TGCC 2020 Europe, Middle East, Africa Regional Qualifiers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]is team one with us on the call today yes all right um team one id 29 we have jude rosalie zoya and renata usmanova and just a reminder that i'm going to keep your time for you today i'm going to give you a warning when you have uh two minutes left and then another when you have 30 seconds left um so please keep to 10 minutes and then we'll have a few minutes for questions afterwards so i'll be clicking the slides for you so when you want me to go to the next slide just let me know and i'll give you five four three two one same one you guys can start i think you're on mute right sorry greetings to mr shahada miss manning and mr mccurtsey my name is zoya mumtaz and i'm joined today by my teammates jude doubles rosalie stankova and renata usmanova we're delighted to present you today our strategy for the acsl moving forward next slide [Music] our agenda for today consists of the current situation as well as outlining the objectives that we will address in our strategies going through a three polar approach of globalization innovation and marketing as well as wrapping that up with our implementation strategy next slide executive summary is winning internationally by expanding to global markets anchoring equity initiative and csr to build brand affinity with a purpose we will innovate disruptively to drive supply chain efficiencies and chief respirating next slide please acsl has great expectations politically economically and in terms of its social welfare we've identified opportunities for the company the acsl framework will be anchored in three pillars a to win internationally by capturing first mover advantage in emerging markets and achieve globalization b driving differentiated innovation to help acsl leverage corporate social responsibility and c building brand affinity and penetration via marketing these three pillars will be implemented to drive sustainable growth next slide please let's start with tackling down the first pillar of globalization for which we have chosen four key regions where we aim to lay out our global expansion strategy this involves global expansion in four phases using the small market's first approach to gain first mover advantage in emerging markets phase one involves markets that are easier to enter and provides acsl with abundant learning opportunities to help them benchmark and acquire new skills and ideas from the many existing drone businesses in the region so this would make southeast asia an excellent fit the commercial drones in southeast asia are used for agricultural and disaster prevention purposes which are much like the products acs has to offer in addition most of the raw materials necessary for drone production are actually manufactured in the region so there are many suppliers this lowers transportation costs to potentially achieve economies of scale and thereby giving acsl yet another competitive advantage next slide please phase two involves penetrating into regions that are relatively easy to enter and have high growth potential in the uae the commercial sector we have identified the middle east as a substantial phase two region because expanding here in the earlier stages of this agenda will allow acsl to establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty before prospective competitors enter allowing acsl to set the market price in the commercial drone sector the specific countries that have high growth potential include the uae saudi arabia kuwait and israel the global market report specifically identifies these regions to exhibit an annual growth rate of 9.3 percent developing a distribution network while also adopting e-commerce in the middle east will accelerate digital penetration in countries such as the uae due to the presence of many franchising chains next slide please i believe you're on mute sorry moving on to our next target targeted phase iii region which is europe many world-leading local and foreign companies are looking to expand here which is a big threat to rising startups despite this strong competition acsl has managed to differentiate itself by providing highly technological and customizable products allowing them to charge reasonably however the absence of unification of loss can prove to be a challenge which can be overcome by expanding in a region through distribution networks we've decided to concentrate on the bigger markets in europe including france switzerland germany uk finland and denmark being present all of these technologically developed and highly competitive countries would give acsl a quick start and expanding throughout europe and moving on to asia eventually next slide please phase four involves penetrating into countries that are competitive to enter as they involve a greater risk and knowledge of the market to flourish now we have identified asia as a substantial region due to its expected growth rate of over 15 during the next five years the top countries we suggest for market expansion in asia are russia china india south korea hong kong and australia these countries will occupy the top tier positions in the global drone market asia accounted for 40 of worldwide e-commerce sales much of which was concentrated in these countries the company will have a competitive advantage entering these markets as it will have adequate market data sales channels and understanding of complex legal systems and different business cultures moreover there are many manufacturing suppliers which will prove to be beneficial for acsl's future production initiatives higher rates of investment and equities in tech companies allow acsl to maintain sustainability next slide as part of the company the company will enter the regional markets in the order of the phases through franchising distribution network and e-commerce allowing it to maintain its ownership reduce the total cost of manufacturing their own products as well as control the production requirements in each region the implementation of the global expansion strategy will be spread over the course of two to three years along with which the company is projected to show high scalability and growth next slide as part of the innovation pillar we recommend acsl deliberate humanity with a purpose by making a positive impact on the environment and the society to improve their triple bottom line we have identified solutions that could help tackle specific global issues in our world today firstly the growing concern of e-waste is a challenge in many developing nations as it contains many toxic chemicals that harm the health of the environment we have developed a potential new product idea which uses multi-spectral remote sensing imaginary to detect and monitor the release and possibly the dispersal of heavy metal contaminants by now by analyzing the geochemical inventory on the targeted sites the second product development idea is in times of crisis such as covid19 acsl should use their products to reduce the spread of the virus by developing body temperature detecting drones using acsl's current technology such as their infrared light technology would be an effective way for mass detection in crowds the development would involve temperature scans and an alert system next slide please you guys have two minutes left last pillar focuses on our aim to deploy strategies that fit the interests of consumers and the advances in the digital market effective marketing will help address issues in the supply chain while also improving brand reputation our first objective in our marketing pillar will improve acsl's brand affinity and image in the targeted as well as existing markets this involves participating in global and local tech events in the respective regions such as global drone conference the intradrone in las vegas the umex in middle east uas summit and expo and also the european drone summit participating in showcasing the company's products at tech events will provide valuable insights and advice from industry experts it will also contribute towards brand recognition and really allow acsl to scale the startups effectively and expose the company to prospective customers and investors secondly in a culturally diverse world it is crucial to preserve cultural norms by adapting to the trends in certain regions we recommend that acsl implements a renaming strategy for their core products to suit each region and differentiate their products by building market appeal uniqueness and brand bus currently acsl's core products include pf2 and the me in asia wave rider hurricane and sky monkey are names that aim to market acsl social responsibility practices this associates their drones with their disaster relief functions in the middle east appealing and creative names include airbender falcon and altair which means which means pilot in arabic next slide please in an increasingly digitized world it is important to adapt to current consumer trends by investing in an acsl mobile application an app that allows for consumers to customize and view a digital 3d model of the drone this strategy would benefit the supply chain by increasing their low capacity utilization rate which according to our calculations currently stands at 10 to 16 percent per month thank you very much um we're out of time uh so now we'll move on to questions all right i'm just gonna power up my question before i forget it thank you guys you've done fantastic um just a clarification the four phases that you presented are they uh working simultaneously or you're just gonna work a phase and then jump to the second phase and third and then fourth um we're yeah we're starting with phase one proceeding to phase two afterwards phase three afterwards and finishing with phase four and how long this will take the span of the whole product is two to three years okay thank you um i've got a question guys i thanks very much i can see that the teamwork um you know is was really great and you're all fantastic presenters and i was just wondering whether you considered the developing world at all in your analysis or developing countries or third world countries um any applications in those areas yes definitely so especially the e-waste problem would help um help the developing countries yeah along along with um the drones we have talked about for helping disasters and preventing disasters along with agricultural purposes such as um you know you could using pesticides is quite harmful to the people using them and working with them therefore um developing a drone that would deal with pesticides would be very um beneficial to third world countries it would also help acsl increase their triple bottom line so they could benefit long term they could benefit the economy society and the environment which would be very beneficial towards their long-term growth we have a couple more minutes any more questions yeah um i've got a question i think well done to the team i think you act well as a team um my question is in terms of uh your marketing um capabilities um how are you thinking of creating awareness for your solutions creating awareness for these um we thought of a billboard marketing strategy um in which we aim to gain brand awareness uh billboard advertising would actually be an effective way of mass marketing and to attract potential customers especially in urban areas in existing markets such as singapore us and japan which they currently operate in addition additionally we were thinking of the new products and disaster help would be it would be broadcasted on news and that would be some sort of marketing without without um paying extra for it okay thank you any further questions from the judges no well thank you guys very much you did super well and i'm so excited that you were our first team for this competition today for this round and i really enjoyed hearing about your solutions i think you did a wonderful job presenting and please make sure to join us when when the winners are announced um at 2 20 p.m uk time we'll see you back then thank you thank you very much team two id number 82 please welcome samara ayesha and vishal and to present today as a reminder you guys are going to have 10 minutes to present your case you will have a warning at two minutes and a warning at 30 seconds left so that's two minutes left and 30 seconds left and then there will be five minutes for q a after you've finished presenting so are you guys all ready to go can you give me a thumbs up if you're ready to begin videos on excellent um please make sure that you're not on mute when you need to talk that can sometimes happen accidentally so let's begin five four three two one your time starts now in this entire presentation we have provided acsl with three recommendations to help them step into the global world and create an innovative image all while keeping their original essence and sac next slide analyzing current situations is a crucial step in order to derive a solution to a business decision the pestilent can correlate the current situations and evaluate the circumstances in various global markets to assess the solution politically the historical peace deal between uae and israel that continues to grow to all the middle eastern countries to signify major changes in the middle eastern road market tensions are continuing to escalate between india and china at the border this signifies a massive advantage for ecstasy chinese competitors the u.s presidential elections also align with acsl as the major decisions will have to be taken in international relations by the incumbent party economical situations are highly in favor of hsl china's trade relations with countries such as u.s and india have worsened thus companies like dji innovations have little to no chance of being welcomed by significant drone markets japan's gdp fell 7.8 percent in the second quarter but there are signs of improvement socially and technologically the drone market is witnessing remarkable changes especially in the delivery drone and satellite drone market environmentally acsl has many chances globally for providing disaster relief especially due to various natural calamities in india australia california etc legally the european regulations pose a minor threat while the australian regulations will not affect their consumer preferences for drones next slide i believe you might be on mute looking at different stages uh asus number one strength is that they own a peripheral technology system where dgi's strengths are they have an incredible reputation in brain loyalty however however there's one thing you can adapt from 3d or robotics is brand equity it's their number one strength for sure coming to weaknesses acs dji are higher in cost and not only high in cost but have multiple computers with lower prices 3dr are diverse enough given that most of its uh growth so far is in the domestic market acso is atso's less brand promotion and lack of advertising products are the two main causes of increasingly ages of many opportunities are merging with new companies and collaborating with companies to provide jobs and acsl's main opportunities are increased presence in professional industry and 20 yards is access to local talent international market and it's and the threat of 3dr is first component for working development market uh because of the environmental regulations and ggs is the legal limitations and hsl's threat are the less brand promotion and lack of participation in events and again these are the same points that causes issues a lot next slide the global market effective though from 22.5 billion dollars to 42.8 billion us dollars in the spam of five years this fairly stable year on your growth as you can see in the graph is a reflection of the ongoing high investments and consolidation of the commercial drone market and as for competitors in the global market the major player generation a chinese company that holds around 70 of the global commercial market has been banned in the united states concluding it's it's a dynamic and a new market and will have to prove beneficial for atheism it's likely business use cases for drones have grown significantly over the past few hours as you see the table i think focusing on delivery is a good option drone delivery as samara said drone delivery is one of the fastest growing applicable methods in the global market there are numerous delivery companies that are rapidly increasing the technological capability of drones in fact back in 2019 the largest drone investment was made to a drone was made to a delivery company called zipline since 2012 more than 300 million us dollars have been invested in drone delivery next slide with this we delve into our recommendation of expanding to australia the first subsection of this recommendation is for esl to provide disaster relief drones to analyze the extent of damages that materialize to the australian bushfires disaster relief projects are one of the four most important approaches for enhancing public relations or pr pr projects when planned and taken into action properly it's one of the best methods to ensure effective advertising this is because consumers and people in general feel more persuaded to buy the products of a company that proves it is functioning for the betterment of society for the future generations by advertising through disaster relief projects in australia esl will derive a solution to one of their main problems lack of effective advertising and brand promotion the acsl brand has huge scopes of delaying a rare and valuable status especially due to its valuable technology r d through effective advertising esl's drones are highly customizable and intricately manufactured to gain maximal profits next slide please technology manufacturer merging with a military drone manufacturer to produce differentiated military and different drones the military spending is considered to be considered to be more than half of the entire market as you see he buy here 70 percent of the sales is on military jones whatever the rise in external internal um threat and threat and and terrorist activities are also impacting the uh impacting the market to grow government sector the australian military is open to new um advanced differentiated products from foreign countries this gives atsl in it over australian military need delivery drone in the military don't market uh this way should should launch delivery drones in merged with military drones in march for the defense technology manufacturer things like next slide please recommendation 1c manufacturer of agriculture drones the agriculture drone market is set to grow from 1.2 billion to 5.7 billion in just a span of five years a few key factors during the growth of this market are pressure on global food supply due to the growing population and increase on venture funding for the development of agriculture drones ac excels core technology is suitable to adapt agricultural drones all they have to do is add a few tweaks here and there and they can take on australia's blooming or culture industry not only that but this can turn into a huge attraction for the indian drone market which is said to be the largest drone market by 2025. next slide please potential opportunities in australia there are numerous potential opportunities in australia that uses incorporate themselves we already scrutinized into military and agriculture towards manufacturing and reduced competition from chinese competitors due to trade relations in the previous place so further starting off with number one our thought of focusing on the lumijo industry where ecso can prosper the idea can take place in australia um you have two minutes left australia here in the delivery door industry and e-commerce giant so we should step in and sell our capable huge profits number two asus studio release air sliders stone can anticipate a stupendous release especially due to the australian governments which is foreign inspecting drones so because of the heavy rains in australia number three back spanning to australia acsl can make its mark on three continents on the world map rather than expanding to a country within asia or north america the acsl has already extended its arms expanding to an entirely independent continent will help acsl fulfill its internationalization strategy and mission next slide please this is what acsl can do by expanding to australia in quarter 4 2020 esl should be looking forward to making its mark and forming connections in australia to disaster relief projects and delivery drones in quarter 1 2021 asl should start focusing on taking steps for gaining maximum profits in its operations in australia through mainly effective advertising and governmental connections in quarter 2 2021 acsl should look into differentiating themselves with the profits they gain from quarter one and look into new products and merge us with companies like defentex from quarter 3 2021 onwards eastern should undertake efforts to continue its internationalization for the future such timeline is profitable serviceable and at the same time realistic next slide please would like 30 seconds left that these are not we don't guarantee that these would be the only ideas if yourself will receive but we do guarantee that these ideas will bring it will start acs's journey from a very good place and while stepping into a new market like acsles they need to start from a good place and finally would like to say that um these ideas will lead you to fly thank you thank you team you guys have done an amazing job um really wonderful presentation you guys were great as a team we're now gonna have five minutes of questions from the judges okay i'll fire up here go ahead go ahead your point about merging and collaborating with other companies as a way of sort of moving into that more global or international space can you can you just um give me a little bit more around your thinking in that regard and also whether you identified any companies that would be potentials to merge or collaborate with um uh michaelson is a good brand but as we said it's because of this less brand promotion it's not that it's not so the idea of merging with a defense technology manufacturer is because um military drones are 70 uh are more than the more than half of the entire market so and they say yes esl has not the uh does not have the technology to design or it has it has a poor technology it does not have the technology to design or to additional adapt the military drones so the idea of merging with a uh already defense technology manufacturing company and launching military tones would be a benefit for pcso thank you and sorry um i would also like to say that we have a company in mind for example defendex is an innovative australian owned and operated defense technology company specializing in small arms development using new fabrication techniques to facilitate the rapid testing and manufacturing of new designs they work closely with the australian defense and just in july they signed the two million dollar contract with the australian defense force to develop rocket-propelled grenade technology so yeah thank you any further questions judges yeah um uh alfred um i just want to say thanks to the team um well done my question is obviously you've identified quite a number of opportunities and so i'd be very interested to see where would you start which one which of the opportunities do you think is a lowering fruit could you repeat once again wasn't she able to hear you correctly okay i'll repeat i was saying that you have identified quite a number of opportunities for your solution i'd be interested to know where would you start well um we would start obviously by advertisements like we said acsl is an amazing company but it hasn't you know yet quite made its image yet because people when you say acsl people are not able to identify the company whereas other companies names you take there's a picture in mind in while acsl it's a good company but it doesn't have a picture so i think we'll start by advertisements and then we'll go on to our you know other recommendations thank you any further questions judges all right well thank you team and make sure to join us again when we announce the winners and we really look forward to seeing you thanks for your time guys thank you good job thank you team three id number one one six and today we have hasha siddhant raghav and ahad here representing team three team three as a reminder you're gonna have ten minutes to present your case you're gonna get a warning both in the chat and called out to you when you have two minutes left and another one when you have 30 seconds left just reminder that i will be controlling the slides and so do let me know when you want me to click through to the next slide but we're really excited to hear uh to hear what you've got for us today so with that your time will begin in five four three two one hello everyone i'm raghav i'm ahad i'm harsha and we are the wolves of wall street and our fourth member is sid and we are the wolves of wall street in our presentation about removing barriers for acsl we'll take you through the current situation in terms of the company the target market and our competitors then we'll move on to our recommendations these mainly being offering drones as a service and delivering medical supplies improving design and introducing a new marketing strategy finally we'll bring it all together with our own version of the swatch analysis our timeline and our financials after that we'll be happy to answer any of your questions our objective is to make acsl the alpha wolf of the drone industry next piece now every alpha wolf starts off as a cub and this is our current situation we're the first publicly listed drone company worldwide we rely on our long-term clients for revenue and our flagship products are currently the pf to medium-sized drone and the mini drone from this we synthesized two main goals in the short term we want to increase our demand for our flagship products and the long term we want to breach international industries in emerging markets we plan on doing this using our three-pronged fulfillment strategy you can see in the bottom right of your screen next slide please we also have two key target markets small and medium enterprises and medical aid organizations why did we choose these target markets in the middle of your screen you can see that the total market for medical distribution in africa is 28.56 billion us dollars and the value that drones can provide in the infrastructure industry is 45.2 billion us dollars so this start these target markets have a lot of potential but if it was this easy you guys would have done a heartbeat there are two key things standing in our way firstly the average sme can only afford one of our drones per annum if they use all of their tech spending and the second thing is that the average inspection using drones varies between one to two hours while our battery life is only 48 minutes so what can we take away from this firstly our current pricing strategy is not suited for smes secondly there's a large market of eight to capitalize on and we need to improve our battery life next slide please now we want to target emerging markets and when we penetrate those same markets it's very important that we understand who we're up against and we've chosen three main companies to do so idea forge an indian company who focuses on military drone use cases dji the biggest drone provider in the world as well as a chinese company who focuses on all drone industries and sensefly a swiss company that focuses on the demographics of tanzania and kenya for humanitarian drone use cases now when it comes to purchasing these drones there are two main things that consumers care about affordability and the quality of the drones as well as its after sales care and taking all those points into consideration in terms of the chart on the left here is where all those companies rank now acsl is currently doing great amongst these companies however as responsible consultants it's our duty not to settle for great we believe that our recommendations will propel acl to become the frontrunner amongst this wolfpack next slide please so on to our first recommendation you've heard about hardware as a service and you've heard about software as a service but we bet you haven't heard about drones as a service yet we've identified that our drones are currently not appealing to smes so we recommend a change in the current business model in emerging markets we'll do this by introducing a subscription based model for the pf2 drone this will be priced at at 6000 usd per quarter along with this we developed software for default turnkey implementation into companies pre-existing workflows so what will be achieved with this recommendation we'll be reducing our time to value we'll be penetrating emerging markets starting with the main region and then moving on to india and we'll also be increasing our per drone revenue by 39 next slide please now we've all heard this saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away but have you heard the saying a drone a day keeps 112 doctors away because that's exactly what this drone on your screen can do with its 4kg payload it can immunize up to 112 people from polio could give us a potential business of 22 million us dollars and in the long term could immunize up to 80 000 people from polio but how are we going to do this using our comparative advantage of our drones being able to work autonomously in gps united areas using our ap3 technology we will breach international emerging markets to work with international aid organizations to provide medical supplies in these following organizations this also allows us to get a foothold in the mena region which is pretty predicted to be one of the fastest growing industries for drones growing at a predicted rate of 600 percent to reach 632 million in 2025. next slide please now to be the alpha wolf of the wolf pack we need to be the strongest and that means having the best design we will do this with our three prong strategy for design firstly we will innovate to lithium metal batteries these provide a higher energy density and would double the battery life second modular design this is essentially a detachable camera which would allow us to only change the camera for different consumers in the drones as a service and finally as you can see in the mock-up on the right an api designed cleanly and specifically for its purpose next slide please now it's time to work on our image and we will do this through the four ps of marketing price making our drones more accessible as a service and further reducing prices with the corporate referral program which we will talk about more later product which is use specific products and as can be seen in the mock-up on the right a clean and simple api interface to use and place estimating smes worldwide and african nations for aid will be our target market in addition to those ps our usp of the marketing strategy is the promotion aspect we want to institute a corporate referral program which will provide companies with a 10 discount for referring us to five others on their next order thereby increasing our revenue streams and potential for new clients now why do we want to do this exactly well through humanitarian advertising we want to spread the message about our medical aid distribution efforts as well as further spread the message that we're a revolutionary company in these industries next slide please now it's time for our version of the swot analysis the swatter as responsible consultants we feel that we should not only show acsl the barriers to entry but also how we're going to overcome them our key strengths are that we remove the high barrier to entry drones have and we advertise like wildfire through the crp program our key weaknesses that is that there's a potential for high drone downtime our key opportunities are gaining a foothold in emerging markets and providing unprecedented customization that smes desire our key threat is that copying is possible so speed to market is essential we've mitigated these risks using three main strategies of risk mitigation we've accounted for drone downtime in our calculations we plan to ease marketing investment gradually and we ensure that we have ensured that there's sufficient r d investment to support the speed to market plan next slide please so now moving on to what's the timeline for our recommendations the first stage is planning which we plan for to be quarter four of 2020. in this stage we can develop software we can do our initial due diligence and as well as the budgeting for marketing the next stage is execution this involves elements such as expansion into emerging markets for drones as a service delivering medical supplies for international aid and introducing crp program for marketing we believe this can be started from q1 and in the long term we'd recommend that acsl re-evaluate its key objectives to mitigate the risks of changing market conditions next slide please you have two minutes left now i know what all of you are thinking after all of that qualitative analysis show me the money well we've segregated our financials into three main categories our costs our customer growth projections and our revenue growth projections as can be seen on the left of the screen our costs include a 20 000 software development cost a 10 investment from our r d budget into modular design a 10 reduction in revenue from our corporate referral program and loss of maintenance revenue however if you direct your attention to the graph on the top left of the screen from our subscription model we project that we'll have 35 customers coupled with just over 80 million dollars in revenue by the end of q4 2023 and the graph on the bottom left shows that our international aid solutions will bring us 10 customers coupled with 85 million 85 million yen in revenue by that same time frame now taking into account our reduction in revenue as well as other costs we project that our solutions have the potential of bringing acsl 163 million yen in revenue that translates to just over one and a half million us dollars in the next three years next slide please so in conclusion our drones as a service recommendation increases the affordability and it helps us in expanding into emerging markets delivering medical supplies helps us increase the humanitarian business for acsm improving our design helps us improve the quality of our drones and increasing marketing helps in gaining a foothold in emerging markets in conclusion we believe that with our recommendations acsl 30 seconds left thank you in conclusion we believe that with our recommendations acsl can truly become the alpha wolf of drone street thank you and now we'll be happy to answer any any any of your questions thank you very much thank you all right judges let's um go through some questions thanks i think i think it was really good focusing on sort of one broad market and i like your sort of design less or creative approach to the solution and obviously backed up with quite a lot of data and analysis there so so good job there i'm sure i could use the usual and some of my startups to do some some work for me um i i've written down as my question um have you thought about what the next sort of broad market would be after you've nailed the medical supplies or the humanitarian angle in the emerging nations right uh thank you so much ms manning for your question that's a good question so as my colleague raghav mentioned we first want to target the mena region and then india in the long term because those are the fastest growing markets that we're aware of in the materials provided to us we learned that india is the fastest growing market predicted to reach uh the third highest valuation by 2025 so after the mena region we do plan on going for the indian market as well i hope that answers your question any further questions judges yeah um um i just want to say um well done to the team i think you've done great in terms of analysis of the the issues but my question is i'm i'm missing one piece in your presentation which is the the regulation of thrones in in specific areas how are you going to attend to that great question mr shahada so we've done our market research and we found that most drone regulation is for security reasons and we don't violate any of these regulations also the nations that we're targeting of the mena region especially north africa are extremely open for business and there are many organizations such as the african business coalition for health who help foreign foreign companies for foreign companies set up inside these nations and we believe that this mitigates our risk of regulation thank you any further questions i really enjoyed it guys uh good job excellent um i think you are just focused and it's uh it's something that excites me that you guys thought outside the box so uh good job that's what i have for you thank you very much sir thank you sir apologies apologies mr makotsi for mixing you up with mr shahada the zoom names are a bit confusing i'm really sorry happens to the best of us no problem thank you we're about to see you guys from are you from one school yes miss we're all from dubai international academy any further questions judges no okay thank you very much you guys did a brilliant job i'm really excited to see uh to see the case solutions that you've presented to us today please make sure to come back and join us when we're going to be announcing the winners of this round in a few hours thank you thank you so much have a great day thank you judges have a great day bye team four we have um id number one seven zero wait just joining us all right team four um so today we have adia manvita kate and roshni team full we're very very excited to hear your solutions today so a couple of ground notes before i begin you're going to have 10 minutes to present your case i will be controlling the slide so do let me know when you want me to click to the next slide you will have a warning both in the chat and called out to you when you have two minutes left and when you have 30 seconds left and we'll follow that with a five minute five minute question and answer session um just remember to make sure that you're not on mute um in case you have to yeah speak up when it's your turn your 10 minutes is gonna start in five four three two one good morning we are victrix and this is our expansion plan proposal for acsl my name is rosie and i'll be talking you through the agenda and executive summary manvi will then talk you through our expansion plan into germany before kate explains our expansion plan into agriculture in japan finally aja will then go through our financial projections and timeline with you we will then open it up for questions next slide please established in 2013 acsl has grown into a well-established and reliable drone manufacturer they create custom-made drones to fly in gps denied environments despite their growth acsl remains a relatively small firm producing only about five drones a month despite having the capability to make up to 50 drones per month therefore without a viable expansion plan acsl will not be able to take full advan will be able to take full advantage of the projected global growth of the industry which is estimated to be worth 42.8 billion dollars by 2025 double its value in 2020. in order to take advantage of the massive profits available in this industry within the next decade we have devised a two-step expansion strategy for acsl by considering various sources such as analyzing acsl's market competitors assessing countries with the most potential for expansion and considering acsl's technological capabilities first beginning in late 2022 we are proposing an expansion into germany focusing primarily on the sale of drones for inspection and reconnaissance in industry our second proposal is an expansion into the agricultural market in japan beginning at the end of this year i will now hand over to manby to explain our expansion plan into germany next slide please thank you roshni our first proposal is an expansion into germany why germany you may ask we have assessed six potential countries for expansion we considered market value potential competitors drone legislation future market projections most popular uses for drones within the countries and cultural factors such as how they would view japan the german commercial drone market accounts for 404 million euros and is growing incredibly rapidly acsr's expertise in the market allows them to take advantage of the relatively new industry germany also doesn't have a huge market dominance their legislation and drone policy is not overtly stringent and germans have a very positive view of japan finally the forecast for market development predicts a significant rise in the sales and turnover of commercial drones over the next 10 years in germany there are several potential risks with our proposal however we have identified numerous precautions which we can take to mitigate those issues such as regular security updates marketing to promote reliability and stock control next slide please to gain insight into the market we have complete completed extensive industry analysis using several sources you including websites news articles third-party industry reviews we have even directly contacted a few firms to gain more insight into the financial status and product details of our competitors acsl's main competitor is dji their international dominar gives them an advantage but they lack customizability of products giving acsl a competitive advantage as the german market is relatively young most other german-based firms do not pose much of a threat to acsl's mission furthermore demand is plentiful within germany with surveying holding 79 percent of total market share as acsl's expertise lies within this area unlike for these these other firms they will be at the forefront of the race to deliver new products of clients being mindful of all this competition we have identified areas in which acsr will be able to improve and tailor our expansion plan towards them next slide please our expansion plan into germany consists of a well-developed three-step strategy firstly we will be focusing on drones for inspection and reconnaissance in the industry secondly we aim to run a large marketing campaign this includes mass social media presence publishing articles and promoting social responsibility finally we will also need to hire a diverse team of primarily german employees to kickstart the german branch these proposals will ensure acsl a successful market entrance to quickly gain a foothold in selling to the public i shall now hand over to kate who will explain the second part of our expansion plan next slide please thank you manby the second part of our expansion strategy is a proposed expansion into the agricultural drone market in japan beginning in 2021 the value of drones in the agriculture industry is predicted to be worth 32.4 billion dollars by 2025. furthermore the market for agricultural drones in japan is particularly strong for a variety of reasons firstly agriculture forms a key part of japan's economy and japan has an increasingly aging population so demand for autonomous farming systems is increasing rapidly acs bill also has strong links with both clients and legislators in japan which will make expansion into this new market substantially smoother because of this acsl should be able to expand successfully once again we've outlined how acl cell can overcome a range of potential challenges in this area including public fear of unfamiliar technology miscommunication and diseconomies of scale next slide please to fully prepare acsl for the expansion we've researched acsl's main competitors in this market using the same methods we used to research the german market nilework inc and dji at acsl's top competitors to enable us to compete with them we flagged the principal points of improvement for acsl and incorporated these ideas into our expansion strategies next slide please like the german expansion strategy the strategy for expansion into the agricultural drone market is split into three parts firstly the acsl will need to expand its capabilities to allow design and production of drones for agricultural uses the second part of the agriculture expansion consists of a two million dollar investment into a company called blue river technologies a research firm focusing primarily on technology for agricultural uses to give acsl first access to the latest technological developments the last part of the expansion is a new marketing strategy focused on the social benefits of acsl's new technologies and promotion as an environmentally friendly business i will now hand over to adia to go through the financial projections and timeline with you next slide please thanks kate we have produced a series of financial projections for our expansion strategy these projections are a product of complex data analysis drawing on data from acsl other drone firms market data from governments and ngos and several other sources to summarize whilst the company's profits they choose to expand if acl sell follows our expansion strategy they will see their profits rise far quicker the exception to this rule is 2022 where the opening of a branch in germany will lead to a loss of profit overall for the company however gains will be made in subsequent years which will quickly offset this cost whilst the table and the first graph depict a realistic best-case scenario the second graph shows a reasonable standard deviation to ensure all the 10 views including if both vendors are less or more successful than we have anticipated ultimately by 2020 two minutes free cash flow to increase by over 1 000 million yen a huge economic gain for the company next slide please we have developed a comprehensive timeline detailing every stage of the expansion from when we start hiring new employees to when we start purchasing sensors we've even included the date at which we believe acsl should approach the japanese government to discuss subsidies for the agriculture branch it is important to note acl's expansion into japan and germany do not occur simultaneously rather the expansion into japan occurs first as it has far less initial risk and cost once that is up and established which we expect to take between one and a half to two years we then focus primarily on the development of the firm in germany roshni will now summarize our proposal for you next slide please thank you archer to summarize acsl's corporate global expansions and strategy is a two-part proposal focusing on the launch of a branch in germany and entering the agricultural drone market in japan expansion into both markets would occur alongside acsl's current activities the implementation of this expansion strategy can enable acsl's profits to increase tenfold by 2027. acsl is an innovative reputable economically stable firm primed for further growth implementing our expansion plan will ensure they get the profits and global market share they deserve 30 seconds left thank you for listening and we welcome any questions you might have thank you guys um i really i think you guys are really brilliant presenters and you speak really well um i will now hand it over to the judges to ask their questions we have five minutes okay um i i'd like to ask sort of about the um you you explained i think very well about germany being uh your target based sort of expansion outside of japan which is the domestic market um have you sort of considered or is germany sort of going to be the european headquarters to expand further into europe or are you just going to keep it quite defined to those two areas for expansion thank you for your question mandy will answer it hi um that's a really very good question and we definitely have chosen germany because it is one of the most prominent markets within europe it is the second largest market within the european union and we think it's the one of the best things to start our expansion into germany and then to then um allow operation to go into europe and we think germany would be a great place to first start our initial um development and then we can slowly and surely spread across europe to gain more market share and dominance thank you judges any further questions um i think i think as a follow-up uh question from from the first question from janine um how do you see the drone market developing into developing countries get a question um ajah will answer it um so we definitely looked at all the different markets and we think that the in asia what you have is a lot of firms who um are selling drones with actually a smaller market so in countries like asia you have um loads of firms in china who are selling drones but not a lot of um demand comparative to countries like germany where the scale is definitely the other way around so that's why we chose to expand first to germany and then into europe we definitely would consider expanding into asia we think it's very important for the firm to eventually do that but we think at that point it has to focus on innovation because of the high levels of competition and in order to do that it has to have um pretty big profits to be able to first fund the innovation and that's why we chose first to expand to germany so we can make those huge profits and in europe so we can make those huge profits and then use those profits to fund innovation to go globally any further questions judges no guys i just wanted to clarify i think there were some formatting issues with the slides if it was was it the case that the slides that you had created hadn't uploaded properly to this presentation yeah they actually it was in um powerpoint um mode and uh we had done it on a powerpoint and i think the formatting was wrong which is why it looked very blank yeah okay no worries if you guys want you can um we can we can make sure the judges have a look at the the powerpoint presentation so they can see the full size maybe you could send it to me by email and my email address is s dot e h e s h h e so i'm gonna write it down i i can't see the the chat but muthav i believe you you might be able to share it in there so the team can share it with me and i can make sure the judges see it so should i just put your email out here yeah my email address so the team can send it to me and i can pass it on i have to say you guys did a brilliant job carrying on like champs in in the face of that i think it was really impressive the way that you weren't even faced and kept your talking points and everything so good job guys and if there are no further questions uh for the judges have you got the email address yeah we've got it excellent thank you so much please do make sure to check back in when we're going to be announcing the winners we hope to see you here and uh yeah thanks well done thank you thank you thank you team five id three six five we have dominica maria paula and alessia welcome to the tiger global case competition regional round my name is soraya and just a few ground rules before we begin make sure that when you're talking you're not on mute because that might eat up some of your precious time you're gonna have 10 minutes to present your case you are going to get a verbal and written warning when there is two minutes left and another one when you have 30 seconds left i will be controlling the slide so let me know when you want me to click through to the next slide um so without further ado your 10 minutes is gonna begin in five four three two one good morning my name is danika sobel and i will talk for the company and clients of you after alyssa will describe the problem that we highlighted and its possible solution paolo will take you through the market research and risk management section marshall will talk for the r d section and conclude our presentation so let's solve the case next slide please company overview firstly the company is currently working in japan with the government and the commercial sector secondly acsl has expanded to ues and singapore markets in 2020. also we are working with other significant companies such as an mnc exchange however the quantity of national projects has decreased by 72 this fiscal year as well as the revenue of mass production fell by 21 our customers choose acsl for high quality products and r d services as well as the sustainable advantages that we highlighted in the vrio analysis which customized development and design and special deals for government and big companies concentrated on mass production after non-organized sustainable advantages would be a special agricultural technology as not many drone companies are involved in this sector next slide please a problem that limits our profits and market importance and solution to it we have discovered a problem of spare capacity only five journals a man from manufactured when it's possible to produce from 30 to 50 this means that only 10 percent of our maximum capacity is being used moreover our decreased revenue from mass production and smaller market share complicates overall competition our solution to this problem is expansion to other markets and development of new zones such as agricultural drone as well as we'll be continuing on working on the air slider already developed by our company we have around 3.8 billion yen of cash unused which we can invest in the expansion of mpd also we recommend rebranding and segmentation of the market to appear as the most technologically advanced company and though dominate the high quality market our plan strategy should be in a five-year timeline because the competitive and technological environment changes fast for the industry next slide please new product development our new product is an agricultural drone used to improve crop production and raise the rate of growth this drone is also capable of making crop health assessment with help of new ir sensors moreover we included special infrastructural installments to inspect the buildings as well as warehouses and stock marsha as celestia mentioned earlier we decided to continue the development of air slider a slider is designed to investigate search pipes you can see the main uh description of the product on the site price we decided to make higher than on the market as we offer high quality products and service connected with r d to promote our product we will use different technological exhibitions trade shows and also we'll send samples of our product to our possible clients a place where clients can buy our products our exhibitions online show or through sales department the product will be presented on the international market next slide please and now a little bit about numbers for our new products uh when selling price per unit is 5.5 millions which is average because it all depends on the amount of r b uh service demand and the variable cost is per unit is 3 minutes the break-even point for both our new products is 30 units the efficiency of investments or rua um for air slider is 3.22 million yen per month on 300 millions invested and for agricultural drone is 0.965 million yen per month on one thousand million yen uh is low for the company but is irish for the industry next slide please as one of our strategies is to expand internationally we have modeled a market general overview to choose the right markets drones are bought by businesses and governments for various purposes infrastructure and drones will take the lead in the industry being valid approximately 45 billion dollars and are followed by agricultural ones which will be valid around 32 billion dollars it is estimated that the job market will grow at a compelling annual growth rate of 13.8 to almost double by 2025. at the present time the dominating drone markets are located in usa and china however asia pulled ahead by the end of 2019 due to the localization of drones in india in 2018 and large growth of the market in japan we have completed the swot analysis for the main markets we considered indian joe market has extremely low competition and we have a chance of selling our products to the indian government one of the downsides india is a poor country thus we might lose demand due to our high pricing rush is located rather closely which will save us on product transportation spending what is more russia currently lacks high-level technology which we can provide unfortunately the industry of drones might not grow as much as we expected to or it might collaborate with china instead due to their good terms with each other we have also considered the usa as we already entered this drone market and there is benefits for us since israel china currently has lots of sanctions the usa use has very strong downsides such as high competition and high natural production which is why us is not our make and focus of production even though the ui market is growing this also means that the competition is growing making it harder for us to enter as a result we decided to answer indian and russian markets as well as keep working on the u.s and singapore permanent clients and grow organically in there next slide please we will enter the indian market by research and development we will first take the majority of market shares from loyal customers and then build a monopoly we are also planning to enter the market as soon as possible using our new launches in the agricultural manufacturing and infrastructure markets as previously mentioned in technological advances in india are really slow make it making it easier for acsl to export this is why we have no competitors and few substitutes including labor and helicopters another reason of this was india van the use of civil jones in 2014 however they were legalized again in 2018 and the dgca announced a license in redeem for the commercial use of these however we believe that this will be profitable and competitive as the global draw market will grow from 14 billion dollars to 43 billion dollars at a percentage rate of 20.5 next slide please then we will also enter the in the russian market similar to the indian one and launching new models of drones at particular periods of shine however the problem with india is that technology because technological advances are really are really powerful and therefore we have a problem because it means that we have more competitors a proof for this is that during the coronavirus pandemic kobe 19 samples were distributed over a variety of distances using drones and crowded areas where this infected utilizing these next slide please financial results on the slide you can see the table of a financial projection that shows results for each of the new markets so our financial production strategy in 2021 we will enter the market and the main concern will be invested in the new capital in 2022 will increase it will concentrate on increasing sales so that higher costs on the market and sales department will be held as well as creating some exhibitions and ferries and presenting new products area sliding and the agricultural drone 2023 economies of scale development will be held to increase efficiency and minimize the production costs 2024 will write the prices and rebrands so will bring up a new r d prices as well as position at the most technologically advanced company on the market with the highest quality and efficiency products advertising and marketing and costs though will appear 2025 will increase production potential by increasing capital employed in mass production and labor involved in r d as well as investing in the marketing and sales department so the supply means the demand next slide please india risks under minimization the first risk is that for drones to be used in india we must install a special software called the no take no permission no takeoff clause this will therefore increase our business costs then we have problems with privacy but this must be addressed by policy makers two minutes left as previously mentioned in the income inequality that exists there such as in areas in the ravi means that jones will not be able to be financed out in our demand will be decreased however this is a macro economic objective that must be solved by the government so the main risk for the russian market is that there are established drone companies as well as current low demand however private research showed that big companies are expecting and willing to buy high quality products and services so that way they can enter the high-tech expensive market segment furthermore russia is a new market for us so they might be high poised of written production plant in advertising campaign but we will be in monthly installments and ensure that all the capital we need will be completely redeemed in seven years as well as the interest payments another risk for both of the markets is the development of new drone usually takes up to three years so the conditions might change however we are developing the drawing based on the previous models and already have the design and predicted features so we are planning to launch new products in a year while entering the market with old models as mini and pf2 next slide please despite all the recent new markets we believe that this strategy will lead our company to the growth and technological improvement our product placement strategy is to continue working with our old um clients in u.s japan and singapore but also started interacting with new in india and russia in japan and india government plus bitcoin 30 seconds left and other commercials b2b from the numbers from the slide you can see that the market share possible increase from 2020 to 2025 is 420 percent which broke the success of our strategy also we accept the net profit of 2 216 million yen after five years of working in our new market thank you for your attention and we're ready to answer any of your questions thank you ladies that was really brilliant you guys are very good speakers and i can see you put a lot of thought into this we're now going to hand over to the judges for five minutes of questions so who wants to begin guys um good presentation very wealthy i just get somebody to explain to me the revenues in between 23 and 24 actually it goes down can somebody explain to me why it goes from seven six four to one seven six zero uh yes so in 2024 we are planning to do rebranding and we are planning to have higher prices so due to this some of our clients might go to another firm and so we will have lower demand though we will have less revenue but then in 2025 uh we will work on demand more and so the revenue will though increase and this year we will just spend on uh in investment branding so we will have another segment and we will have higher prices thank you i've got a quick question thanks ladies lots of information on there really interesting and you're all very capable speakers um my question is maybe one sort of a step backwards do you know why they're only producing at 10 capacity so just the five drones a month seems like an awful lot of cost um if you're not producing you know you've got the um ability to do that but you're only producing five drones a month [Music] so thank you for the question a great question uh i believe that the demand is quite low and the company is new to the market and it's not pretty competitive as it owns now only half a percent of the market share so they don't have permanent clients uh to uh to uh fill out the demand of 30 to 50 drones produced also i believe that the labor state uh isn't enough to produce more than five drones a month and maybe they should expand to different markets so there will be more professional labor and they will meet more demand for the drones so they will increase their production and they will produce from 30 to 50 daunting lines as they can excellent do we have any other questions yeah i've got a question now well done ladies i think you've put quite a bit of effort in terms of thinking through the the solution my question is in terms of the support one of the other one of the risk is the supply chain issues um how are you going to go about to make sure that you have a a good after sale strategy to make sure that you you keep your current customers happy uh okay uh think of the question it's a great question so uh in the presentation uh we have mentioned uh also the supply and some of the companies that we can work with uh or we can uh or they can be our suppliers um so uh for example in indian market we can like call with garuda or av and the supplier might be the company called gsw and so the same for the russia for ss flyer they can be oral kai or kami and also we will control uh the quality of our products of course because we are going in high quality segment and we will have another part of labor for this and i believe in the r d department they will also control the quality of our new developments excellent any further questions judges no okay thank you team you did a really good job please make sure to check back in with us when the winners are going to be announced we hope to see you here um<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="TGCC 2020 Europe, Middle East, Africa Regional 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TGCC 2020   Europe, Middle East, Africa Regional Qualifiers


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