LIVE From Ohio ? The Freddie & Alyssa Show #191

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]hey everyone how's it going i just uh rinsed my face and my shirt is wet and i'm just not going to change it because i'm going to sit here and enjoy a nice q a live from ohio um this will be a really fun freddy melissa show i wish alyssa could join me but she is super busy right now living her real estate life in florida and i figured you know what i'll do a solo podcast check in answer questions live right here on the show uh so please ask away anything you'd like to know i will try to get to as many questions as possible and i am going to kick it off with a few questions i got from instagram earlier so i'll kind of throw them all in um let's see if everything's working here so doug hi so youtube is up and running and facebook is live well happy wednesday to all of you i hope your day is going amazing um i'm here in my in my hometown house it's the home that i grew up in and i know you really can't see much but this is like the dining room area that used to be my bedroom when i was younger or used to be a bedroom huh mom this wasn't my bedroom right yes it was my bedroom oh it was my bedroom i thought so then i turned into like a weight room at one point but uh but right now it's the dining room so i've been hanging out with my parents my dad's at a golfing tournament right now and um he'll be home here in a couple hours so we're gonna have some dinner and enjoy got to see my grandma today which was super awesome she's 83 years young and she was like just so obsessed with our our wedding photo and she was showing me all the photos in her house and when we were younger and and uh it's really just kind of give you gives you the perspective when you're home around family and you're seeing people get older in life just to really appreciate no matter if you're 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 about how old you are uh to just really appreciate it spend time with family so this trip has been just awesome so far and it's going to continue to be awesome but you know i want to throw in this so far no my whole family is just great i'm gonna see my aunt tomorrow and uh that'll be a lot of fun but i'm only staying until saturday then i'm gonna head back and then alice and i are gonna get back to some things that uh that we're doing there um but let me see here all right well i'm going to hop right into the questions i'm going to keep it flowing today i know that i talk a lot anyway but i'm also recording the audio for people listening on itunes so if i do a lot of pausing it won't be a pleasant listening experience so i'm going to see the questions and i'm just going to rattle through them so that i can keep a good like podcast vibe even though i'm going live here so anyone who's listening to this podcast let me know how it ends up turning out but i'm going to do my very best to make it a great audio experience for you as well so i'm going to start off with some of the questions i grabbed from instagram earlier and then please feel free to ask away if i miss your question feel free to ask it again because they are bumping up rather quickly so let's hop into the episode i think this is a great first let me do my let's do the opening live welcome everyone to the freddie and the list to show if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe like comment all that fun youtube stuff if you're watching on facebook hello if you want to follow the page that would be awesome and if you're listening on a platform like itunes and you want to leave us a 5 star review because you think we deserve it that would be amazing as well we've been putting up content now for four years this november and we couldn't be doing what we love without your help so thank you facebook thank you youtube thank you for everyone listening on the audio platforms as well we're just really really enjoying ourselves and this live has got me all jacked up so i'm ready to go so my very first question was do friends from home treat me differently that i've been on a show um everyone's been the same i don't know if it's just the small town vibe or what it is but everyone that i went to school with that i see everyone is just like really cool um no one's really been like interestingly positive or like like weirdly negative um everyone stayed exactly the same and i gotta be honest with you i would say even some of my best friends they um probably haven't even seen an episode of the show so there's a few people who just you know appreciated what i did think it was cool but they would love me no matter what i was doing for work so i definitely got lucky with my high school friends they're just really really cool but a lot of them aren't here anymore so when i do come home i don't get to see everybody because everybody lives in different places or they live like 40 50 minutes away so i try to see my family that's living close but other than that um i don't get to see my actual like high school friends that much my roommate neo who i lived with for five years in los angeles he actually moved to parma ohio he left la in 2016 and he's been my best friend for 16 years and we lived together for five years so as you can imagine he knows a lot of stories he knows me from when i was a 17 year old kid to now that i've grown up to be 33 years old so he's really been through that process with me him and i are like dumb and dumber when we get together um we just really enjoy ourselves he's a great guy and he actually picked me up from the airport drove me to my parents house yesterday and we picked up some steaks and my dad grilled them and we just hung out by the pool and really enjoyed so i did get to see um my friend me you know but yeah that was a really great question but yeah i can't think of any one uh or any situation that was any different um my hometown everybody left there's a very very few people here so maybe if i grew up in a different town where everyone was still living here and i saw people more maybe things would have been different but everyone was just like so laid back and down to earth and to be honest i don't even think they cared um and that happens with me too you know there's friends of mine that i met when i was out in hollywood and they you know they got you know i guess you'd call it famous being on tv or a movie but when you watch them on tv it's not a character that you fall in love with it's your friend that's acting and they're the same when you're hanging out with them so i think if i would have changed then they might have changed it a different way but since i was just always like the same it never really ruffled any feathers um let me see if i can take a question here from youtube um let's see here yeah alyssa she's in uh florida we decided to split up our trip so she went to new jersey last week for a few days and hung out with our niece and she got to spend time with uh with her sister and our brother-in-law and they're getting ready to actually move to orlando but they got to spend some time i watched benji and i stayed at home and uh him and i just enjoyed ourselves and then alyssa got home monday i picked her up and then the next day i ended up going to ohio so we decided to do it separately so that we wouldn't have to travel with benji we could be um we could each watch benji and you know be at the house and just take care of like the everyday things that we needed to do instead of going you know for 10 days together to both places so we just split it up and she has a lot of work going on right now she just signed with a new brokerage um a couple weeks ago or a month ago and they're doing a grand opening ribbon cutting today and i think the mayor of tampa was there and there was a lot of cool stuff but i haven't spoken to alicia other than through text so i haven't gotten the juice of what went on today but i was a little bit of a creeper because i get notifications and our nest camera goes off because we put it on to keep an eye on benji when he's home alone so i saw the nest camera go off around like 4 15. so i'm like oh alyssa just got home um so i texted her but i haven't gotten a chance to to see how the day went but she said it went amazing so that's great and she's just building new relationships meeting new people and just getting acclimated to that um to that new brokerage and then um let's move over here so yeah the central florida questions that i'm getting here uh central florida was kind of an accident florida in general was always the plan we were going to go to florida at some point um when we were going to because that was i know i've talked about this before but for anyone who's new on there on on the live or on the podcast here um we i never really saw myself being in the acting industry forever i think if maybe in like 2011 or 12 or 13 like when i first was booking jobs or when i first got on days and i was still auditioning maybe if i would have hit it like big time when it comes to like find you know like a show like a primetime show that would have paid me a million dollars a year or something like that then maybe we would have stayed because we could have afforded california we could also travel more um we could have a house so family could come out and stay for lengthy periods of time so i think if i would have created a little more success around by the time i was 33 maybe we would have stayed started a family there kept working and then just had the family fly out but it's really hard because we always had a two-bedroom apartment family could never stay everyone has to get hotels and we just felt like really far away from everybody and if we were gonna get married and have a kid and we're thinking you know what maybe maybe we should do this in um in florida it'll be much closer to my family in ohio alyssa grew up in florida and her parents wanted to retire in florida so mom i can hear that yeah um and they wanted to retire in uh i don't know what she's doing there she's like cleaning like what are you doing oh she's doing her nails i hear this clip clip clip clip clip um uh but yeah her parents i knew were gonna retire there and if they were gonna retire i knew that her sister would and then this trip i've been talking to my mom and dad and we went over all the numbers because i'm like everyone's moving to florida you gotta be there and so i'm trying to talk them into it so maybe we can get them to sell their home here in ashtabula which snow six months out of the year and move to florida in like a 55 plus community they'll be you know it'll be relaxing golf swimming pools beaches so i'm starting that now especially unless they're going to have a kid in the next year or two um they're not going to be able to be in ohio and just be see their grandkid six weeks out of the year if that like that's no bueno so uh we so that was always our plan um i got a question from uh my mother-in-law um how amazing is your mother-in-law well my mother-in-law is amazing she's awesome and i'm so lucky to have val right down the street uh to cook amazing meals and to hang out so i really do enjoy having my mother-in-law right around the corner my father-in-law and i'm getting to know them on a on a deeper level all jokes aside um because uh i didn't really know them that well i mean you know me and ellis have been together for 10 years we've known each other for 11 but up until the past four months i maybe have spent a total of like 15 20 days out of 10 years with my in-laws so you really can't build a bond um that's another thing that i'm seeing too when i come home and visit is that it's it's a little contrived because you're limited in time so it's kind of like well what are we gonna do tonight and then like what are we gonna you know it's like everything is like what are we gonna do because time is short and i feel like when you just live next to each other you just have more organic moments where it's like hey you want to go do this today you want to do this today so even when i saw my in-laws or even my my parents and family it was always like very rushed uh so i think the real connection and experiences happen when you can actually spend time together and and do that so i'm really getting to know them and uh so i'm hoping for the you know the future here i can get my parents um down to florida as well um yeah thank you um so i'm all over the place with this with this with my dieting i go back and forth i'm always trying to figure out like what works for me and the difficult part and this is where i'm really trying to figure it out now is being on a show for 10 years and even being in the first five years from like 18 to 22 you can kind of eat whatever and i never gained weight because i was young but once i got in the mid-20s i started realizing oh i can't eat two carl's jr burgers at three in the morning um like all the time when you're hanging out with your friends and doing dumb stuff when you're young so i started realizing when i first gained like a little weight i was like oh i need to really pay attention to this but i got in a really bad cycle because working on a show all year round i always had to be on like a certain weight to like feel good and look good so i got into this bad habit of like crash dieting so that i could lose weight within three weeks but then your body kind of like rejects that and then it wants to eat so then i go on a two week hiatus and then i start eating again it was just like roller coaster so this is the first time that i don't have that pressure of needing to be a certain weight and so i kind of let myself settle out and now i'm at a point where i go now that i know like my body and i can like go at my own pace here i've been playing with different ideas and the thing that has really worked well for me is cutting out a lot of carbs so that's what i've been doing so thank you so much for noticing but i've been doing it for only a week but um if you look up the whole 30 that's what i'm trying right now and it's just to kind of reset myself get me used to eating um healthier foods again and stop the cravings of like the burgers and the wings and like all of that bad food i'm not a sweets guy um i'm more of like if i'm going to crave some it's more like an alcohol or it's or it's like a deep fried something more than like sugar so sugar wasn't hard for me but i got rid of dairy for the past week and so i'm just really uh trying to get ahead of this because i don't want to just slack off for the rest of the year and then try to do this on january 1st so i figured you know what let me get a let me get ahead of it so i'm seven days in and i just hope i can keep this going for at least 90. i feel 90 days you can have a real full body transformation and i haven't had definition in my abs in probably seven years so that's kind of my goal if i can i don't need like a crazy six-pack but i'd love to be able to see definition in my stomach again it's been a while since i've had that so as of now i'm feeling confident but i've done this before and there you know life gets real good and life gets real happy and you're like oh my god we're with friends or we're having a date night or you're with family and something good is happening and then i break the diet and i start you know getting back into it so hopefully fingers crossed i can keep myself um on it here and drop about 25 pounds is what my goal really is to get down to where i need to be um let me move over to another one here oh did you all see on instagram today i went to the driving range for the very first time or the second time my life i went probably like five or six years ago and my dad and i are gonna go golf on the actual course tomorrow but um but yeah i started swinging the golf club i got some gnarly blisters here i don't know if you all can see on my thumb but we hit about 80 balls and i did like different irons and a pitching wedge the driver i'm just really getting used to my form but we're gonna go on the golf course tomorrow and actually give it a try so i'll see how i do but being in florida there's more golf courses than probably land and uh i just really need to learn to golf so many people even on the show and i was working on days people go golfing together and i could never go and see if you miss out on that kind of stuff um friends family like when people get together for weddings any wedding i've gone to everyone goes golfing the first day and i never went so i really need to learn to golf because it's something i can also do forever um where some other sports you kind of have to you know give it up at some point competitively but with golf i feel i can do it for a while um yes so i am from ohio for anyone who didn't know i i grew up in ashtabula ohio which is a town east of cleveland about an hour east of cleveland so that was like the biggest city next to me and yeah i grew up here for 18 years three weeks after high school moved to los angeles lived there for almost 15 years and now i've been in florida orlando for about a year so i've lived in a bunch of different places and um yeah so right now i would say that i'm on a vacation i'm still doing a little bit of work but for the most part hanging out with family and just enjoying myself here um the summers are really hot here in in ohio but i love that everyone kind of complains they're like it's so hot i'm like i don't mind i love hanging by the pool i'll probably go in the pool tonight because i haven't done that yet mom would you want to peek in and say hi to everyone she she i didn't get my being in front of camera from my mom so there's two cameras here there's one here and one here if you just want to say hi so this is this is my mom right here this is renee so you've got about uh 180 people watching you live right now oh really yeah yeah yeah so you can say hi to everybody but yeah that's renee that's where that's that's my loving mother do you like me being home yes i love it i don't want you to go back i know she always tells me she doesn't want me to go back i want you to stay here with mommy well i'll be back soon you're gonna be moving soon maybe maybe maybe i'm gonna talk her into it i'm gonna talk her into it all right all right let's see here hi renee everyone's saying hi oh hi she says hi um my my mom was a general hospital fan her whole life and still is she watched days uh when i was on so she became a semi days fan and so she would watch my the episodes that i was on but uh but yeah her she's always like telling me she's like can you get on general hospital can you get a general hospital because that's been her soap forever i actually i got for her birthday i got her a cameo of um maurice bernard the the app cameo where you can you know pay celebrities or reality stars or athletes or whatever um to make a shout out video and so he's saying happy birthday to my mom's birthday last year um maurice did a happy birthday and she was so happy you're getting a lot of compliments mom yeah everyone's so nice i i will tell i will tell you though like for for being online i think you all probably know um that's why i'm always just so appreciative and so grateful because me and alyssa have put out a lot of content over all these platforms for like six seven years and 99 of the time it's all positive cool awesome people and i feel that's super rare so i just want to thank you again because all of you are just so kind um and it just really makes this experience of doing podcasting and being online and chit chatting and doing q a so enjoyable because i have a lot of friends who have a a mixture 50 50 where it's just so many trolls and it's just a nightmare so um i want to thank you again for always making this experience of of being online making content so wonderful um for all of you for being so kind it means a lot i never would have thought that your mom oh she's going to love all these comments she'll read these later she'll read these later when it's posted um and then for the um for the days of our lives i was seeing a bunch of them coming in and i got a few from from instagram here uh and i'm just gonna all up because i never wanna um i i know i did two lengthy videos on it to explain it so if anyone wants to hear more in depth about the recasting and all the info about days we did do two podcasts uh within the past month or two about the recast and then why i would not be returning to the show so if you're really if you're interested in hearing it in detail or a deeper answer than what i'm gonna give then you can you can find those on facebook and youtube or on itunes um but um but yeah they did call me for the peacock spin-off and that was in june and they called they called me out of the blue and um and i was very excited i thought that was super i knew it was going to come eventually just because everyone comes back to the show but um but once i got settled in ohio or in florida i just didn't want to keep going back and forth because of the way my mind works i um would always have one foot in and one foot out and so if i kept going back i feel it would have worked against me um from going you know what like i'm always i can always go back i can always go back and before you know it you know 20 years could have gone by and i'm still just like kind of going back and i just really wanted to close that door officially so that i know there's no like going back and then i can focus on my future and go look there is no like going back so you better figure this out and make everything else that you're doing work experiment with new things and the reason that i know i would be like that because i used to be like that when i was on the show there were so many times that we were doing the podcast or doing other projects that when those things got hard or you have a day that you're not feeling like so motivated i would just go you know what eff it like i'm not doing anything for a week or i don't want to do this anymore because when it got difficult i'm like well i got days i get paid every monday so it allowed me to have that out and i knew going back and forth um wasn't just wasn't going to be good for me so i just knew when the time came i go i don't because i would never go back full time and so people said why don't you just go back for a few apps here and there but it's still just distracting it kind of makes me feel like i'm doing both things and i just really wanted to close that chapter enjoy what i did there and allow someone else to take it over as well so that they could carry on that beautiful love story so um it was a bunch of stuff i mean i could explain it in so many ways there it wasn't just one thing like that was part of it uh but there was probably five components of how i made that decision and um it just wasn't um [Music] you know it was just that time and and sometimes it's good just to let things go there's been a lot of shows that you watch as well where you're like they should have stopped at season six and so i feel like for me that was my my end and uh and we had a really good we had a really good um exit and i had a really good time there so i i look back and just have only good things to say about it and i loved all the people i stay in touch with them and it was just absolutely awesome all right let me hop over here to um oh yeah the piggyback on that as well i have not seen the show since i i never really did watch it though the only time i watched it was the last four months because we were doing a podcast on it and it was fun but i never did watch the show um first two years i did because it was new and you're i'm so excited about it but then once it just becomes your life you you really don't watch it um so yeah i haven't i haven't seen it but um but i hope everything's going well over there and i'm actually excited though to watch the peacock spin off that's going to be awesome i really do want to check out and see what they do with that um but i'm going to hop over to more questions here that i got from instagram feel free to ask some questions and i'm gonna um get to as many as i possibly can um here's a good one too mary uh thank you so much um will i do some interviews with the cast anymore possibly i would i don't know if it's going to be anytime soon but i'm sure at some point uh we will have some of the the cast on again to catch up with them i know it's been a year since chandler's been on and um we're working on getting a lot more guests for the podcast um i think it could be really interesting to have some experts on some really entertaining people some good storytellers and that could be really cool so we're all gonna work on some guests and i i i'm pretty sure we'll have some days people on again at some point so what i'm doing now right now i was i was explaining this to my grandma earlier too i was trying to figure out the best way to um to put it but everybody on here who has the oops i just lost facebook there um everyone who who's on who's online and stuff will will be able to grasp it more um because i was trying i was like what do i do i told my grandma i was like i make commercials for different companies um but essentially i make content for brands so a brand will will um you know will find me and i'll make you know different videos for them for their content you know for their for their social media so some the contract is i'll post on my own social media but then others i won't so i'll be making content but no one will actually see it because it goes on their page so i do that a lot i do editing i do writing i help alyssa with all the real estate stuff we have our podcast and all those different ventures in between so it's kind of hard to explain we just we just kind of it's it's all online stuff it's all kind of mixed in but we have a bunch of different streams that all come in from different things and some months certain things are hot and then other months it's not so it's kind of nice that we have a few things so that we're never stressed or have all of our our eggs in one basket so but some of these things we've been building for years and waiting for this moment because i knew at one point the show was going to be canceled or i was going to be let go or something was going to happen and i just didn't want to rely on just the days of our lives income so alyssa and i for years have been building other things on the side and saving money and doing all that kind of stuff so that one day we wouldn't have to be stressed out if it ever ended so we've um been able to do that i mean we definitely had stressful times but i knew this day was going to come and so we just had everything prepared so this way we're not really stressed out i mean we have major goals in life that we want to accomplish i'm also probably not explaining it very well because sometimes i don't like to get too nerdy with the explanations of all of it but um but we have hefty hefty goals but we're very very much enjoying the process i keep myself busy i'm feeling really good i feel like i'm itching that creative um that creative uh you know gene if you will or or that that habit whatever you want to call it the the ability to be creative by making videos um and then i also because of the podcast i feel that i didn't lose all of the amazing connections with fans and audience members because we've been able to connect you know i think if i left the show in the 1980s or you stopped being an actor and even the early 2000s people were like whatever happened to that guy and no one ever heard from them again but i love the fact that i can that i was able to be on a show for nine years even some people came from 90210 and followed me over but now they can continue following my journey um you know whether that's getting married or how i got married or you know we're starting a family soon so you know the internet has really opened up the ability for alyssa and i especially myself to make the content that i want to make connect with people that i want to connect with and you know it's been a long time goal and it's taken us forever but it's you know it's not easy to do but our main goal is to be able to create enough income to make our own movies or even our own like little short films or whatever and just put them out on youtube and facebook so just like we do our vlogs or how we did our wedding video like our wedding video we hired people because it was our wedding but that cost three thousand dollars so if we were going to make a really cool reality show and put it on youtube and facebook and go explore and do all this stuff it's going to cost about three thousand dollars a week so we can't produce a show like that right now or if we wanted to shoot a movie it would cost us about 250 grand so we can't do that right now but eventually i i want to act and do all that but once we're able to build our income up enough and and be able to bring people on and get producers like we're just going to make content and shows and movies and just put them on the internet because i think that's where it's all going i would much rather work with advertisers and you know do something creative like if we had like the movie we wrote unplugged um there's a scene where they're at a party and they're all drinking um so why not call up like budweiser or white claw or heineken or whatever company and say hey do you want to give us 25 000 towards this movie and in those scenes we'll drink heineken and we're not going to do it like corny because they do this sometimes where they're just like oh wow isn't this pen from frontier airlines world mastercard just amazing it writes so great people don't want it actually loses sales but if you're just watching a movie and you see someone drinking a heineken or eating burger king or whatever it is it's just brand awareness so that's what we even do in our with our podcast or with different videos we do product placement so companies are starting to do product placement so why not just get a few brands put their products in the film and then release it to youtube and facebook so there's a bunch of different avenues of doing it and we're trying to figure that all out at the same time building a real estate business um which i think is really great so that's something that i'm super super excited about is is being able to help alyssa continue to grow the real estate business because it's it's our business she's the real estate agent of course but all the back end stuff and everything we do together and we have a lot of hefty goals for real estate as well and um selling homes and remodeling homes is something else so i'm just in this interesting phase in my life and i'm grateful for it yes i don't have like this steady steady job to rely on um which is scary i think a lot of people can relate to that if you don't have a steady paycheck um it can be a little um scary at times but there's the reward of being able to be self-employed and making your own income and creating your own stuff also gives you the time freedom it has its different rewards so i think p so i think some people gravitate towards self-employment some people gravitate towards employment and it just it just wherever you feel best and and for me the self-employment has worked you know really well because even as an actor i was an employee but it's just different so i kind of gotten the vibe of what it's like to to work on your own have to find your own work audition book and do all that um i forget where where we started with this about not oh yeah just that i have all these options at the moment so i have to just figure out where we're going to place our time and energy but right now we've got about five things going on and i think within the next you know maybe six months or a year maybe we'll be able to figure out which one we want to put all our time into or maybe narrow it down to just two um or maybe we'll be able to do three right now we don't feel overwhelmed because this is all we do if you think about it you know some people say too like we had we on our members podcast we had somebody asked too about our lives being like busy and crazy and they are but it's all we do so alyssa and i aren't parents yet um you know we don't own a home with all those chores uh we we don't we don't work a job and then doing this on the side i mean we wake up and we we do what we do so we you know we're at that stage in our life where now's the time to just do all of it because once we do have a kid that's gonna change slightly of our time of what we're going to be able to do how many things we can manage think our priorities are going to change so right now we're in that time of our life we're in florida we're in our early 30s melissa's mid-30s she's 34. i like to always throw that in there but now's the time to try things so i that so i'm feeling really good about that all right let me answer a couple more here uh the best part about being in ohio is definitely family if my parents moved to florida i still have enough family here where i'd still come back once a year to see everybody but if i had no family uh here i would not come back to ohio just for the hell of it it's a great place though the people are really chill even my whole flight from orlando to cleveland most people in the airplane were live in cleveland or in ohio and just the energy of ohioans only if you're in ohio i'm sure there's other states and cities that are like that as well but there's something very specific the way people from ohio dress the way our swag is there's there's just something about um just ohio it's just like a real place i'm grateful i grew up here but uh i would never live here because you know it's it's i i just i i don't get the the weather like i i don't understand how like why i live in a place that is cold like cold like zero degrees two degrees 10 degrees in the winter so we have the option not to so i figured hey let's do let's you know let's do florida where it's nice yeah we have warren ohio in the house home is where the heart is absolutely yeah it's all it's all about your home it's all about the about you know being with people and i've noticed that as i've gotten older because it's much harder to meet people not harder to meet people but um it takes time to build a relationship with a friend these days you know i think back in the day was as simple as like running into each other at a party and you both like thought each other were cool and then you were like friends but now i almost feel like making friendships is like dating as i could imagine you know because you're not going to just hang out with anybody you know you want it to be somebody that is going to be equal value exchange uh someone that's a good person someone who's motivated who's like working towards something and when you were younger you were just like hey we're in the same class together and we think each other's funny and so you build different bonds but when you're in your 30s it takes like some sort of like class or some sort of adventure or traveling or just the right double date or people that are similar to what we're doing like a lot of the people we become friends with in orlando are all in the same industry like videographers photographers makeup artists realtors real estate broke like people in you got to have something in common you know so when you start to realize because now that we moved like i i didn't have any friends in orlando you know what i mean like alyssa at least has her hometown friends in south florida but in orlando we we had to make all new friends so we have our friends we talk to and we do all that but to actually go kick it like hey let's go to the gym or hey what are you doing you know we have to rebuild friendships up so definitely when you're in ohio you're around family and friends you're just like oh just the ease it's so easy you don't have to say anything you just like hang out and it's just so chill so i really i really appreciate being home let me just do one more question here and i'm gonna get off and jump in the pool because it's a million degrees uh florida's the one state that i won't visit why won't you visit florida you'd like it it's really really nice it is hot it is hot but it is a cool place yeah nicole's talking about that too yeah but i think it gets you out there right you know if you gotta if you gotta go make new friends it um it definitely you know gets you out there and and makes you go do you know do things and so that's what i'm trying to focus on too but i'm also very content you know i have my people that i talk to on the phone and me and alyssa do everything together that's another thing that saves me you know if alyssa you know worked somewhere where she was gone all the time and then i worked from home but didn't have anyone to go kick it with like alyssa and i do everything together so um so that really helps but yeah i i we got a real real you know and then we we we've been in florida for a year but it was like the height of covid until may so really just this summer has been the first time that we've been able to like go out and say hi neighbor let's shake hands let's let's hug it out like what's going on so uh so yeah but i'm up for it i like meeting new people and sharing stories so i'm down and uh do i miss los angeles um i wouldn't say i miss it um but i just um but but there's nothing like negative you know it's not like oh i'm glad i'm out of there like nothing like that i i really think it was the best decision i ever could have made um the stuff that i learned there in 15 years how i grew up being away from home probably really helped that even though i did miss a lot here in 15 years being away from family i missed a lot of birthdays thanksgivings a lot of really big moments but i got to do something pretty extraordinary um working on a show for nine years that everybody knows winning an emmy i feel super accomplished um our storyline was so meaningful i feel really accomplished about that as well everything else that i learned i met some of my best friends i met alyssa out in california my wife i mean it was just awesome i think it was the perfect 15 years for me i think the show was a wonderful nine-year experience and i just look back at both of them it's just like this is great california was awesome for when it was days was awesome for when it was but now i just kind of feel like a baby again i feel like i'm 18 19 years old except i have a lot more knowledge but i'm kind of like how kids feel you know like hey i'm getting into college what do i want to do and so i kind of feel like that again but with you know a lot of skill sets that i've built and a lot of knowledge that i'm taking to the to the world so you know now it's just time for a new chapter and when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations and in challenging situations it's when you learn about yourself and um i'm i'm rarely comfortable it's not on purpose but i feel like i'm always doing new things and just learning making mistakes and it's become normal to me now so anytime there's a new adventure or challenge i'm like let's do it let's let's give it a try worst thing that can happen is you learn something best thing that can happen is it works out and you learn something so um so that's what we're doing so it's it's uh it's been really great and i just want to thank you all again for your ongoing support and your kindness uh it really means the world to us and alyssa says hello we'll be back next wednesday we'll fill you in on everything i'll be back in florida so we'll be back in the studio and uh or our living room where we have our our camera and audio equipment but um but i just want to thank you all again for coming on this journey we're quickly approaching our 200th episode so i think that we'll probably film that in october this year it's been a wild ride and i'm so glad i got this video diary um for all of us to continue that you know we can share our journey and we can always look back on on what was going on i think that's really neat so again thank you all very much and i will see you all next wednesday so i'm wishing you the best weekend ever and i'll talk to you soon [Music]<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="LIVE From Ohio ? 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LIVE From Ohio ?  The Freddie &amp; Alyssa Show #191


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