Queen opp & Michelle | not enough crates, just throw the whole challenge away ??‍♀️

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdsOmGz8a0I"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]i'm about to hang up the library they pissing me the [ __ ] off for real talking about some of my hour late like we gotta [ __ ] like we have a truck like we have help like we have a truck like come on and then i had to break the boxes now i can't leave all that trash in the hallway i mean all the boxes and all that stuff in the hallway y'all understand how much work i just didn't leave my son in a [ __ ] car but y'all gonna tell me somebody late y'all really y'all [ __ ] are spoiled bro y'all think somebody oh you're in the [ __ ] team and don't already owe your entertainment the same way y'all don't fight y'all don't always beans we don't owe your entertainment so don't rush no [ __ ] body be grateful because i could throw a [ __ ] some makeup on my face and say i'm doing a [ __ ] weak-ass murder mystery too and think you're supposed to be entertained and guess what y'all even after i'm sorry even after we do the challenge off even after we do this challenge guess what even even after i do this challenge y'all y'all get to go whoa after we do the challenge y'all get to go to [ __ ] home we still gotta find somewhere to take these [ __ ] crates to because i'm not gonna be tracking to leave them somebody shouldn't say wait who said way all right watch this hold on real quick i'm about to end the live they got me [ __ ] up hold on take this one real quick and i'm not uploading it on instagram because i know you dickiness [ __ ] ready to record they make some money off us you're not making no money off us it's not even going on instagram dummy i'm gonna put it on our youtube channel we're gonna get paid [ __ ] [Music] so have fun getting it from there [ __ ] y'all sickly sick the the the [ __ ] screen record hearty crate challenge so [ __ ] the [ __ ] we doing all the hard work for these [ __ ] they got their screen record ready ain't put nothing in or nothing but got your [ __ ] screen record ready y'all think you're supposed to get the [ __ ] paid off somebody else's content y'all [ __ ] is weird shady ass captions but i'm but i'm paying your bills make it the [ __ ] makes sense sorry y'all came in out of the crate spot yes hand me that one no it's it's just the fact that they even said that like like we have help or like we have the vehicle equipped to carry 25 dumbass crates with humans still in the car not to mention the crates most of the crates were still in the boxes so i had to get the crates out the boxes break the boxes and walk the boxes of dumpster then get in the car that's it yeah why i look so short are we were we missing some no one two three huh this ain't yo just not tall enough i don't think this is tall enough no i don't i don't think this is tall enough wrong oh wait hold to hold him real quick i mean hold on while i go close i gotta go close the door for these hold on sit down what y'all mean it's not yeah it's tall enough y'all all right i'm gonna be careful yeah how's that not not tall enough yeah no i'm not gonna fall yo i'm not even gonna fall yo bro huh no i don't need it no [Music] but john come here for a second yo bro john john what girl [ __ ] no are you even asking me that bro are you even asking me that i'm just making sure we on the same page but are you asking me that has he been over here with us no so what the [ __ ] is he blocked that stupid ass [ __ ] bro what the [ __ ] are you talking about put that fake [ __ ] over here listen you're no longer welcome doing our live bro don't come to [ __ ] back over here bro the [ __ ] are you talking about fake ass [ __ ] bro you're not the [ __ ] about over here [ __ ] [ __ ] you talking about and [ __ ] ever since you hit your little quota and ain't heard from you all right since you hit your little quota ever since your math ever since you used us to hit your quota ain't heard from your boy bye girl please you know not too much going around we going to say whatever we want certain people was over here every [ __ ] day block her [ __ ] she talking my block that hoe what you arguing with someone on your page for it you need your fake drone look out here make another one i think we need to go get try to get two more crates michelle what's two more crates gonna do i don't think this is 25 that is 25. that's what i'm saying they said you needed more you said 25 michelle yeah you [ __ ] up the count you [ __ ] up the count bro this is why i shouldn't have listened to you now the [ __ ] challenge is ruined because she didn't get the right amount of crates bro she didn't get the right amount of crap it was because of pride but whoever told you it was 25 crates needed this is not enough this is not enough yo this this is not enough grades bro when they go up they're going up high michelle pop can do this clout can do this this little ass thing that little ass baby step who can't get up there who the [ __ ] can't walk up there i can walk up there watch don't put the camera on me put it on you i'll show you how it's not the right one [Laughter] he has it you know i'm sickly sickly sickly sickly this is not enough yeah all right let me do what you gonna do let me see your phone talking record all right okay you want to go ahead and get ready to do stuff you're going to take your shoes off what you're going to do yo don't oh okay go ahead we're gonna sit right here yo um hold on hey y'all yo stop girl i'm not kicking under the mad ass hoes uh you want to do with the backpack one backpack in the crocs all right i need that foam pop we over here doing our our own content and they're they're other whole supporters on our dick we over here doing our own content like we like girl thank you baby thank you way biologist what's what yeah but it's it's a little wiggly though but i'm saying that fall not gonna be high they really be up in the air [Music] yeah probably let's see if it's supposed to rain if it's supposed to rain you're going to wait till it rains michelle [Music] where's your weather thing i see it oh no it's not supposed to rain so yeah oh wait hold on wait no idea for the ranger hold on y'all real quick why is your why are you not in the right city i hate when somebody not in the right city on a phone i think at 8 pm but that's not even that's that's not enough chance that's not enough pain that's that's not enough uh you ready any higher that's what i'm saying no this is nothing i'm telling y'all all right so unfortunately uh y'all know we can't do this on live because they're gonna screen record and try to get paid off our [ __ ] so we gotta take different approaches to how we put our content now we're tired of employing people that's talking [ __ ] about us so we gotta make it a little bit hard for them even though they're sickly going to still try to find a way to screen record it we're not going to make it easy for them and let me manifest i forgot to turn the screen recording back off on this live so actually when it ends live i'm about to turn screen recording off so go ahead and re-download the app y'all you y'all use redo it and it's drizzling bro it's drizzling it's drizzling huh we blocked on i'm blocked from going live on ig block from going live with my [ __ ] place i don't even go live on it this [ __ ] is ridiculous i'm about to light my l what's he going you ready you ready yeah all right show time no yeah i said yeah i'm on john but uh i'm telling you i just don't feel like y'all just just go in i mean i i'm a matter of fact i'm just gonna stay on but that's not the real challenge anyway so just go away it's not the road trip oh matter of fact no you can't because i don't think you're allowed to hurt yourself from here so yeah we're going to call you back but do y'all just want me to do it on here i mean i really don't feel like how do y'all deserve it and y'all got on here being ungrateful when i hit the live button bro how do y'all deserve it bro how just come on bro stop no i don't want y'all to beg girl take your no you can't cheat now go back down and start over don't touch the crate you're cheating don't touch the crate michelle yeah don't nobody else touch the crate that's helping you get to the next drawing and like i said this is not the right amount bro this little ass crate challenge bro michelle [ __ ] up the crates bro she [ __ ] up the count she should not be taller than the crates bro when ddg and all the [ __ ] did there the [ __ ] was not this close to the top all right she's on the first step the second stop and she's damn near done the challenge already this is not the right amount of crates michelle thanks a lot this is a michelle [ __ ] up go ahead and walk over it go in and walk over the kitty playground go ahead and walk over to the kitty playground this [ __ ] don't order 24 made me order 25 crates sweaters with the right amount and uh and um now we got a kitty playground out here come on they said she purposely grabbed the wrong amount girl and did and did and did yeah come on auntie let me let my hold on hold on hold on real quick yo hold on real quick because this is sick like michelle why no now this need to go viral michelle [ __ ] up the the [ __ ] crate challenge and she's almost done and the [ __ ] just started on the second crate and she's already done girl go ahead and walk over go away just go ahead i'm gonna let my out after this [ __ ] cause i'm gonna hand you the phone go away crate challenge door style yeah this is the dwarf style quake champ uh-huh y'all dwarf style quick crate challenge go ahead michelle go ahead doris what yes don't drink it i'm telling you i don't think it's a good idea that you lean forward like that michelle i don't think that's a good idea that you lean forward like what about if you put all your your weight on the front of the crate all right just go ahead y'all just go away but this is the uh crate challenge if anybody just joined dwarfy style let me let me change the uh the thing crate challenge hold on michelle wait dwarfy dwarfy edition dwarf edition dwarf edition hold on wait d-w-a-r all right hold on michelle all right go ahead they said take the shoes off michelle like it's really sick to shoot like you were really messed this up michelle i'm mad cause i really wanted to do this challenge you k start back over you cannot do that what part of you can't hold on to the one in front of you don't you understand nobody else has to argue with their friends on a [ __ ] crate challenge nobody else has to tell their friend how to do a crate challenge stop you cannot hold on to anything you cannot reach for anything to assist you you have to just walk on the crates no i'm not doing it [ __ ] cause i'm not the one that said i want to do it in your block [ __ ] you're blocked [ __ ] are you talking about hold on real quick y'all i'm mean i don't have to show y'all this [ __ ] bro [Music] we're not obligated to go live and show you all this [ __ ] i can smoke my weed in peace i can't even smoke my weed cause i'm holding a phone so if you want to show you mean i can i'm not smoking my weed to [ __ ] hold the phone so y'all can see this dumbass challenge that she messed up<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="https://en.videoencontexto.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Queen_opp__Michelle__not_enough_crates_just_throw_the_whole_challenge_away__wdsOmGz8a0I.jpg" alt="Queen opp &amp; Michelle | not enough crates, just throw the whole challenge away ??‍♀️" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Queen opp &amp; Michelle | not enough crates, just throw the whole challenge away ??‍♀️


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