Omar & Hana Season 5 | New Episodes 40 Minutes Compilation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][Music] oh [Music] wow that's amazing [Music] allah knows we [Music] try come on [Music] that's our baby bird mommy daddy [Music] it's injured maybe he fell can we save him daddy [Music] poor thing insha'allah we'll try our best omar please pass me the phone [Music] so let us [Music] on his mercy we made [Music] [Laughter] look at me yes brush your teeth yes really come let me check [Music] [Laughter] [Music] what happens if the baby bird isn't able to fly again huh poor bird will it be okay will it survive if allah asks us what do we say don't worry allah knows our intentions were good he knows we tried our very best now we make duan and leave it to allah for the best outcome oh allah [Music] ah it's like the story of the sparrow during the time of prophet ibrahim alaihissalam the sparrow yes a little sparrow [Music] happy time for me and you remember to take your wood [Music] once upon a time during the time of prophet ibrahim alaihissalam there was a sparrow who witnessed the evil king namroots and his people tried to burn the prophet i need to fly higher [Music] water water where's the water [Music] the little sparrow took some water in its small tiny beak and started flying when it arrived at its destination the sparrow stopped and let water droplets fall from its mouth to the ground below water water [Music] the sparrow did not give up the little bird tried and tried and tried trying to put out the huge fire but daddy isn't the sparrow small and its beak is so tiny can it actually stop the fire um what do you think omar i don't think so daddy why does the sparrow want to put out the fire hana prophet ibrahim was in there was in the fire oh yes anna the evil king num roots wanted to burn prophet ibrahim alaihissalam he didn't like the prophet telling people the words of allah then what happened daddy the sparrow continued to drop water from his small beak to douse the fire but the fire just got bigger [Music] oh little sparrow with those tiny amount of water how can you ever put out that huge fire oh [Music] i know i'm small and i'm not able to put out the fire water water so why do you keep trying [Music] [Music] your big so small and tiny too i [Music] [Music] try as you might little bird you'll never succeed [Music] this is [Music] questions me i'll have the answer hopefully [Music] water [Music] oh the poor sparrow hmm don't be sad hannah trust allah hmm daddy what happened next then the miracle of prophet ibrahim alaihissalam occurred what miracle daddy allah set and safety upon ibrahim the fire became cool it did it felt like being in a cold room [Music] such is the greatness of allah [Music] so with the help of allah prophet ibrahim alaihissalam was saved from the burning fire the sparrow lived happily ever after [Music] oh you got heavy today we've had a lot of fun sleep tight sweet dreams my little ones [Music] always be faithful to allah oh please give us patience oh please allah give us guidance to carry out this big [Music] on one [Music] adios [Music] what happened here where were you uh donuts my treat huh come on let's go [Music] [Music] oh yeah yeah that bad guy is so clever even wonder ruby can't catch it yeah captain onyx and wonder ruby have said a lot of traps i'm sure they'll get him next time [Music] look at his face it's scary it's okay it's only a story hannah it's not real here where are you going omar getting a drink oh okay ugh [Music] you surprised me sorry what are you looking at omar looking at that man huh who's that what is he doing here a house i don't know maybe he's a bad guy huh really [Music] uh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what are you doing omar making a trap uh are you okay omar what is it for remember that bad guy outside our house yesterday i'm sure he'll come again today so i figured out a way to keep us safe is [Music] i can't see anyone omar huh i'm sure he's there [Music] there he is there huh [Music] ah do you think he saw us what do we do what do we do um are you two okay there's a bad guy outside mom look he's not his babe huh where i don't see anyone there is mommy there's no one there he was probably just passing by it's the man that was looking around yesterday it's the bad guy mommy now now guys this moves on what's that think good of people we need to have good thoughts good hearts find out the facts and get the truth we need to have [Music] anything that's bad it hurts others [Music] [Music] omar hannah nothing's gonna happen i'll be upstairs cleaning up okay okay mommy [Music] let's put these away okay [Music] hannah the bad guy is back he's coming into our house huh what do we do we need to set the trap right now hannah [Music] [Music] he's got a friend [Music] [Music] be ready now danger is here come on [Music] what do we do now don't worry hannah our trap is ready i mean i mean let's go huh [Applause] [Music] what are you guys up to we made a trap somebody wants to break into our house a bad guy huh a bad guy where there outside hmm oh come on follow me huh [Music] is everything okay okay i've just fixed it alhamdulillah oh anil meet the kids omar hannah huh hi umar hi hannah hi mr anu this is mr anil he helped to repair the leaking pipe in our garden repair the pipe yes that's right first i have to look for where the licking pipe is after that i do a bit of digging a bit of knocking only then i can do all the fixing [Music] we made a wrong assumption about you we thought you were a thief we're sorry sir oh no no no it's okay little ones it's no big deal thank you anil yes yes yes you're very welcome i like mr anil he's funny yeah and he's nice too that's why we have to who's news on [Music] we need to have good thoughts good hearts find out the facts and get the truth we need to have good thoughts good hearts never assume without any proof the zones check for facts find out the truth but still take care and beware many bad people are still out there [Music] it's good to have that sense of responsibility but we need to get the facts right first [Music] okay daddy [Music] i guess i'm lucky i didn't walk into any of your traps [Music] combine learning through video and reading today with omar and hana songbook [Music] get yours now at salaam alhamdulillah the best korvani quiet hannah we don't want anyone to know we're here don't go anywhere okay [Music] huh we love you coco lemmy [Music] [Applause] [Music] how does grandpa have sheep for the upcoming aid [Music] [Applause] [Music] spread happiness to gain paradise [Music] to bring is harder and greater [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] wow grandpa seems happy it looks like he can't wait to celebrate oh why is that what's happening it's the time of the year where we have the chance to make the less fortunate happy right grandma that's right when i was small i was so excited and i couldn't wait to celebrate because we would get beef you were excited to get beef oh of course beef is yummy um couldn't you just buy it [Music] beef is expensive my dear not everyone is well off and as fortunate as the two of you my family was poor we could only eat beef once a year that's why ido arha is one of the happiest days for me and that is why when we can we also do the kurbani to make the less fortunate happy [Music] i want to make the less fortunate happy too me too come follow me it's time to feed the sheeps yay come on let's go you too got to take good care of the sheeps okay okay feed them grass oh they love the grass [Music] well and good together we play we laugh and be gentle together we love all our animals [Music] yay tomorrow's what time will you be doing the bunny oh usual time after the each solo bunny i don't know what's that daddy gurbani is a type of ibada [Music] cleanse our soul and wealth for jannah sacrifice of an animal so we can share with those in need sacrifice of an animal assad [Music] [Applause] [Music] well let me be corban but they don't know about this i thought you told them let me is that true yes it's true [Music] we shouldn't be sad you know what the animals love it when we choose them to the gurbani they are happy they're happy allah created animals for us to eat lemmy is going to be eaten but it's true [Music] what are we gonna do what did mommy say earlier oh good help quick quick quick [Music] where could they possibly be mom you stay here sweetheart i'll look for them over there hurry up let's go i'm coming be careful oh please help us find them huh [Music] we shouldn't paint animals it harms them a lot doesn't like it sorry we didn't know we wanted to paint spots so coco lemmy would look like they're sick [Music] when they're sick they can't be made by [Music] do you remember the best thing about idol so we can make the less fortunate happy exactly but why do we need to do it to coco and lemmy we love coco limey so much don't you love them grandma oh dear of course i do it's because i love them that they're our corban remember the story of kabil and habil the children of prophet adam yes allah only accepted the sacrifice of habil why because habil's sacrifice was the animal that he loved the most and now you're doing what habil did when we sacrifice what we love most like cocoa and lemon it's the kurbani that's most loved by allah [Music] okay coco lemmy you'll be over and hannah's ride in jannah okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] buddy [Music] [Music] grandpa's tv [Music] each and everything that we all have all the things in this life that we own are witnessed [Music] [Music] free cycle those that aren't restorable this one is still good let's give it to morsin huh he likes to travel oh that's a good idea oh there he is assalamu alaikum [Music] oh we just mentioned your name come over here come over it's my turn to choose ah i wanna watch bingo we've watched that give me that alhamdulillah thank you our pleasure our pleasure hold on [Music] what's wrong what happened the tv is broken oh you scared me it's not broken [Music] this usually works [Music] what happened here the tv's broken daddy broke it uh that's not a first huh it's already been repaired a few times just throw it away hmm maybe it is time to get a new tv what do you say mom yeah i just throw it where are you gonna throw it daddy i'm gonna send it to the recycling center oh oh my back why don't you just throw it there [Music] e-waste has to be disposed off properly e-waste what's that e-waste stands for electronic electrical waste devices we can no longer use washing machine radio and old crutch or tv [Music] it contains metals and toxic chemicals [Music] is [Music] all the stuff in there will start their journey to become new things [Music] where's the tv it's in the truck but why um to be recycled ah why are you recycling it that's my tv how could you without asking me that i ever recycled you i'm sorry dad i thought it was already broken of course not i take care and use all my stuff carefully recycle and all that [Music] um dad can i help you nope what should we do grandpa seems angry it's you who wanted to watch bingo ah it's not my fault omar hannah if we've made a mistake we need to say sorry hmm come hannah um grandpa we're we're so sorry we didn't mean to break your tv grandpa sorry grandpa [Laughter] oh my hannah do you know why i love this tv so much [Music] your daddy was the one who bought me this tv [Music] at that time i could not afford to buy nice things but allah is the most merciful [Music] allah blessed me with a diligent son oh come here come here take a look at this wouldn't it be good to have something like this at home right yeah dad we could watch football together wrestling together the news and all that will be awesome dad you will be great to have one of these at home you know we could let's go home son it's getting late um [Music] [Music] i didn't know it at that time but after school your daddy started working to earn some extra money [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] each and everything that we all have all the things in this life that we own our witness to our deeds and our acts all will be questioned in [Music] we need to answer right keep your eyes closed what's this it's for you dad when i was happy when i was lonely when i was sad [Music] when you were all not around this tv kept me company [Music] come on dad let's try and fix this tv together okay [Music] wow [Music] dad it's okay dad we can get you a new one don't be sad grandpa [Music] [Music] whoa whoa this way a bit more okay okay all right thank you for saving our earth huh saving our earth yeah when we recycle e-waste we're saving the earth from more pollution metals such as gold silver and copper can be recycled so we don't need to dig up and mine for more so the two of you are earth heroes farewell that tv has really served me well your tv will continue to serve grandpa [Music] it's time to look for a new tv let's go this time i want a tv with a curved screen i saw it in advance 4k resolutions wow is [Music] [Music] [Music] of zikr what for well just now mommy i want to get lots of rewards from allah but i don't know how to read the al quran like you hmm you can do zika zika is also ibadah allah loves to give lots of rewards to those who do zikr let's all remember allah start your actions by saying this [Music] wow i want to do ezekiel too [Music]<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Omar &amp; Hana Season 5 | New Episodes 40 Minutes Compilation" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Omar &amp; Hana Season 5 |  New Episodes 40 Minutes Compilation


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