Royal Editor On Harry & Meghan Bombshell Biography Update & Why William & Kate Might Be Moving | LK

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]tonight tomorrow sees the much anticipated re-release of the biography about harry and meghan a new version of finding freedom includes an extra chapter which reveals more allegations reportedly made by the couple against the royal family uh royal editor russell myers joins me now what does this name mean another chapter another chapter well it's only one chapter but they've packed an awful lot into it it is indeed and we've sort of got a couple of leaks over the weekend a few of the uh sort of sprinkling of what is going to be in it and most notably i think is that uh apparently according to the authors of this book finding freedom who did not cooperate with the with harry and megan allegedly i mean they've they've made a bit of pains to say that there was no cooperation however it's also been alleged that there obviously was huh and the authors are saying that they had no regrets about the way that they left the royal family and of course we've been speaking about this for so long such controversy about it you know that we're leading into the oprah winfrey interview that was of course explosive as well and i think one of the most notable things that i picked out from the weekend was that the authors suggested that megan found the oprah interview cathartic and liberating well certainly one person uh who wasn't uh sharing that view according to the authors was prince william and apparently he was furious with the oprah winfrey interview and obviously we could understand why because there were several allegations that uh that came out in that interview one of the most explosive was of course harry and megan accusing a unnamed member of the royal family of making uh racist comments saying um that there was comments made about how dark the color of their unborn children would be now apparently they did consider naming the royal racist if you will um but decided against it i think that harry said in the interview didn't he that uh if they had have done that would be particularly damaging for that person so certainly an awful lot of food for thought and um we're talking about it again so uh good news for the authors and uh bad news for the royal family very very much so um megan of course didn't make up for prince yes funeral um and the reason being you know she was heavily pregnant at that stage told not to fly but lots of whispers as to the reaction and this is very interesting now um uh megan was instructed not to fly and apparently she was making every effort to be there but of course she was heavily pregnant i don't think anyone blamed her not for being there but the authors did say that certainly that the family were quietly pleased they put it and they didn't want a respectable spectacle well of course it was a very emotive event with those those iconic pictures of the queens sitting on our own the coronavirus restrictions were laced through it uh william and harry had to be separated by peter phillips if you remember so of course it would have added to the the whole spectacle of it and i think that um the authors also say that harry uh you know found it very hard to come back and see his family in a year and a half um but hopefully that has laid the foundations for a better series of relations i'm not too sure about that because i think there is a certainly a lot of water under the bridge but um tensions are still running very very high within the family so of course well um we did get in touch with buckingham palace for a statement about the book and they haven't replied we also reached out to harry and megan too they haven't replied either they're all very busy however in the past their lawyers have distanced themselves from the book describing it as unauthorized and saying that the authors do not speak for our clients so we do know that aspect indeed what you will but it's a an explosive book uh as i said an awful lot of new claims that uh i've picked packed into one chapter um but the uh the authors are probably the winners out of all of you very much so like you say we're still talking about it um it's been released of course at a rather significant day for harry and william yes well tomorrow is uh the 24th anniversary of princess diana's tragic deaths in the uh in the paris tunnel and um astonishing when you think about that you you had the big milestones just recently it seemed as though the the 20th anniversary which spurred on the um the boys to get together and to create this uh this statue which is laying in kensington palace gardens at the moment and the boys will be you know commemorating it privately i'm told uh a very very solemn moment of course for them but kensington palace have decided to open the gate once more uh to allow people to come and see the statue of princess diane that was recently opened by both the boys so if you haven't seen it get down and see it you can go uh especially tomorrow and it's normally open wednesdays to sundays and it's well worth the trip because it's actually a beautiful beautiful setting at kensington palace of course do you say a solemn day for the boys tomorrow and what's this about prince charles and a bit of controversy around well well it is and this is a very controversial it is the roles have been embroiled in yet another cash for access allegations i think the last one we remember is sort of fergie popping up selling access to prince andrew and and whatnot um but this is very very interesting that it centers on a charity that prince charles found founded called the prince's foundation fantastic calls there's loads of amazing things for charity but um apparently there were certain fixers getting involved and raising money for the charity um up to a hundred thousand pounds you could have dinner with the future king you could also have a night over at dunford's house his scottish abode pretty pricey for an airbnb i think but uh dinner chucked in with him however the fixers that have been involved in this there are allegations over the weekend um that uh that he was selling essentially selling this for the charity but um the fixers were taking a 25 fee now indeed prince charles has said that uh they were certainly unaware of this certainly the charity have said that they have also released a statement saying we are taking these allegations especially seriously very seriously indeed and an ethics scandal an ethics investigation has been released oh my goodness and just really quickly prince william well physically moving closer to that potentially yeah well the queen has been in winter castle for last 18 months and uh will the cambridges be heading over to be her neighbor let's wait and see i think that uh they're sort of spitting their time between norfolk and uh london at the moment do they want to be closer to granny it might be a really nice uh sweet gesture um but let's wait and see ah are they interesting yeah well you know they're not bad neighbors and it's not bad living next to winter castle popping over to see you say it's nice enough yes good for them thank you so much as always also thank you don't forget you can watch full episodes of lorraine on the itv hub and all the best clips compilations and playlists right here on our channel just subscribe now and you'll never miss an upload click here to watch another video similar to this one or click here to head to our channel's homepage to explore all of our exciting videos<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="Royal Editor On Harry &amp; Meghan Bombshell Biography Update &amp; Why William &amp; Kate Might Be Moving | LK" /></figure>rn<!-- /wp:image -->[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Royal Editor On Harry &amp; Meghan Bombshell Biography Update &amp; Why William &amp; Kate Might Be Moving | LK


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