Canada Study Visa Process - Step 8 – Study Visa Application and Fees

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]for those of you who are new to this channel my name is pankaj and i make videos for sharing my experience of my canadian study visa application and the tips on what i did to improve the chances of visible so you can click on the i button here to see my introduction video and if you want to see the detailed video on step by step process for study visa application you can click over here so in the last video we had seen how to get our medical exam done and about sop now in this video we will see how to create your account in website and how to submit the application but make sure you have completed all the earlier steps as per my previous videos so that you have all the required documents i'll provide the links in the i button whenever i'll talk about the steps involving previous videos uh now let's get on to my screen and see the steps involved in submitting canadian study visa application so let's begin [Music] [Music] so this is the page on website where you have to register to create your account or you can sign in into your already created account to apply for canadian study visa so when you will scroll down on this page you will see sign in with gckey or register so if you don't have your account already created you have to click on register so when you click on register it will take you to the next page to register your account right so first it have mentioned what all steps are required to be performed for creating your account right so click on register with gckey then it will bring you on this page so here you have to click on sign up it will mention terms and conditions of use read this carefully and click on i accept then create your username the username that you want and can remember i am creating a dummy username to show you the demo of creating the account so mention the username that you want and click on continue i have created your username and password it will bring you on the recovery question and answer page for recovering of your password if you forget so this is how you complete your recovery question and answers remember these recovery questions and answers because you will be asked whenever you sign it into your account you can take a screenshot and keep it so that you have a recorder then press the continue button now your gc key is created right so when you press continue button it will bring you on the page of terms and conditions click on i accept now you have to fill your details so this is the filled up details form press on continue button again you have to create your security questions and answers right so this is how you can create your security question and answer so when you press continue button you will land on this page this is your account which is created you can start applying for your study visa from here so when you scroll down you will get apply to come to canada click on this link it will open this page so here if you have not created account you will have to go to create your personal reference code however it says over here since you you have created your account you don't need personal reference code right so we go down i do not have a personal reference code so here determine your eligibility and apply online so now we are applying for study visa and click on this button it will land on this page it will ask number of questions answer these questions and your application process for study visa starts away what would you like to do in canada so let's study so this is the first page how it is filled moving on to next page so as we are applying after getting our letter of acceptance from college or university which we had selected as per my video on how to select program and institute so we are clicking yes over here moving on to next page so if you have lived for six consecutive months in the last year in any of the designated countries you have to provide police clearance certificate but in my case i was in india itself so i'm selecting no way so moving on to next page have you had a medical exam performed by an ircc authorized panel physician so as we had seen in our medical exam video we should have done our medical exam before applying so selecting lcs for student direct scheme we have to do medical exam before applying again as per video on gic we have already opened a gic account so selecting it as yes we have paid our fees as mentioned in same video yes yes have you taken a language test as per my video on ielts yes we have done apps where all your results were listening reading writing and speaking on the international english which was six or higher so as i had mentioned in now this video we need else for applying to canadian study visa and for all models the score you should get is six or higher so as i have six or higher and selecting yes update your marital status ruins of destination is as per your designated learning institute where it is located mine is in nova scotia so students study permit through student direct stream right we are going to ask you a few more questions and then we will give you a checklist of all the documents today going on to next page you may be able to come to canada as a student through student direct stream this means you may be able to get your study permit faster than through our regular application process moving on to next page do you have a valid work permit or study permit and need a visa to return to canada so as we don't have already we'll select no are you an exchange student no is work an essential component of your studies as i had showed in my letter of acceptance video if your program has co-op it will mention it as cohort in your letter of acceptance so if your program has co-op you have to select it as yes away are you a spouse common or partner or child of certain skilled worker or certain full time international student it has all will have status in canada so it is no phone so whether you have common wealth scholarship recipient of adversary participant in canadian aid program so answer for me it is are you accompanying a family member that has status in canada for me it is no have you ever committed been arrested for being charged with or convicted of any criminal offense no do you want to submit an application for a family member now since i had told earlier as well if you apply for yourself first as a single person going to canada first it your chances of approval will be higher so hence selecting as no are you giving someone access to your application as i will be operating this account on my own and selecting as no in the past 10 years have you given any fingerprints and photo for an application to come to canada that is for going to canada whether you have given your biometrics earlier for it me it was no there are fees associated with this application will you be paying your fees are you fee exempt so yes i will be paying my application fees are you able to make a digital copy of your documents with a scanner or camera for me yes will you be paying your application fees online to pay online you can use a credit card for me it was yes so this queue the preview of your entire answers for the questions check them once and press continue now it will give you steps for applying to your study visa right go through these steps and follow them correctly now we'll move out press continue this will give you the checklist of all the documents here this is the application for study permit click on this link it will open up so this is the pdf file that will be there you have to enter your details over here and once you enter all your details your name family details date of birth citizenship your education your marital status personal details languages passport details national identity document your address contact details and details of intended study in canada so rest all details you will be having with you these details of intended study in canada you have to fill as per your letter of acceptance that you have received from your designated learning institute mention the name of the school my level of study will be select from the drop downs my field of study will be select from the top down province select your province where the dli designated learning institute is located in city and the address so in your letter of acceptance you will have designated learning institution number as well put that number over here your loa will also mention your student id put that student id duration of ex duration of expected study allowing mention from and to date put that it exactly and the tuition the cost of my studies will be put this cost as per your alloy whatever is mentioned in your algorithm as well that tuition fees will be mentioned put that tuition fees and rest if you have additional fees mentioned in airway apart from friction fees segregate it into room and board or entire thing you can put another right then funds available for my stay this is the gic amount that you have the opened account for gic you can put that amount away so whatever amount that you have opened the gic account with so suppose the minimum amount is 10 000 for me i have opened up ten thousand canadian dollar account js account so i had entered ten thousand over here right in funds available for my stay so far my expenses in canada will be paid by select whatever it is for you so myself if you provide you will have to show you the evidences in sop as we had showed and if any other details are mentioned in ago you can add them right so this is the important part details of intended study in canada with it as per your letter of acceptance that is allowing and rest details you can fill up as per your profile education details employment details so this is the background information that they are asking here mention your health details your school details whether you had been to canada earlier all those details answer it as per your profile right then do consent to be contacted by cic select yes so here you have to mention your name for signature the date of application so once you complete filling up the application check it thoroughly and then press validate so if there is any error or blank boxes which needs to be filled up mandatory it will show error so once all the required or mandatory boxes are filled when you press budget it will validate and create a barcode page so then that pdf you have to save and create a scan pdf copy for that and take a print out of it right or you can directly take print out of this pdf file as well right with the barcode it is necessary to have that barcode pay because you have to sign physically on that barcode page and then scan the entire application with that barcode page and upload it on right so this is how my application looks after this scanner so this is the scanned document of that pdf after i had validated this barcode page was generated at the end which i had to sign it physically so this page i had signed and i had scanned this signed whole application and uploaded it in so you have to click over here select the file wherever you had stored and upload the button is how you upload the application form then all the other documents that you have already created as per my previous video your transcripts evidence of work requirements in study that is your loa or letter of acceptance will have a requirement mentioned in allowing so that you have to scan and upload it over here proof of guaranteed investment certificate so the mail or confirmation received from your bank for gic proof of tuition payment received from your dli proof of ios language test results passport so while uploading scan of your passport you should include your first and last page of the password with your details and also the pages where you might have immigration stamps if you have visited other countries so those immigration stamps should have departure as well as arrival immigration right so that will show that whenever you go to other countries you return back within the stipulated time of your visa so you should include those immigration stamp pages of your passport as well then your letter of acceptance from your dli your digital photo digital photo is your passport size photo the requirement for that photo is mentioned over here what should be the size of the photo all the those details you should read and get that image of the photo soft copy of the photo with these specifications proof of upfront medical exam as explained in medical exam video the pdf file that you receive from your diagnostic center you have to upload that pdf file over here and family information for family information as well you will get a pdf file download this pdf file and save it on your computer and as i had shown in application pdf file you have to edit your details for our family in that pdf file save it and upload it all right here if any other details now you had created sop as well they are not asking sop anywhere else so that sop you can upload it in client information so upload that recipe over here in pdf format and then pay the pin as per mentioned over here 150 plus 85 that is 235 canadian dollars you have to pay as fee so it includes 85 canadian dollars by my decreases right so this is all when you complete the upload all the files you will get a submit button since i have not uploaded i'm not having it so once you upload everything submit your application and that completes your application process right so this is my account page here this is my study visa application online application so when i press on this link this is my application it so this is the completely filled up application along with uploaded documents this is how it will look so once you have uploaded all your files it will appear over here so this is all about my application how it was so this is all about how you have to apply create your account and apply for study visa let me know if you have any doubt that's all for today in this video please like this video if you have stayed till now and viewed this video and also consider subscribing the channel thank you stay safe goodbye you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Canada Study Visa Process - Step 8 – Study Visa Application and Fees" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Canada Study Visa Process - Step 8 –  Study Visa Application and Fees


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