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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wan_Uq41Hqo"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][Music] hey guys and thank you so much for tuning in to my channel my name is the lady designer and we're here with a small little tour of a part of our city zoo i promise that when i would finish the dingo habitat and the restaurant which i did not make a speedboat video of uh i would do a tour with like the americans and fennec fox and the red kangaroo the dingo and we're also going to include the other australian animals and one more african animal in there so yeah it's going to be a small little tour as i promised like months ago already so without further talking let's just do that but i'm going to pause this because my fps in this zoo is just it's low it's it's around 9 fps if i play the game right now it's like 18 fps so this is a little bit more doable so i will just unpause it once we get there so this is the entrance and what we're going to follow is basically a path um right over here we follow the bridge then we go through the revera hall on the right side then we go around it to the red kangaroo dodingo fennek fox and the meerkats and then we have the ringtone lemur here as well so just to give you an idea like obviously there are some bits and pieces that we still need to do like some some lights or some bins and benches and those kind of things but mostly this area is now finished so this is definitely one of my most favorite habitats that we built a long long time ago if you uh oh wait we have a box animal here if you have been following my channel uh since ever that we started with the city zoo you obviously do know this habitat definitely one of my most favorites i have no idea anymore what this was inspired off but it still looks super cool with like the tires and stuff i think it looks absolutely amazing i usually don't really out there are the ringtail lemurs i only see ref lemurs here definitely one of my most favorite habitats of this zoo still but there are a lot of them so yeah i can't really choose i guess but we will see the other side of this habitat once we go around this whole area we also have some flamingos over here as well of course uh not really included in this tour but since we're here anyways let me just show that as a while again uh but there's still a lot of work to do there are some staff areas around here in the back side as well uh but yeah we still have definitely a lot of work to do still in this whole zoo but we're now going to hopefully show what we have been doing so far and what we kind of now finished on this area so this is the uh the back side of the ring tilt and rough lemur all in the more older city zoo style at least that is the approach that i'm having here some really cool climber frames and stuff inside here for these uh ring tilt lemurs and stuff oh there's another box anymore i'm just gonna gonna leave that for now all right let's just go through are we going through the riviera hall let's go through the fair hall we have another path right over here which we can also follow for just a little bit uh so yeah let's go through this uh this huge building i think this is the biggest building that we have in the game we're only gonna watch the um or in the zoo i mean [Laughter] we're only going to watch this uh oh yeah that's right we had a museum here gosh it's been such a long time since we built this these are skeletons you should definitely uh go and find the speed build episode where i built them so you can find the links to these uh uh skeletons because i did not create these skeletons just to to clarify but i did do of course the building and interior right over here so we have the um australian wing right over here and on this side we have a little restaurant area so we have some shops right over here and just some some green and stuff too to decorate the whole place so people can can get some drinks and some food they can go around here there's plenty of things they can choose from i think they're very happy with that this is definitely built right after the um pack australia pack lunch so then we go to the uh koala habitat oh that's right i actually did not intend to have glass here but they were escaping so yeah we could not really uh do anything else with them but is that like a little tiny baby koala oh my goodness that is so small isn't it i love that and oh gosh there's so many here but yeah they have this indoor and this outdoor section and the outdoor section we will look at from the other side of course as well but they have a very nice tropical and lush environment inside here definitely uh tried a lot with like the the red uh rocks as well from the from the new pack and the new plants of course and then we have this cassowary indulge section right over here i see there are both outside we might have four even of them i say i remember that you can only add two in the habitat and i was like you know what i'm gonna add four just to have to see them a little bit more when they are walking around okay that's not really working uh in their habitat but yes i know you should only have two uh because i don't really like to have um too many in their headsets okay there is another one we might even have more since we have you okay yes there's four but this is sandbox mode so you can get away with that so that's all fine and good i guess uh so we have some signs here as well all right so let's just go and pause the game a little bit and go outside right over here so over here is the back side no it's not on that side is the back side of the now indian rhino but we're definitely going to change that to the um uh the the the white rhino from the latest pack and this is the outdoor section for the cassowaries i obviously can't remember anymore what habitats i inspired these habitats off so you really should check out the speed builds of these habitats to know exactly what i use for inspiration for these habitats but yeah a very nice and lush habitat for the cassowaries on this side as well just to make sure that they have their privacy if they want to but also kenya can still be seen by our guest in this zoo i had to uh reduce the amount of guests to 500 we had like 2 000 guests or something like that but i was like oh so such a low fps i need to try and reduce anything i can at this point but for some reason like changing the graphics doesn't do anything for my fps i i still don't understand how that works but it works like that so yeah i really have no idea but it just doesn't work uh this is as you can tell the koala outdoor habitat making sure that they have nice trees and stuff to climb on i don't think anyone is is climbing at this point unfortunately uh they have a little bit of water they actually can swim i think when i built this habitat i actually didn't realize that but they are not able to skip this habitat so i think it's it's all good and this is then the um there's this staff path right over here leaning to the back side i think and then this is the back side of that restaurant that i just showed so now we're going to follow this path again so we can go to the red kangaroo and the dingos and the meerkats and the uh fogs we have two bridges right now so i i did uh create the bridges i did do a lot of foliage work in between there's like this river in between as well so yeah i try to uh detail as much as possible and to make it all look finished i did forget this area now that i see one i think it's all right to keep it grass but i think i'm going to fill it up um so if we go and follow so right over here just to give an idea this is something that we're going to to finish in a later stage and then we're going to do a tour as well from the other wing of the rivera hall and then at this area we have a mandrel island we have the west african lion right over there we have some warthogs and some artworks there but yeah this area is definitely not finished yet we're gonna have like this little park section or something like that i think we also have ocapies right over here so yeah this tour will definitely happen once this area is finished as well i think i'm gonna finish this area sooner than later so yeah hopefully in not a long as a too long time uh so right over here we go over the same type of bridge that we have on the other side a little bit further away right over here obviously this area is still a work in progress but we have so right over here we have a little kangaroo restaurant so this is the kangaroo habitat this is a more plain habitat definitely because the kangaroo as well they need free space to to wobble around when i built this one we did not have these aquatic rocks so i definitely added these in a later stage just to give a little extra touch to this habitat as well uh but yeah this is a restaurant uh or a house hat that you can see from the little restaurant that i made that is not in a speed build so that is the thing that i added last before recording this little tour for you guys uh but that is i think that's just that's just really cool so we have this little restaurant we have these uh kangaroo statues all on the on the sides and you have they said this pretty big seating area right over here and you can you can definitely just uh have a peek at the kangaroos from here it's obviously not like super spectacular but the idea is that you can look uh towards the kangaroos at this side so this is a round restaurant well it's more of like a shopping building i guess um this one is a little bit inspired of a little round building that there is also in rotterdam zoo i i i know there was a name for it it's pretty close to like the old entrance but i couldn't really find it so all i could see was like this round building from google maps or like the satellite images and that was like okay i'm just gonna use use that round shape as inspiration and just build a little shop in here so we have some water and some hot dogs and then if you go around this building you have a toilet building right over here and yeah you can just go around this building as well so yeah there there are many ways here to let your guests spread around a little bit if you want to and we have some more kangaroo statues right over here but i'm actually quite happy with like this like we don't really need too much here because we already have i will show that in a bit we have that restaurant that i just showed in like the revere hall like that australian restaurant um and then we have another area right next to the entrance so it's all pretty close to each other so i don't really think that we have to build something humongous here um to to have another restaurant like for the australian area where this is basically placed in we already have the restaurant inside of the riviera hall so i think this is just the perfect size uh for this open space that we have let me just show you from the top as well i really tried this this was pretty big area still but i really try to put down as many paths as possible and uh to keep like this open space for some seating areas for people to rest and stuff uh yeah i think it definitely uh definitely works and it really pops out a little bit it's more open right over here like a lot of the zoo is more dense so i think this definitely works and um so yeah okay let's just go here because we have like this little seating area as well right over here if you want to chill and look at the red kangaroos that are right in front of you right over here that's really cool and then you can go to this side where we have this dingo uh well this is more of a shelter area for the guests and to get some more education right over here uh definitely uh a lot of fun to build this one this is something that we recently built so not right after the australia pack launch but like a few weeks ago only i guess uh but yeah it's a lot of fun uh to to finally have the dingoes in our zoo so this is basically like a little bit representing the biome that the dingoes are are um are from and uh on the other side is more of like the uh tempra biome of city zoo so that is more of like the nature that was already here and keep in mind i'm building sandbox mode so i'm not paying too much attention to what the animals maybe want in their habitat or not uh so this is the other side a 40 thing goes they have there's like this little cute shelter area here which i really love with like the logs and stuff a little water area to chill and just nothing really spectacular but they have just this foresty area where they can walk around run around play around whatever they want to do and the guests can obviously sit down right over here if they want to and just have a nice look at the lovely cute little dingoes right over here and if we don't go further we get to like like these were all the australian animals like there were only four and while the blue lizard thingy that one is obviously in one of the exhibits and then we go right over here to the fanuc fox habitat which is like more there there's like the meerkat habitat and then the ringtail lemur so this basically connects the african area as well i will show that as well from the top um so right over here we have the cute little fennec fox habitat uh just a little aviary-ish habitat you can download this one as well from the workshop it's one of the few habitats that i actually upload to the workshop i mostly just wait until my whole zoo is finished before i start uploading anything from a zoo so yeah this was definitely an exception oh wait there's one on top of here oh that's so cute can we see that from the other side oh look at that it's actually standing on top of here so yeah they can indeed walk on top of here and be underneath in this little shelter area but definitely a habitat that i really enjoyed creating something that we haven't done earlier something that i really do hope that we get some birds and stuff in the future so we can we can build more aviaries because i really really did enjoy doing this so yeah hopefully we got a an aviaries pack or anything like that in the future that will be just super amazing so we can continue our path right over here uh we have the other bridge here with the koalas on the other side oh no this is the cassowary and the koalas and then we move right over here now we go almost to the entrance area and then you have the meerkats right over here so they have a very small habitat this is definitely inspired of like the older classic uh city zoos so yeah i really wanted to make something small for them and something they could still enjoy i don't like this this spot or pie but i had to i had to add that one but yeah they have this this small area right over here to roam around there's a cute little meerkat right over here and they also have this in dual section there's also a staff building right over here which is also from the back side connected to the fanuc fox habitat which is in the in the back there uh we have here some educational signs this is the little indoor section can we get just go through the glass like so so they have this little indoor section just yeah i don't know what what it is inspired off but i just wanted to make it a little bit more narrow and have the feeling that this is really a small section but it's sometimes really hard to do that with like the planet zoo pieces because they're still like humangas uh but i think i think i did quite a quite a good job in creating something small indoor uh for a city zoo style zoom and you have some heaters here as well of course and then we have this meerkat sign as well for some more education all these billboards and and pictures that you see that are different from the ones you have in game you can all download these uh from my discord server the link is in the description down below and there is a chat room with like billboards and there you can download any billboards that i uploaded also some webcams that i made for pawn to zoo so definitely go and check those out if you um want to use my billboards as well so this is like the backstage area so the fennec fox habits hat and this is going to the meerkats and then we go right over here so we got to the other side of the lemurs that we just saw i think ah this is so wet it's still one of my favorite houses but the fender fox and the meerkats and then the dingoes are all definitely also my favorites they're all so much fun i had so much fun building all these i really do hope that my fps will will be able to hold for as long as possible that we're able to finish this soon as all right okay i do need to do a little bit more detailing right over here still but this is the entrance so right over here is where the guests come from and then we have two toilets right over here and this is like something that we built probably in the beginning of this whole series so we have another restaurant right over here at the entrance area with some toilets so as i just sat like with with the restaurant that we just built like the last restaurant um it definitely makes sense so we have one restaurant here we have one restaurant here i don't think there are toilets here so having toilets right over here at least am right over here uh right over here in the corner i think this is enough uh but but there definitely should be some more toilet work probably over there but we also have toilets right over here there's also a restaurant in this building so yeah i think when it comes down to the needs of the guests looking at it from above maybe some more toilets but definitely this particular area i think is covered right now but i don't think that this should have been like a huge restaurant we have a restaurant here we have a restaurant here we have a restaurant here and i think a small restaurant here i think this is this is definitely enough definitely something that i actually did not really pay attention to so this more happened than that i planned it well i did plan this restaurant in this restaurant i don't know it was i was not really busy with that or anything if that makes any sense um so yeah right now we looked at like this is the entrance so we walked through this riviera hall building right over here we went to the other side then we went back over this bridge we went to the red kangaroo the dingo habitat is right over here we have the restaurant we have the fanuc fox ride over here and this is the meerkats habitat so regarding path and sometimes people are like how do you do your path and how do you connect things it's hard to tell because i really create this very lush shoe but hopefully it all makes sense as far as this area goes as i said like if we are going to finish this mandrel habitat area or like the park at least in front of it and uh like just filling in all the bits and pieces that we're missing around here then we're definitely going to do another tour of like this more african area so we will probably start here have the bonobos i think we have hyenas here i'm not really sure anymore if we moved any animals and then we will go through this other side of the the riviera hall wing which we will then have like the white rhino as well the okapi bongos giraffes elephants etc so so that is definitely the next small tour that we're going to do is well it's not really small but we're going to do this more only african area once this is finished so yeah i really do hope that you guys enjoyed this uh this short little tour i know that a lot of people always keep asking me can you do a tour but the whole tour we're gonna keep for for of course when the whole zoo is finished so we're not going to do any complete tour that we have going on right now but we're definitely going to do a tour once everything is finished but yeah bits and pieces is definitely something that i enjoy doing so hopefully you guys enjoy this as well do let me know in the comments down below of course leave a like at the video if you guys enjoyed subscribe of course if you haven't already and if you want to see more of city zoo definitely go and check out this at the whole playlist there are like 60 videos right now or something like that really an amazing project i really love working on so really do hope that you guys enjoy it and that i can inspire you guys with these uh these city zoo builds and yeah for other planet zoo content i definitely also have you covered on the channel thank you guys so much for watching and i really do hope to see you guys all in the next one bye guys [Music] you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" 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