The Suga Sean O'Malley Interview: UFC, Weed, SteveWillDoIt, Influencer Boxing & More

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]no jumper coolest podcast in the world i'm here with my man sugar shawn but yeah that's definitely part of it dude yeah well yeah having a reason to lose weight is such an important thing whether it's obviously for a fight or just picking up chicks those are the two yeah no i had a penthouse cover shoot at one point and i was like holy [ __ ] like i have to be on the cover of penthouse with my girl in like three months never been more strict with my diet of just realizing like i might have to actually be immortalized on a magazine cover as a fat [ __ ] dude did you get jacked i went hard down definitely lost a lot of weight you know kept the muscle density decent held your baby eight months dude me too really yeah november 14th oh damn mine is november 3rd that's crazy that is crazy little girl crazy yeah dude how crazy is that amazing you're first yeah dude it's a [ __ ] trip it feels like a constant long mushroom trip like every day they just get bigger and [ __ ] the teeth and just [ __ ] how many teeth you got on youtube she's got two little ones popping up in the bottom yeah me too exact same when they smile and they show their teeth dude that just does something to you yeah it's just like weird you know what's crazy is just how you know you walk into the room and you haven't seen them for a couple of hours and their reaction and it keeps getting better and better as they get older because i was i went to uh miami um for the fight no actually no yeah so i fought in vegas then i went was home for a week and then i went to miami for like four days and uh then i got home and saw her and i just [ __ ] lost it was crazy i was like it was just such a weird feeling because danny my my girl was sending me snaps of her every morning at night and [ __ ] and he was like want to squeeze it and then i saw her and i just [ __ ] it was crazy [ __ ] it's just weird because you're like not used to having something that just so readily makes you emotional as [ __ ] just so attached yeah it's like it's almost scary what's the longest you've been away from her because of you know camp and [ __ ] like that um i so i do camp at home in arizona i live in peoria arizona which is like yeah it's far enough away from [ __ ] scottsdale phoenix i don't [ __ ] around down there because dude that [ __ ] there's too many chicks i can't [ __ ] around i can't surround myself with too many girls i lose focus distraction i don't have i don't have no self-discipline around that so i live in peoria it's out the way um so i'm when i'm in camp i'm with the family pretty much the whole time but when i went for fight camp we leave tuesday for vegas so tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday or sunday so five five days it's not bad it's not bad and it's and it's i'm there for business work i'm in a different mindset fight week i'm ready to [ __ ] kill someone you know so it's i'm okay being away from danny and being away from the feminine energy yeah i like being with the boys being ready with you know with my these dudes have fought before they've competed before it's just a different mindset so the fight week's not too hard being away from her but like when i was in miami partying like you have that little guilty like [ __ ] if i should be home but i'm home 98 of the time so right but yeah what long has you been away [ __ ] i don't even know if it's been more than like a day or two at this point yeah i got some like week-long trips planned coming up but i haven't really had to do a long stretch ah it's tough it's it yeah it's just because they changed so much [ __ ] right now it's just it's such a trip definitely it really makes me think about like how many people have jobs where they have to be away from months at a time and just how [ __ ] difficult that must be especially for the mom like um elena breast feeds still so she's just so attached to danny like danny can't [ __ ] leave from a day at all like she's my girl went to miami for her friend's bachelorette party and she was gone for like two and a half days and yeah like it was did you have some help yeah i was like dropping off her aunt's houses [ __ ] i mean i i don't really i don't really trust myself to be that in the zone for that long for you know this early on you need help especially that little dude yeah it freaks you out do they choke on their own spit you're good you're good [ __ ] yeah my kids right now we'll eat a handful of dirt whenever so just reach into the pot and just eat dirt seriously it's like i know she doesn't like it but it's really weird to me she keeps doing it because like the foods that she doesn't like she just doesn't really want to eat them but somehow the dirt gets in there i know it doesn't taste good but she keeps doing it yeah babies are they do their trip so it's fun to just watch them what had to happen in your life to make you feel like you were ready to be a dad especially just given the the nature of your career it feels like it's been like really blowing up there's probably been a lot of times where it didn't feel like a sure thing like how how secure did you have to feel before you were ready dude so elena was definitely an accident i wanted kids eventually like if i wanted kids like 14 like i knew i wanted to be a dad 100 percent right uh danny when i met her we've been together for those seven eight years she didn't want kids and then slowly over the years she's like yeah i could see us having a kid elena was a complete accident dude but the craziest thing of it all is like i swear to god i don't really believe it god like a certain religion or whatever but dude the universe had me have a baby to keep me disciplined to keep me [ __ ] grounded because it's too fun to party dude i [ __ ] i don't party that often but when i go out i'm like holy [ __ ] i can see how people get lost in this world and for me like i was in miami they're like let's go to cancun monday i'm like dude my flight sunday back home i gotta go i have a baby i gotta go home and you're around all these rich people all of a sudden who don't have anything holding them back to the real world there's no work on monday exactly so having a baby it was the craziest thing like i don't remember busting in her it hadn't been like pre-cum because i don't i didn't bust it i've been pulling out for years yeah so dude having a baby was a [ __ ] accident but it was literally something bigger like she was meant to be to keep me disciplined to keep me on the right path definitely uh because partying is too [ __ ] fun dude especially if like i've been grinding for 10 i'm 26 right now i started training on 16. and the professional fighter lifestyle i lived that lifestyle even when i was an amateur it's just go to the gym train but you always felt like you knew this was like a sure thing like this had to happen or at the least you were gonna give it your all until you got blown off just really making it to the ufc and just really being something yeah i always i wanted to be a performer like dude when i was in middle school i want to be in the nfl or nba i'm from helena montana it's [ __ ] tiny there's i'm like okay i didn't realize that wasn't realistic until i realized [ __ ] guys in the nfl nba are six [ __ ] eight and like i was not that wasn't realistic after a while i wanted to be a performer can't [ __ ] rap even though all the chicks are like so you're a rapper i'm like no i fight and they're like what the [ __ ] they no chicks know who the [ __ ] i am ever in miami we're out they all thought i was a rapper i was like well [ __ ] we'll go with it it seems like so weird as a ufc fighter because it's like everybody like a lot a very large percentage of people watch mma but then it takes so much to make them really remember one fighter in particular but you've had a bunch of those moments where everybody's paying attention to you so you get famous or more famous in these waves of blowing up every six months or three months or however long it is right each fight yeah each fight i'd blow up a little bit more i knew like when i was 16 17 18 years old like i knew i was gonna make i had this feeling that i was gonna make make it whatever making it it is having money well originally got into fighting because i wanted chicks that's what it came down i wanted to i wanted i was insecure and i thought fighting would make me get chicks so i kind of that's originally the reason i started fighting and then training what motivated me was money chicks like that was what motivated me now we're there i'm like [ __ ] i have that but that shit's a distraction and it's [ __ ] it's a dangerous game to play um but i do a good job of i do i can party after my fight for a certain amount of weeks couple weeks whatever i'll fight three times a year um like right now i'll probably fight in december and i got a couple couple things planned where i'll party for a little bit but for the most part i got it unlocked where i'm i'm i live such a disciplined life that i can afford to go out and do that a couple times a a year did you see that uh michael jordan documentary the last dance you're dennis rodman was taking a break from the season to go party in vegas and she can take a flight flight in on on fight night no yeah that [ __ ] was crazy do you kind of relate to that though like feel like you you need to release you couldn't just be a warrior just trapped in the gym every day over and over without turning up a little bit god i feel like i feel like i could just completely avoid partying and just it's after fights that i want just because those training camps are so long and so disciplined for two months eight weeks pure discipline diet sleep like dude no one does training camp like me as far as um i sleep i try to master my sleep i try to master recovery i cold punch every night stretch every night do everything right not over train i surround myself with you know the best strength and conditioning coach the best jiu jitsu player the best like my my team is so solid and it's just such a disciplined two months that i almost i almost tell myself i need to go out and have fun sometimes i don't even want to but i just like i feel like i pulled in i got it i got to do it i got to experience it um and then when i do then it's like i don't want to go back to the discipline so it's always just a balance of [ __ ] knowing knowing what i need to do and what i want and i got to do what i need because i always uh imagine that to be competitive in the ufc that you pretty much have to just be like a total warrior all the time and when i was listening to you with uh theo vaughn you're talking about after weigh-ins you'll you'll see dudes just like going to the buffet and eating french toast before the fight and i'm like oh okay so there's a bunch of dudes who kind of are [ __ ] around oh yeah then those guys will never be champ for the most part i mean there's there's rare people that can eat like [ __ ] and and not take it a hundred percent serious but for the most part if you want to be world champ which obviously that's that's the main goal i want to i want to get the belt at 135 move up to 145 i want to be a legend in the sport and uh you gotta [ __ ] be disciplined dude and it's funny i'll train two months in a row and then go out one night and like people like you need to [ __ ] start training what are you doing partying it's fun i don't really let i don't really read too many comments and stuff but that [ __ ] is funny that um people if you just look at my instagram it doesn't look like i [ __ ] train that much but i mean i'm in the gym all the time getting better yeah it's kind of like uh when girls are like in plastic surgery and they feel like they got to put that on instagram it's like you could just show us the final product i think it's dope to show up at the fight beat the [ __ ] out of someone and they they're not thinking that you're just this warrior 24 7 before that 100 i respect that were you beating the [ __ ] out of people before you got into mma like how many fistfights were you getting into as a kid and stuff was that something you were drawn to not really i was just so i was like pretty small kid 15 16 years old super [ __ ] insecure go to high school like just worried about getting picked on um from an older whoever um i wasn't super confrontational i didn't want to be in fights because i felt like i'd get my ass whooped um so so i didn't really get in any street fights and then uh when i started kickboxing i was naturally pretty good because i played basketball football soccer baseball so as an athlete since i was [ __ ] three four years old playing any sports t-ball whatever the [ __ ] it was i just became a really good athlete doing all those different sports so when i went and kickboxed we didn't really have it in hell and it was not a high level coach you can't get really really good in montana you just there's not a good enough gym so we were sparring just we were throwing gloves and spotting us beating just pretty much everyone up i was kind of the man at the gym eventually um and that's when i moved to arizona and then i was just the worst dude at the gym like i thought i was the [ __ ] man and i moved came to arizona and it was the bottom like the worst dude and it was [ __ ] it was like a shock like what the [ __ ] there's levels yeah but for whatever reason i just [ __ ] i was like okay i can learn what these guys are doing why i'm losing and i'm a better athlete that i could eventually beat them and then eventually we started beating a couple guys beating a couple guys beating a couple guys and [ __ ] just i mean now we're at the level where that you know i train with such high level people that it's always going to be competition i'm not going to go into the gym and be the top dog right some days you are some days you're not but that's where you need to be were you getting frustrated during those times like was there times where you felt like maybe i just really am not this dude dude a hundred percent a lot the first time i went to arizona i stayed for um seven days i flew down it was like seven eight days whatever it was and it was [ __ ] every single practice i would leave crying i was 18 years old complete ego just shattered because i thought i was a man come down every single practice whether it was wrestling get just [ __ ] on i've never wrestled in my life until i moved there um even even kickboxing i'm like damn there's guys that can it can hit me i've never really been hit um so after every practice i would it hurt i was like [ __ ] dude maybe this ain't for me but what the [ __ ] else am i gonna do i wasn't gonna go to school i wasn't gonna go to college i knew that like third grade i was like what the [ __ ] [ __ ] school knew i wasn't gonna go there um i had no other plans and i was like i enjoy training and i i don't remember when i was like damn i could make it fighting but uh yeah i knew i wasn't going to do anything else right and i think conor was kind of blowing up at this point so i was like damn this motherfucker's like fun to watch he's an entertainer and more than just fighting that's what i was just so i was like damn this is more than fighting the press conferences were fun i would listen to all of his interviews and just be entertained by his by him talking right and i just [ __ ] thought it was so sweet that he just he's an entertainer outside the outside the octagon that just that that really inspired me like damn like i can do more than just fight and create all these other businesses okay guys just a quick word from our sponsor right here have you ever wondered why there isn't a netflix for porn nearly everyone watches it so why is it that hardly anyone pays for it here's why 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netflix of born today 18 and over only and now we return to the sugar shawn o'malley interview you know i was watching a bunch of your fights getting ready for this i was thinking about the first thing that i saw that made me actually get like really excited about mma and it was like a commercial for ufc and it was just brock lesnar beating the [ __ ] out of frank mir and i just like i already like kind of knew frank muir was for some reason and i just saw him like they're like up against the [ __ ] fence and he's just like he just hits him with these tiny little punches and knocks him out and i was just saying his hands are like that big yeah and i just had to [ __ ] like go and like download every ufc fight and like actually figure out what the [ __ ] like how this guy came to like be i'm like this guy's a wrestler and then that just like set me off where all of a sudden i had like a year where i started doing jiu jitsu and mma [ __ ] and like and just like watching fights constantly and then at some point i just kind of got out of anything besides watching it right but like do you have like a version of that where you first saw the ufc and thought this is what i need to be a part of it's that's funny because the first time i saw ufc i was 13 14 years old my dad was watching it and i thought it was the most i was like what the [ __ ] how are you watching that i remember how is this illegal dude i remember watching people get kicked in the stomachs and thinking like how does that not break like how's that break your ribs like how does that not [ __ ] right how did they just take that and it was the most disgusting thing i couldn't watch it um yeah and that was like [ __ ] i'm trying to think it was chuck versus tito um i think it was uh i remember watching dominick cruz and uriah faber like those are the people that i remember watching first it's crazy because i can fight you know i could you know dominate cruz is a potential match up for me um whether it's my next fight or next next fight whenever it is it's crazy to think because i remember watching him so long ago before i even started fighting and now i i get to beat him up eventually it's crazy right damn you just reminded me even more that one time around that time i met this girl and she was a [ __ ] big ufc fan and uriah faber was fighting and she wanted to go watch him and then after that we went back to my house and she told me that she had herpes but then she gave me head anyway damn so what does that mean i mean i ain't got herpes so i felt pretty good about it but you know i mean it's just like a fun memory i never thought about that girl in like ten years oh damn damn but yeah girls are [ __ ] distraction mm-hmm aren't they how but how would you rate the way that that women react to you as a fighter because like they don't [ __ ] know it's true like some some do the hardcore there's something hardcore girl ufc fans that are [ __ ] like no i mean even yesterday we had the mall or the other day we were at the mall and this this chick was married and she wasn't like attractive at all but she was freaking out her husband came with me she said hey can my wife get a pic she was going like this just just like shaking i couldn't believe it but she had probably only seen me like in the cage looking like a [ __ ] character right because that's what that's what we look like when we're in the cage with a [ __ ] 4k camera like colorful tattoos my hair you just look like a character in a [ __ ] video game or a movie so she was tripping out but uh yeah most girls seriously don't [ __ ] they have no idea i feel like once they get accustomed to it then they get it yeah like you know i'm sure like you in the club right after the ufc fight is a different experience than like you at the club at a random time far away from that 100 no yeah like in vegas right after the fight we went out and uh everyone knew the fights just happened they knew i just beat that dude up right they definitely knew then but yeah i mean in miami it was for the most part so you're a rapper it was [ __ ] funny like i wish but every fight that you get do you just feel like more and more does it feel like you have more and more pressure or do you feel more and more confident that you're going to be the champion after every fight because it feels like this most recent one was just another huge boost in in terms of your clout in this whole thing yeah dude it's the more [ __ ] people watching the more the brighter those [ __ ] lights the better i'm performing dude i [ __ ] eat that stuff up i fought three fights in a row no crowd i didn't have a problem performing uh with no crowd because i still it's a mission i gotta go in there i'm training you know preparing for eight weeks and i know what i need to do but dude when like last fight t-mobile arena 20 000 people sold out that they're walking out really motivated dude it's just [ __ ] it's a different it's a drug that you can't replicate dude it's such a [ __ ] high yeah so sweet like those moments like you uh knocking the dude was eddie with the mustache yeah you knocking him out and having there be nobody to cheer it was sad but it's like it's such epic footage in a way you really get to hear his head bounce off the [ __ ] ground yeah and you can hear him snoring after yeah it is his credit he seemed totally fine like two minutes later he's like i'm good nice shot he did it i was thinking i'm like wow this guy must be really [ __ ] used to this dude but the thing about concussions is [ __ ] have you had a concussion yes dude they're the worst [ __ ] the worst some people get them worse than others but i've had a couple concussions where i have to be in a in a room lights off completely dark can't look at your phone can't look at tv any sound hurts for days dude you're just it's the worst [ __ ] feeling um like like in training or like talking after fights i've had that i've had it um i haven't had the my contender serious fight i don't know if you're familiar with that one was snoop dogg announcing dude that was the worst training camp i had ever in my life i got concussed like two three weeks before that fight and i was wake up in the middle of night puking like just from getting hit hard and sparring two or three weeks before dude and i walked into the cage at 138 pounds which is so i weighed in at 136 and then i walked in at 138 which is [ __ ] insane like my last fight i probably was 153 154 walking into the cage um but i couldn't eat my head hurt just it was a shitty camp and then for me to go out there and knock that guy out the way i did it was i was like what the [ __ ] like something's that's going to be even bigger boost the confidence exactly like i'm not the best version of myself and i still got this done i'm like i can go perform like that feeling like that in my every single fight well no um my last four fights dude been going into the into the into the octagon no injuries feeling just [ __ ] good and that's because i switched up a lot of things i hired a nutritionist he he uh i do like a stool sample blood sample urine sample uh saliva sample he looks at all my [ __ ] and [ __ ] tells me what i need to be eating what causes inflammation what's going to help me perform the best um and then just my strength and condition his name is dan garner and then my strength and conditioning coach brandon harris uh my last like five fights i've had just like a solid [ __ ] team and uh i go into the cage feeling like 100 which is rare dude a lot of a lot of fighters don't go into the cage feeling good i would i'd say 99 of the people that go in the cage have they're dealing with something something that's [ __ ] up whether they just ate too much after weigh-ins and they got [ __ ] diarrhea or they [ __ ] rolled their ankle two weeks before the fight and they haven't been able to run just something every single fighter in there is probably dealing with something but when you were dealing with that concussion did you think about canceling the fight like how close were you to that decision because that's got to be like the most momentous decision for a fighter yeah and thinking back on that now i don't remember ever thinking like i should reschedule it was just such a huge opportunity it was like season one um of dana white's contender series i go out there and knock this guy out or just win i have a shot to get in ufc it's hard to get in ufc like it's not easy oh yeah um and and but i was so young i don't i don't remember ever thinking about pulling out um i i don't remember exactly i was thinking but i was confident going in there but i was like gassed the [ __ ] out even in that first round like that fight there was a couple seconds left in the round i don't know how much longer but i was gashed the [ __ ] out if we would have made it into the second third round i don't even know if i would have been able to stand up just because i hadn't been able to train the diet everything was just so [ __ ] but i don't ever remember thinking i should pull out it's just too big of an opportunity it's just not in you yeah i mean [ __ ] even now like if if something really bad happened now i i have my i have security of my i pull out if it was bad enough to where i'm like if it was like that now i would pull out i don't want to go fight some top top level dude and risk getting [ __ ] more brain damage like that's the number one thing i've learned like i said i've been trained for 10 years i've had over 30 fights so so many fight camps like i gotta take care of my brain that's the number [ __ ] one thing especially having a baby now got a [ __ ] family i got to take care of my brain more than anything yeah man i i keep showing that that eddie knockout to be beautiful like like people who are you know i'm like i'm interviewing this [ __ ] ufc dude he's so sick and they don't know what i'm talking about so i just show him that fight because it's like a 30 second clip on youtube and it's so gnarly that it's just everybody gets the idea that sequence the whole sequence is so sick just that little tiny faint oh okay i was thinking like you couldn't have told someone you were gonna do that two seconds before you did it right like you you have this engraved in your brain but like that the opportunity where you knew that that would be a good combo to throw like that that really kind of comes about completely unthinkingly dude that's something i find really fascinating yeah just literally like i feel like i have a really good it's a skill you can build for letting go like once i get in that cage i'm [ __ ] free dude and i think you can see that in my fights i'm free i'm flowing there's not there's i'm not thinking in there i'm not oh should i do this should i do that what just happened bubba i'm not thinking at all there's zero thoughts going through my mind i'm literally just free flowing and [ __ ] just whatever's happening is happening i'm not thinking about what's happening so yeah two seconds before that i didn't know i was gonna throw that just i mean looking back at that fighter we watched it a ton i always rewatched all my fights but i threw that same little combo at the beginning of the fight and i barely missed him like that same little the combo and uh but yeah that i i it just happens it's [ __ ] nuts like when when you made your ufc debut were you on edge a bit compared to how you feel now going into fights where you have so much of a reason to feel confident going in yeah that's a good question um i remember going into my debut i i fought a kid named terry on ware um i definitely wasn't as confident as i am now because i've knocked out a good amount of people since then but even in that fight leading up to it i had knocked out a [ __ ] a lot of people like i just come off that contender series fight so i just knocked that dude out i thought for sure i was gonna knock this dude out but for whatever reason dude i ate a i was eating a vegan diet for for six months before that fight i'm like i might as well try it i [ __ ] watch some stupid ass documentary on netflix i'm like i'm a vegan and even saying it back now my god i [ __ ] sound stupid but i i ate a vegan diet and even looking at my body in that in that fight i was just i wasn't muscular i wasn't i didn't have that pop it didn't have enough power um but i was i was confident but right now i'm i'm i'm so yeah i'm [ __ ] super confident yeah when you how would you describe the negative side effects of the vegan thing which i am completely in the same position as you i was vegan when i was like 18 for like three four years and this [ __ ] my body just did not heal the same way yeah i think initially people like oh i feel so good because they quit eating so much [ __ ] and then after a couple weeks months whatever you're not getting the [ __ ] protein and stuff you need and and i don't know i'm not a [ __ ] expert in it but i just don't think you get enough enough nutrients and i'm sure you can supplement for it and all that but i enjoy eating meat i feel like it's [ __ ] makes me feel way stronger especially after lifting uh yeah i think i think but everyone's so different everyone's insides are so different people [ __ ] digest differently but for me eating meat definitely has to i have to yeah no i'm exactly the same yeah and it's people that are just being they say it all the time it just it drives me crazy i have some friends though who like their doctors have basically told them that they have to like eat dramatically less you know red meat and really most meats in general and that scares me because i honestly have a hard time imagining getting like satisfied from eating without there being some kind of meat as the centerpiece of whatever i'm eating you know i got to eat a [ __ ] salad but i'm like aiming for the pieces of chicken and then i get the vegetables around them in that one bite like that's the meal yeah dude that would suck i think the quality of meat too there's just such [ __ ] you can go to [ __ ] mcdonald's and get a nasty ass beef patty that's probably like 10 beef and [ __ ] 90 bucking plastic or you can go get some 100 grass-fed um beef and quality [ __ ] that'll your body will digest way better so the quality of meat [ __ ] affects that a lot you know what's one thing i really love about you as a fighter never celebrating that is so badass bro are you adding a little bit but the walk off the eddy one was so clean the the walk off uh um what was it the the walk-off is clean when you just fall oh yeah that was the most gangster thing i've ever seen i was like what the [ __ ] is wrong with this dude he looks like a [ __ ] kid just like that too easy uh no my new thing now just a little jump shot uh i did it the last the thomas almeida fight two fights ago and then this last fight hit a little jump shot sons were in the [ __ ] chipper lost uh but just a little jump shot [ __ ] but the the the walk-offs are clean with no celebration uh they're clean i i used to watch fedor all the time i don't know if you remember him but he was like the greatest us or mma fighter who never fought in the ufc possibly yeah and that always to me like when you talk about character building i was like that the fact that he doesn't even put his [ __ ] hands in the air just solidifies my mind with him being like a russian sociopath like murderer russians it's crazy the russians [ __ ] taken over yeah like habib um islam islam the machete i think right like these do the russians are [ __ ] gangsters they're tough they're always a tough fight i want to fight the top dude in the division right now uh he's number one right now peter yawn yeah he's russian dude i want to fight peter in russia next year 2020 you want to be the bad guy i do but i feel like i could spin it to where i don't i feel like i don't know we'll see how it plays out but dude peter and russia would be legendary really it would be [ __ ] legendary going russia would be kind of scary it's a tough culture in general i went out there like maybe 10 years ago on this bmx trip and i mean honestly it was great but like it is like a very very like serious culture dude well the religion right too muslims are there a lot of muslims in russia i don't know i don't think they're allowed to have a [ __ ] religion isn't putin not not really okay though oh yeah who just owns them huh that shit's crazy over there and they all hate him but they can't say anything about it yeah allegedly they're all terrified like they're honestly like it's weird being in a place and they warned me before i went there like if a girl's acting like she's really into you don't believe it trying to get the [ __ ] out they're all trying to get out of there and you can't even imagine like a whole country where everybody wants to leave i would get suckered right in a big no i think it's genuine i think she likes me yeah no i was kind of like that too and then i met this girl we were kicking it for weeks and then we kept talking afterwards and then at a certain point i was like what the [ __ ] am i doing i want to smash some russian biscuits have you just that one actually ah dude her accents are [ __ ] russian would be my number one that i don't want to smash but the one thing i learned from her is that it's really really pointless and stupid to be trying to date somebody who doesn't have mastery of the english language yeah just underrated like it's just so [ __ ] tough like even like like say you meet a girl at the bar and she's kind of a dumb ass and you're trying to talk to her that that's tough yeah they like a lot of these girls have like a couple hundred words at their disposal like we take it for granted that like what we're doing right now is actually like very very difficult for 99 percent of people on earth i don't know probably way more than that speak english but yeah yeah no for real that would be tough chicks not i mean it's hard enough to talk to a girl in english yeah a lot of times russian for sure um yeah so like i have to ask like when you were on your break injury-wise how long actually were you injured and how hard was that for you to deal with mentally i was out i fought march 7th 2018 and then i fought march 3rd 2020 or no i think it was march 3rd and then i fought march 7th so it was over two years i had a um liz frank surgery on my right foot when i fought andre soccer mom at ufc 222 and my foot snapped with three minutes left in the fight and the kid took me down like oh that one yeah yeah that was crazy like that was crazy do you think that he just i think was out of it enough i dropped him in the first round i was [ __ ] beating his ass for for 12 minutes of the fight yeah he was probably concussed he was probably like okay i'm just getting pissed up i don't think he hit me once yeah cause you beat his eyes so bad at one point that he couldn't even find his corners yeah he's [ __ ] stumbling around that was so funny so i think he was just concussed and then he had the opportunity to take me down because in his mind he's probably like okay i can't i mean even on one foot i was [ __ ] hop and slapping him up so he took me down um and then the fight ended up playing out and and i the [ __ ] doctor came in and like squeezed the top of my foot where it snapped like a [ __ ] idiot but so that surgery was like a pretty major surgery it used like it could potentially be a career-ending surgery for some people it's called liz frank and uh that [ __ ] thing took literally two years it still [ __ ] gives me problems or like it'll still hurt really but dude that [ __ ] surgery sucks so bad the whole the whole process of it sucked like there's still scar tissue in there that i probably didn't get rubbed out enough through physical therapy that still [ __ ] with me um and then i had a right labrum surgery in my hip which had been torn for two fights so my ufc debut and that that fight where i broke my foot my labrum had already been torn which is it depends how bad the tear is you could have a small tear like i had still be able to perform but dude i could every time i ran it just was the worst pain but after that fight it was torn enough where i was like okay i need to get surgery so i had like back to back surgeries right and uh but after i felt like a [ __ ] new human i was like holy [ __ ] i felt so much better were you kind of like tormented during that time just thinking about like what if what if this doesn't [ __ ] work yeah a little bit it was it was like [ __ ] i was 20 oh like 22 years no yeah 22 years old so i was like i'm so [ __ ] young right now i knew i'm gonna i'm i'm gonna fight some 35 36 like that's the that's the plan so i was like i still have a long [ __ ] time right um but dude i literally would just listen to podcasts like just listen to podcasts read [ __ ] journal just try to keep my mind on the on the right path like still what do i got to do today that's going to help me just every day i got to do something that's going to benefit me whether it was reading journaling [ __ ] when you're laid up with a boot on you can't do much can't drive anywhere um and also gaming right [ __ ] fortnite was popping up at that time i was [ __ ] i could play i could play fortnite eight hours a day no problem at that time it was nine hours and i was streaming on twitch right so i was like okay i'm making a little bit of money i wasn't popping on twitch like i am right now compared to back then um but i was gaming that helped a lot [ __ ] trying to keep my mind right but yeah two years was a long [ __ ] time dude especially because when i was 16 17 18 19 20 21 i was fighting four or five times a year like always had something coming up always had that that like goal i need to eat good for this i need to do like i always had that and then those two years it was a [ __ ] trip but now looking back i'm like damn that [ __ ] flew yeah because when you talk about like starting businesses uh adjacent to the fighting thing like did the twitch stuff in the podcasting was that stuff that like might not have come around if it wasn't for the fact that you had a bunch of down time um i think i was no probably not because i was streaming before that and then the podcast i do with my with my coach my best friend tim welch and uh he was he was always the one pushing the podcast i'm like dude i got other [ __ ] i'm down to [ __ ] sit there and talk every once a week so he was the kind of the one that was like built the podcast put it on apple put on like got the cameras figured all that [ __ ] out and i would just show up and talk but now we're 160 some episodes and we do it every week we do it for a couple years and it's you know we're making money we got sponsors all that [ __ ] so you know that that i think would have just happened just because tim wanted to make it happen uh streaming is just something i've i [ __ ] love gaming dude i [ __ ] gaming's so fun for me playing with the boys like hopping on putting the headset on and just going into a virtual [ __ ] battleground and hanging out with the boys that [ __ ] was just so fun to me how many viewers you get um right right now i've been popping off right after the fight it's always way more i had a thousand for for a couple days now it's back down like 500 400 500 um but dude yeah gaming gaming on just streaming in general so much more fun than just gaming like without a stream right not because you're just making money but just you do something sick you look over the chat they're like wow yeah like it's just [ __ ] fun you ever do you ever [ __ ] around i stream uh online poker i play all these tournaments and [ __ ] and that's stressful uh it kind of is but i really like the the feeling of being on stream because of the fact that it forces me to try to like really verbalize my decisions and not just like sort of like when you're playing poker it's kind of like you can just allow yourself to be like [ __ ] it let's gamble but like when i sit in there and i know that there's people watching that are gonna tell me if i [ __ ] up that it's just like that much more pressure for me to play well and i find like i i kind of learn a lot more when i'm doing that yeah but poker is a weird thing what do you play uh texas hauled him on america's card room shout out to them used code no jumper oh dude texas i've played that in so long but i was telling my my buddies back in arizona like we have to have a [ __ ] poker night we have to have a poker night because that [ __ ] would be so fun oh yeah we got we got to make the hack i could get the site to [ __ ] with you if you wanted to uh do anything for sure they would [ __ ] with you for sure you can play in america there's the only site you can play on in america really damn you like playing do you play poker not online ever um sometimes but usually like from my perspective it's like i don't really want to play poker unless i'm either like like unless i can do something else at the same time because a lot of times i'll play poker for eight hours but i'm also like listening to hella podcast and just like getting so much more like ready for the interviews that i have the next week versus like if i just go to the casino and play it just feels like kind of a waste of time so like i like going and playing these games where they live stream it from the casino so because then i feel like i'm like sort of building more of a name for myself in the poker world and [ __ ] when you play poker online are you playing with random people or buddies yeah but the other day actually i played this game where we all put in 20 000 and the other people i heard about them the other people were like logan paul mr b all people yeah who who definitely like 20 000 means less to them than it means to me yeah they're like what i heard logan say yeah i lost 20 000 on the honest podcast like it was no big deal because they it wasn't being recorded so they were just talking about their deals and stuff and like let me tell you if i've ever like felt comfortable money-wise here in the [ __ ] bags that they bring in i was just like all right like i just cannot stop grinding because these dudes it's [ __ ] up how much they're getting yeah no that's that is crazy ninja's probably popping the most out of all those guys i wonder yeah but mr beast and logan paul ksi jesus christ they're all killing it right crazy yeah mr b is [ __ ] steve big steve he's going crazy too you see that video of him buying all right that's the video that you were in yeah he bought you one too right i've been rocking it give me chain too steve was mad that was crazy because he was at the fights in vegas right and i was i like blacked out for the first time that night after my fight and i messaged him on instagram sent him two videos i have no idea what the [ __ ] i said but he's like he's like you're the man you want to come out and film uh hang out with six in miami that next week and i was like what the [ __ ] hell yeah that sounds so fun so i thought the first time i met him uh super nice he's 22. 20 [ __ ] two years old he's a good young kid yeah um newly single newly single steve steve will do at llc dude that that yeah he's a [ __ ] man steve's cool cool dude right no he's sick i can't believe we give so much [ __ ] away that's what i was thinking i'm like bro if you can buy half a million dollars worth of jewelry for your friends like how much does that mean that you're bringing in you feel comfortable doing that i'm like that's amazing but i'm also just but he keeps saying too like more he's like kind of worried like what his mama's gonna say i know he's always saying mom sorry [ __ ] you like funny though that's what i realized like i'm i'm his mom in this situation because i'm sitting there just being like oh steve i don't know if this is a good idea i know i don't know if you bought four teslas this week you already uh were you already like a nut boys fan before you met him i wasn't i didn't really watch it too much it's funny because i started actually watching steve will do videos that fight camp like a couple weeks out from that all fight week tim and i we're just chilling at the hotel we're quarantined in vegas dude it's funny because we watched so many of those videos and then he was i don't even know if i knew he was going to be there or not i knew the nilk boys and steve they go to the fights i don't know if he's going to be at that once dana's got a huge hard on for him who dana that's like a huge hard-on dude we facetime dana every night he doesn't seem like he really likes anybody but he [ __ ] loves those dudes we call it stephen call him every night just drunk he's like make sure you don't hurt him don't hurt o'malley i like four selfies for me and steve today and i just [ __ ] drunk as [ __ ] well side note does that feel weird that somebody like dana white is clearly like very invested in your career like you becoming a big star and you not going on a losing streak is like one of the better things that could happen for the ufc like if they're able to build you up to conor's level then that's the best case scenario for them dude the ufc is an entertainment business 51 percent of 49 fighting business it's a dude they're they're an entertainment business dude they know what they're doing they know how to build stars they built connor ronda um izzy like they yeah i mean it it's it is good but it's yeah i don't i don't know um i'd rather be in the good side there's a bad side because if you don't like people he don't give a [ __ ] he'll tell you he doesn't like you [ __ ] but like you must at least in the comments or whatever you must get accused of them sort of being like favoriting you would you say that that's true and does it feel like that in your actual life i feel like um a lot of people want me to fight someone ranked and that that's the plan man i i've never like i picked uh that last fight when someone pulled out they sent me a list of a couple people and i picked the hardest dude on there but then he said he couldn't make weight so it i don't know what uh it's hard to say next fight a lot of people want me to fight someone ranked they wanted me to fight someone ranked last fight i was supposed to fight luis smolka um for me i have a contract to fight a certain amount of fights and i'm gonna get paid a certain amount of money whether i fight luis smolka the dude i was supposed to fight or i fight peter yan the number one bantamweight in ufc i get paid the same i'm gonna fight this dude and i'm gonna fight this dude on a conor mcgregor pay-per-view because you just keep getting better too i just keep getting better i'm gonna keep improving the like chelsea and always says it fight the worst dude on the highest paper on the highest part of the card a lot of a lot of phantom weights and just people in the ufc they definitely hate and it comes from jealousy like i'm getting way more eyeballs than them for whatever i'm i'm performing there dude you go and watch someone some of these guys perform you literally pick up your phone and start surfing in you're just not you don't give a [ __ ] what they're doing i'm fighting you're [ __ ] i had biebs standing up in the [ __ ] k like i watched my fight back all the time uh it was sweet to see uh in at the end of my fight like the last 30 seconds bieber was standing up watching right i'm like that's [ __ ] entertainment that's what i do that's why i get paid what i get paid that's why i'm on these in the in this position it ultimately comes down to my performances but the branding [ __ ] matters too because like you kind of feel for some of the dudes sort of like brazilian or whatever where it's just going to be so much harder for them to really like form a bond with the audience because they don't speak english that well or whatever you know some fighters just aren't really as spectacular you know and they don't care to be some fighters don't care they just they literally just want to [ __ ] fight they just want to train fight they don't really give a [ __ ] about interviews but i mean that you're not going to get paid you're not going to make as much you're not going to be able to sell merch you're not going to be able to you know you're not going to stream on twitch and having people that give a [ __ ] about what you're doing outside the ufc or even in the ufc some like there's plenty of people in ufc that don't no one really gives a [ __ ] about so i but for me going before i even got into the ufc i wanted to be an entertainer yeah so i [ __ ] i'll eat it all up it's interesting when you say uh that the ufc's 51 of uh entertainment company and 49 like an athletic organization because i've always respected that so much about dana that there's been like so many like easy routes that he could have took towards like making huge fights happen in the ufc over the years and yeah there's definitely been people that he sort of like fought i'm talking about brock lesnar they fast tracks into a position to get a title fight and [ __ ] but for the most part i feel like they exercise like pretty amazing discretion at treating the fights like a serious thing and not you know wanting to just put like some [ __ ] monster against some [ __ ] ass dude so he's just going to get the the crazy knockout or whatever like the easy route would be it feels like they more often than not don't take that i agree no i agree i think yeah they make they make good [ __ ] fights dana's a smart smart smart [ __ ] and they know exactly what they're doing they have their matchmakers uh sean shelby mcmaynard like the ufc's obviously knows what the [ __ ] they're doing they're billion dollar company but then it's it's super fascinating to see the rise of like youtube boxing where it's the total opposite dynamic of let's put together some fights that are going to get a shitload of eyeballs and who gives a [ __ ] about like who's the best or treating it like something that needs to have integrity they're kind of showing that like the total opposite approach is also viable yeah 100 percent i there's less fights you can make that route though because where are you invested in and were you invested in the jake paul ben astro fight were you did you watch i watched it but i you know i'm friends with jake i really thought he was gonna get his ass beat when he didn't i was you know happy for him but you know i don't really like i didn't feel that invested in it per se are you watching jake first tired tyrone i'll definitely watch that yeah to be honest i probably tuned in to pretty much all these like influencers for me like those fights like with jake versus ben i was so much more interested and intrigued than 99 of ufc fights like i'd rather unless it's a conor fight like a ds fight unless it's a huge fight or it's one of my buddies i don't really watch the ufc too much like i don't get too excited i mean same with bellator like i like watching exciting fights that are better i'm like interested in like what the [ __ ] and and even logan versus floyd i was sitting on my [ __ ] chair like sweating like what the [ __ ] this is crazy yeah uh jake for his band jake first time i'm gonna go to that it's gonna be [ __ ] sweet for whatever reason i'm just super entertained by those and i love how much [ __ ] jake talks yeah cause it's like it makes that fight so much more interesting yeah from your perspective as somebody who's obviously got a lot of experience with striking and stuff how do you feel when you watch jake paul do you feel like he really is getting like to be that good like we it's kind of like our perspective him is colored by the fact that we haven't seen him take an l so we're all kind of like [ __ ] this guy's dope but a lot of us aren't necessarily experts yeah no jay i'm definitely buddies with jake i wish i could watch him spar against a professional boxer that i knew and could and could get a really good idea of his skill level going into the ben asking fight i'm like i know for a fact ben asking can't box like you just look at him hit mitch you look at him he's never been a boxer he's a wrestler so when he knocked out ben i was like okay that just proves to me that jake ken box and ben asking can't [ __ ] box this fight jake vs woodley will prove a lot woodley can [ __ ] box he's not a high level black belt boxer he's a wrestler that knows how to box and he's knocked people out in the ufc so i think this fight will definitely prove if jake jake's improving a lot he's a young kid he's athletic he's taking it [ __ ] serious and he's improving a lot so i'm excited to see this fight and how it how it goes down obviously like your career path is already like pretty set out in front of you like you know what you're trying to do you want to be a ufc champion but if you maybe were at a different point in your career could you see yourself being interested in in doing those kind of influencer fights where maybe the bag is ten times bigger yeah but then it's you're not fighting like the top level competition that's a good question that yeah that i mean that i have a couple fights on my contract left in the ufc i plan on staying with the ufc they've not been nothing but good for me but we'll see what if there's 10 20 million dollar bags out there being offered you know we'll see ufc don't pay you like that they just don't eventually i'll get to a point where i'm connor level and i can make that money but dude i gotta i have to go i have to become champion i have to defend the belt probably move up you know i have to do win some big [ __ ] fights to make that kind of money right but also with winning winning the fights like even just winning that last fight that makes the merch go up it makes all the sponsor money go up so i am making good money from the ufc because they give me that platform to be able to get all the eyeballs for everything else um so i'm not too worried about it and but if you want to make million it's in boxing right now that's in boxing did you see uh bryce hall versus austin mcbroom i i yeah i watched that i didn't watch it live [ __ ] what was i doing i don't even remember what i was doing i was there another fight on that night or something but yeah i think that was a ufc fight but i went back and re-watched it um austin looked pretty good yeah right it's funny dude it's so funny how delusional not those two in particular just delusional males are when it comes to fighting if they've never been if they've never had their ass whooped before they think that they think fighting something totally different they have this this completely made up story in their head that they think they can whoop someone's ass right and then it comes into it and you 20 seconds into a fight you're [ __ ] gassed out that's the one thing that so many dudes will just allow themselves to be [ __ ] deluded about they'll just tell themselves lies about like oh if someone so did this i would [ __ ] him up and it's like you know it doesn't seem like there's any attempt to sort of tether that to reality which is fascinating and i probably i probably do it too i probably sat there and told my girl like if that [ __ ] dude sits on me i'll be no actual consideration of how i would do in that right how would you do yeah that's funny i i see that all the time dude people talking [ __ ] even like it's like how would you if someone says a lot of people say too like i'll just black out and beat his ass like how would you beat it like what would you do and blacking out is probably not a great definitely not a good idea like for me if i'm fighting somebody i would rather them be very upset angry emotional wanting him to fight me that's what conor did so well especially with jose aldo god i'm so aggressive so mad so angry he makes a mistake [ __ ] gap you you know that taps your your uh your cardio too cardio is king in this sport you have to have good cardio you could be as skilled as you want in the first round but you gas out in the second round your your skills aren't there and your cardio i mean if your cardio is not there your skills are going to drop drop drop drop drop so cardio is [ __ ] king in this sport um and that's another thing people don't even think about like random people that are getting a street fight or something like dude you'll be gassed out heart rate 200 on your knees in a minute what would it take to make you in a street fight at this point knowing that it's probably a pretty pretty bad career move yeah no very bad i also know that you're very capable what would it take someone tried to jack my watch disrespect you in front of your kid yeah that's gotta be elena like she's so young i feel like someone that i would look at whoever's disrespecting me in front of my kid like i would look at him as just like you're [ __ ] like what do you do like it would take a lot for me to actually physically want to do anything to someone just because i i don't know i just would look at that person as like so stupid i don't know i i i wouldn't i definitely wouldn't want to hurt anybody in the streets if i did get in a street fight i'd probably keep kick that little sternum kick i'd throw right to their sternum and it'd probably make them fold over yeah but i definitely disposal it's nice yeah long kick doesn't hurt his face i don't want to kill anybody um yeah street fighter i can't see myself getting in one i got a friend of mine who is you know regular guy but takes a lot of pride in knocking [ __ ] out and i've seen him knock a lot of [ __ ] people out throughout my life including like me looking out the window of my house and seeing like a 40 year old dude laid out in the street because he almost hit him on his with his car riding his bike and my homie just boom and just [ __ ] knocks him out in the street but he was telling me a story and this is like i've never heard i've never heard a story that basically was like him getting disrespected and then just letting it go and he told me that he was like at the beach and this dude who's like clearly a gang banger like came up to him while he was with his like four-year-old and fully tried to punk him like i don't know i forget exactly what he said or did but he told me he's like yeah i just walked away like i'm not gonna [ __ ] get clapped in front of my kid i'm not gonna like let this the situation just seem so obviously bad that he turned his pride off for once in his [ __ ] life and just let it go and i was like i'm kind of proud yeah that that's the bigger man right there that's the bigger person being able to walk away that's a skill too [ __ ] being able to just you know your ego if you want to [ __ ] if especially you knock people out any and you know you can knock people out to be able to go all right we're not going to [ __ ] it's a good skill to have but like when you're out of like the club or the bar and like you're surrounded by other professional fighters does it feel like the the odds of anyone getting into a fight are like extremely low or kind of higher that's a good question i don't i've never really partied with a bunch of fighters um keep my circle real small for the most part uh every time i've been drunk dude i just want to [ __ ] dance call it dancing i don't know wiggle mostly uh just [ __ ] stumble around drunk just i like going up to everybody just you having a good time just [ __ ] screaming just i'm a happy happy [ __ ] drunk so i don't even think about fighting or think about if i'm in danger i'm sure if something happened i need to [ __ ] bust someone up real quick i'd be able to right but i've never even when i'm drunk dude i'm just making sure everyone's having a good [ __ ] time yeah no that's definitely you drink much i used to drink a lot and like do drugs and [ __ ] but now at this i haven't really been drunk in probably like three years damn really three years that's do it [ __ ] because if you yeah what was the craziest drugs you done the meth meth dude i feel like just one time this girl we were already drunk as [ __ ] and she's like you want to do this i'd have probably done it too i thought it was molly and then she's like no it's i forget what she called it but she's like it'll make sex really amazing that's all i had to hear i'm like let's go yeah that [ __ ] got me in there too she wasn't lying anyway was it crazy i were up for like my homie i had to like host this bmx contest like yelling over the megaphone or whatever at like 10 in the morning and me and her like get home and start [ __ ] and my homie like banged on my door and i'm like yeah i'm like yo like i'm gonna go to sleep for a little bit and i'll be good he's like bro it's 9 30. oh [ __ ] i have just been completely like in the zone [ __ ] that whole night with no clue how much time had passed dude that's when i really realized how dangerous of a drink that might have been yeah that's because that's pure just being in the moment though it's crazy some drugs just put you in the moment drugs are [ __ ] fun but they're dangerous and when i've what i've kind of like you do drugs and you have all those happy times i feel like with those come like they're like depressive like you have those ups and then after you've got to have those downs that's how the [ __ ] world works so at least mine those ups and downs but like when i get those training highs after jiu jitsu after a hard workout like i have those highs but after it's more of those like it's more peaceful so it's like a different high it's a similar high but without a come down my favorite thing about jiu jitsu when i was doing it was just that that feeling of leaving the gym in literally every single part of your body is just lit the [ __ ] up yeah just pure soreness just like radiating out of me and i would have to just go home and like lay down at like 7 p.m and just not be able to do this that was the best i missed that [ __ ] just peace dude i swear to god i have a cold plunge at home this dope ass that makes a big difference i do it 100 i think because i do it every night it's uh i do three minutes every night when i'm in camp i'll the water will be 38 39 degrees when i'm out of camp i'll have it like 47 48 49 it's just a little bit more easy to get in and sit for three minutes but dude after a hard jiu jitsu and your hands hurt your everything aches you lay in that thing and get out my sleep i track my sleep every night too my sleep is way better dude way [ __ ] better definitely yeah i mean when i think about partying and stuff it's like it was it was great for all those years but then i just started to hit this point where i would just get [ __ ] hung over for like a day and a half and that was when i was just like dude [ __ ] this [ __ ] because i used to be out like [ __ ] drinking like crazy doing coke and then we'd wake up at 10 in the morning and go ride bikes for like 10 [ __ ] hours in the van and just didn't really affect me and then like you know i'm 37 now i mean that just at a certain point just started to really [ __ ] me up i think part i think i enjoy the partying so much after a fight because i'm celebrating it's like okay i [ __ ] just did what i did i won it was a heart a lot of hard work now i can let loose i can just not give a [ __ ] for a little bit so when i go out i just [ __ ] can i just like to go out you can go hard now like we're in la this weekend i brought my baby and danny we're here so i'm definitely not going out but uh it's good to have the because if i have the baby around like obviously i'm gonna [ __ ] go out and party so it's nice but when i'm out in miami by myself shit's fun i still haven't even like gone out and like really partied since i had the kid which is something that i'm like kind of looking forward to but also like kind of it just feels weird like a different level of pressure like a little bit you know i just like because i know my kids waking me up at like six in the morning dude [ __ ] she isn't that the best of the waking up because usually pretty much every morning elena wakes up at 6 37 so after whatever time she wakes up wakes me up i take elena out take her outside change your diaper whatever and danny gets to sleep for a couple extra hours because elaine will wake up in middle night and want boobs and danny sleeps gets interrupted so that's the same thing i bring her in the garage while i'm working out in the morning the mornings are the best aren't they with them yeah they're just [ __ ] fun you got a little uh you<br><!-- wp:image {"id":1776,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} -->rn<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img class="wp-image-1776" src="" alt="The Suga Sean O\'Malley Interview: UFC, Weed, SteveWillDoIt, 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The Suga Sean O'Malley Interview: UFC, Weed, SteveWillDoIt, Influencer Boxing &amp; More


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