Bryce Perkins On His Pre-Season Performance & Overcoming Injury To Make NFL | Rams Revealed Ep. 66

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]to the right of perkins who has it in the shotgun against a four-man rush he has time steps up now leaves the pocket sprints out to his right 25-30 stiff arms a linebacker holds a dv and picks up the first down deep on opening night at sophie stadium bryce perkins with some sizzle [Music] welcome to a new season of rams revealed i'm your host jb long if you're watching us on youtube it looks a little bit different we're so glad to have this set up and a video show and if you're catching the podcast it also sounds a bit different because we are back in person at the brands facility in thousand oaks for the first time so glad to bring you rams revealed again to get to know these 20 21 rams starting with today's guest who's the talk of the town after his performance in pre-season game number two at sofi stadium against the raiders 24 year old quarterback bryce perkins is our guest good to see you thanks for your time for having me on so about last week how's it been you know other than maybe connecting on that two-point conversion could it have been any more memorable for you yeah i mean i i really wanted to go out there and win yeah i know it's a preseason game and everybody's focused on individual performances but i really want to go out there and get a win for the team you know all those guys were fighting hard and and we were down numbers offensively um so guys were just you know rep after rep just dead tired it felt like one of those old school movies where everybody's just hanging on and you know the last drive you kind of come out with a game winning touchdown but um it was fun getting out there especially not having preseason last year um getting out there and i know a lot of other guys didn't have precision last year getting out there and kind of stretching our legs and um you know executing the plays that we've been running for a year and a half now what perspective do you have on the nfl preseason now given that element you just mentioned whereas a rookie it's this unknown environment you don't get to put film out there you end up on the rams practice squad do you have a new more profound appreciation for what it means to players like yourself who are trying to earn a living yeah definitely i mean you know you see young guys go out there and really shine um that you may have not gotten the opportunity that didn't have pre-season like me so um anytime you get to go out there in a live environment practice is always good for evaluation but um sometimes things are a little differently when you put pads on and guys actually have to try to tackle you um and you know sometimes that game element just gets you know players to play better for whatever reason and um you know for me i always looked at it preseason as valuable my brother um three years older than me he was in the league prior and he had a like preseason and so i kind of knew that preseason is detrimental to some guys so he may resurface in our conversation a little bit later on just to look ahead one other question about you know week one and that would be what's the most fun you've ever had playing football as i watched you kind of lead that potential game-winning drive in that environment i'm sure a ton of friends and family watching i don't imagine that was the pinnacle of your career but as you think back like what was the the truest time that you were just finding joy in football man i mean i still find joy um you know not playing um last year i i had to think back to college specifically you know rivalry week everybody's emotions are high um you know we played virginia tech my senior year you know coming off last year after losing in overtime you know coming back it felt like you know once again like a movie type comeback like the beginning of the story beginning the movie you lose in the end of the movie you come out with this great victory at home the uh the fans rushed the field you know it felt like one of those like you know oh we made it you know i have arrived moments but that's probably one of the funnest times i had uh playing football but this past weekend was a lot of fun too i mean we were at soul five but it felt like an away game how many writers fans were in there that last stretch you know couldn't even hear anything so that was even those hostile environments like that are also fun yeah you spin it around this week and on monday we find out that doug hodges also in camp with you at the quarterback position has been released and i imagine that means you're going to have a lot of work this saturday in in denver what was your reaction to that news um man i mean that's a great dude and i'm not tasting him um i really enjoy you know him and me you know just chopping it up at practice you know pushing each other he did a great job pushing me i pushed him a lot um and he you know he can sling like no other so i i doubt he'll have a hard time find another job but um you know i know my workload would be a lot you know this this saturday um it'd be a good chance to get out there and kind of just play a full game again like like last week um kind of simulate you know if i was in a regular season and you know having to play a whole game so i'm ready for it i'm getting more prepared and prepared every week you know learning new things that you know i couldn't have learned unless i actually play the game so um yeah i feel comfortable out there and i'll be gonna get even more comfortable bryce these games are auditions not just for sean mcvay who i know appreciates everything that you've given this organization for the better part of two years now but also the other 31 franchises at well i'm sure it's not lost on you that teams in the nfl don't often keep three quarterbacks can you take us inside the dynamic of knowing you might very well be in a different nfl facility a week from now yeah i mean um i mean really i really try not to think about it um i mean thinking about you know what's going to happen that far ahead um it's not really going to do anything right now i always say i mean i always myself and other people that kind of really worry about it i mean don't get too caught up in the work of the future that you forget to do the work of now so like i know that there's stuff that will happen in the future um you know but all i can do is focus on saturday focus on today tomorrow you know the next day just day by day going on doing my job and and everything all lined up the way it's supposed to if i just do that so um you know it may have been you know may not happen i'm not sure but i'm just trying to go out there and just ball in any way shape or form sure i mean that would be a champagne problem that sean mcveigh likes to say yeah and there are a lot of good options internally if it doesn't play out that way if it plays out that you end up back here in thousand oaks next week helping the rams prepare for their 2021 season would you still relish the opportunity to develop right here in this building with this coaching staff as you further your nfl career i mean yeah definitely i love it here um especially you know from year one year two you're learning the offense it's such a complex offense you know it's a lot of moving parts i mean if you've never been in it and coming in as a rookie you know one in one of the more challenging offices and now starting to pick it up um you know i feel a lot comfortable and and growing relationships with the guys and and the coaches um you know which is part of the game um people in and out all the time but i mean i i love this opportunity to get here and further my knowledge watching great guys like matthew and john you know how they go and operate every day and just growing as a quarterback i think you know growing is the most important as a young quarterback then trying to go somewhere right away and play because you can go not not be ready you know end up hurting your career worse as opposed to sitting back and growing and watching and learning and i'm here for the learning part of it just as much as the plan didn't you tell the media last week that a year ago you weren't even sure if you could absorb much less regurgitate emic they play a call and a huddle yeah and that's what makes me so excited about like this year i remember last year kind of when jared got hurt and john stepped up and you know we were just going over plays and coach asked me like a very simple play call and i mess it up and i always think about like you know that always is like stuck in my mind and i always made a emphasis all right you know i got to get the operation better from the the call you know to the line of scrimmage so this year i've seen huge strides in that um you know i take pride in that and try to you know be as efficient as i can so i mean it's a lot of fun getting out there and here to play calls and being able to spin it right back out and you'll make everything seem more smooth because i'm sure you know i mean his scheme his philosophy is in high demand right now at the top of professional football yeah no yeah definitely i mean he does a good job of really just you know calling plays and getting things together and and he's so smart and how he distributes space and and players you know getting everything different moving parts that um you know it's hard it's hard this game against um it's even more fun to run part of the reason i bring that up though is because if you can show through this preseason internally and externally that you've in some way mastered it yeah that has to mean great things for you personally do you believe in your heart of hearts you're a starting nfl quarterback i mean yeah definitely i mean i i believe that you know growing through this offense it will prepare me for it you know andy's starting to roll you know if that's later down the road um i still have a lot of things to learn um you know and those will come i'll learn some more this this this week um but you know i believe that i'm on a right trajectory um to to really you know sharpen my skills and be one you know i started quarterback one day you mentioned matthew along the way there what's it been like in this off-season this training camp observing him working with him as a peer i mean he's great i mean he comes in with great energy all the time um you know he's a good dude i always tell people that he's like he's a good dude amazing quarterback he is he's a great dude great personality takes time to talk to you um you know doesn't just you know if you're a young guy or you're down in the depth chart you know he'll talk to you and um i remember just first time seeing him throw the ball is it's a completely different seeing seeing him live and seeing them you know on tv i thought the same thing you see him alive you're like man this yeah he's special for but no it's been great i learned a lot from him you know how he does things operates and especially how he comes in his first year and kind of picking up the offense you know he's able to spit those long calls out um he's been playing for 13 years but coming in and be able to do that you know how he operates the whole thing is impressive so you say he's a great dude there's another one who came up over the weekend and that would be xavier jones kind of told the media that you've become friends that he's been a valuable resource for you and vice versa during this process how did you two make a connection and how would you describe your relationship with the running back who's also trying to make a home here with the ramps yeah i mean i think the first time i really kind of like oh man like i rock with xavier i think it was after this first scrimmage last year um we were both staying at the hotel i gave him a ride back um and we were just talking and i was like man this guy's kind of like me kind of the same personality and everything like that and after that kind of just grew close and you know that's that's my dog in we always talk about how we're going to motivate and lift each other up um you know he comes to me when he's feeling a certain type of where i come to him while feeling some type of way we kind of just feed off each other and we just have each other's backs so um he's a workhorse man he he wants to be great so bad you know at times i'm like hey man you're gonna make mistakes sometimes but um i i love the passion that he plays with the game um you know you know he goes out and he's really about his work he won't be allowed you know talker but he'll go down and really you know put forth his his best best foot you know every time he touches the field i look forward to getting to know him at some point if there are similarities between the two of them yeah we assemble ladies but he's funny he's way funny to me man he'd be having me rolling i'll take it as a vote of confidence that they're good people on this roster all right let's let's take a little bit of a departure here because you're not playing football if not for an extraordinary sequence of events in the summer of 2016. am i right yeah at the time here at arizona state what happens that day in practice yeah go online never forget it go online zone read pulled the ball um freak accident got hit on top of my head got a two level neck fracture c4 c5 and at first doctors told me i'd never play again and once again second opinion and the doctor was saying it's a slight chance you can play it may cause problems or you can just go get surgery right now two level neck fusion and um if they fuse it you're done yeah they said if you if we fuse it you know you'll never get clear so they say we could take that route you fix it right away and prevent problems later down the road or you can take a chance and and uh and let it heal by itself so you know i always you know bet on myself and i was like okay we're just gonna ride this out um and luckily you know everything worked out the way it did i did a great job of wearing my brace and actually had to switch braces um i remember kareem or one of the guys he was at arizona state with me he sent me a video today um you know i had a full like the chin strap with the head strap chest playing the back plate with the pole going on my neck to keep my neck still um just watching that video today for how long until so august through december oh my goodness yeah and then january i was like i was on off i was able to take it off a little bit but when i slept i had to put the negative so somewhere along those weeks those months you had to be thinking is it worth all this did i make the wrong decision no no i mean i knew what i wanted um you know i and i also have a great supporting staff with my family and friends they always kind of you know wear my ear about you know staying positive and i just knew i just felt like in my deepest hearts that you know i was going to be able to you know turn this kind of tragedy into a comeback story you know somewhere down low just had to do the work and and eventually everything will work out and it did when that brace comes off what state is your throwing arm in though oh man no it was bad like my arm completely atrophied and um i remember when it first took the brace off um it was hard to even like really get some velocity on ball really even grip the ball you know kind of some of the nerves and muscles were just you know so used to not being used and it took me a while um even through like the summer i didn't really feel as comfortable but you know slowly but surely work the way back in there just to bring the story full circle it was your father bruce who arranged for you to see this spine surgeon i believe his name is dr robert watkins doctor walker yeah and he's here in los angeles he's in marina del rey yes yeah i mean it worked am i running with ucla um so we would come up so we would drive every other week it was oh we would fly every other week um we would fly every other week go see him for a checkup come back you know like next week the next week go see him again he'll take another another x-ray tell me progress you know and for the longest of time you know we were going back for probably like two months and he was saying i don't really see any progress and then probably the third month is when everything kind of started saying like okay there's some progress here and then eventually you just started growing and growing so um eventually you know say you're good to go and one of those flights you end up taking to los angeles you go right past his office and up the 405 eventually to hear in thousand oaks and you become a professional football player that's that's really incredible that's how things work out isn't it along the way asu to then arizona western college and ultimately a chance at virginia i have to say you mentioned the rivalry with vodtech earlier are the uva faithful always this raucous and their support of a former player i mean they have your back hundred percent i cannot believe the response to your performance from the other night yeah man i mean how much they believe in you yeah they're great um not with just me but you know all you know who's in the nfl that's you know that's kind of the thing uh you know they show so much love and support um in charlottesville it's really uea that's it like in this city it's it's just it's the college in the in the hospital so you know everybody on saturday everybody you know okay we're going to uva game and it's so it's so much fun um you know being like a smaller city it feels like you're really close to to not only like not only people that go to your school but you know the outside the citizens the um people that live in charlottesville um and it's fun they show support you know they're crazy uh supportive of their players and win loser draw that's what i love too even after you know one of the losses we had my junior year they were really you know of being supportive so you know i i love i love my hoes man yeah it's all the who's thank you for for listening in here and uh we've got a big one coming for you on saturday night when did you start wearing that glove on your non-throwing hand by the way your left hand and why do you like it yeah um i mean i always really wore it even freshman year or really even in eighth grade and i started wearing it and really it was it served no purpose besides okay i've seen other quarterbacks have it on so i was like you know that's kind of swaggy so let me go ahead and put it on anyone in particular that you modeled it after uh i mean mike vick i had mike vick i remember mike vick was my idol growing up i had like a picture the whose fans might not like that though i know it it's oh man i mean sometimes you've got a grade is great you know i mean i had i remember i had a mic picture uh frame with in the corner i remember had like a little stitch jersey of him and he was running outside man like this was awesome this is before i even played quarterback um you know i kind of idolized him and and you know as soon as i switched quarterback i wanted to put that that that glove on the non-throwing hand so ever since then looks good and it plays good too thank you all right time for a big finish it's a closing segment we're introducing for this new season of rams revealed the trial name is is three and out and i know that has negative connotations for a quarterback so you have my apology bear with us everyone we're experimenting here bryce i've got three final questions for you and if you get all three answers correct i'm going to make a donation to the la rams foundation on your behalf same for your teammates who come on for future episodes but you get to be the first are you ready let's roll former rams defensive end chris long had his number 91 jersey retired at his alma mater can you name the university um university of virginia you can see how these are going to go okay oh man hey i had him concerned before current rams employee jonathan franklin holds ucla single season rushing record in 2012 he rushed for 1734 yards that's 6.1 per carry pretty good stuff john yeah who's number two on ucla's single-season rushing list that's big bro paul perkins 2014 he went for 1575 he's also number three in career rushing for the bruins how's your brother doing by the way he's doing good he was up here for this game he's still training you know waiting for his shot awesome last one august 14th you're two for two by the way okay that's all august 14th of this year you threw your first preseason nfl touchdown at sophie stadium four yards of tristan jackson did either of you keep that football i didn't keep the football i don't think he kept the football either so preseason touchdowns don't count it's the regular season ones that go on yeah i i don't know how how that went um but if you wanted to keep it i wasn't going to keep it um was that even your favorite play from that game or was it the hurdle be honest uh the hurdle was the most exciting play yesterday it definitely was the most exciting play my favorite play was anytime we get in the end zone fair enough bryce we wish you well this week against the broncos and in all your career endeavors be they here with the rams or elsewhere across the league you deserve it man thank you appreciate it our thanks to bryce perkins to jory adam rudy and travis for making it all happen a reminder that you can join us at sofi stadium for the first time this season tickets the rams dot com slash tickets we always appreciate the ratings and the reviews if you're a new listener please let us know what you think i'm jb long and this is rants reveal [Music]<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" 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Bryce Perkins On His Pre-Season Performance &amp; Overcoming Injury To Make NFL | Rams Revealed Ep. 66


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