Copy & Paste Youtube Shorts And Earn | Make Money With Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to copy &amp; paste youtube shorts and makenmoney on youtube without making videos. Step 1: copy and paste link. Step 2: turn video into short. Step 3: Upload short on Youtube. Step 4: monetize your short. In this brief step by step tutorial I am goingnto breakdown for you, guys, how you can easily make bank with youtube shorts - without showingnyour face or using your voice. So no voiceover, no camera, no fancy editingnskills needed. If you're curious, make sure you watch thisnvideo till the end, leave a like and enjoy. This is Passive Income Revolution with anotherneasy and free to use make money online method for you. If you want to learn more strategies how tonmake money on youtube without making videos, with youtube shorts or with youtube automationnchannels, subscribe to my channel and check out my other tutorials. Alright folks, here we go. Today I want to show you another great opportunitynto make money on youtube - for free, from scratch and from everywhere around the world,nso pay attention. You probably already heard of a cool, newnfeature here on Youtube called "#shorts" and now you're asking yourselves, if there's actuallyna way to monetize youtube shorts. Well, there are plenty. You can for example make money with youtubenshorts by selling your own merch or by promoting high quality products from affiliate marketplacesnsuch as "". However, for this youtube shorts monetizationnmethod we are going to use the immense traffic power of But we'll get to that in detail in a second. Now, I know, that many of you guys want tonlearn more strategies how to make money on youtube 100% anonymously, meaning, you don'tnwant to record anything or show your own face in your videos. Well, I think, in that case I might have foundnexactly the right strategy for you. You see, if you browse through all of thosenmillions of shorts on youtube, you will notice, that it actually is possible to get tons ofnviews with shorts without showing your face at all. And on top of that: by using the method Inam about to show you, you will not only not need to show your face, but also to not usenyour own voice at all. So no camera. No voiceovers. The only thing you will need to do, is tondo a little bit of copy pasting work - and that's all it takes to make money with thisnmethod - hopefully as much as possible. Alright, the niche we will be using for thisnmethod, is the car niche - or better - the driving fails niche. So let me show you some examples of successfulnchannels within that niche, that earn huge amounts of money each month - not from AdRevenuenalone, but from different other passive income streams as well. For instance, take a look at this channelnhere. This guy makes somehow from 2.5k to 40k inncash on a monthly basis - from AdRevenue alone, which already is absolutely insane, if wenconsider, that there are even more profitable and better ways to monetize your shorts thannearning money from Ads. Or for example this one here. We see plenty of funny and hilarious dashncam videos or funny driving fails compilations on this channel. Obviously they´re not shorts, but that doesn'tnmatter, because I am going to show you an easy way, how to transform any video intonshort format with a few simple clicks, so keep watching, folks. And if we go to, we see, thatnyou can make easily even 5 figures a month from AdRevenue alone - simply by uploadingndash cam videos. so there is definitely some money making potentialn- even without Ads, which is important for us, because as you probably know, for now,nYoutube decided to allow only a percentage of content creators to monetize their shortsnwith AdRevenue. Don't worry, though, there are solutions fornthis. I am going to show you some other cool waysnhow to make, hopefully, as much money from your dash cam shorts as possible. Before we get to that in detail, though, makensure you hit that like button. Also don't forget to subscribe to this channel. Alright guys, so, step number one is to findnproper footage. And I'm going to show you how to get footagenfor your short by simple copy pasting links. All of that 100% for free of course. Simply go over to, type in innthe search bar something like "driver fails" or "drivers fail compilation", filter by CCnlicensed videos and pick one you like. For example....let me take a look...we'renlooking for a compilation of videos recorded by dash cams....that's important for thisnmethod to work...ok, so let's investigate that one it in another tab, watchnthe video a bit .... and look for a funny, short, up to 15 to 20 seconds in length captionnshowing drivers failing in everyday's traffic. We're gonna talk about the length and discussnwhy a maximum length of 15 up to 20 seconds is crucial a little bit later, folks. So...let me browse through this video....thatnscene here looks, I love watching those driving fail compilations. I could spend hours watching them - if I actuallynhad that time. This one here is hilarious. Here's an insider from me: watch driving failsnfrom Eastern Europe - especially from Russia. I love russian people. There are awesome. And their fail compilations a funny, positive, let's take this one here for our short. Now, copy the URL of the video, go over tona free Youtube to MP4 downloader of your choice....I personally like to use that one here...andnpaste the URL up here. Before you download your fail compilation,nmake sure, you're re-using a video, that has in fact been equipped with a creative commonsnlicense. Creative commons license means, the videonis allowed for reuse and you can do with it whatever you like. So, if that's the case with the video, you'renreusing, you're good to go and you will not get into any kind of copyright issues. Ok, once downloaded, it is time to transformnyour driving fail compilation into short format. To do that, I'd recommend you to go to a freento use website called "". Once you're signed up and signed in, go tonthe home screen of canva and choose a proper format for your short - doesn't matter, ifnit is "tiktok video", "your story", "instagram story" or any other format - as long as younpick one with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. Which is the right resolution for youtubenshorts. On the next page, go over to the upload sectionnhere on the left hand side, click on "upload media" and upload your downloaded funny drivingnfail compilation. Once uploaded, drag and drop your video upnhere to the right, adjust the size and the alignment a bit and also add a black backgroundnto the video. Don't leave to much space above and belownthe video....only as much as needed for a nice call to action....the video itself shouldnbe always in the center of attention and attract the viewers' interest. You don't want to spam or overload your sortnwith call to action texts...but before we get to that, folks, you will first need tontrim your video a bit.....Go over to the scissor icon here in the top left corner....move thensliders to find the scene or caption you want to use for your short....let me check, whichnminute that was....3:05....till 3:25....perfect. Why is that perfect? because there is somethingnI call the "13 seconds rule". meaning....shorter shorts...ranging from 10nup to 15 seconds, in maximum up to 20 seconds, but on average somehow around 13 seconds...tendnto work better, attract more people and as a result get also on average a higher viewernretention than longer up to 60 seconds long shorts. At least for me. That information is based on my very own experience,nso take that advice with a grain of salt. Nevermind. Move the sliders and once you found your caption,nclick on "done" here in the top right corner. Lastly, go over to the text tool box herenon the left bar, choose a nice, cool looking font, one that is free to use, drag and dropnit on your clip, doubleclick on it to enter your call to action text...for example somethingnlike....let's say, you want to promote some nice gear for drivers...for instance....booksnwith driving tips, navigation systems for cars or dash cams....yeah...dash cams shouldncorrelate best with this video write something like...."best dash cams inndescription"...or something similar......adjust the size.....the alignment and also the color,nposition your call to action below or above your clip....choose an animation for yourntext....and once you're content with everything, watch the preview of your short....and clicknon download here in the top right corner. Next step: upload your short on your youtubenchannel. Now, this one is simple, but at the same timencrucial for this method to work properly. Simply login into your youtube account, uploadnyour downloaded dash cam short and give it a cool, funny and catchy, you don't need to reinvent the wheel over and over again....just let your competitorsninspire you. Go over to youtube and check what kind ofnrelevant keywords are being used by your competitors. You can also use the help of different researchntools such as morningfame, tubebuddy or VidIQ to find the best and most hot trending keywordsnfor your video. And believe me or not, finding appropriatenkeywords for your shorts can make the difference. So, name your video, for example, "crazy drivernhaving a road rage - vertical bar - funny dash camnfail compilation" or something similar. Try to be a bit more precise and creativenas I am being right now, you know what I mean, folks. Add also a funny emoji to your title....ancar, a honk or a smiley...emoticons work very well on shorts, so you definitely should alwaysnhave some of them in your title, just don't overload your title with them, ok? Copy and paste your title to your description,nadd the term "#shorts" - either to your title or to your description and add also a fewnwords to your description including some hot trending and relevant keywords. Here.....bla bla bla...and so on and so forth....Indon't want to waste your time with too many details here, guys, if you've been followingnmy channel, you probably already know how to write proper titles and descriptions. If not, feel free to check out my other tutorialsnabout how to make money with youtube shorts without making videos. I explain everything there in detail. You will find the links to some of my tutorialsnin the description box of this video. Add some tags to your video as well....forninstance..."funny driving fails"..."driver fail compilation"...."dash cam fails"..."funnyndash cam fails"...and so forth and so know the drill. Lastly, before you proceed, leave some spacenopen at the top of your description box for you call to action and for your referral link. In the last step I want you to go over tona website called "amazon associates". You can signup there for free. So, once you're logged in, go over to amazon.comnfirst, and look for some niche related products....for example driving lessons, navigations or dashncams....pick a product you find appealing....for example one with a high rating of at leastn4.5 stars....or one with tons of positive reviews...copy the ASIN of your dash cam fromnthe URL....and paste it here in the product linking section of your amazon associatesnaccount. Next: click on "get link", shorten your referralnlink - either by using amazon's link shortening plug in or by using different link shorteningnservices such as tinyurl or and paste your shortened link at the top yourndescription box - next to your call to action....which was, in capital letters, "best dash cams here"...withna pointing finger or hand emoji. Now, the magic behind this is simple: eachntime somebody sees your link in your short or in your description, he or she is goingnto be directed to the amazon sales page of the product you're promoting. If he or she purchases the product, you getna commission from that sale. Amazon grants you up to 10% of each sale theynmake via your affiliate link. So, if somebody buys that specific dash camnhere for 120 dollars via your referral link shown below your short, you earn somehow aroundn12 dollars. All of that with a few simple clicks. Ok, so here's the deal. To maximize your chances of converting yournviewers into customers or potential customers, I would recommend you to customize your referralnlink. To do that, simply go over to, loginnthere (you can sign up there 100% for free), click on create here and paste your referralnlink up here on the right hand side. Give the backhalf of your link a cool, appealingnname...always in capital letters...something like, for example, "best-dash-cams", save,ncopy and paste your customized link next to your call to action and that's it, folks. Alright, guys, that was my step by step tutorialn" How to copy &amp; paste youtube shorts and make money on youtube without making videos - bynusing the power of amazon affiliate marketing". If you want to learn more strategies how tonmake money on youtube without showing your face, check out my other tutorials and cashncow niche recommendations for 2021 on this channel, subscribe and make sure you hit thennotification bell, so that you don't miss any of my future uploads here. Leave a like and tell me in the comments downnbelow, what motivates you the most to make money on youtube. Stay tuned and se<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Copy &amp; Paste Youtube Shorts And Earn | Make Money With Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos 2021" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Copy &amp; Paste Youtube Shorts And Earn | Make Money With Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos 2021


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