of this so if you guys want to see this tried on please do tell me down below um any of these pieces try on i'll try and do that but right now the living room isn't set up for a try on haul right now but yeah that is the first thing i got and it was 12 ounce and i got a double xl so i could wear it as a dress and i love it absolutely love it next thing i got is actually from the home section i got it on sale actually because it was the last item and i basically sold their stole their display piece i saw this and obviously you guys know i own a flat now um i'm trying to decorate slowly slowly slowly um and get things together but this thing it either sits like this as you guys could probably just make it sit like that if you want or it comes out like this it's like a three layering piece and it's like twisted like that and i thought in my living room this was like some cute plant pots on would look stunning this was 15 pounds if you guys see it was 15 pounds uh there's a label 15. i i got this for 13.50 because it was the last one in the store and it was a display item and they kind of had to put a discount on it so we move but that is actually the only home item i got i saw it and i wanted it so i got it but yeah that's that's another thing i brought from the home section that honestly things like that is obviously just gonna make a home and things like that is just gonna fill in spaces where there's gaps like i'm gonna put that next to my tv stand in the corner of the room with like some lovely plants on that's just gonna look really sweet and cute there and i think that's gonna look absolutely stunning but yeah that is one of the things i got next i actually brought two of these but i'm wearing one so yeah you guys know these underwear lovely i'm not gonna talk about them too much these are part of their seamless range five pounds i got some more colors these are black i got two pairs of black because accidentally max's mother has sent my other ones different colors so i got some black ones so she physically could not but yeah it was accident but i wear a small so if you want to know how stretchy they are they're very stretchy so comfortable honestly my favorite underwear of life five pounds each i genuinely pick up two or three pairs a month just because i know how good they are and that's what i got next i actually got this little playsuit because i thought it was stunning and really cute and it was only 10 pounds i think i did get a medium no i got a size 12. um i got a size 12 so if you guys see here um and it was 10 pounds and it comes like a cute little bun just in case but this is this little play suit is like this material it's like a thick kind of lightish material hopefully you guys can see but it's quite thick but then it looks very not see-through but very woolly but it's not and i thought this was such a cute little stunning little play so it is shorts so you can't be scared of anything coming out absolutely stunning honestly this was one of the cutest pieces and it was ten pounds and i said you know what we'll get it because in the end of the day that's gonna be perfect for summer either this summer when summer appears um or next summer because i got it on a size that i know i will be i won't be earning over that size if i ever do get bigger than that size i have a heart attack genuinely um but yeah they actually got that that was pretty nice and it was only 10 pounds i thought it looked really cute on especially with like a summertown if we go on holiday next year well we're first supposed to go on holiday this year we would have been back right now but we didn't but that was really cute and i thought it'd look really nice next thing i actually got this because the tick tock tick tock did this me i'm telling you i'm zooming out because of the way they are these are some woolly not woolly woolly rip lined i want to show you the material so it's like this rib line um flare bottom trousers and honestly you can either wear these to bed you can wear them outside with a pair of heels you could go the date night you could wear them casual day with trainers you could wear these everywhere and these were 12 pounds 12 pounds i think yeah they were 12 pounds and i actually got a size medium and i do actually think size down in these because these are i'm 5'8 um and these fit my leg length pretty good with a pair of heels they'll fit a bit more comfortable but that's kind of why i brought these because i knew i'd wanted to wear wear a pair of heels with them but these are genuinely really comfortable they're so soft like so soft i saw them on tick tock and it just i could not leave without them like look how cute they are like they're like this nice whitish creamy kind of color they're not white but they're also not nude or cream they're kind of a very light cream color and i think they're stunning and you guys need this they're 12 pounds and they've got such a thick material for winter this is what you're going to need you'll want fashionable really nice pieces this is what you're going to need to keep yourself warm because thick ribbed beautiful quality as well i knew i had to leave with them but yeah that is what i got next thing um these bloody jeans sent me on a rampage i was walking around and i saw these jeans on the front looks oh my god these are stunning 17 pounds and i was like okay a little bit more expensive than i usually pay for jeans but i needed some really light colored jeans um i've actually got two pairs now because i went to asda yesterday and there was these on sale but anyway i think they're actually the same style yeah they are i actually got the same style pairs of jeans twice they're the same style jeans um but i paid 17 pounds for these and i saw these on the rack and it said it was a size six they're called the wide leg high waist i ate again size 16 because that was literally the only other size i hunted that jean section until i found these these were hidden at the back i know a lot of the workers in primark i actually saw them do it hide a lot of stuff and stuff that's going to be populous and they can buy it i understand that's fine but then there are people that do go in there to look for these stuff and they get like first pick i understand you work there but guys i found one of your hiding places and i took it so if any of you hate me that's fine but i love these jeans honestly these are beautiful they're like this light nude color um but yeah these are very much light nude the other pair that i have are a little bit lighter the ones i got from they're slightly different colors the ones that i got from asda are more on the whitish like a light nude white this is more on the cream colored which is good because then i don't have the exact same trousers but these at the bottom aren't actually ripped they are fully sewn which is good as well because those ones are separate um but these jeans they called the wide leg height jeans got them in a size 16 17 pounds but i was hunting for ages i went through every cream aisle everything and they only had like the ones with the dark stitching and i hate jeans with dark stitching i absolutely despise them i don't know what it is i do not like them at all you can wave a pair in my face and go you can have them for free but i don't like them so i will not have them but when i finally found these i literally ran to max's and i was like i found them because we were both hunting around that store for them for literally like 30 minutes looking for that i asked this worker i do have to say if you saw me in the worker and you're watching my video i'm really sorry but i asked this worker hi can you help me find a pair of these jeans she said yeah that's fine and she walked off and then she just started playing around with some t-shirts and i was like excuse me can you help me she was like yeah and then she just walked off again i was like okay i see how your day's being thank you really helpful honestly don't know what to say but yeah these jeans are a very light nude color they are not white they're not cream they're like a very light nude and i wanted these for winter because i know new to the colors that i love to wear for winter and i can even wear them on summer but the waist is a little bit big but that's what belts are for we move i actually got a size 16 because primark sizing is the worst it is because i was a size 10 a few months ago um before covered i was the size of 10 um and i went to primark and i knew also size tanks i literally just bought a load of clothes and i went to primark and i brought a size 10 load of shorts and jeans when i came home and tried to put them on their belly went over one leg i was like sorry what um so i went back and i ended up having to buy a 14. so i'm at 12 now and i have to buy a 60. so if you are in primark wearing any of their denim go two sizes up than you are because there is no possible way you are fitting in the size that you usually are in primer because of the way their fit in sizes are honestly they're terrible but yeah these are the jeans that i got they are this straight leg so straight up they just kind of they're kind of tight around my thighs and then they just drop and i feel like these are really nice these are on the longer side as well so with a pair of heels these can look stunning the ones that i got from azeroth on the shorter sides with a pair of heels they look very exposed these type of jeans i got from asda the type of jeans that you wear wrap up heels with that you wrap over the jeans those type and they're more cut off kind of like a bit longer than a three-quarter length they're kind of like full length they go to my ankles they go just above my ankles but yeah these are stunning and the color honestly it's not white that's the thing like this bag is white these jeans are not white they are like a light nude and i really love them they're kind of like the same tone as the flare bottom comfy trousers but these are 17 pounds definitely the most expensive thing i brought in that hole but i knew i needed them i knew i'd buy the heck out of them and yeah throw them over there the next thing i actually got because i saw it over tick tock and i was like okay these are kind of cute as hell and i needed some more green in my wardrobe because i don't know i feel like i need it and this is where i got this top from how stunning does this look this actually came with some trousers matching trousers and maximum goes to me you are literally going to look like a checkerboard if you wear both this together and i was like yeah but they all look cute she was like giving love and then i thought about it and i was like should i walk i'd rather wear these with something that's like a little bit plainer because this is a very loud top um but yeah i got a medium in this and it is one of those zippy up booby tops if you want boobs out you can if you don't you don't but it's one of those longer crop tops it's not cropped to the point where it's under your boobs like under boobs it's the crop that it's kind of sitting on your belly button kind of that awkward crop um but yeah this was this these were six pounds this was stunning i actually love this this is absolutely gorgeous can i wait to wear this absolutely like it's got this collar and everything and it's one of those ones that has your full-on shoulder out i feel like this with a white blazer white jeans maybe something like green shoes like a green bag would look so cute how cute like green hills how stunning would that look but yeah six pounds not bad at all now another green item um i paid 10 pounds for this because yeah i was going to get another style dress this there was this dress that was like this and then the neck and then when it went down to your hips it had splits on both hips but it'd cover your bum and cover your mid-drift not mid-drift like yeah you know what i'm talking about but then the split up the leg was really high so if you were to wear underwear you'd have to wear a really high thong um because if that flap moved or the wind got you you were exposed and i was like you know what it's cute but it's quite short for what it is and then i turned around and i saw this and it was in the exact same print and everything but a different style but yeah i got this this green dress it's obviously got a collar i thought it with a collar looks really nice and it is one of those tight dresses um i think this is absolutely stunning and it looks like this i am wearing my boyfriend shorts so please ignore but yeah it goes out of the hips it actually cuts off just above my knee so it's that really nice length but again this was like a white coat or something like that or something just like contrasting like pink maybe green and pink together is really nice but this together was stunning i got a size 12 and it was 10 pounds the reason why i got a size 12 i would usually go for a 10 but i have realized i'm not the type of person that likes those dresses that i literally like tight to your body and these are this is what this dress is but i knew if i brought it a little bit bigger it would hang really nicely instead of being like slim tarty obviously i don't mind if it is because it is a stunning dress but it'd hang really nicely and have that little bit of gap where i'd like it and it will kind of instead of it being penciled to my leg it'll kind of go around my hips and sit a little bit wider and that's what i wanted for this dress and i feel like this fits really nicely as well um for that type of look and it just is stunning and like the collar and everything the materials are quite a thick material you are not going to be exposed in any way even if you did wear black underwear you are going to be fully like covered it's quite stretchy as well so if you do want something that is a little bit more figure hugging definitely go for this size down maybe but if you do want that type of look that it kind of looks like it's like a little bit big for you but it looks really like lovely that type of look definitely go size up than you usually would because i feel like in this material this would look really nice so like what would i wear this with even a black like blaze not black blazer a black light leather i have one of those black leather like coats this black chunky boots for winter even for winter you could style this really nicely um but yeah i feel like this is gonna be a different stay from stable piece in my wardrobe i have this deal this summer do not buy anything that is black because even though i brought a few little black dresses here and there i don't want my summer wardrobe to be all black clothing i wanted as much color as possible like right now i'm wearing yellow top like how cute like i've just brought all these colorful clothes and i just feel a lot more happier and sunshiny to have a look with these colorful clothes and when i i'm gonna do a video when i finally move in and get my wardrobes already i'm gonna do a video of me organizing all my clothes into wardrobes and honestly i'm kind of excited for a video i'm so excited to organize my wardrobe i need help the woman actually gave me all the hangers as well because i'm keeping every hanger i keep because i've got so many clothes to hang up when it comes to my new wardrobes when they're on the way when the flooring is done obviously yeah but the next thing you guys won't understand but my addiction with yellow recently has become unhealthy i have a yellow truck so yellow dresses yellow tops yellow bags yellow shoes yellow everything i absolutely love it i think on my skin tone it just looks so lovely i saw this bag how cute is this bag it's perfect size it was only a fiver literally how cute like i'm sorry it has this like pattern as well that is so lovely fits so much in there you can just put your phone and keys everything like i don't bring a lot of stuff with me on the type of girl that has perfumes and everything in their bag like the endless bag i'm just not that person the less stuff i have the easier it is for me so i will lose it this bag was a fiver they came in black as well um and gray i think but this yellow was just it was lovely and it actually looks like one of the i think it is actually zara bags and they have like green big green ones and they're like 30 quid i'm sorry primark just went fiverr we'll do a smaller one they did do bigger ones but this is just the one that i got but for a fiver how could you bloody knots like how stunning is it and it has one of those metal poppers and then like a cute little pocket for anything you need to put in there but yeah i think it's perfect size for me to put my phone and like little necessities that i need genuinely that's all the stuff i need that in my keys and i'm good it's all i need i don't really need a lot of things um but yeah this bag was stunning fiverr how bloody cute if they did this in every color i would have probably picked up a few more colors maybe like green pink if they bring out green or pink in these i definitely will be picking these up a fiver in this cute little bag and it comes with a gold little chain so stunning the bag obviously is a little adjustable it's attached to them because i haven't unpacked it but yeah absolutely beautiful for a fiver thank you very much next oh primarks did my dreams they literally found the shoes that i have been wanting for ages and sold them for eight pounds and i am so bloody happy okay so they hold this this summer i've been looking at shearing for these shoes and they're like 20 quid on there and i was like no i can't do it i can't do it for a pair of sandals um and then i walked into primark and they had these and i was like why don't they have them in black they she only had this and yellow like a really dark yellow though so i don't really know why i could color with that with but these nude shoes you guys if you haven't headed your way onto freaking primark to go get these eight pounds the quality thick stretchy even for your toes like thick bottom as well like these are gonna last and i wanted them in heel version but the heel version actually sold out in the primark i was in i was so bloody upset so only 12 pounds and the heel version 25 pounds on a chin and like other places like 40 pounds but when they do sell them again i will be grabbing a pair of the ones in heels because these have answered all my prayers and only eight pounds how could i bloody not i got a size six because sandals on my size six and heels i'm a size five just because when your foot slides forward i find that my foot is actually shorter when it's on a that way than it is if i'm a flat-footed so i always wear a six and sandal on a five and heels and i only figured that out recently when i brought a pair of six in heels and realized that i looked like a clown but yeah that is the i think one of the is it the last thing i bought yeah that is the last thing i actually brought i spent so much money i spent so much money honestly but these are genuinely gorgeous and they're the square toes well so flattering and just such thick material like it's good spongy material i thought that if these were eight pounds they were gonna be like cheap tacky material but these are good material genuinely the quality of these are so good like they're not cheaply made at all like they're very good quality and i'm so happy i finally have these oh i love but yeah there is a hundred pound worth of my money in clothes and i am not mad at it at all because i got some really statement pieces i got a pair of new jeans new trousers cute tops dresses jumpers home bits shoes bags like genuinely i got a bit of everything from there and i am so bloody happy but yeah that is everything i got in today's video if you guys enjoyed more primark calls like this please do leave a comment down below tell me guys what you've been buying or you've seen in primark recently because i might have to go back there to go get some more stuff but yeah that is everything that i got and i did save up for this little haul and i'm really happy with the pieces that i got and yeah thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you can like comment down below subscribe why the heck not so you guys you know you want to join your family i know you've probably watched her through my videos and thought you know what should i subscribe maybe not no you should also if you guys already know i sell gel nails now and basically it's down as my nail shop down below that is what is helping me do hauls like this do makeup videos be able to create content for you weekly like i used to do three videos a week but i can't do that at the moment um i can do two but just because the space i am in right now i can't do three times a week i can't sit here three times a week because there are other people in this house that need this room because i'm in the main room and yeah i love you guys and i will see you guys in the next one bye guys you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="AUTUMN HUGE PRIMARK HAUL 2021 AUGUST ... run to primark right now... | Becca Scully" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

AUTUMN HUGE PRIMARK HAUL 2021 AUGUST ... run to primark right now...  | Becca Scully


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