Big News from Fuel Ox Company !! Trucker Money #45

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]all right buddy everybody welcome today uh we're gonna do a live version of uh trucker money today we have something kind of interesting uh in keeping with the theme of you know friday is not for necessarily for trucking it's to talk about money and uh i got a real live money person here for you today and we're going to talk about something uh i find kind of interesting ipos their initial public offerings uh the company that you've seen on the show here before uh the fuel locks company is going public and we're going to talk about the process and how you can support it if you choose to it kind of intermingles the whole two worlds of trucking in the money part you know if you want to dabble in that a little bit but uh it's pretty interesting it's pretty exciting it's a great company and a great brunch bunch of people so rand thanks for coming back to talk to us again bro i'm happy to be here hi everyone hi so something that probably nobody really knows we haven't talked about or maybe we have that before you were involved in this you you come from the financial world right well it's interesting i actually used to trade the ipos that was my specialty you know oh wow yeah i did that from 19 well ipos in particular i did from two from 1995 to the early 2000s making company in new york so i uh i was a market maker and we i'm i traded actually i traded more ipo stock than anybody on the planet for those seven years you know several years yeah now okay uh before we get in off the bat this is this is kind of a serious topic this isn't uh any anything to play with this is you know people people sometimes lose money with investing everybody needs to do their homework and that's that's part of what we wanted to do here today is you can talk about your company talk about what's different about it talk about why you think it's great uh there's a lot of reasons why why i'm all for it and want to be in full disclosure i did throw some money in uh i'm not getting paid to do this here today but i have i have invested uh a certain amount of money and uh i don't think that's a conflict of interest as long as i disclose it so uh now the fact that you've done this before and you've helped bring companies public you've dealt in ipos you were a market maker that the experience of having done this before is a big deal like the whole process of bringing a company public is is a huge process involves a lot of money and it takes an experienced person part of the reason i have confidence in this how many times have you done this can you talk about the process a little bit what the experience is like from actually taking taking a company public from from ground zero which is what we're doing now i've never i've never taken it all the way through the process i've always kind of come in at the end when it was already when everything was all already uh you know tied up and with a nice bow on it and then i would i would trade the stocks you know i'd say as they the first day that they would come public so um so i've never actually taken it from the very from the very beginning like this but the good thing is is that a lot of my uh my my contacts throughout my career have been not with guys that have done this from from from the very beginning and so we've you know we've always talked about it and you know and frankly these are the same guys i'm working with today that are work that are that are helping me you know go through the process as well okay we're in a pretty good spot as far as that goes i guess let's back up here a second and can you explain to people watching it some people probably have no idea what we're talking about what it means to take a company public what what are some of the steps involved what are some of the challenges uh i think and i think one of the big reason big things adam is is why would anybody want to do that you know why why wouldn't you just be happy doing what you're doing every day and making money having a good have a good business that kind of stuff you know that's the real question the real question is you know hey listen we've had a company that's now eight years old we started from scratch uh we did about two and a half million last year we're up about 40 this year we had great products uh we're bringing on all more great products you know because that's really what we're all about we're all about we'll talk about the products later but that's really what you know the if we didn't have fantastic products we wouldn't be doing what we're doing you know so now the question is is why wouldn't i just be happy you know building the way we're building and the truth matters is i i would be happy you know but by being a publicly traded company it gives me access to capital that i can't get in the as being a private company right so i can't it's really hard for me to to raise the needed capital to make an acquisition or to you know to if i want to expand dramatically and build a you know a facility in asia you know which is something that we're right now we're we're looking at you know i can't it's really hard for me to get the capital to walk down to bank of america or chase or one of these mega banks bottom line is they hate small businesses i don't care who's listening to this if you're a small business owner you know what i'm talking about okay big banks the big banks couldn't care less about us okay so um and frankly without getting too political i don't think anybody watching cares about us either now something something like i all i can do is talk about my experience what what attracts me to to want to be part of this besides you guys as the people and i know what your experiences are i know what you've done i know what you do i love your products now take a company like uber okay uber was private they went through multiple rounds of funding and they don't make money they they are not a profitable company they were not a profitable company when they went public uh to this day i don't know that they've shown a profit they may have just i heard a while back they may have turned the corner but then they were losing a billion dollars a quarter you guys are starting from a different position aren't you yeah we are you know and that's those are different animals you're talking right and frankly the the first company that ever really started that whole idea about about not making money but being a huge company was amazon yeah i remember amazon showed a profit one time about 10 years ago and jeff bezos went through the roof he was he was just livid that they showed a profit because he didn't ever want to show at that point he didn't want to show a profit because they were plowing every penny back into the company right and they were and he was raising capital by driving up revenues so they were he was the first one to kind of figure out and i don't want to get too far off the topic here but he was like the first one to really figure out that the way to build a big a big company on the on the stock exchange is to pump the revenues up get the people will invest on the revenues just as much as they'll invest on profits in fact right in this case more so you know wall street re rewards you for growth right and that's what he was the first one to really figure that out you know right on the other hand small companies like me and i'll always be a small company in their eyes you know because i my our our viewpoint is never to be a mega mega i mean to do that it's a different you have to have a you have to have a whole different set of trends working in your favor to make that happen and that's something we're probably never going to be part of but in the meantime in the mean meantime can we build this to a billion dollar company um that's our that's part of our vision you know so um we are starting from a pro for a pro a standpoint of having a profitable company uh which is great and it's a nice thing for a small company like this and the cool thing is is that now we can take that and use that to raise a little bit of capital like we're doing now like we're raising a million dollars now on our on our crowd funding on we funder and then we'll use that to springboard us into a full-blown um uh public offering hopefully sometime in the first or second quarter of next year okay so tell us a little bit about how the first round of funding will work how how we can get in with the minimum investment the terms uh whatever you can tell us about that first round fun the first round of funding is is the wii funder uh round that we're in the middle of right now we just started a couple weeks ago and we're looking to raise a million seventy i think is what it is one million seventy thousand dollars is what we're limited by the sec it is an sec um um uh sanctioned event we've had we've had to go through and get and go through our financials and and and they have all that and we've had to be audited and so forth so we're um actually we're not audited we were but we had a third party come in and looked at us we didn't we didn't go for we didn't have to go for a full audit but we did have our numbers looked at by a third party uh that submitted the sec so that's been taken care of so what we're doing is we're raising this million seventy and six hundred thousand dollars of it is going to go towards marketing and and really building up the the the selling part of our business uh and then a couple hundred thousand dollars we're going to set aside for then that's for the the auditing and the lawyers and everything we need to do to actually go public and the rest of its working capital so um that's that's where we sit now we've raised about 170 000 so far so we got about 900 000 left um and we really to be honest we haven't really worked super hard at it we've given it out it's kind of a friends and family round and customers so we haven't really gone to the general public in a big way yet which is we'll probably begin that sometime in the next two or three weeks but in the meantime you know that we're raising capital at two dollars a share it's a 20 million dollar capitalization the next forty thousand dollars of it that we have left because we we took the first two hundred thousand and we made it we gave it a twenty percent discount so there's a twenty percent discount right now so everyone that gets in now for the next forty thousand dollars is a dollar sixty a share after that's two dollars a share and obviously the plan is to build our revenues up to the point that when we do finally go public you know then we're able to we're able to command a higher a higher value for the shares so right and then once more public as i said then at that point you know we have that we will have access to a much larger pool of funds you know to of capital that we can make some strategic acquisitions and so forth that will you know that if we do it the right way which we of course plan on doing you know the we'll bring companies on that will be accreted to our bottom line that will already have revenues and profits and so forth but the cool thing is and i'm kind of getting back to the fur the beginning when we first talked about private versus public okay as a public company i could actually take advantage of the fact that privately held companies trade at a much lower valuation because of because the fact you know it's hard to get capital you know it's also hard harder to sell your company so private companies tend to sell for between two to four uh p e ratios or or price to earnings so if the company makes five hundred thousand dollars a year at the bottom line or a million a million dollars online generally it's gonna sell between two and four million dollars you know whereas if the publicly traded company it's usually gonna put trade at a multiple it's about double that if not more you know so yeah so it's it's it's that's a big advantage of being another big advantage of being a publicly traded company we'll have access to capital that we can actually purchase privately held companies that we can fold into our company so that's that's that's one of the big reasons why we're doing what we're doing okay now i think you came up with uh i i don't know that we've talked about this you've come up with something you're trading under the name industrial sustainability group tell us about that name and tell us what why you decided to to market it that way and what the industrial sustainability group is all about what we realized about three or four years ago was that fuel locks with combustion catalyst while we initially when we started the company the big push was gas was four dollars diesel was four dollars a gallon you know and people were you know going crazy because it's fuel it's fuel was so expensive and obviously we're getting back there again it looks like right so anyway that and rich initially when we started the company alec my son and i started the company about you know eight years ago the big the big impetus was to save fuel so we are our combustion catalyst by getting the fuel to combust more more thoroughly you know we will save you anywhere from you know four to eight percent in your fuel sometimes more with with different vehicles um but by doing that you know we're saving money and that was the big thing but what we didn't realize was that also because we're we're actually giving you a cleaner burn because it's a more thorough burn which means you're burning more of the fuel that's how you're getting better fuel efficiency well you're also ending up with a cleaner burn because we're because you're burning more of the fuel you have less unburnt fuel which is just soot so we cut the soot down by 50 60 percent and we realized three or four years ago wow this is pretty cool this is this is a great side benefit to what we have well now it's turning into not a side benefit but truly it's an equal benefit to storing fuel you know and then frankly in some areas it's an even it's it's an even bigger benefit i mean you're looking at all these companies now that all these big companies are start have es g departments okay environmental safety and governance they're all about they're all about cleaner everything you know more diversification in the workforce you know everything you know all the all the good woke stuff which you know so some of it's pretty useful you know so uh anyway it's uh so we're realizing that the whole that the whole saving energy saving energy and at the same time reducing emissions was a huge part of what fuel locks with combustion catalyst was bringing the table and so he said why don't we expand this this is where the world's going let's look for other industrial strength products that are also that we can bring to the industrial market but are also environmentally friendly so that's the first thing we started looking at so now we brought on our infinity looms which is a 100 plant-based product but also outperforms all the petroleum products out there i mean we're we're bouncing off the walls because to bring in another product that can go hand in hand with fuel locks with the the our fuel additive um bring on something that's as powerful if not in some ways more so you know we're really we figure we'll consider ourselves very blessed to have a product like that that goes hand in hand and the whole thing's about industrial sustainability you know so that's where we came up with industrial sustainability group where we can put in fuel locks and and and infinity loops which is what we call the lubricants the infinity warps you know together now we have other products that we're starting to we have on the drawing board that we can bring forward that are all industrial strength and also great for the environment so let me ask you yeah i'm sorry let me ask you now we get caught up you know sometimes we don't think outside our own little mindset or world here you know in the u.s it's it's catching on but where this environmental thing is huge is in like the european countries are you able to start establishing a presence in in europe and asia africa uh how is the internet are you getting an international presence because that's that's a big deal interestingly enough um i had a conference call this afternoon um and we're i just sent over a lot of product to india so they're they're in the emissions is a huge issue for them and they and i mean they they only have gps on a relatively small portion of their diesel fleet in the country so they're actually if i had to compare their they're where we were 20 years ago as far as as far as you know all the the emissions the dpfs and all egrs and scr all that kind of stuff you know so so we're there we will have a huge impact on them right away you know so i have a very influential group i'm working with there now that is where they're we're we're sending product over there we're going through they've already tested our stuff okay so they already know it works they just need to do one last thing for the local you know their local um people there um so that's one example i have we have another group we're working with in um eastern europe that are that that's already brought to the table a another uh large the fuel distributor that has over 2500 uh gas stations slash um truck stops you know so they're in the process right now of of going through their evaluation even though they know our stuff works so these are all things that are on the table uh as well as southeast asia we have some we have a couple a couple big things going on there we actually have an office in ghana because we're starting to supply the mining industry there the mining industry in western africa is massive okay we we just finished doing a test with a company called i am gold uh they're publicly traded out of canada but they have they have a massive um a gold gold mine in burkina faso that believe it or not they use over a million gallons of diesel a month so we we we tested on two of their uh i think they were the um caterpillar uh 365's the big the the 150 ton haul trucks the ones with the 12 foot wheels you know okay and we we we tested out a couple of them we got about nine percent better fuel efficiency on a big test and a d9 cap um bulldozer we got them about we got it over 30 over 30 percent better fuel efficiency on that now let me say something right now we will never get you 30 better fuel efficiency because of our custom our catalyst okay what we did there is we fixed the problem okay clearly they had they had fouled injectors or something like that carbon build up somewhere that had caused their efficiency to drop dramatically over time that we cleaned out which again is something that you're not going to notice if you don't have if you're not treating your fuel you know so if you're treating your fuel all the time even here in the states when you're running down the road if you're not treating your fuel you are some you're subject to you know carbon following and all kinds of all kinds of stuff dirty stuff that'll just happened over time you know it's natural so anyway to answer your question along in a long-winded way yeah we're we're pretty much all over the world right now we export to five different continents and that's growing every day i think we i think we send out some we send out stuff you know internationally all the time okay uh any and the reason i ask about this is it all speaks to the the growth potential of the company and uh the quality of the business that you're doing so inside the u.s uh any any new distribution deals you could talk about or any anything like that well i can't i can't announce it yet but um we uh we've come to uh an agreement to work with one of the bigger um uh fuel distribution companies in the country uh that they have over a thousand trucks that they distribute fuel with so they're not they're they're definitely a major company um and they've they were specifically looking for a fuel catalyst uh additive that they can offer to their they can offer to their people because they realize that they have people um clients that are looking for you know something something better something that'll help with emissions something that'll help them get better fuel efficiency and clean their and keep their engines clean you know so a lot of people now are starting i think i think the era of taking your fuel for granted is over you know and people recognize there are fuel additives out there that really do make a difference you know right so yeah we have we have a number of those but that's just an example of one that was like within the last week so i mean all in all kind of a lot of big things happening uh yeah we're we're actually swamped and you know we do we do we do stuff people don't think about we have we we do um we have additives for heating oil you know now heating oil you know you don't hear about heat and oil and definitely not in the south and and even out west it's mostly natural gas and you know it's only in the northeast and some of the some of the places up by you michigan and wisconsin and so forth but most places are natural gas or they just don't or or electric because they don't they don't it doesn't get that cold you know right but we actually we actually supply over 700 um fuel oil companies here you know the united states and that number and that number is growing all the time not a it's not it's not a huge part of our business but it's a nice solid growing part of our business you know while our while our while our loops frankly our lubes are what's going to really i think that's what's going to explode the next year we've been in my company we're at seven trucks now and we've been using we started using the infinity lube i have one truck that's fully treated with it and he is very happy um i'd like to get him to talk about it and a few more of the guys are are moving from just using the fuel catalyst to they're starting to see the the value of the infinity loop from the from the other guy so we're going to be uh we're going to have him be having some more results there but um i wanted to ask you a wednesday night we did a webinar you did every you're doing some webinar presentations on going through all the numbers and the the all telling all about the company are you intending to do more of those and uh if if you are how can people get to where they can see those parties we're gonna we're gonna be doing um webinars every wednesday night uh for the for the next month or so so wednesday night eight o'clock uh p.m eastern time so and try to keep it not too late but not too early for the peacock you guys on the west coast or farther out west um if you go to if you go to fuel locks dot com um we'll have where you how you can how you can register for it and that's you know that's that's the easiest way to do it just go there register and uh you'll get the links for it and we'd love to have you come in well you'll see again you'll see it'll be a you know you'll you'll see more of it in the way of uh you some video and some it's a it's a prettier presentation than what we're doing here today you know yeah i found it interesting i learned you know some different things and uh it's nice to see a an american-born uh company you know grassroots here in the united states uh you haven't outsourced your your your phone center to overseas and you're doing well and growing and uh you know it's it's something nice to see i'm glad that uh that you're doing you're doing well and taking this step and looking forward to it getting bigger well thank you very much i should probably note too i am like the oldest person by far at the company you know i mean my my partner is my son alec who's 30 and and are the main people at the off at the building are all either uh my son grant who's 27 jessica who handles all all of our marketing who's phenomenal she really is amazing i mean she puts together all her brochures she does all her online stuff you know and she's uh and i think she's 30 you know so 29 or something like that you know it's like i truly am you know older and everybody's working there all the sales people you know they're all yeah i i like what you i was i was browsing the website the other day i like what you've done with the website it's a it's a vast improvement from what it was eight you know 11 months ago when whatever we started talking uh congratulations on that well that's that's that's all jessica so she's done a great she's done an awesome job okay well good job jessica um is there anything else you wanna you wanna tell us about you know this is this is more or less uh here to tell people about about your initial public offering and and what they're all about uh what else can you tell us about your company and and you know why you think it's going to grow uh why you think you're going to do well um what do you have to say about that yeah i i just want to leave people with the idea of a kind of a bigger picture here you know um we started out with just the fuel additive and we've added on now we've got it on the lubricants um we have a we're looking at all kinds of really great awesome stuff but the it's all it's all got to be super strong and super and and super great for the environment and i ca we are committed to that the one thing you will not see us do is pumping out crap you know i mean green crap because that's there's you're go you've already seen tons of it we've all seen in our entire lives um it we all know too that this the the stigma is that if you're gonna if you're gonna um buy something that's green you know chances are you're gonna pay twice as much for something that's half as good and i'm sorry that that is the stigma for the industry you know and we are committed we are committed to not only bringing you bringing products that are great for the environment but they're going to kick butt too so um that's that's really where where we are and you can rest assured that everything we that we ever bring out is going to be along those lines and i think in the end that's what's going to differentiate us from everybody else you know yeah some of these some of these places are kind of stuck in the mud they can't see that the future is whether people like it or not or think it's a good idea or not that in environmental you know sustainability and eco-friendly are going to be way bigger than they are now i mean it's already huge but it's not over it's going to get even bigger and bigger that's the opportunity though adam the opportunity the opportunity is to not just bring something green but if you bring something green that kicks ass you know that's what that's what's going to set you apart yeah and that's what and that's what we're passionate about and that's what we're that and that's what we're excited about you know we stand behind every one of our products a hundred percent so we're you'll never see us bringing out something that's substandard as i tell people when i when i hand them a tube of grease you know what i'm not i'm not gonna i never wanted to look for a tube of grease and i could hand you and say look i can save you 50 cents a tube that's not what we're all that's not what we're about if we can't give you a product that's that's that's vastly better than what you're already using then why do it i mean it's not all about making money you know it's about being happy about making money right all right now i i do get the question all the time so let me ask you and i think i saw it on your website that you know if you're not happy with the product you can send it back what what's yours do you have some kind of policy on that or something we have a 100 you know satisfaction or return of policy you know i mean you can't keep it for a year but i mean you know yeah i mean i think i think it's six months or something like that i don't know what i forget but it's something like that it's plenty of time for you to try if you like it you know if you don't like it send it back okay i think a lot of people wanted to know that because you know some of it you know you spend a lot of money on these things and people have been burned so many times i haven't i've bought stuff that is whatever and uh you know they're tired of it but you know i think i think you should try it you know what if they're going to give your money back what you got to lose but i think you're going to like it so now back to the green thing you said something in your webinar about was it a barrel of oil or a five gallon bucket of oil the toxicity can you tell can you talk about that i found that pretty interesting i don't think people understand how toxic used motor oil is okay it is some of the most toxic stuff of the planet and the reason why is because first of all the oil itself has has has additives in it okay so it has chemicals already in it to make it more effective and and so forth but when you start putting in like molly okay molly's some of the most toxic stuff around okay so and it's also the most prevalent additive in greases and and and and oil items right so when you put molly in there and all of a sudden you superheat it and you have and you end up with shavings of of metal and microscopic shavings of metal that come off in the crankcase during normal operation you know and you and you super and you heat it and you run it for hours and hours and hours you know you get this brew you get this toxic brew that when you finally do take it out and and dispose of it if you don't dispose of it correctly and you just throw it in the water or on the ground you know it's been proven that one one gallon of used motor oil will actually um will actually um make a million gallons of water bad you know so it's like it's it's a it's a huge number and it's it's completely it's super toxic you know and that's one of the things we do we don't have anything like that in there so if you're using ours oh by the way also motor oil they find arsenic all the time in motor oil use motor oil where does it come from no one really knows but it's created in the motor oil so not unusual yeah bad stuff and we don't and that's one of the things why we're our our liquid friction eliminator is 100 plant-based so when you actually do change the oil it's not nearly as toxic as it normally would be it sounds like i need to be more careful when i'm changing my oil while getting it on my skin well yeah well that getting on your skin for sure absolutely you know but then again why does the why does the dot get all upset when they see you know grease dripping off your fifth wheel you know because because it's toxic and where does it where and where does 90 of the grease go it goes into the environment you know it has nowhere else to go so it eventually wears off drips off washes off where does it go it goes into the environment so that's one of the one of the big issues like our that that you know all our stuff is very you know very you know planet friendly yeah okay all right so uh before people are chopping a bit here want to know about the products questions about products before we do that is there anything else you want to tell us about your ipo or your you taking the company public or about the company we're excited about it it's a it's gonna you know we're not gonna be going public until probably the first or second quarter next year you know that's our plan at least you know and um we're just we just think that there's a tremendous opportunity here for us and for anyone who comes along with us okay interesting all right excellent so different questions about product here first of all anybody who hasn't so we've done uh two or three live streams previous to this i think uh evan we ran about you know telling all about products so definitely a lot of details in those if you go back and watch them just go back in my channel but why don't we just start here uh nevada wants to know can you explain what your product does also does your product affect the factory warranty okay so the factory the whole factory warranty thing about additives technically at one to ten thousand which is what our which is what our treatment ratio is technically we're not even an additive okay uh additives have to be have to be i think two percent or something like that of the makeup of the fuel but regardless the answer is no it's not going to hurt anything uh we've they've been using our products been around in some way shape or form for the last 30 years or so and it has been used in every oem you could think of a lot go ahead let's let's differentiate here there is multiple products this is for fuel and for oil so right a little different okay uh the infinity lube should you use that in a brand new engine that is not broken in i would probably say no because your rings need to seat you need to put it through a break-in period your piston rings need to seat uh we wouldn't want to use that in a brand new engine because it could keep that from happening but other than that i'll leave it at you and i would say the same thing for the uh the fuel added too i wouldn't use the fuel additive until until until the the rings see them okay so that's i think anytime you go through the normal broke break-in period and after that you can you can start putting you know using our our advents whether it's the the yellow you know the the liquid friction eliminator or the or the fuel end okay um what does it do the fuel the question was what does it do is that really the fuel additives that we're talking about probably i'm guessing but you could say fuel additive and the infinity lube if you want to talk about both a little bit the fuel additive the fuel end of basically what it does it has a combustion catalyst in it which separates it from from almost everything else out there there's a couple others out there but not too many uh but most almost everything you buy off the shelf at the at the at the truck stop you know it does has no no combustion catalyst okay um has cetane improvers lubricity agents uh detergents so forth but that's about it which are all great for your engine for sure uh but what we do is we have all that plus we have we'll actually know the secant improver but we have a we have a combustion catalyst which does more than any seating improver ever can and by by that what i mean is that diesel usually combusts around 900 degrees we get it to combust around 600. by doing that you end up with more power you end up with better fuel efficiency uh it's a more thorough burn so it's a cleaner burn okay so you have that so we cut the soot down by about fifty sixty percent um some people ever said seventy percent but i 57 50 is pretty it's pretty safe and by doing that of course egrs are cleaner dps fill up you know half as fast you know and you know you're it's it's just all in all in all it's a cleaner system you know so um in the meantime you know we do we do clean out your we have detergents in there and clean out your injectors and so forth and the catalyst acts actually uh as a deterrent to anything growing in your tanks as well so much along the lines of uh copper flashing on the bottom of the boat it keeps stuff from it keeps stuffing growing okay so um it's not a pesticide so it's not a pesticide but it does it does a good job you know something i would add to that is uh the main i guess the main other product that is a cat has a catalyst in it uh volume for volume gallon for gallon treated is about twice as expensive am i off on that okay or you could say equal amounts is half as half as concentrated correct yeah okay and the cetane boost thing i i would i guess from previous just potentially disagree with you that the cetane boost is good because it's it's it's mostly glycol ether isn't it yep and that's a dry that's a drying agent that's not something i would want to put in my fuel i think i think actually you taught me that um that you know most of the seating boosters are going to be an ether based and uh probably not something you would really want to use it's it's not the best thing for your engine that's right okay okay um so okay we talked about now am i nox knox and is it soot have kind of an inverse relationship yeah some products solve one and then it makes the other worse so but your product can kind of address both because of the the lower burn temperature can you explain that a little bit yeah basically what happens is that the hotter the burn the less the less foot you have okay so you're burning more of the fuel so the less so you have but the harder the burn the more knock steams you're creating and then inversely if it's a slightly lower temperature burn you're going to have less knox fumes but you're going to but you're going to have a lot more soot so in our case because we start the combustion a little bit earlier it ends up being a little bit a little bit cooler burn but a little longer burn so we actually knit both of those in the bud again this is something that kind of fell into my lap about two years ago because we were doing testing with a with a uh trucking company that had all the metrics in the world one of those you know like they handed me the paper after the testing and there were you know 45 data points you know one of the data points was uh def usage and i did i looked at it and i had to do the math twice because it used it used 20 percent less def fluid you know by using our product and clearly it has something to do with the fact that we we i know we reduce the nox fumes by usually around 10 usually around 10 so i why why it works out the 20 less definite i don't know that's just the way the test was we don't bill it as that i will tell you this you'll probably use less depth field fluid though i can't hear you sorry i'm back now i muted my mic because the phone was ringing uh as i'm saying that's something that i can attest to that we have experienced is a decrease usage and death uh percentage-wise we have not calculated it uh versus before we just know that it's less versus what we're buying in the miles traveled and regens uh we have had parked regens are almost non-existent for us anymore for the most part i have one truck that still does it every now and then but uh for the most part we're not really having to the trucks ask for parked regens anymore so that tells me that they're doing it more efficiently as they're supposed to going down the road now you talked about some of the tests you've done uh data points et cetera i have people ask me constantly uh okay where can i find test results where can i find hard data where is the testing this and that can you point us in in any direction maybe your website or wherever to find some testing data good question um i don't know how how much we have on the website you know we should probably we i should probably give put more out there yeah so yeah maybe maybe i think there there may be some on there but you know what we'll make an effort to put something together in a more cohesive and easy-to-read manner um that's an excellent that's a that's a great question and and and it should be there uh we have stuff for people that ask you know we share it all the time and i'm happy to do that you know yeah i'd like to get my hands on some of that because i get emails all the time about okay where can i get this in fact i got one today a guy i have to get back to yet so maybe i could get that over and maybe we can get it on the website uh would be great a lot of that a lot of the testing we do is is you know we we have a testing form that we share with people that essentially means you you run it for 10 phillips without our stuff and then you run it for 10 feet ups with it you can we compare the two uh that's the easiest thing to do that's the you know we've been doing this now for eight years and that we've come we've boiled it down to that where you can also keep track of regens and def def usage and stuff like that too so a lot of we don't um and then we have the occasional you know like we have angle american mining that tested our stuff on a uh a pretty pretty funny story they tested our stuff on a uh on an mtu generator at the detroit diesel in santiago chile and basically they said oh yeah we've tested this stuff for years and years no one's ever saved us any fuel any additive ever right so i said oh thanks uh that's fine so send it down there and they ran our they ran the test and we came back and we saved them almost four percent okay so i was 3.9 or something like that and they were they they just they couldn't believe it and i said well there you go you know and if you go in the field you're going to do better you know if you if you go out you put you start treating stuff you know excavators and haul trucks and loaders and things like that and mining which is what they're looking at you're gonna do even better so occasionally we get a weird test like that and on a weird piece of equipment you know but we have we have we've probably tested on everything you can possibly think of so and i'm happy to share as much as i can with you okay now i gotta say uh you guys introduced me to the gentleman that that came up with the maid ingredient for the infinity lube right and and i got to tell you this guy is brilliant he is a fascinating guy he told me the whole of course you know he's going to tell you a story when you're on the phone you need to set aside some time but the story behind how he came up with that and kind of how it the purpose of it how it got started is i find it fascinating and i tell you what there might be no harsher environment than the environment that he developed it for and being the growth of my company i can no longer get away to go to ohio to see this guy and meet with him and have meetings with him but i gotta find a way to get him he's not exactly a tech guy but get him to do some videos for us and some demonstrations on youtube i just don't know how to put it all together but we'll get there but i gotta tell you what that i'd like to get him on and just talk about the story of how it came about actually i'll listen he'll talk that's coming that that's coming we're we're working on a uh i'm putting on i'm formalizing our relationship here so um and when it does when it happens you know then you know then you'll have more access to them but you it it true it's an amazing story it it's you know what's interesting that just when i was looking for these i've been looking for the lubricant for over five years and i could never find anything that i liked i know because i couldn't find anything that was really truly you know revolutionary or shot or earth-shattering or just just 10 better than everything else i couldn't find it it's all it's all the same for the most part you know with little tweaks they're variations on the same theme you know more more more more molly over here you know some less over here whatever cheap cheap cheap over here expensive expensive expensive but they're all pretty similar right so i was looking for something i found this guy in ohio in southern ohio that basically treats every business within 20 miles of it you know and why don't you treat everybody else well because he he couldn't to make a short a long story semi-long he he just couldn't make enough of it you know and he didn't have reliable partners and you know what and he said and he's a true inventor he's a true inve i mean it's like this guy is he's he's he's sharp as can be and he's been working for he's 60 something years old about my age and he's been working you know on on making um blades and swords and knives and stuff since he was a kid and all from that appalachia background you know old school using using the essential oils and daniel boone's things it's just it's a it's an amazing story but his products work and there and the guys who use it won't use anything else yeah the the problem it was developed kind of to resolve with at the shipyards was a multi-million dollar product we're talking big huge money when he came down and told me about it and and and what he did to solve it was the equivalent of like throwing a 10 bill at it like here just do this and you'll be fine and they did it and it worked and i'm like you got to be freaking kidding me yeah but it's i i find that story amazing i like to get him on here to tell it but at any rate yeah that's he's an interesting character and he pointed out a use for it well i i don't know i want to try for myself see if we can do it see if it uh violate epa at all i'll talk to you about it off the air see what you think but i i think this product is only kind of the tip of the iceberg here it's very interesting i'm glad you did it it's interesting we told i think we told you that that we've had we have guys at you know a couple of the biggest companies you know that you guys all know that are bought because guys you know they'll a lot of independent guys will buy our products and a lot of guys who drive for the bigger companies you know even though they're independents they'll they'll buy our products and a couple we've had guys calling us up in the last in the last few months raving about how our spray works on their fifth wheels i mean it's yeah it's have you used that it's i haven't used it on the fifth wheel but i find it very okay here's what i find odd about it it's very thin like not quite thin like water but it's very thin and you spray it on something it'll generally run off you would think oh damn it you know i spray it on here it's gone but it still works after it's gone it's like i don't know what it does uh to the metal or whatever but it's like it's still working at any rate i get a lot of comments well do some tests show this show that here's the thing everybody uh why don't you do some of your own tests it's it's not hard and then you don't have to sit here and take somebody's word for it don't even take my word for it get yourself a small bottle for a few bucks get yourself i don't know use a drill or a drill press okay the gentleman that invented it we talked about this i told him this is what i did amateur and he's like no that's actually a really good test get yourself a little block of metal drill a little quarter inch hole in it okay go get yourself a a metal dowel a quarter inch put it in the drill so you can take that dowel and drill it down into the dimple into that metal okay put some oil in that hole and see how that lubricates puts put some of your favorite product in there with the oil and then take some of the the infinity lube and and mix in with the oil and you'll see what happens over a period of time the hotter it gets in that hole he calls it a heat hole test is what the gentleman calls it and i was doing this not knowing that's what it's called the hotter it gets the better that product works and you'll see that it turns into almost like a ball bearing in there like there's almost it gets to the point where it feels like it's almost no metal to metal contact do it for yourself then you don't have to wonder about somebody's test okay if it's if it's manipulated or or whatever if you can come up with a better test do that test um that's what i would do i like to know for myself yeah you're actually what you're what you're really saying is the way we built our company we built our company by having people try the product if they like it buy it they don't like it don't buy it you know and our stuff we prove it we prove it every day we started out giving out little tiny things of little tiny cups of fuel added you know that would treat 50 gallons 100 gallons try it just try it just try and that's how we started and we do the same thing with the with the lubricants you know if you don't the best thing you can do as as you say adam is try it for yourself you know it's not a big investment you know even if you buy a bottle of spray you know 15 to 20 bucks you know it's that's it you know that's your investment but i'm going to tell you the guys that use the step spray they use that spray for everything you know everything right it's it's it's crazy you know it's a it's a penetrant it's a lubricant it's a cutting fluid you know it's it's literally works ever i mean it's and the thing that people understand and a lot of your audiences know that the the thing that makes all our lubricants work is a special plant derived formula called hdi 2500 and what it does is that where the metal meets the metal okay you have the interfaith the metal interfaces that touch each other that's where the friction is created that's where the heat's created that's where the wear takes place okay at those points that's where the metal our our product will actually infuse nitrogen and carbon into the metal and case hardens it in place so essentially speaking we're we case harden the metal in place and rather than taking it out sending it away to have a case hardened we do it in place and that's what make that's what keeps the wear down that's what keeps the corrosion down uh the met the water and the and the um and the uh acids you know can affect it and it's and it's more impervious to the actual friction itself and that's that's why the last thing i did when i was doing my due diligence with this with this this uh grease i sent the grease away to felix labs in chicago i said you guys do a fret test it's an astm d 4170 and it's a fretting test to test how much metal would actually wear off and i gave them two other big names okay that are 100 over 100 bucks or two and the other one's about 15 or 20 bucks 15 bucks two by three right but big names that everyone knows and i said do all three at the same time both of them lost about 12 milligrams ours lost 1.6 1.6 milligrams i'm trying to do the math in my head that's six or seven hundred percent less is that right yeah yep seven eight hundred percent left something like that yep so the the i actually called the nlgi the national lubrication and grease institute and i spoke to the president uh jim hunt and i asked him you know all right actually i had one of my one of my guys call asked and he said the lowest they'd ever seen was 6.6 so now is this all is this documentation that you can provide to absolutely can you post this on your website people are asking for documentation this is going to be a great thing for them to see absolutely yeah i'll definitely i'll make sure that we get on there blackout names or whatever you got to blackout but that would be a great start yeah uh the infinity lube is fast becoming uh a great pro favorite product for me i put it in my reefer units it goes in the oil in my reefer units it goes in anything i own my truck is a hundred percent treated with it every fluid except for the antifreeze and uh all the trucks are on the fuel ax additive and uh also in the reefer unit when obviously i'm not there you know i provide some but uh you yes you can use it in the reefer units also uh i have noticed the infinity loop it does it has quieted down the reefer units a little bit i do like that and i'm to test something else with it on the reefer units here shortly just when i figure out how i'm going to do it i haven't figured that out yet but uh i'm really liking the infinity lube it's a good product and i think people should try it talk about what your product does how it works uh talk about the anti-gel the our our freeze guard which is our heavy-duty anti-gel uh it doesn't have any combustion catalyst in it it's the it's it is the anti-gel of anti-gels at one ounce will treat 80 gallons and it'll lower the cold filter plugging point over 35 degrees you know it's i mean there's really nothing else like it i've never seen anything like it now this is probably this is probably close to three ounces and how can you take your annie gel and get it in a one ounce that treats 80 gallons and everybody else's takes gallons or a half a gallon you know well we we sell it in the 16-ounce bottle with the one-ounce you know uh receptacle on the top so you get so that's how you measure it that's how you do it um it's just it's just much more concentrated than everything else out there you know and and it's what's really weird is that mostly when you get super concentrated anti-gels and we have we do we do carry some anti-gels that are that are super concentrated but are a different formula that we will sell locally to you know truck stops and so forth guys that you know they don't need the super treatment you know they just want to make sure they treat their fuel when they when they're selling it and it comes out of the pumps um but our but ours our freeze guard will not freeze okay a lot of the other stuff will actually freeze and it that's in its in its state of of you know the anti-gels formed the liquid formula before you put it in into the uh the um fuel it'll actually stuff will actually freeze and guys have seen that happen before i'm sure you leave you know you leave certain anti-gels in your in your box you know on the outside of the truck and you're you're driving somewhere super cold it'll freeze you know our this stuff will not it's it's it's amazing it really is might it get a little thick it a little bit but not much i've seen it down to 10 below and it's pretty much the same as it is at normal you know 50 degrees you know but it's pretty cool but again that'll treat now what we do is we mix the two we'll actually blend the two together the fuel locks and that and that's our cold charge so we have three choices you have your you have your your freeze guard which is the heavy duty anti-gel then you have fuel ox which has no anti-gel in it and then the coal charge has both of them together okay all right that's the the cold charge would be the first product that i ever used and i liked i like the idea that you know in a little three ounce bottle i could carry a whole what turns out to be practically a two years supply and a plastic ammo box in my truck and not have bottles all over place and leaking but uh that was that was the first product i used that that i kind of sold me on what you guys were doing there you're right and we do we sell all three of those in the three ounce bottles that are that are that's our otr product and they're designed to treat 120 gallons each one treats 120 gallons so instead of buying the 32 ounce bottle or whatever you're buying you know at the at that you would normally buy you buy a three ounce bottle of ours and it treats 120 gallons okay now uh incidentally if you if you are going to uh plan on buying these products if you want to get 15 off your orders just use the promo code diy semi and if you think that uh you know you think that then i shouldn't uh have any part in that then don't use my promo code and don't say fifteen percent uh everybody seems to have a problem that uh i have a promo code with that so they think that that's whatever then don't use it i don't care pay 15 more that make these guys very happy probably uh if you think that i shouldn't have any benefit or part of it uh no problem hey thank you cassius king channel member for 10 super sticker appreciate that uh i know he uses the the fuel catalyst um so what else uh any other product did we miss any products just oh marine you kind of cut your teeth in the marine industry and you're big in the mining industry too right well the mining industry uses all the same stuff you guys do yeah so it's yeah they're they're basically just the fuel additive and then and the um you know and and sometimes and cold charge you know they got the aggregate guys up here will use cold charge you know for the mo but for the most part it's the same stuff you use you know but yeah the marine stuff is fine and we do we do sell stuff for if you have if you have uh if you have you know the boats you know we do sell marine in this and our marine product works in both gas and diesel in fact stuff you buy right now you guys could use in your not beside your trucks you could use it in your your cars your pick your lawn mowers whatever it it'll work in gas diesel any any middle diesel of fuel so including your boats you know also if you if you winterize your boats with our stuff you know you can you're you can rest assured that when you when you start it up in the in the springtime that you're gonna be good to go and you're not gonna have any problems interesting you know i i i wondered and and perhaps you you maybe already have a big following this but farming farming is you know it's like mining it's a very harsh environment i have family members that are in farming and i've pumped some of the products into there and uh i tell you what the the grease does well uh in a disc you know your disc in the fields that things hopping through the field dirt dirty as can be we didn't have any bit no bearing failures i mean i've personally destroyed a few bearings on that disc myself i'll be honest with you and uh it went through the whole year this year with not a single bearing failure and that and again in feed carts it's very dirty you got silage building up in those bearings trying to get in there those bearings fail a lot the bearings that are submerged in cow manure all day uh so the grease is phenomenal in very harsh environments really happy with that it also started using the catalyst and uh infinity lube and some of the tractors it's just uh it's maybe an overlooked industry you know it's interesting you should say that because we have we've started to make some inroads in that this year that we hadn't in the in the years past so it's an industry that's starting to i think you know wake up for us and uh you know what our problem is just getting the word out yeah it's not it it generally speaking the problem isn't after the people use it it's just getting them to use it you know and getting the word out there because we don't have one of these massive you know advertising budgets in fact we don't have much of an advertising budget at all you know that's part of what we're trying to raise some capital for so well speaking to that you know as well as i do in different industries different products have uh amazingly strong brand loyalty uh you know everybody wants proof proof proof well what have you seen you know for proof with some of the products that are out there just because you know the name and they have massive massive advertising budgets maybe own stadiums maybe own damn near everything under the sun uh how do you how do you break that loyalty or or just say how do you get somebody to just try it for the first time let me tell you something we've been doing this for eight years and it has gotten easier but it's still not easy you know but we do eventually we just get people to you know what everybody has there's a crack in the armor all everywhere you know and eventually it may not happen today but it may happen tomorrow and all you want people to do is try your stuff that's really that's what we've always taken the stance just try it try it if you like it great you know and that's how we built our business is by getting people just to try it and you know the truth of the matter is is is that i tell people that when you're looking at fuel additives you know they're like cakes okay a chocolate cake you know if you're using chocolate and it's not a chocolate cake right so you can have a fuel additive if there's no fuel if there's no catalyst in it it can never it can never perform like an additive with callus it just can't you know so if you're using a fuel additive that has no catalyst in it okay then you're not you're there's something you're not getting okay and in our case you're not getting that that thorough burn you know where you're going to get better fuel efficiency and less emissions because you can't unless you're using the catalyst and 90 of them out there don't have any catalyst i got an email from a from a gentleman and i know at some point you had spoken to him on the phone he takes exception has a real problem with using the word catalyst now let's be clear a catalyst is just something that causes another reaction to happen right so correct when you say catalyst it's a chemical that's in it catalyst is a very generic word so well it is it's it's a generic word that can that can mean a thousand things right so in our case ours is what is what's referred to as an organometallic catalyst okay easiest way to put it you know microscopic metals okay that's what it is okay now what battles are they i can't tell you okay but um the truth is is that's what it is and that's what and what we do is we cause there's all there's clumping in fuel all fuel the minute it comes out of the refinery starts to break down and by breaking down it starts to agglomerate that what's that mean that means it starts to stick together they start to attract each other all the all the all the fuel the fuel molecules start to attract each other and if you know if you leave if you leave diesel sitting there in a bucket for five years it'll turn it'll turn to tar you know because it'll continue to to connect connect connect connect connect until finally all the strands have connected and there there's no liquid anymore okay um so that's what happens the second it starts coming out of the refinery so what we do is we stop that and we reverse it so we break those molecules up we break those those those those um not the molecules we break up the the clumping that takes place so therefore when it goes through your injectors it's it mixes with the air much even more easily and that's why it can it combusts earlier because you don't have that clumping that that's keeping the combustion from happening and that's why you have a much more cleaner burn because it interacts much more easily the air interacts much more easily with the fuel so that's from a catalyst that's what our catalyst does okay there are other and and he's completely right there are thousands of catalysts out there but the truth of the matter is is that you know there aren't very many even even there aren't very many fuel atoms out there that even use the name catalyst okay but that's the way ours works and that's why it works all right all right appreciate it thanks for explaining that because uh some people get times folks get hung up on words and and it's you gotta just slow your roll and just relax and figure things out freight trucking's in the house channel member thank you for coming on in um the next thing uh astm testing is very expensive is it not can be for sure okay uh can we expect any any further astm testing could you now i also know that like using name brands and blah blah touchy and people get upset about comparisons is there any chance of seeing any comparisons between like just say the infinity loop oh let's take the infinity lube okay because let's just i'll throw it out there i can say whatever i want to say uh lucas oil okay everybody wants to see that damn test is there any chance we'll ever get that done of comparing your product versus lucas or uh power service who whoever the other oil to additive companies are um well the af astm is just american society of testing you know and they have a thousand different tests so depending on which test you pick um three ball wear tests yeah i i have that okay uh the the the astm the fretting test is the most is probably that's the that i chose that test because that's the test where the rubber hits the road okay how much does it protect your metal that's really what it comes down to okay and that's what a fretting test tests how much does it protect the metal i didn't pick a lucas product i picked the valvoline product i picked a a cluber product okay because kluber's most expensive you know grease in the world and valvoline grey molly which is what i used was is a really really good you know usual you know run-of-the-mill not around the mill because it's higher than that you know it's a good it's a good it's a good it's a good grease you know so i picked those two to test against i could have picked a lucas or something like that but it didn't matter you know let's let's be in in our industry in trucking okay and like i said these are my words not yours uh lucas is is the elephant in the room they're they're the giant uh if we had a test said and you don't even have to have them compare them in the same test maybe lucas has an astm test a three but maybe lucas has their own three ball wear test with the recommended dosage if you had one and if you could present both of them i think the grease now that the thing in the grease that makes it do what it does is the same [Music] product compound that's in the infinity lube right it's just infused into a grease let's let's clear that the fitting loop is three products there's three products under the infinity loop name there's the liquid that goes in that that's that's made for crankcases gearboxes you know so forth okay that's the liquid that's that's the liquid friction eliminator that is the main product okay that is then we infuse that into the grease okay and we blend it into the spray okay okay but that is that's the magic stuff it's all that hdi 2500 right okay that's what that is okay so that'll go so that that actually is the main product so that you know yeah so yeah you want to use those those three products they all<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Big News from Fuel Ox Company !! 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Big News from Fuel Ox Company !!  Trucker Money #45


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