Reacting To NBA2K Ratings, NFC South Team Previews & More | S3 E63

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]hello everyone and welcome back to the sneaky sports podcast season three episode number 63 this monday august 23rd 2021 and we got a pretty packed podcast for you guys today obviously um or not obviously so much to the viewer but this will be at least my last podcast before i go off to college which is on tuesday i know frank i mean what doesn't have class until another like two weeks but obviously he's a senior now and then graf starting school tomorrow we were talking before the podcast i mean that sounds brutal but nonetheless i mean i guess we all got to go to school eventually um got a pretty packed podcast today deshaun watson could play the full 2021 nfl season which is just i mean crazy to say the least we got some nfc styles team previews the most overrated and underrated player in nba 2k we reacted 2022 nba mvp odds and lastly another edition of mailbag monday so without further ado let's dive on in and before we start the podcast real quick i do just want to make sure to tell you guys to subscribe to the channel we just hit 11k recently so thank you guys so much for the support on the recent videos and also if you're listening on apple podcast or spotify it is it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could hit a review on the podcast it really does mean a lot and all you need to get like on like the charts is like 50 reviews so if we can get that number up from like 22 to 50 i mean guys we could be charted in the bahamas and you know canada for you know sports so i mean hit that review button we might have to make a a giveaway about the reviews because these reviews really do help us and i mean it would be greatly appreciated i do want to read out two reviews um that we've gotten like the people who actually write like the response now which is awesome i mean if you do that you'll definitely get shouted on on the podcast this guy george said these dude podcast is phenomenal they all know what they're talking about you can tell it's not for the money thank you george and he said keep on doing what you're doing ssp and then obviously um matt said this podcast has been my favorite these three young men are so informative funny and relatable can't wait to see them grow so really do appreciate you guys who hit those reviews um and once again it does help out a ton so um that would be greatly appreciated but now on to today's episode you start off with desean watson i mean man this is um certainly interesting because he's coming off of what 94 allegations are at least what it feels like i mean it's like what 20 i think it was 23. 20 22 23. so he's pretty high up there and i mean he's being what investigated by the fbi which i mean anytime you're by the fbi that doesn't sound good but according to charlie robinson of yahoo sports he does believe there is a loophole or he knows there's a loophole um in the nfl pretty much with the commissioner's exempt list that the nfl can't interview you during legal proceedings in court and the only way you can be on the commissioner's exempt list is if you're interviewed first by commissioner robert roger cadell so pretty much he can't be interviewed until his court proceedings are over which i mean we don't know how long that will take that could be until like december january february even so we could be looking at a possibility where he plays the full 2021 season and really gets a practice and kind of get away with it even though eventually if he if he's caught you know guilty obviously won't get away with it but to me this is ridiculous and i get the innocent until proven guilty i certainly do so maybe i'm overreacting and i would love for you guys nick and frank to give me your thoughts on this but you know with all that's going on with you know we've seen the fbi steps in i just feel like i mean i don't know maybe i'm a little you know bit jumpy on this topic but i just feel like come on if the fbi's getting involved if all these women have the same accusations if we see dms on instagram of this i feel like he's got to be he's got to be at least if not guilty at least he's done it and maybe it's been like kind of maybe it's been like kind of like a consensual the um the i don't know like i said the word on the podcast because we are a clean podcast on here by the way guys but i mean i just feel like it's too much evidence and too much stuff to be innocent i want to know what you guys think about this i mean i i don't know i don't think he's gonna play though but the whole thing is kind of weird to me especially i saw that video i think we talked we talked about it maybe off air um the one lady said that like he asked to go like near his you know what like oh you know that that video was weird and then the fbi already interviewed 10 out of the 22 accused women and the crazy thing to me is maybe if like one or two people said it i would be like okay like it's not like that big of a deal who knows maybe they're just doing it for the money but 22 women or 23 women came out and said this so something's not right here but regard in regards to the rule and that we'll talk about the nfl side of it because i don't want to talk about any of the legal stuff to me i don't think he'll play and based off what i've seen some tweets and stuff of you know the houston texans they've been saying that he's a fourth string quarterback in practice and he's playing scout team safety sometimes during the practices not wearing pads so to me it looks like the texans will start tyra tower this year maybe we'll see a little bit of the rookie davis mills but in my eyes if he does not get placed on the commissioner's exempt list he will not play this season solely because i don't think the texans are going to and i think deshaun watson you know wanted to get traded too so the next move for watson will either be trading or he'll never play down in the nfl again but i don't think he takes a snap for the houston texans in this season or ever again yeah i completely agree that he's not taking a snap to the texans this season it would be a pr disaster imagine if you know he does get proven guilty and then the nfl looks like the bad guys because they let him play all year it would be an absolute disaster um you know goodell will find something find some way to suspend him or something there's just no way he plays this year i honestly feel like maybe it wouldn't be a pr disaster because there's a lot of people out there who have the notion of innocence proven guilty and i believe that is a very fair point i mean right get that but what if he is guilty and they let him play i think that just is a terrible look yeah the backlash i think would be too immense no for sure but once again the nfl would think he's innocent until proven guilty so if if he's playing before he's proven guilty i don't think that would be the biggest the worst pr look i guess but don't you think then ben that he'd be practicing for the texans as the first string quarterback i mean he's a top five quarterback i think the texans don't want him to play because i think they are scared of the pr son i don't think it would be a bad pr stunt or a bad pr you know look but i think the texans fear that because i mean he hasn't played a preseason game he hasn't been on you know the first second or third string you know units for you know quarterback yeah it doesn't look good that's the thing that that i don't know it just seems really weird to me and he doesn't want to be there he's he's not exactly unless he wants doesn't want to get fined like marshawn lynch would say because yeah so the whole that's what i'm saying i don't it just doesn't make any sense to me and then they drafted like they have tyrod taylor he'll be like the short-term option for this year until they can see what davis mills has and i could see them you know being one of the worst teams in the nfl obviously next year and picking a guy like spencer rattler sam howell they're without a doubt the worst team in the nfl right now i don't want to release i don't really see a close second exactly but like if watson plays they're not the worst team they're not the war solely because of him that's true yeah but i don't think he's going to play it's just aaron rodgers level of factory just you know carries teams that are way below their level of expectations and wins them a few more games yeah they were what a four win team last year they should have been a zero win team last year it's just weird though because like you see him at like media press conferences like i mean it's just so awkward the whole environment's like tense and that's what i'm saying he should just be sent home then while this is going on it's very very weird a houston reporter um for the houston chronicle like says in the locker room that it's really awkward like with deshaun watson because obviously a lot of the veterans like jj have left you know houston you know the veterans that he kind of you know what i'm not gonna say grew up with but you know in houston at least you know kind of went through battles with you know in on the field like deandre hopkins of course you know that in famous trade but i wonder how you know this new locker room feels about him because a lot of these guys on the texans are pretty new like they signed like 27 free agents this year right yeah because sarah are like and did you see that that report that like some guy or some guy said that casera had like one of the best off seasons for a gm i saw that yeah that's such a that's such a bad take what did he even do you know you know what's really weird to me i you know i see what happened with trevor bauer and he was like placed on administrative leave and i guess you know maybe i don't know if the texans could do that but i i feel like if he can't be interviewed because of that rule for the commissioner exemplist he should be placed on administrative leave or something it like you said it's really awkward he's not taking reps as the first string quarterback while all of this is going on in the legal proceedings etc he shouldn't be around or there and yeah you know it it's to me it's not just not a good look and you could see the look on his face when they record those videos of him walking in like his head's down and then he's like why you gotta film me every day like to the one person like i don't know it just all doesn't add up to me it's very very weird oh well for certain yeah all right let's move on though now let's talk about the nfc south and the you know reigning nfl champions the tampa bay buccaneers uh we're going to do a team preview for them they're key additions this offseason was signing the pass catching running back giovanni bernard and in the first round they drafted joe tyron uh the pass rusher you know who i think will probably take over as a starter next year after jpp walks because they don't really have any much more much more money uh after some of the guys that they had to retain this off season the departures they didn't lose anyone all 22 starters remain for the 10 bay buccaneers which is huge the strengths of this team i mean i think everything is just strength to be honest with you maybe the weakness is the secondary great pass rushers great playmakers on the outside great leader at quarterback and a solid offensive line obviously top five in the nfl and i'd say the weakness maybe might be the young secondary they have a lot of pieces though to mix and match and figure it out back there and they get a ton of pressure which definitely helps them out todd bowles does a great job with that defense so the record prediction we got for them is 13 and four i would say i see them at the top of the nfc and i believe we talked about this maybe on the last podcast of the podcast before but you know brady talked about how they really only started clicking after the bye week because of the dog days that they have during training camp because it's so hot down in tampa and they really got into a rhythm after the bye week and you saw what kind of run that they went on so i expect the bucks to be a much better regular season team this year i'm sure you guys agree with that and i think they're the best team in the nfc and i could definitely see them back in the super bowl and you know winning it again yeah absolutely i think they're the overwhelming favorites right now and they they had a bunch of injuries in the beginning last year like chris godwin wasn't really healthy until late in the season um so i think health can be important here and i think continuity the whole offensive line is back that's always one of the biggest things you know everybody has a year under their belt with brady now these have so many weapons you know they have so many different guys to go at you in the backfield so many different receivers with different skill sets they're just going to be unstoppable they're definitely the best team in the nfl in my opinion and i would be shocked if they didn't always make the super bowl i don't know about shocked because it's the nfl i mean it's a single elimination kind of thing so i don't know if i'm i would say shocked but absolutely but i i think the second third and maybe even fourth best teams in the nfl all reside in the afc like i think you think the rams are i think the rams are the number four see number three arguably too i think green bay could make a case for that i don't know but i think i think then buffalo in like them buffalo city well yeah kansas city of course but kansas city is like that other team and then buffalo maybe in the afc but now the brands and packers are i think the rams and packers are better than the browns the quarterback is is a big deal with that i mean we're talking about aaron rodgers versus baker and no offense to any browns fan but baker's like you know what top 15 quarterback he's solid i mean don't get me wrong but he's not aaron rodgers and i mean obviously for the bucks we're looking at a team that's gonna win like 13 14 games i mean what are we silly what that even see 15 honestly yeah i mean i don't know about it i mean i guess yeah i could i could see i could see that right i mean we obviously could see that but in terms of you know their chance to make it back to the super bowl i think it's like a 50 chance 60 chance but it's hard to go back to back like i don't i don't think they're shooing to win the super bowl again i think it would be kind of a shock if they did win again because the difficulty to go back to back when's the last team to go back-to-back the patriots in like 03 and 04 so it's just going to be tough i'm not saying that they're not good but it's going to be tough i agree with that but at the same time we've like legitimately never seen a level of continuity like this big before where literally every single player is back as well didn't the chiefs bring back 20 of the 22 starters like the year before like 20 they bought they bought back like almost all of them yeah i saw a graphic from br gridiron like i swear that offseason i think it was all then besides 22. clyde edwards hillary who they drafted and then this was one of the safest corners one of the guys in the secondary also left i think it was um i forget his name but it was 20 22 starters being brought back so i mean i think that's kind of the comment chiefs didn't make it back to the big game though i mean they were they were real close oh no yeah they were definitely real no no no doubt but it also takes a bit of luck remember that that browns game almost escaped them real quick i mean yeah yeah about a couple of plays and they could have been out of that and pat homes was hurt but it's still like it's still gonna happen yeah anything can happen in the nfl but let's move on to the saints now um they had a rough off-season in my eyes some key additions they didn't have many they signed nick vinnette the tight end they drafted peyton turner which was a draft pick i was not a huge fan of um and departures obviously drew brees retired emmanuel sanders left trey hendrickson alex anzalone sheldon ranked norris jenkins just a lot of players on defense left um jared cook as well right yes jared cook the strength of this team i love the offensive line they're going to be a top unit in football again and then they're running back they have one of the best one-two punches in football with kamara and latavius murray but the weaknesses that wide receiver death especially without michael thomas because he's gonna be hurt that's rough um corner depth same thing not great outside of uh your number one guy and i have him going seven and ten i just you know the quarterback question is a big deal too how will james winston play we'll taste him he'll be getting any looks just a lot of question marks with this team i just don't see them going back to the playoffs i mean dude i don't know about that i think that i think that drew brees at that point of his career was like what i mean he was what he was i mean he was 40 39 years old he was a nude alarm i mean he's a liability but at the same time at least jameis winston isn't too much of an upgrade i think james current jamis is an upgrade from last year's drew brees i do i agree i don't know if it's a big enough upgrade to compensate for the fact that the whole team got worse oh i mean they definitely lost some pieces like you said that's what i would agree with but the offensive line is still what top three in the nfl i think it's a really good our it's a great offensive really strong unit and i think what a competent coach jameis winston could unlock that potential to be a top 15 quarterback top 20 quarterback because in tampa bay he was really you know forced to make a lot of risky passes make a lot of risky throws but now with sean payton probably one of the best you know offensive minds in football pair with alvin kamara hopefully michael thomas comes back like week four because apparently michael thomas and the saints have solved their beef so there's no beef anymore so it's all about the injury now and if you get mt back alvin kamara a top three offensive line with sean payton still a formidable defense i could see this team winning 10 games still the nfc is tough granted so i don't know about playoffs because i haven't done my playoff seating yet but i could definitely see them in that hunt for sure no i i do agree with that but the thing that scares me is for the first couple of weeks michael thomas and jameis winston won't be able to develop that chemistry they haven't been able to do it in the offseason because he's hurt right now and that's like they're going to be throwing out there marquez callaway adam troutman and smith you know the first week at skill position position starting in the nfl and you know being a jets fan for the past few years i saw some bad skill position players but this might be the worst i've ever seen starting i mean i mean that's that's the thing that scares me a little bit you have out on camera though do you need that yes i think michael thomas having a lot of playmakers is the way of the nfl now i mean look at all the top teams they all have like a bunch of guys i do agree but graph i mean this team in 2018 made the nfc title game with what michael thomas and alvin kamara their number two receiver has never been good i get it michael thomas is hurt but i think for the first four weeks they can they can escape it if it's like a midway through the season thing then we're talking okay this is a concern now but they can escape it for a couple of weeks i could see 10 wins but i could also see seven i think that's their range oh i totally agree because like nfc is really tough too the nfc is tough and i i don't know the defense is is not bad but they did lose some pieces but they're still solid um they still have chauncey gardner-johnson marcus williams too lattimore damario davis who's one of the most underrated linebackers in the nfl but you know at the end of the day this league comes down to quarterback play and if you're you know like baker mayfield someone they have a really good team around him so he he looks above average the saints is a good roster but it's not the same anymore and i don't know if jameis winston can be that kind of like game manager and not make mistakes and not force throws to keep them in some of these games let me ask you where do you rank the saints defense at right now i don't know i don't think they're top ten i think they're still pretty strong defensively i mean the front seven is pretty strong in the second i would say ten to fifteen right but i would say more twelve to fifteen dominance though i think the offense is still really dominant because jameis has the best supporting cast he's ever had especially at head coach with a coach like not bruce arians he's not gonna make it though the coaching is better but he this is also a guy who played with mike evans and chris oh he no he did play with evans and galwan but the offensive line that year was i mean i think it wasn't that bad like it wasn't that bad but it was also wasn't like great it was average this is a this is a top-tier offensive line but the thing that i'm afraid is you can have a good offensive line but if your playmakers can't create separation there's going to be a problem i mean you guys saw it at best witness the giants offensive line wasn't good last year at all it was awful but their playmakers did not create separation on the outside i'm afraid like guys that trey juan so the giants the giants didn't have a top five offensive line it was no i'm not saying that i said their offensive line was bad but you need playmakers on the outside to create separation you have to be able to create separation and i don't know if these guys on the saints will be able to do that you know fair enough i i don't know maybe i'm just personally high on sean payne because i love you know the difference in play calling compared to bruce arians i think that he fits jameis more i think james will thrive more in an offense where he doesn't have to you know just make dumb risky throws where you know he can he can play a style where he can potentially do like 30 touchdowns like 10 15 picks like he could play you know more conservative and you know still have a lot of success it just depends how fast michael thomas can get back they said he's ahead of uh schedule on rehab so that's a good sign obviously but we need him back for sure they need him back as soon as possible oh they need it as soon as they can get him out drew brees always had the lowest yards per attempt like every year like during his last five seasons so it's interesting to see if jameis the gunslinger like how he'll play next year and that's why i think i'm a little bit slightly optimistic because i think it will work out really well i hope so we'll see what i would love to see jameis winston the fsu guy yeah that's for sure all right so well i mean i don't want to talk about those allegations at fsu because i mean deshaun watson obvious it's kind of like we're not gonna we're just gonna just get past that um let's move on to topic for obviously carolina panthers um you know to be honest this team is probably one of the most sorry panthers fans it's one of the most overrated teams in the nfl because of sam darnold and that was probably their you know bit most key addition obviously they also added hassan reddick which is a pretty good pick up aj voyage and uh jc horn in the draft so overall you know some pretty solid pickups but i mean curtis samuel leaves mike davis i mean that's whatever but curtis samuel is the big you know the big departure and obviously the strength of this team is their playmakers you look at cmc dj moore i mean this team has some legit playmakers on the outside and you know the weaknesses offensive line is still i mean it's what bottom five bottom ten it's a really bad unit's bottom three and the quarterback of this team is also a weakness whether you like it or not joe flacco outperformed sam darnold last year and had a better passer rating you know had more success in the air was more you know willing to take risk and got sacked less like he overall just had a more successful jets tenure last year than you know than sam did with the jets and that's the same circumstance they both have the same offensive line the same receivers to throw do and that's why i'm not buying these sam darnold excuses because if it would be one thing if joe flacco just played like complete crap and sam outperformed flacco but sam hasn't even outperformed some of the best some of the backups he's played with over the years and to me that's the real red flag because you never saw ryan tannehill in miami get outperformed by backups like jay cutler it never happened so to me it's an immediate red flag and i think he's like what a bottom bottom five quarterback at this current moment you know obviously with joe brady calling plays we could see something different right we couldn't i mean it's never out of the possibility but i just don't see it given the evidence we've had so far and that is that's why you know my record prediction for them is six and eleven i i don't think this is a good football team um you know obviously one of the one of the best recipes to be a bad football team is having a bad offensive line and a bad quarterback you have both of those and you're not set up for success in the nfl it's that simple with a young defense it's true the young defense is something that i really like actually i think it's a you know good job it's a solid unit but they should like they were really inconsistent at times last year they gave like 35 40 points some games and that's gonna happen when you have a young defense and that like that's what they have good going for them in the future the thing was to me is like you said all bad offensive line bad quarterback this is a really bad offensive line and it's an awful quarterback um this team is not there yet they're just not and you like like you said sam darnold is a he's just atrocious let me just get it out there and say it now he's atrocious when he gets pressured he doesn't know what to do he's got sloppy feet he makes a lot of bad decisions and forces a lot of passes the offensive line is not good i like joe brady a lot and i like ma coach matt rule and i think they're gonna make sam you know look a little bit better than he would you know with the jetson you know that he has looked in the past couple years and they'll figure it out but like you said ben the recipe for disaster and the national football league is having a bad offensive line and a bad quarterback and that's why i would say i can even see them winning four or five games i i'd say six is fair but i could see them even winning less um but i'm not i'm not high on carolina at all i really like their defense and i think brian burns is a great player same with jc horn i like him but this offense because of the offensive line quarterback is not going to be so good yeah i agree with complete with what you guys said not a darnold fan at all but one thing i'd like to hit on is their corners they had a really bad group of corners last year i think we see an immediate upgrade here with aj boye and you know jc horn might be one of the best corners in the draft um obviously they let bradbury walk last year that turned out to be a huge mistake so i think finally they'll see some success at the cornerback position and then you know along with some of the other players they have redick and brian burns i think they could be a pretty solid unit this year but you know offensively it's going to be interesting to watch how they can you know try and compensate for their weaknesses because they do have a really strong group of playmakers so how can they get the ball in their hands quickly and just you know make something happen exactly it needs to be quickly and effectively as possible because the longer that sam darnold hold on to the football he's going to get hit a lot they have a bad offensive line and he makes a lot of bad decisions he makes that's all he does he makes bad decisions yesterday for three years they were really an average defense last year they were ranked 18th in um points i could see that going up a little bit right like i could definitely see them i think like 17th and like you know your total yards a lot of game and obviously jc horn added in the draft so it could be like a solid defense no doubt um but yet again i mean the quarterback and offensive line struggles are just brutal exactly exactly all right let's move on though to the atlanta falcons the last team we're going to touch on for this division uh their key additions this offseason was adding you know kind of all-around playmaker cordero patterson mike davis at running back new ron harmon formerly are the patriots and then kyle pitts in the draft departures julio jones obviously alex mack todd gurley and kean o'neill and then their strength i'd say is their pass catchers with ridley gage who's not bad and kyle pitts and then matt ryan's still solid and then the weakness is the secondary and that you know that's a really really really bad secondary besides aj tyrell and a record prediction for them is five and 12. and i just want to say before we start this to me this is the most confusing team in the nfl at this point in time the julio jones trade we talked about this a ton before the draft and we hit on this a thousand times the julio jones trade made no sense if you're gonna pick a tight end a playmaker with a fourth overall pick if you're going to trade julio jones you should have moved on from your quarterback matt ryan who i believe is 36 or 35 and he's on the latter stages of his career you should have moved on from him as well the whole thing to me with what they're doing down in atlanta makes absolutely no sense i don't like the direction they're going in it's it doesn't make any sense to me to me they should have went quarterback at four then if you're gonna move on from julio jones at this point um and this defense is gonna be bad it's gonna be really really bad they're gonna be a bottom five defense it's atrocious besides grady jarrett who do they have rushing the passer they have dion jones in the middle they have aj turn on the secondary and that's it this is a bad defense i don't think the offense is gonna be that good either they're gonna be thrown you know behind every game so my expectations for atlanta are not high and i i really just don't like what they're doing yeah i mean i think this is going to be a really fun team to watch to me in my mind i think of like the 2015 giants like they're just gonna get down so much they're gonna score 35 points like they have really good play makers and it's just going to be so fun to watch um you know russell gage is a guy who's really underrated he had 800 yards and like five touchdowns last year you know when people mention the falcons playmakers they don't touch on him and now that he has more of an opportunity he could be a thousand yard receiver um kyle pitts is tremendous calvin ridley's tremendous matt ryan's gonna have another great year but this defense is awful and there's just not much else to talk about with this team you know i agree i mean rip todd gurley by the way he used to be like a fantasy legend back in the same with levion bell right yeah and mike davis i mean no offense but i mean the dude isn't the dude is overrated i mean okay he stepped in and you know played some solid football for three weeks but after that fell off a cliff in the second half of the season um as for atlanta i love the point you touched on frank about you know the direction with this organization matt ryan is 36 years old and you know you draft kyle pitts but you trade julio that that just tells me that they have no idea what they're even doing with their own organization and yeah i mean the defense is horrible the offense is okay but as a matt ryan fantasy over the past couple of years they get down pretty fast in games and i mean they're forced to you know just chuck a bunch in you know airing it out every play i mean matt ryan in the second half for fantasy is a glitch he's a glitch in the system because he gets like 20 points a week um based off calvin ridley might literally lead the league in receiving yards that's what i'm saying dude because they're going to be down so much there he's like 80 piece 21 in fantasy football you got to take calvin ridley if you can get 1600 yards minimum in the 2017 game season well maybe not minimum of course it's injuries that could happen and stuff like that but knock on wood from my mount calvin um but yeah i mean the the falcon is not too much to look forward to i mean what 4 13 5 and 12. it's going to be a non-playoff season again for sure all right we're switching gears to the nba now first we're going to start off with the uh the most overrated underrated players in nba 2k this year um they've only released about like 10 or 15 ratings at this point so i'm just going to touch on some of the ratings that stood out to me first of all overrated i have rudy gobert in 88 i just don't think the other players around that overall i think they're just a lot better than him you get zion and 89 and i think he's just so much better than rudy gobert same with demonic sabonis at an 86 i think he's a little overrated underrated i have zach levine in 87. he was in 87 last year and like he had the best season of his career so he doesn't go up that's weird and then kevin durant at a 96 and you might be thinking that's a weird house a 96 underrated but he's legitimately the perfect basketball player right now he's a phenomenal defender he can score from everywhere like why is he not a 99 what name one hole in his game you can't you know all right that's spot on the kd won a spot on for sure he should be a 99 but one thing i'll say about the 2k ratings is i see a lot of people all over social media like saying every player should be ranked higher like you always hear the complaints of oh this player is rated too low i feel like if nba 2k just bumped each player's rating up like every single player everyone would be fine with the ratings because these ratings are not that bad two k's i i truly believe these are soldiers this year and i don't agree about de montes of bonus being overrated in 86 i mean 86 seems just about right for me i mean he's definitely one of the more underrated players in the league and i would say what like top 30 top 30 player in the nba for sure as long as randall is ahead of him it's okay 86 it seems about right though because drew holly i don't know if he is and i'm just looking at guys like middleton and levine who were rated in 87 i think they're just so much better than sabonia that it's like yeah but those guys should be like 90s maybe it's it's all it's tough that you can't put 90s for them because then you're gonna put trey young and like it's tough to rank these there's only like 20 spots of a good 80 to 100 so it's tough like you have to put guys who you think are might be a little bit better than guys like only like one spot ahead of them or one rating ahead of them because yeah drew holiday is an 85 and i think that's fine like right that's good 86 for sabonis i think he's better than jrue holiday sets that's good and then like 87 for levine he definitely should be higher i think 89 would would suit him better i think he's around the zion tier um the players and then trey young at an 89 i think he should be like a 91 91 like one or two higher but all around it's pretty solid from 2k a lot of people are complaining but i think over like this is this is really valid overall and of course they just need to fix the game itself yeah i mean seriously the reading shouldn't even be what we're talking about here but yeah the 2k rings it's tough though for them to be fair they have to cram like how many players in the nba are above 80 overall like like i'll be like 70 probably like 75 30. so they have to cram a lot of players i think more than 30. probably 75. i was like 50 or 60 honestly because then marcus smarts and 80s think about it like rj barrett robinson yes like 50 player so it's tough to cram in like that many players like only like 20 numbers so it's why like they're only like one overall lower or something like that it's tough i mean but i mean 2k overall ronnie just needs to fix his his game man i mean park has been unplayable the last couple of years i haven't played 2k since like 2k like like 17 and that was all right 2k like 2k16 well 2k17 was the best 2k no i have the phone on 2k17 don't get me wrong but i don't some of the things were about my stretch big was a goat on 2k17 so i like that that's valid and they need to bring back like summer uh sunset rivet in old town those three not whatever they add this year what do they add like they had it's like this year it was just like one giant city it loses like all the identity you know like it made the game so fun and it was fun to like it was fun to like join personally play with your friend it was it was really fun it added a cool element for sure all right moving on to the 2022 nba mvp odds um right here we got the top what top of nine it looks like on on this you know google doc top eight top eight top eight excuse me so we got luca doncic at plus 400 leading the way nexus joel embiid followed by kd giannis steph curry lebron james damien lillard and nicola yoga just eighth at plus 1500 so i mean overall when you're looking at these at least for me i'll give my little you know take on these first luca at plus 400 is fine he's coming off a phenomenal olympics where i mean he dominated with slovenia you got you know joel embiid's second i guess it's fair but i don't think the sixers will have the season they had last year and to be honest i think the six is well but disappointing season this upcoming season and the injury concerns always plays a factor so i think he should be lower you know kd and kd should be plus 800 because he's on the nets a super team so the odds he actually wins like the media won't actually give him the award giannis at plus 800 and steph curry at plus 800 are bargain deals i think they should be higher because giannis will now have won't have that media fatigue anymore coming off playoff success and then steph curry i mean getting klay thompson back if they're the four-seater higher and he puts up 30 points again points a game again there's no doubt he's winning mvp if he if he does that what clay thompson is the fourth seed and lebron at plus 1100 i mean it's lebron i mean he could he could make a push but i don't really see it i think he'll load manage a lot this season and then dame i mean dude who even is he on the blazers in this probably not and then nikola yoga i think she'd be higher than 8th because he's the reigning mvp but i mean overall it's pretty solid to me though i think luca you know i love him and he had a great playoff series and he had a good olympics obviously and he puts up great numbers but like you said the key thing for winning the mvp is being on a winning team and you know when westbrook won it when he won the triple double i think they were what the succeed yeah the triple double season yeah we're average you know i love you said they won the trip with double like i don't i don't well that's basically all they want i mean him getting no no no no you're not wrong you're not wrong but uh luka doncic plus 400 i like him i think he could be up there but i don't think the mavs are any higher than a six or seven seat again in the western conference so i don't see him winning it i think steph curry like you said at 8 plus 800 is a bargain same thing with giannis i could see the bucks you know having a great regular season again and giannis being up there in the mvp race and steph i think those two would be my favorites and my second tier would be maybe guys like kevin durant and luca but to me you got to have like you said that top four or five seed and put up great numbers to win mvp so like if curry has the same season like you said this this past year they clay tom's back they're a better team he wins mvp if you know the bucks are top two seed in the eastern conference and johannes has another dominant season he's up there too but i'd say those two are probably my favorite picks out of this whole list especially with the value that they're at plus 800 right now yeah i think embiid is the like the worst value on this list being the second highest odds you look at last year last year was his chance to win the mvp guys like lebron and kd weren't really playing as much like there's a lot of the mbps a lot of the mvp candidates weren't there and b would have won if he didn't get hurt but that's the thing every year you can't rely on him to play enough games to really qualify for these awards so that's tough and one thing that i know frank won't like is i was looking at like all the odds before james harden was like 15th at plus 2500 and i know you think james harden is equally or even more valuable than kevin durant's that nets team so seeing him like way lower than kevin durant is definitely interesting come on i mean if if if harden puts up you know 20 27 a game and gets 10 assists a game and he shoots efficiently he's going to be up there in the end though if they win 70 games dude no brooklyn nets players winning mvp guys get it out of your heads what if they win 60 70 now that's what i'm saying the warriors in 2017 the first year durant got there they won 67 games exactly katie steph clay i mean i don't think they were in the top five of mvp but i think isaiah thomas was actually ahead of all those guys i think again with a super team but with injuries like we saw last year i could definitely see a possibility the only way it happens is if like one or like one misses like the whole season and then like the other guy misses like a lot of the season but oh no i'm saying like other stars around the league getting injured possibly oh i'm sorry if they're fully healthy they win 67 games i don't see it the media narrative i mean that would make no sense even as a fan i wouldn't vote them in because two other you know top 15 talent in the nba i mean what do you what do you want to but you're most valuable i mean there's another top seven player on your team and james harden i mean i think that would be nonsense for one of those guys to win mvp even lebron james because i mean obviously russell westbrook is a polarizing player you know some people like him some people hate him but anthony davis went healthy i mean if he's healthy as well like a top 10 player in basketball so i mean i think he could even be top five yeah so he could be in that conversation so it's tough for the super team to win i think curry and giannis are i i think this is unfair how i would definitely agree with that completely i mean not that i can bet anyway but if i could i definitely would all right um let's move on to mailbag monday our last topic of the week i mean honestly last time i got the you know the episode of course mailbag monday was pretty successful last time you know we answered five questions each monday we answered five of your guys's questions from our instagram and um actually i forgot again but next time i put them up on the youtube community tab as well um but you know right now we have the instagram questions on the first one we got is do you think jamar chase is a bust damn coming in hot jack he didn't even play a regular season game yet to be honest he did not look good though but he didn't know he wasn't he didn't look good but that's impossible to say that come on yeah okay okay fair enough fair enough i'm gonna give him some time they'll be all right they got a lot of good receivers down there he might not have a a thousand yard rookie season but jamar chase is going to be a player he's good yeah i i mean um i i guess dude that's all right let's move on what's up what's up oh you didn't say anything nothing no oh okay all right let's move on to the next question um who is the better player d aaron fox or shea gil just alexander good question um from our boy sam i'm personally leaning this is tough man i'm going straight i'm going shay i think she i mean he's efficient as could be i love fox i mean he offered i think his three ball is still a little bit you know inconsistent he only shot like 34 last year did at one point shoot at 38 but it kind of did down the past two seasons fox is a great player don't get me wrong but shea i mean what he did last year with okc on that on that terrible team i like his game so smooth um not the best playmaker yet but he's definitely you know that that really you know ideal score as a point guard i mean he's just crazy i get that but we've just seen more of fox as like the lead guy so like we know what he's capable of i just like we haven't seen enough of shea you know as the lead guy in okc uh i think this season will be really big for like where we rank shea in the nba though and you know fox is kind of like on that level of maybe people were saying like booker and treyarch before they got the opportunity to prove themselves in the playoffs you know unfortunately him being on the kings kind of like lowers his stock or doesn't really give him an opportunity to raise it because they won't be in the playoffs and they don't ever have a good supporting cast around him and i i kind of do like where the thunder are going like you said so i think shea ultimately at the end of the day because of the situation that he's in and you know they're very similar you know probably in ranks probably very close so i think shay ultimately i'd say have the edge this year because the thunder are just a better team yeah i mean it's a shame that kings are in the eastern conference i thought the one year they were the nine seed in the west in 2019 they definitely could have been like a top five 16 in the east like that kings team was pretty good they won 39 games in the west that year was a competitive west where the clippers won 48 games to get the eighth seed um it was a tough year in the western conference of course but i just think the kings have a ton of talent and they remind me of the hawks before the hawks took off and obviously losing baghdad donovich who was on that 2019 team was huge but they're still a pretty good team they have tons of talent obviously marvin badly didn't pan out but i mean they still got tons of players on the team but it seems like that run it seems like they might have to go into another rebuild which would be i mean devastating really fox just needs to really get out of there and he does but i mean do we want every good player to get out of i don't like the whole notion where every good player has to leave the bad teams though because i get it though but how many not every bad team but sacramento they do have to leave sacramento has never been good and never will be they they had a chance to be really good it's just that they if they got that luca or trey young pick right if they got that bagley pick right dude they would have been set up so perfectly but at the end of the day they didn't and they consistently miss on picks like that so we're like never really let's believe that they will hit on i mean they haven't made the playoffs in like 15 years it's the longest streak in the nba because jimmy butler broke it for the t wolves i mean single-handedly pretty much that season but um let's get to the next question name um okay this is a good one wow name two players you would want to have like for example you know how like shaq and kobe did that interview name two players you would want to see interview with each other um i guess like you know current players i guess he's outside i got a good one so you want two first current players two people well lebron and kyrie or russ and kd those are the only odell beckham jr and josh norman because i'd like to see like yeah sure yeah i don't know what i was gonna say michael jordan michael jordan and isaiah thomas for past because maybe just they talk about the whole olympic thing and how mike didn't want him on the team and stuff like that that'd be interesting for me to see that i'd say yeah i think um hardening cp3 dark horse answer you know that houston team really kind of it gets me sad thinking about it because they could have been um champions in in 2018 if if chris paul didn't go down and i thought that team you know if they stayed around a longer i thought they would have had a good chance in 2019 as well or in 2020 i meant you know because obviously you know the warriors weren't around with kd and the lakers were a good team in 2020 but i think that rockets team with chris paul i think you know they could have definitely gave the lakers a run for their money i thought westbrook you know wasn't that that guy and westbrook was hurt to be fair in the playoffs last year versus lakers or in 2020 so it wasn't really a fair series you know with westbrook being hurt but i would like to see cp3 and harden because that that beef i mean that they have seems seems pretty uh deep or jonathan harding honest and hardened yeah which would be a great one um who is um oh okay this is this is a this is a really interesting one um who is the best um nba who is the better mba rookie we got jalen green so we got i guess a star bench cup but he said who is the better nba rookie we have three players though so we'll do a start bench cut we got kate cunningham jaylen green and then we got al parents and goon train we got right here i mean i'm i'm starting i'm starting jalen green i think i think jalen green is actually no but kade's cave skill set though if he reaches his full potential he's gonna be a better player than jalen just because point guards are more valuable than you know yeah like legitimately he has put the potential the more all-around game than jaylen green but i think jalen green's going to be like a bucket right out of the jalen exactly jaylen green's going to be going to be putting up every like those crazy numbers right away where it might take kate some time i don't think it would take people i think no i think he'll put up solid numbers but i think he's gonna take some time to develop into like that superstar like i don't think he'll come into the league putting up like luca level numbers i think he'll come into the league and then it'll take a little bit time for him to go on his uprise because i think the pistons also need to surround him with some better talent first i think jalen is just tough though i mean jalen just liked that i think they're both really good but then i'm going to cut him i think he's probably i like singing a good player yeah no though he no no doubt no doubt all right so we got if you were the 49ers right i mean i think we've already talked about the podcast but if you're the 49ers who are you starting at quarterback trey lance or jimmy g jimmy g yeah hundred percent yeah i think i'm doing that attending super bowl team you want the veteran presence trey lance might be better in the long term but he's just he's definitely not ready yet you know situations all right and lastly have you guys tried the news cinnamon toast crunch uh churros no what so let me look this up real quick for my boy um jay he asked churros i don't really like churros in the first place heroes are pretty good they upset my stomach churros is this real like i feel like he might have just lied about this no because i saw no it is real because i saw i saw something similar it was like a fruity pebble uh funnel cake oh no it's a type of cereal it's a type of cereal the cinnamon toast crunch churros i don't need cheerios it's a type of see that's kind of crazy no i haven't tried it but you know what maybe next time i go to the store i'll pick it up these seem pretty solid i'm about to cop these you know what you guys got to get the s'mores oreos they're so good so good like another thing that came with the oreos fantastic what does it look like it's just like that sounds very appealing no like it's like tasting marshmallow kinda yeah the middle has like chocolate and marshmallow filling and the outside's like a graham cracker it's good that's a salad yeah i'm looking at it right now it does look pretty good actually it's good i'm telling you cinnamon churros like look at the picture them in the bowl like they look so thick you know what the issue is though they probably get really soggy really quickly so i don't know if they look like blizzy's in here bro they look like blizzy you know i would be turned off uh jay on that i mean i don't know i might be turned off jay i mean that is just not it yeah that is just not those looks is so bad but i mean the box looks pretty good they look good in the box but wait and they come with sneakers though dude no way i think i'm a kyrie kyrie it's probably like a giveaway you can win i doubt they come with this stockx has it for 950 bucks oh my so i'm gonna buy cinnamon toast guns churros with a kyrie uh shoe and kyrie hates his own shoes by the way i didn't eat like he came out and said yeah he came out and said he isn't like we actually covered that on the podcast i believe maybe not but i think we did anyway anyways um that's gonna be it for uh season three episode number 63 of the sticky sports podcast hope you guys did enjoy that one and be sure to like this video um do it for your voice hit that like button or dislike i mean either or really i mean it helps the algorithm either way um and then if you're watching on youtube you know subscribe to the channel it would really mean a lot hit that red button if you enjoy the content or if you want some nfl and mba content in your feed on the daily and then um if you listen to apple podcast or spotify make sure to rate and review the podcast it really does help out a lot like i had mentioned earlier in the video and yeah if you're new to us if you if this is your first time listening um go check us out on our social platforms you gotta we got a tic tac instagram and then twitter as well um i mean that's pretty much it actually i was about to say on the youtube as well but i mean you're on youtube most likely but yeah that's gonna be from us we appreciate you stopping by and we'll see you on friday peace fellas<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img 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Reacting To NBA2K Ratings, NFC South Team Previews &amp; More | S3 E63


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