Fully Funded MSc & PhD Scholarships in UK (now open)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFf8DUe1EHg"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel today we'll be talking about a number of prestigious scholarships in the uk some of the big names world-renowned scholarships such as the gates scholarship or the rights scholarship and there's another incredibly generous scholarship at king's college london and another one at the university of manchester but before we begin and a few weeks ago we talked about the chevron scholarship this is also a fully funded scholarship in the uk presently on sponsored by the uk government for master's opportunities so in case you've not seen the german video please go and check it out and last year the resources from this channel led to the emergence of 10 nominated children scholars so yes in this channel we have 10 chavenas so today we'll be talking about all the opportunities in the uk masters and phd and then before we actually commence also ensure that um you've downloaded grammarly already grammarly is an editing software that saves you from embarrassing grammatical errors help to sharpen your sentences help to give your essays or your emails to professors more clarity there's a link below this video where you can open the free grammarly account there is a free version and there's a premium version so it depends on the size of your pocket it depends on what you want so download grammarly today and um polish your communication skills it is ideal for students for anybody applying for postgraduate opportunities for those writing essays those writing emails i think grammarly will save you lots of headache then another housekeeping issue google whispered to me recently that 66 percent of people on this channel are not subscribers so 66 of those who visit this channel regularly have not subscribed and this number is um atrocious for the lack of a better word so kindly support this channel by clicking on the subscribe button is a sort of encouragement it shows me that you're benefiting from this materials and it also signifies to youtube to recommend this channel to other people so thank you very much as you do so so let's return to these wonderful opportunities in the uk for masters and phd fully funded so the first opportunity we'll be looking at today is at the king's college london and i will take you straight away to what it covers in about to water your appetite so this covers food international tuition fees as a number of you might know international students often pay more in the uk than domestic students but for this scholarship they are covering your entire the entirety of the international student fee so you don't have to move a financial muscle they got you covered throughout and of course there's also this very generous extremely generous deep end seventeen thousand six hundred and nine pounds per year this is extremely generous and apart from that guys apart from that you still have a five thousand pounds stipend for research cost in case you need to do a field work or in case you need to get special research equipment this um extra research grant will enable you cover that cost so this is an incredible generous opportunity might not want to miss and this is for masters and this is for phd sorry this particular scholarship is for phd we'll look at other masters scholarship and subsequent um scholarships i'll be looking at also in this video so this is a phd scholarship is written and feel phd m field is usually what we call here pre-doc so is that one year you do before your fully integrated into the phd program so it is not like a separate degree for most universities in the uk it is part of the probation period while doing a phd so this university or this scholarship at this university is actually for a phd and look at the eligible faculties or department it's mostly for those from the natural sciences from health sciences from dentistry nursing mathematics and things like that so how do you apply for this so this is the application calendar this scholarship actually opened in june so quite a month ago if you're watching this in august and closes on the 1st of october and you must get admission from the university and the 1st on the 31st of january next year and then we get the decision on the 1st of march and actually resuming on um i think the first week of june uh next year i think is written here must start in june 2022. so if you apply now and you're getting you should be ready to start it's also here june um 2022. so how do you apply for this scholarship how do you apply for this incredibly generous scholarship so first you create an account like any other person and in the funding section of the account you created by filling in your details submitting your transcript and things like that you have to put in this code this code will signify to the application committee that you're applying for this particular scholarship and there's also a form you attach to your application and do not worry about this form i've checked it out already it's just like a condensed version of your personal statement your statement of motivation why do you want to apply for this course how would it help your community how does this relate to your background and then why did you select this university why did you select this department so most of these questions have already been answered in my previous videos whether it's in the children's scholarship or in the commonwealth scholarship i've showed how to answer questions like this on why do you select this course by this university how does this help your career how does this help your community so these are the regular questions and you see lots of similarities in the other scholarship i'll be showing you the other scholarships i'll be showing you today you see these questions coming up frequently about why do you want to do this the community impacts the career impact of what you intend to study and then this is a research degree it's a phd after all and you're meant to bring in your um you're meant to bring in your research proposal so this is another document that is quite common in the uk so you have to bring in your own research then look for a professor in one of these eligible departments who is ready to supervise your research so when it comes to a research proposal the number of people are quite um are quite scared of the of the word research proposal because some countries do not require you to submit a research proposal while applying for phd i know the um the us for instance might not require you to submit a research proposal but the number of universities in the uk actually do but not to worry there's also a video on this channel on how to write a research proposal in fact i shared tips on how i wrote my research proposal and got me three fully funded phd scholarships so the same technique might just help you get yours as well so what are you meant to do you're meant to go to these departments go to these faculties and contact a professor look for a professor whose interest align with yours who's doing something related to yours send the professor an email telling him or her that you're applying for the scholarship this is your research interest and you're seeking for his supervision or supervision and show the areas of um of overlap between your interest and my interest or your interest and his interest so you're expected to like have read some of the professor's work for instance and show what is interested in that work how that work of that professor that research of that professor connects with your own research interest with your own research focus so it's important to get a professor's approval while you're applying for the scholarship and you could always always mention it in your statement of purpose that you've contacted this professor and he or she has agreed to supervise your work so this is well explained here this website contains step-by-step guidance on how to apply for the scholarship and of course academic excellence with such statement of justification is just like the statement of purpose i told you about on why you want to apply your academic background how it will help your future plans it will help your community so pay attention to the calendar and pay attention to the application requirement and start sending your emails to professors as soon as possible remember this is an extremely generous scholarship and competitive as well no doubt about it but i trust you i believe in you [Music] that if you put in the work you will get in so i think it's time to move on to the next scholarship [Music] so the next scholarship is a popular name the right scholarship you must have heard of the scholarship in your academic journey because this is one of the popular world-renowned scholarships out there and there's one good thing about the scholarship because it's been it's been available for years it's been out for years they have lots of um info on your website lots of info from existing and past scholars and then i think you should just take out time to read through because a lot of info here and advice on how to write a competitive application and things like that i think there's no way to substitute the the quality of information on this page i've gone through this website myself and i've seen the quality of info here past scholars have done lots of work in guiding those who intend to apply for this scholarship of course the white scholarship is based in the uk at the university of oxford either for a master's or even a phd fully funded as usual even covers your travel cost covers your tuition cabazio and living allowance and it pays you seventeen thousand three hundred and ten pounds approximately 842 pounds um per month so it's incredibly generous incredibly generous scholarship also covers your visa covers your visa and your health insurance so you have nothing to worry about you have also covered your flat ticket as well apply tickets to and through your country and gives you a settlement allowance apart from your living allowance let me come to the country really you're giving like a settlement allowance so this is incredibly generous so you could get the other bits of info here on how to apply you just need to submit like your documents like um the essays you need to submit on leadership on why you deserve this scholarship on the community impact those instructions are here but i want to take you straight to the different categories of scholarship [Music] the different categories of them rights scholarship and then that's what then is known as the right constituencies rights consequences shows you the number of um eligible countries for this scholarship and this is it guys these are the eligible countries or jurisdictions for the scholarship so check closely and see if your country is there sometimes you have country clusters or single countries like country clusters for instance west africa this is a country cluster just two positions for west africa for the us for instance you have like 32 positions for kenya you have um two scholarships so just check carefully for your um country and see whether you're eligible and as i said this um scholarship has done an excellent job when it comes to application requirements application overview what you need to submit what you need to do and um there are several videos here as i said there's no substitute to these videos because most of these people speaking are past recipients or current recipients of the scholarship and i cannot substitute anything for their wisdom so just take out time to listen to them and sit down and write a competitive application and as i said there are other materials also on this channel on how to write things like a cv or how to answer particular essay questions like on leadership on why did i choose this course on community impact and that is it from words for now i think there are several materials on the website at your disposal so what about gates gate scholarship at cambridge this is another highly popular scholarship the gates scholarship at cambridge covers both masters and phd program of course these are extremely competitive high achieving student with evidence of community impact evidence of leadership so let's quickly check the eligibility criteria the eligibility criteria so you have to be an international student outside the uk applying that for a phd on msc at cambridge usually with the wonderful academic and qualification wonderful leadership experience and then things like that let's check the criteria used for this scholarship the criteria used for this scholarship so there's academic excellence very good results and you have to write why you chose that particular course whether it's a phd or a master's name the skills that you intend to learn show how it connects with your background and your future aspirations and there's also the topic of community commitment to others so how will this course you intend to study help you help others i will let it how will it empower you to empower your community then capacity for leadership show examples where you led the group where you led a project and um yes let's see if there's any other thing we could look at quickly the timeline the timeline so for the gate scholarship i believe it opens in september so those resuming this year of course already lead to apply if you intend to resume this year is actually against next year so for u.s citizens if you're interested in the gate scholarship it opens in september and that's just few weeks away today is um 16th of august so um it's just a few weeks away if you intend to apply for this against next year and of course the time table here so you could look at the timetable to see how to plan and if you're outside the us it's also in september so this opens in very few weeks so get your documents ready get your documents ready for this scholarship so let's see how do you apply for this how do you apply there's also a video that's quite useful so they've put together a video guiding you on how to apply for the scholarship just what your statement should contain like there's a statement of them 3 000 characters approximately 500 words trying to like answer those questions why you selected the course your leadership experience your what do they call it your community impact of your of the course you intend to apply for and of course if you're applying for a phd your research proposal remember i mentioned research proposal not too long ago so most uk universities require you to submit a research proposal if you're applying for a phd and there's already a document on this channel as i said teaching you on how to write a research proposal there's something here about references as well so read through this info on your own and i wish you good luck as you apply for the scholarship the good thing again is that most of these scholarship websites are loaded they have lots of info already you cannot go wrong if you take time to read through and digest the info here and digest the several pieces of advice thrown around on this channel on this and on these and websites i meant to say so the last one we'll be looking at today is the equity and merit scholarships for international students at the university of manchester at the university of manchester so you should be either um ready to apply for a full-time course on campus or a part-time course an online course and um there are 30 scholarships 30 scholarships for for this under this particular scholarship 30 slots on this particular under this particular scholarships let's open for courses in engineering environment health sciences development education textile and law but um the eligible countries are a little bit limited a little bit limited i must confess so you have to be from ethiopia or malabi or rwanda tanzania uganda or zimbabwe to be qualified for the scholarship and it covers of course tuition cost and living stipend and airfares and visas so you do not need to move any financial muscle you don't need to move any financial muscle and here you have application criteria what you need to bring forward what you need to submit the eligible courses here consider eligible courses english requirements how to apply so there's it's quite a detailed website again like the others so you can't go wrong if you pay attention and this is the timetable from 1st august to 31st august so try to apply on time if you're interested in this scholarship and um yeah that's it guys i hope this was useful and a number of prestigious masters and phd scholarships in the uk but that's the one at kinks or whether it's the roid scholarship by term oxford or the gates scholarship at cambridge or the equity and merit scholarship at the university of manchester and that's it guys i hope this was useful i wish you good luck in your application so start applying immediately if you ask questions if you have questions kindly ask them in the comment section but make sure you do your research before you ask your question do not ask a question like how do i apply it is clearly written in these websites or do i need to contact professors those things are already here try to engage with these contents then raise questions not already covered on the website i'm more likely to answer your question if they are not already answered or if they're not already obviously covered in the resources shared on the website and that's it guys thanks for listening remember to subscribe if you've not done so already and then i'll see you on the next one sooner than later bye bye for now [Music] [Music] you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img 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Fully Funded MSc &amp; PhD Scholarships in UK (now open)


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