FIRST CUP ☕ Episode. 31 (Haircut, Wifey's Gone, Punch Down, Russia)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]welcome back it's your boy me uh i'm still it's me it's me guys it's me can't you tell [Laughter] it's only been 24 hours without the wife and i've already shaved my head like britney spears i'm going [ __ ] crazy i'm going [ __ ] crazy ah yeah i feel fresh i'm fresh to death um are you [ __ ] shave it off you know i gotta say when it comes to ingenuity okay when it comes to words like fortitude and uh and uh uh valor when uh when covet happened and they shut down my gym i started to run okay and then when they shut down my barber shop i learned how to cut my own hair in fact i learned how to fade my own [ __ ] and i'm pretty [ __ ] good at it so my italian barber he my italian barber simone flew actually not even flew he he canoed his way all the way over here from uh italy from naples or milan i don't know same [ __ ] anyways he started cutting hair when he was 11 and then he uh he came over here and then he works at this really fancy [ __ ] barber shop downtown and i went there for years in my whole life only three people have ever cut my hair there was a guy cut my hair from my entire childhood at the lansdowne mall barbershop then he retired he [ __ ] off and then a lady at a great eclipse this uh iraq a lady from iran sweet lady she cut my hair for years and then [Music] she [ __ ] off uh and then uh i was working at a at a diamond shop in downtown vancouver and i really needed a haircut so i went to the [ __ ] nearest place which was the old location for this place and uh i just happened to get this really cool guy with uh tattoos okay this italian guy named simone and he is a badass he's a badass i've never seen anybody clip some [ __ ] more [ __ ] better than he does um and then so he cut my hair for like five years and then covered and then covered and so uh i just haven't been back i haven't gone back since i'm like well what the [ __ ] i've been paying 45 for this i can do this myself man yeah baby yeah baby this is how you survive this is about survival so yeah so yeah decided to cut my hair gonna wear a hat for golf today i like it i like it i don't think the wife likes the army look she doesn't like the marine commando look but i do it's [ __ ] efficient bro it's [ __ ] fishing um a little bit of housekeeping this morning uh this isn't live this is pre-recorded gonna get uploaded because uh for the life of me for the life of me couldn't figure it out couldn't figure it the [ __ ] out yesterday i tried to download some [ __ ] uh i tried to figure out if i could just do it off the youtubes that didn't work uh i can't find the same program that i got for free on my mac pro right and so they wanted me to download this stream studio 35 bucks i love my show but i don't love it no 35 bucks [ __ ] all that are you kidding me [ __ ] all that i'd rather go buy a gopro anyways i'm gonna have to figure something out but this is only for uh monday through thursday and then friday back to normal friday back to normal because the wife has got my laptop but uh it'll be all right same same same as huge huge huge we'll just uh i don't know why i bought i got this thing just to convince me that i'm live right now but i'm not i'm definitely not this thing's trying to figure out where the stream is it ain't coming it ain't coming anyways episode 31 so even if you're one of those those [ __ ] months with the extra day you still gotta you still got an episode per day of my show well let's get into this couple of uh well we got some some stories we got some stories we got some sports stuff how about we start with the sports stuff well um the aig championship the women's major at carnoustie just concluded yesterday anna nordquist i believe she's probably swedish she's probably swedish very pretty lady very pretty lady she hasn't won a tournament since 2017. so you imagine that's like four years dry spell and then you come back and you win a major at one of the toughest golf courses on the planet i mean the 17th and 18th hole brutal brutal um so way to go anna comes back and wins a major not just any major carnoustie so that's awesome um the uh northern truss will most likely conclude today but the uh the the chairman for the pga or usga or whatever he came out and said look guys this is a playoffs so we're finishing this 72 holes we're not gonna just go 54 or 50 whatever uh 72 holes we're gonna figure this out uh the the hurricane the hurricane that was set to go through new york got uh we brought it down to a tropical storm or something i don't know how that works anyways like how do you determine i they must have it figured out i'm not getting into that um so most likely i mean what i come on you're a pro athlete you can't deal with a little bit of range robby droppies a little bit of rain drop your droppies on your head come on man like biden come on man uh so that should conclude today we got rom in the lead we've got uh justin thomas we got who else who's chasing cameron uh smith whole bunch of people it's gonna be good it's gonna be good i wonder let's see i've been watching sportscenter this morning trying to figure some [ __ ] out bga tour nope not yet hasn't started yet anyways hopefully today if not tomorrow it will be done they will declare a winner uh [Music] then a wild story out of the out of france out of the french liga one french can't even spell league right anyways uh you had a game between ogc nice and olympique marseilles this already just [ __ ] noise the [ __ ] out of me um anyways crazy scene in which the fans the french fans just can't keep their [ __ ] together i mean these french people are [ __ ] god-awful you can't act proper at a [ __ ] ball game is that what you're telling me you french you're adults why don't you act like it for god's sakes you can't keep it together at a ball game how are you six what the [ __ ] is wrong with these french people man oh you're god awful the worst form of latin that's ever been introduced to the world horrible i can't stand you people i [ __ ] can't stand you oh my god anyways these [ __ ] [ __ ] can't keep it together for one minute so they throw a bottle some dummy [ __ ] french idiot throws a bottle at dimitri payet on the nice team and so dmitry looks at this bottle and he picks it up and hawks it back at the guy all hell breaks loose about 50 fans rush the the field the security yellow jackets everywhere [ __ ] coach is trying to get into fisticuffs just wow i mean what is wrong with france why is it that every friend why is it that like every week you hear about some racist comment that was yelled at a french player at some french liga [ __ ] game game right there's always a game it's like it's never is it's you know you can never go a week without hearing that some guy you know they called him a monkey or a gorilla or they said the n-word i mean these [ __ ] french people are just awful awful people keep it together france for god's sakes keep it together you know you're look you're you're women aren't that good looking and your food isn't that good so [ __ ] you know you better be on your p's and q's because we might just boycott france you we should have boycotted france a long [ __ ] time ago after you [ __ ] after you little [ __ ] cocked up the war remember that when you let the nazis in your country when you just let them in yeah some of us will never forget that you [ __ ] cowards and now this [ __ ] and now it turns out that you're a bunch of racist [ __ ] too that can't keep your [ __ ] together for a ball game god you're pathetic people [ __ ] pathetic people man you french people are lucky that this cup of coffee is so delicious oh just a [ __ ] disgrace you're embarrassing um let's see okay well we'll go from france to russia because i've seen some [ __ ] wild [ __ ] yesterday i knew that this existed but i never knew to what extent okay there's a little tournament called punch down and i'm pretty sure it's in russia or the ukraine or bosnia or croatia or one of those places they all speak the same [ __ ] um there's a thing called punch down it's a slap tournament oh my god [Music] okay so there's this guy named zales zales and he looks like a he looks mean man he's bald and very russian and he looks super super scary anyways they have this contest where they these giant [ __ ] vikings stand in front of each other and then they okay they go like okay and then they just slap the [ __ ] out of each other they slap each other un unconscious these guys are [ __ ] passing out and they're being held up and then when they can finally figure out where they're at they're asked do you want to continue to fight and they're like nope nobody wants to continue to fight this zealous guy he's a monster he's a monster his hands are as big as my [ __ ] ass cheeks they're big got these cardi b ass cheeks and they're just as big as this guy's hands [ __ ] huge they're [ __ ] huge anyways if you get a chance go go go youtube some [ __ ] punch down with some zalas highlights oh man that's a scary business i don't know how much they get paid by it i hope it's a lot i hope it's a lot the russians are crazy man these russians are crazy like there's a country where i'd be very concerned if we ever got into a war with you know because they just seem real tough you know they're just hard hard people i'm not so much concerned about the chinese because look at them what the chinese can't defend themselves for [ __ ] have you seen a chinese person it's embarrassing but russians russians don't [ __ ] around at all russians are no joke you know [Music] i i had one good russian buddy one good russian friend of mine back in the day and uh his name was alexi alex and his brother sergey he had an older brother sergey and alex was my age sergey was a few years older and uh they were they were dangerous people yeah they were [ __ ] hardcore and uh you know me and alex are good buddies right but uh sergey never said but two words to me for a long time he just didn't like he didn't like outsiders he didn't he always spoke russian didn't speak a word of english in front of nobody it was his way of staying secure you know it was sort of like his security was to speak russian to his brother so nobody could understand um and then uh one one night we're partying and uh i drive alexei who's trashed away i drive alex home we get home his brother's pissed off like you drove drunk again this [ __ ] you idiot that are done i said no no don't worry i got it i took care of it you know and uh and that was the moment that his brother that sergey came around and i remember alex [ __ ] off to the bedroom and it's just me and sergey and sergey comes and goes you drink you you drink okay and i said okay yeah sure why not i'll have a drink so i get the ball of vodka out of the freezer okay he pours me a shot and he goes nostrovia whatever he said right boom okay and he goes he says to me he goes you you listen you listen to me you lease him and i said sure sergey i'll listen to you what do you what what's up and he goes he gets in really close okay he goes and he pours another drink he goes never trust russian woman that was it never trust russian woman that was the that was all the knowledge that he needed to impart on me was don't trust him and he meant it too he meant that [ __ ] never trust russian lumen i'll never forget it i'll never forget it these these two guys were cold as [ __ ] man they had ice in their veins anyways russians are just a different breed i don't want to get mixed up with no russians i'd stay clear man i'm friendly with all of team moscow if you notice i don't talk so much [ __ ] about russians i don't got the balls to do that [ __ ] no way no way ah what else we have here uh [Music] okay well two pretty and well this one story i don't know if you heard this how about brendan schaub you know what brendan schaub is brendan schaub is a retired ufc fighter and uh now he's a stand-up comedian uh he has his own podcast the fighter and the kid and something else um he recently uh came out and told a story about something that happened to him and it's one of the most intense stories uh and if you can go look up the fighter in the kid and it'll come up you'll see a horrific car crash and uh you know i i'm pretty sure brendan he's a handsome fellow he's a big guy handsome fellow successful i'm sure he catches a lot of hate i'm sure he catches a lot of hate that's probably not warranted at all but uh if any of you go listen to this to him to him tell the story uh there is no denying that uh schaub is a hero uh out right hero um he comes across a sees a car accident on the highway in l.a and he pulls over which is a big no-no you'd never pull over on a highway when there's an accident it's the most dangerous thing you could do but he does it because as he's pulling past his car he sees like a like a six-year-old on top of this mangled car waving him down and so he pulls over gets out of the car runs up and the kids screaming like my my brothers my you know my brothers are in here and there's a three year old a six year old and a seven-year-old all under the age of eight these three oh no four kids all under the age of eight okay in a mangled car so shobb oh well this car gets into a uh an accident head-on collision with a semi-truck so you can imagine what this scene looks like so he starts to smash the window starts pulling the kids out the kids are screaming i don't want to die i don't want to die uh shobb takes the last kid out he says is there anybody in here left in here and he goes i think there's one more person and shaub looks in the front seat and it's the mom and she's she's done uh pretty obviously invisibly deceased uh so shaw gets the kids out and says makes sure that they taken the other direction so they make sure that the kids don't see their mom because it would have been traumatizing beyond beyond so chubb gets these kids out of the car and uh well i mean shaw's a hero but the the the most [ __ ] up part of this is that he comes to find out that that morning the father of these four kids tells them uh today we're going to go to heaven and [Music] he purposely drove into oncoming traffic to try to kill the whole family some mexican that they probably just [ __ ] let into the country anyways uh the mom i can't remember her name there's a gofundme um you'll see it if you look up the story it should be easy to find the mom was like 20 something years old uh had been dealing with domestic abuse for quite some time and then you know this was his this was his uh grand finale the sick sick [ __ ] anyways um and the the most horrifying part of the whole thing is that the the guy this piece of [ __ ] ends up surviving because he was seen fleeing the scene running across the highway actually the guy the the father jumps the barrier runs across the highway gets hit by a car and then somehow pops up after this guy pulls the car into oncoming traffic slams into a oncoming semi truck okay the driver the semi truck was trying to just avoid it almost jackknifed the truck the jackknife the trailer trying to get out of the way couldn't avoid it uh and this guy gets thrown from the vehicle survives jumps in meridian gets smashed by a gets hit by an on by a car survives keeps running i guess the dhs picked him up oh just just [ __ ] and i couldn't imagine what shaw must be going through right now thinking about those four kids because schab's got kids and then thinking about i mean what it people don't understand what it does to you to see it to to see a deceased person i know an obviously deceased person it's uh yeah anyways brendan schaub you are a hero my friend you are a hero and uh let's hope for the best for those four kids um and then my last story here well not quite my last story one on the other one um there was an interview with takashi mr rainbow mr rainbows um takashi 69 was on a dj academics podcast and there was an interview a sit down with whack 100. now in case you don't know what's going on um takashi to try to boost his rap career sort of uh aligned himself or associated himself with the bloods the nine tray i think it's called nine tray bloods and got sort of really mixed up with them and then when the fbi started investigating the whole thing uh takashi ratted a whole bunch of guys out a whole bunch of guys went to jail uh takashi did a little bit of time and then got released for well for snitching basically um so obviously a bunch of people want to kill takashi now um and there's this whole thing well whack 100 is like an og blood like like grandfathered in blood of bloods you know like straight up so they have a sit down and uh so what i took away from it was whack was basically saying you did exactly what i would expect you to do because you're a civilian you're not a gangster you try to act like a gangster you talk a lot of gangster [ __ ] he goes i think you have thoughts like a gangster but you're not a gangster you're a civilian you're not a blood you're not a gang banger you're a civilian and so for you to turn and you know give up a bunch of people and rat a bunch of people out that's what civilians do and so i kind of took it from that perspective which is kind of interesting takashi on the other hand made his case and i gotta say you know snitches get stitches but at what point are you gonna keep protecting these [ __ ] clowns right i mean at some point you gotta you gotta draw a line i mean they were they were pretty obviously trying to [ __ ] him over uh you know trying to hurt him trying to they were trying to take money from him they were extorting him they kidnapped him uh i think that par part of what i think something he said was that they [ __ ] his girlfriend like people aren't nice people they're not being good to you i mean how long are you gonna protect this guy i get like i get not be a rat but at some point you got to get rid of these people and there's only two ways to do it right i've only ever known of two ways to get rid of a person right one way is well well one way you get the law involved the justice department and you try to get rid of them that way and the other way well it's just another rainy night in your community i guess right it's just another rainy night in whatever neighborhood you live in and they get it and you can get rid of something and you know people disappear that way too but uh yeah anyways kind of interesting kind of interesting uh hurry over time 25 minutes and then i guess i'll mention this because it's a big deal bitcoin who's into some crypto bitcoin just hit 50k which is a big deal because 5-0 is that number where people start to uh fomo in right they go oh my god it's worth how much is it worth 50 it's worth 50. it's going to be 100 soon and so people all these people try to rush in and then it usually just shoots it straight up so uh bitcoin hit 50k this morning all coins are going exploding somehow some of the altcoins are exploding right now uh things are looking up and up things are looking up and up anyway all right that does it for me we will see you tomorrow morning again i apologize that these five videos aren't going to be our episodes won't be live but they'll be there anyways take care we'll see you tomorrow morning have a good monday good start to your week and uh we'll uh we'll reconvene in the manana peace out<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="FIRST CUP ☕ Episode. 31 (Haircut, Wifey\'s Gone, Punch Down, Russia)" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

FIRST CUP ☕  Episode. 31 (Haircut, Wifey's Gone, Punch Down, Russia)


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